Jungle Fever

Date: 2/24/02

Author: Kris (Serena's Bunny)

Summery: Darien and his friend Andrew end up going to Africa for a research expedition to find more information on the Jungle. But what happens if Darien sees a Wild Girl named Serena? She doesn't know anything about America just about her family, friends, and the jungle.

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*~*Jungle Fever*~*

Screams of humans and gun shots could be heard threw out the jungle. Fallowed by a roar of a leopard. Than only a solitary cry could be heard…the cry of a baby. Hours later the cry was finally discovered by a gorilla. The Gorilla did not tell the other members of her clan but came every night to feed the baby…Once the baby was old enough to walk she started following the Gorilla. The Gorilla decided it was time to tell the others about the baby that was no longer a baby but a toddler. And as she soon discovered the toddler was a girl. She had blond hair that ran down to her mid back by the age of 3. After the Gorilla told her husband about the toddler and asked if she could keep it, the father disagreed but he took one look into the toddlers incessant crystal blue eye's and said he'd think about it. After a wile he decided that she could stay, and they all named her…Serena.

And so our story begins…


OK! That's it for the beginning! LoL aren't I evil? Well…actually if you think about it it's not really a cliffhanger but ::shrugs:: Oh Well.

INPORTAINT: I got this idea from watching the movie 'Tarzan' again and I thought it would be interesting to type something like it although it being WAY different…well…except for the monkey part and so forth and so forth…Remember- REVIEW REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!



Well maybe not…