Jungle Fever Date: 8/4/02 Author: Kris (Serena's Bunny) E-mail: MoonPrincess148@aol.com (E-Mail Me!)

~*~ Serena woke up; she was lying on a small cot. (I have NO idea how you write that, lol.) She was in a fairly large tent and she wondered what happened as she tried to sit up but yelped as a wave of pain hit her full force. She collapsed on the bed gripping her side tightly. Still in pain she looks around and tries to remember what happened. All she remembered was hearing a noise and checking it out. Than she remembered those two men. Well, she only got a glimpse because the branches her in her way so she had to move them and than all she saw was black. 'I wonder if this pain is what caused me to black out.' She thought. After figuring out what happened she took in her surroundings. Than she realized something that she should of realized before. It was nighttime and she could hear the frogs in a nearby swamp croaking. She tried to get up again, another wave of pain shot through her but she didn't give. She clutched her side and stood up. A little wobbly she started toward the tent door. She leaned a little on the tent wall for support until she reached the door. She was about to open it when she saw a figure from outside coming towards the tent. She froze. What was she going to do? The figure unzipped the door and Serena bolted out, grinding her teeth as she went. She didn't make it far though because since she had to use both hands to swing on vines, (though she's been practicing with one.) she couldn't run as fast because of the wound from god knows where. She tried to climb up one of the trees but fell on her butt. (Figures, lol) She tried to get up but was helped up by the figure. She spun around, eye's wide, and she took out her dagger from her pouch and pointed it at the shadow. "Hey! Careful with that!" the shadow yelled. Once Serena got a better look at the shadow, since he was bathed in moonlight she could see he had Dark hair, bright blue eye's and was quit tall. Serena turned and ran further into the jungle running as fast as she could. Which to say the least.Darien was faster. Serena this time made it to a branch on a tree and watched the figure try to climb up. Serena stifled a giggle at how funny he looked even though it was a Serous matter it was still a funny picture. "Get down here! You could get hurt more if you don't corporate with me here!" "I don't think so," Serena said, " I like it up here thank you very much, and who the hell are you! How dare you do something to me that hurts than keep me captive!" Serena bellowed back. But to Darien, that was a voice of an angel, but not the words. "Just get down here! Don't make me come up there!" Serena laughed and almost fell off the branch. "YOU get ME?! Ha! I've seen you try to climb already and you suck!" "Oh well pardon me, Serena! I haven't had about 14 years of practice!" Serena was quiet for a minute. Than In a quit voice she said, "How.how did you know my name?" Serena now scared tried to jump for a vine. She grabbed it but since she only had one hand she started slipping. She fell and Darien caught her. She started screaming and kicking trying to break free. And poor Darien was in pain the whole time. (lol) "Im Darien." Said the man who she had NO idea who the hell was in the first place. Serena was shocked to say the least. So shocked that she stopped struggling and stared at him wide-eyed for a few minutes. Darien on the other hand was taking in the beauty before him. Her long blonde hair was flowing down to just above her knees and her Crystal blue eyes; she seemed to glow in the moonlight. Serena put a hand over the necklace. And continued to stare at him. "You.your Darien?"

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