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- … - I t O n l y H u r t s - … -

Chapter Ten
Shocked & Distorted – Horrorstruck Stars

- … - I t O n l y H u r t s - … -

Chris moved towards the red doorway that seemed to be hours long away from him. "We've got about an hour and twelve minutes to extract the trigger. How are we going to do this, wiseass?"

Adam sighed. "By deleting the memory? I don't know. I always expected it to somehow come out to me when I'd be here…maybe when we realise how the trigger works, we can try and show Shannon and help him battle into recovery."

Chris snorted. "You suck, Copeland."

Chris moved towards Adam and puffed into the red door, showing the two inscriptions that Chris had said would be there.

'Silent end.'

'Broken box.'

"What the hell?" Adam asked, his eyes fixated on the two words that were given. If Chris' memories were like this, then he didn't know how to do it. Chris laughed at him, sniggering and snorting before shaking his head.

"Silent end reflects on the time that Shannon had spent walking down a road that's called Silent Road, and then he'd stop at the end of it and start thinking. I know this. I'm in his Division. I used to go there too. It's an escape somehow. As for broken box, it's a broken jewelry box. I'm sure you've seen one. Shannon broke one of Jeff's jewelry boxes. I suppose you have to."

"It was just so fragile!"

Chris and Adam both put their hands onto the doorknobs, thinking of the memory they were supposed to think of and in seconds, the door opened up for them. Chris' heart beat was wild in his chest as he walked inside of the doorway. Chris watched as Shannon was onto the chair that Chris knew all too well, strapped down and staring at the man with scared, innocent eyes.

"So, how are you, Shannon?"

"M'…me wants my Mommy!"

"How are you, Shannon?"

"Mommy…I want…"


Shannon stared down at his straps, whimpering softly. "I'm good, sir." He managed to force a lie out of his mouth. He was scared beyond belief. The six year old was staring back at the walls and gasped at his image. Suddenly, everything seemed to strike fear into his young heart. Everyone he looked he could see someone or something mocking him darkly and silently… Shannon shut his eyes tightly as he continued to whimper softly. "I wants to get out of here!"

"Listen to me, brat, Shannon, whatever," the man called out, leaning down beside him. Jonathon's hands were around Shannon's shoulders as he slowly pulled out a very small yellow liquid into his hand and he shook it before forcing it down Shannon's throat. "How does that taste, son?"

"…bad. It tastes bad."

Jonathon shook his head, staring at the vial again but Shannon looked so sleepy all of a sudden as his eyelids dropped. Jonathon now pulled out a band and placed it around Shannon's skin and the band had suddenly sunk into his flesh, becoming a part of him. The lights were off and they were left alone.

"The band?"

"It's the actual rape memory that Shannon is witnessing in his sleep. There's a liquid that travels to his brain and makes him see that he's being raped. This memory is so sealed into his subconscious that nobody can enter it. Not even if we walked through all the doors and managed to see every other memory of him. That's why it's so hard to pull a trigger."

"What if I pull the band out of Shannon?"

"You want to open up the boy's wrist and see if you can take out the memory by taking out the band? Be my guest. We don't know if the band works that way or not." Chris snorted. And the band doesn't just go on the wrist. It goes on various elements and parts and—"

The mist surrounded them again but the mist was more of an airy blue colour as Chris stared at the memory in front of him. "No, Adam, get us the fuck out of here!"

"What? Why?"

"You don't want to see this, Adam…I swear it'll change just about everything you've ever known about Shannon. I swear to God, you'll never look at him the same again—"

"It can't be that bad!" Adam screeched.

Chris shook his head with wide blue eyes. "Trust me, you fucktard. It is."

Adam continued to watch the scene in front of him and it seemed like a 7-year-old Shannon was taking an 8-year-old Jeff towards Jeff's bedroom. Shannon seemed to have the ring on his finger, glinting and shining. Now that Adam knew what it meant, he kept staring at it. Jeff opened his mouth to say something but shut it back up. Shannon shook his head, "I know you can talks, Jeffy, just do!"

Jeff shook his head. "What? You're afraid something is going to happen to you…?"

Jeff nodded his head.

"Wait, Jeff can talk?" Adam asked, with wide eyes.

"At this point, yes, he can."

"What do you mean, at this point…?"

Shannon put down the flag and grabbed the frying pan. "Whatcha doing with a frying pan in your room, Jeffy?"

Jeff shrugged, giggling but now, Adam can definitely hear a voice. It was so beautiful his heart was just about to stop. Shannon stared at the frying pan, and Matt was by the doorway, shaking his head.

"Dad wanted to make some food but Jeff was so tired of him making too much food for him that he just hid the frying pan." Matt said. "Imma go shower and by that time, I don't wanna see that frying pan in your room!"

Jeff nodded his head but when he turned around –


Jeff's face was connected with the frying pan and an unsteady Shannon was standing with tears into his eyes.

Adam just then noticed that there was an ear-piece instead of Shannon's ear and he was nodding at what he was saying. Shannon pulled out a pair of scissors and scalpel out of his overall trousers. The seven year old flipped his friend on his back and hit the top of his spine with the tips of his scissors. Shannon moved away slightly, staring at his blacked out friend and wondering if he was alive or not.

Shannon turned the scalpel over his hand. He was nodding at the earpiece and then threw it off, throwing it out of the window.

"Jeff? What's that racket I hear?"

Shannon panicked and plunged the scalpel down onto his own spine, causing him to feel paralyzed by the pain as he fell down. Shannon heard a scream as Matt and Gilbert made their way to the semi-conscious Shannon. "Shannon, who did this?"


Shannon's eyes shut tightly, causing the air to fill with mist again before they were into the hospital scene right before him. Shannon was seen to be onto the bedside, and his eyes were staring at Gilbert. "Dead…m'dead?"

"No, no! You're alive!"

Shannon looked like he was cursing the fact that he was alive. "Jeff…?"

"Jeff's okay. He just can't talk."

Shannon nodded, staring at his friend on the opposite part as Gilbert told Shannon, "you have a visitor."

Shannon turned around to see Chris walking in with a smirk and a douse of pills into his hand. He sat down beside Shannon and pulled two pills, "he's been sick lately so I'm just giving him his meds."

Gilbert nodded his head. "Are you related to him…?"

"In some way." Chris said, not really saying 'cousin' or 'brother' since it was not true. Chris didn't really enjoy lying as Adam thought he did. He covered up the truth with something. Chris had given Shannon the pills and whispered into his ear, "to help you forget…"

"Forget what?" Adam exclaimed.

"That he's the reason that Jeff can't talk. The fact that he's part of the Necatesque means that any danger to his brain or spine would definitely mean he'd lose his voice and then there's the fact that that hit him hard enough to make him different than most Necatesques! That's why they're so interested in Jeff. He's different. But nobody remembers this. Not even Gilbert or Matt. I drugged them. They think Jeff's always been mute now. I also drugged Jeff. If he thinks he could speak once, how would that be on his character today? Plus, I needed to test the drugs. I was told specific orders to do!"

"…Shannon is the reason that Jeff's mute…wow…" Adam shook his head. "I just can't see it. It seems…almost impossible."

"It's true. That's the problem."

"Why do you care about Shannon?"

"I don't." Chris snorted darkly. "I care about my ass not being cooked over flames just because I didn't fulfill my duties at that point."

"What about the fact that we can't tamper through Shannon's memory?"

"It's too cruel to tamper with someone's memory!" Chris glared at him, "I am cruel, Adam. I am cold. But I'm not so cruel that I'd wish a damned life on someone I have no reason for revenge on…when I killed my stepsisters, I had a reason. But I have no reason to destroy Shannon's memories. Do you understand, you fuckwit?"

"Yes. Yes. I do."

"Good and—"

- … - I t O n l y H u r t s - … -

Slowly, Chris had opened one eye before the other.


He sat up straight and stared around at where he was. Apparently, he was staring at both Adam and Shannon. Jay shook his head and looked over at Phil and Shawn. Phil smiled sweetly at them. "Shannon can't wake up since that's the way it goes. Waking him up at this state would destroy his memories."

Phil moved towards Shannon and pulled off his band, being cautious as to not bang his head towards the floor. "I drugged him so he wouldn't be able to wake up for a while."

"You're that guy from the café!" Adam suddenly noticed. "And your 30 year old boyfriend!"

"They must remember I'm a paedophile," Shawn mumbled. "Anyway, me and Philly will go on with you."

Shawn and Phil had a pair of matching green-glowing bands as they sat down onto the floor. Giving each other one last kiss before departing and lying down onto the floor. Chris was given the silver one and he sighed. "A paedophile is going to be in my mind. Along with his slut."

"…hey!" Adam suddenly shouted. "I had sex with that girl once and she was only 3 years younger than me!"

"…I was taking about the 30 year old shagging the 16 year old…"

"Discard what I said then…"

- … - I t O n l y H u r t s - … -

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