- … - I t O n l y H u r t s - … -

Title: It Only Hurts
Rated: +18
Summary: Adam is a bodyguard for a fragile model whose a target for trouble. Jedam.
Genre: Adventure/Angst

- … - I t O n l y H u r t s - … -

Chapter One

The Job: Fuck My Ex-Fiancée

"Maybe I was naïve if I thought that it was going to be alright by working for a model. I've worked with models before. They were pretty, superficial, with golden high heels and soft little pink lips and talked nonstop and I had to protect them even though I wanted to strangle them half the time… and my newest client was seventeen, beautiful, with the prettiest pink lips I've ever seen, the most gorgeous and radiant hair ever, colorful hair that was brighter than the sun itself… and the worst possible pain was that beyond the beauty, he couldn't speak. Jeff couldn't speak… I never thought I'd be holding onto my client right now…screw the client stuff. This was my Jeff and I was holding him and I was waiting for him to die any second now. I was waiting for my own death myself but mine didn't matter as much as he did… this was life and it was unfair…but with the autumn's blush touching his cheeks and green pools of hope…then maybe, maybe dying wasn't so bad after all. Maybe death wasn't as bad as living. Life…it only hurts when your eyes are open and you're ready to take it all in."

Seven Months Earlier

"I assure you that we'll treat you as well as if you're one of our sons. We provided you a room right beside your client, a fridge, a TV…hell, you might as well live in that room. We're paying you way too much but we needed the best guard we can afford…and Adam, be a bit sensitive around Jeff…he can't talk. He…he just can't talk."

Adam Copeland hated models.

After the last one he body-guarded started throwing her lipstick at him because it was a wrong shade…how in hell's name was he supposed to know the difference between strawberry red and cherry red? Red was red, wasn't it? It wasn't going to magically take the attention away from that oversized zit on her face…of course, when he said those words, he was kicked out of the house by the other bodyguard who was as overweight as fuck and could crush Adam's spleen by just sitting on him.

But Adam hadn't gotten a job in a while and when he landed one, it just happened to be with another model. There was two reasons he took the job. The first being that he needed money to pay the rent or Jay was gonna bite his head off sooner or later. The second being that Jeff couldn't talk, so there would be no screaming or late-night phone calls that Adam would want to kill himself just listening in on who fucked who and who got who pregnant. He'd shove his cock into her mouth half the time to just shut her up.

There was another reason why Adam hadn't wanted to do a job for some time. Adam had a bit of a sex addiction and the girls were just so damn pretty. Sex shut them up for once…and it also made Adam satisfied was another thing. Of course, when the fathers of his clients found out, they were ready to kill him. Adam sighed. He wasn't going to do it in this job anyways. His client was a boy model with a girly figure, which meant that Adam wasn't gonna touch the little thing…no matter how pretty…

"And this is Jeff."

Holy shit.

Adam's eyes widened.

That wasn't a boy. That was a girl. That was the prettiest thing he'd ever seen… Adam wanted to snatch the picture away from the father but if a picture could turn him on, then the real thing-oh no. He had to turn away from this job but then, the father looked with those soft eyes. "You see…someone tried to kill me and my son one night, mentioning something about Jeff. I don't want my son to get hurt. He's already suffering and this is the only thing I can give him…this modeling thing…and I don't want him to get hurt by the only thing he loves."

Adam nodded towards Gilbert and then walked into the room where he was said to stay in and Gilbert was right. He could live in this room alone. It looked like one of those hotel rooms that he had to pay thousands to get into and he grinned at the sight of it then he felt a hand touch his shoulder, the grip was soft and weak. Adam looked down to see Jeff.

Even prettier than in his picture.

Jeff was tall, thin and looked like he was carved out of angels. Adam tried not to slam Jeff into the bed by just the sight of him. His hips were so lovely…Adam wanted to touch him and he had. Worst move he'd done. Touching his face just to feel that soft flesh…God.

Jeff turned away for a moment.

"Hey, I know you're sacred-"

But Adam stopped when he saw the truthfulness of Jeff's face. There was no fear, just a smile tugging at his lips, a grin onto his lips. Adam just couldn't resist. He had to…he was sorry for it too. He slammed Jeff into the wall, his lips attacking Jeff's forcefully and Jeff didn't move at all.

It seemed as if Jeff was almost used to it. He didn't react with a kick or a punch but nothing with enthusiasm either. Adam pulled away almost quickly. "Sorry…just that…you're so pretty…" Adam shook his head. "I promised not to do this anymore. I'm sorry. Hey, if you want your father to get another bodyguard…"

Jeff didn't respond. He just batted those eyelashes.

"…okay then…"

Adam turned around and shook his head. Two minutes with Jeff and he'd already broke that damn rule of not doing so much as breathing on him but God, he was so pretty… "Hey, if you need me, I'll be in my room." Adam just blinked. "Actually, let me take you to your room."

Jeff didn't respond as Adam held onto his hand before realizing that it was too much contact. Jeff's room was full of pastel colors, pale yellow, pale blue, pale pink and lavender danced upon his room and in the darkness, Adam could still make out the softness of the colors. But in the middle of the room, a boy stood there, smirking. "Adam Copeland."

He'd known the voice… "Chris Jericho." He'd remembered him when Adam was working undercover for the cops though. Chris, his used to be best friend, had raped thirteen girls and massacred them in cold blood. After he'd found out that it had been Chris, he quit the job. He couldn't look at the jail cell to see of what now was a rotten flower instead of his beautiful Chris, his fiancée. Of course, when he was with Chris, he had no idea that Chris was a boy at all. He dressed up as a girl named Christine and had pulled it off, dating a cop in order to distract him from the real deal but after finding a video of the sick things that "Christine" had done to the girls, Adam didn't even think before cuffing him.

"We were such great friends. You were such an amazing kisser."

"What do you want?" Adam spat out, hatred seeping through his every word as Chris let out a laugh.


They didn't speak for a while.

"Ha," Chris circled them, holding onto Jeff's wrist and staring at those green eyes. "He can't scream, Addy and you won't. You're too afraid of sounding like a girl."

Adam grabbed onto Chris, balling his hand into Chris's hair and twisting the short blonde hair into his hand. "You lied to me," Adam breathed against Chris's ear. "I thought I loved you…I thought you were a girl. Huh, Christine? But it was really Chris all alone…sick, twisted Chris playing his sick, twisted games and not caring if anyone got hurt, huh? Thirteen girls dead in a day…how can you look yourself in the mirror, you bastard? And one more thing, don't call me Addy."

Chris broke out and stared at Adam. "I can't look at myself in the mirror. All those damned models they were prettier than me. It wasn't my choice to kill them. I had a dream, just like you do. You never loved me anyways. You were too busy fucking every girl you grabbed your hands on…those models you all slept with and you don't give a damn about that so why should I give a damn if I did slay them? Don't even act like you've never done wrong in your life…I've seen, Addy. I know."

"Fine." Adam laughed. "You've seen me fuck models behind your back. So what? You lied to me from our first kiss. You knew I wasn't gay."

"I loved you." Chris breathed out in a soft kiss. "And Jeff was just gonna be another fuck, wasn't he? You were gonna sleep with him, tell him you weren't gonna leave him and then tell their Father that you can't handle the job anymore and quit. And judging from the way you were just kissing him minutes ago, I don't think it would take that long to land him in bed…I thought you weren't gay. You lied to."

"I'm not. He's just so pretty."

Chris's eyes bubbled with tears.

"So," Chris's voice was soft, "I'm not pretty… I'm not pretty enough for you but Jeff, with his hooker heels, is suddenly everything to you. Everything that I never was. Never could be. I was going to do the surgery…I was gonna change myself anyways. All for you. I wouldn't have done it normally." Chris sniffed.

"…I love you…"

Adam held onto Chris's wrist. Their faces only inches away from each other as Adam gripped tightly onto Chris's face. "Just be happy I'm not calling you over to the police."

"You don't believe me." Chris continued to sniff, holding his head into his hands.

"Gee, you lied to me our entire relationship, maybe I should." Adam spat out coldly, grabbing onto Jeff's hand and tearing him away from his own room. "I'm gonna take you over to my room for a while now until Chris leaves."

Minutes later, Adam was shutting the door to the room so that Jeff and him were alone into the room. Adam was staring down at Jeff's body, beautiful and pale into the moonlight. Adam wanted to reach in and touch that flesh but he won't. He won't give Chris the satisfaction of being right. Adam suddenly tried a different approach, he sat down onto his bed. "You don't go to school normally, do you?"

Jeff shook his head.

"…so you have never had a boyfriend, right?"

Jeff's eyes widened as he grabbed out a sketchpad and wrote something into the paper. Adam bit down his lower lip as Jeff gave him the sketchpad and Adam stared at it.

You want to fuck me.

Adam's bite was stronger down his lower lip. "…no, no! I was just probing around. Besides, Chris is a bitch and he's a fugitive. I should know. I used to be a cop."

Jeff made movements indicating 'why?'.

"Why'd I quit?" there was only a nod coming from Jeff's side as Adam blinked repeatedly, 'because of Chris. He dressed up as a girl before called Christine, got my attention and I loved her to bits but the clients I did sleep with…well, he rounded them all up in a building, massacred them, and then drew in their blood…"

Jeff's eyes widened, fear springing through his eyes. That blonde over there…Chris could hurt him and Adam wasn't…Jeff blinked once more. He can't let go of Adam. Adam was Chris's weak point and if Adam wasn't around then Chris was going to hurt Jeff…bad. Jeff stared down at the floor, bright hair spilling over his neck and Adam reached in to squeeze Jeff's hand. Jeff turned around so that his hair flipped along with the wind, those soft green eyes met Adam's liquid brown eyes. Adam leaned down to stare into Jeff's eyes even longer. "God, he's right…if I could…if I didn't care this time. I really would fuck you."

Jeff just stared blankly.

The darkness of the room, the silence…Adam was at peace until he heard the voice of betrayal screeching at him.


Adam turned around to see Chris standing there, a video-tape into his hands and a cruel smile tugging at his lips. "I told you you wanted to fuck him. I told you…and I caught it all on tape."

"You bastard! Give me that damned tape!" Adam exclaimed, stepping away from Jeff, who hadn't moved an inch from his place, almost like a little doll that was behaving, just taking everything in with those eyes that barely blinked. "What do you want from me, Adam?"

"Well…" Chris bit down his lower lip. "I want to give us a try again. Another relationship. And if you don't…then your little bitch is suddenly gonna end up dead on the ground and this tape would be the only thing onto his Father's footsteps."

"You were the one who tried to kill them," Adam realized, glaring at them. "You wanted to frame me just in case it ever came to that! You little…you piece…I hate you! I hate you with every fiber of my being!"

"Now…Addy," Chris held a hand onto his hip. "We can discuss this all day long or you can just say yes to this damned deal because I'll never stop trying. You'll be in a jail cell with me probably and you will need to fuck something sooner or later."

"Hell, I'll probably fuck the rat before touching you." Adam sighed.

Chris was holding onto the tape, cautious in case Adam tried to snatch it but Adam knew that Chris would win in the end. Chris knew he'd win in the end. Adam just nodded at Chris as a smirk tugged at those lips and he stared over at Jeff, naked with the cold air touching him. "As for Jeff…because I know you'll try fucking him behind my back, Adam…I have a little friend for him to be his boyfriend. And if you even think about touching him then…my little friend would be sure to…hurt your little bitch."

Chris clapped his hand and a shadowy figure walked in. Adam's eyes widened at the sight of Chris's "friend".


- … - I t O n l y H u r t s - … -


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