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The Happiness Contract

by UdderPD

Day 01

It is Friday July the thirtieth it is 08.45 on the day before Harry Potter's seventeenth birthday.

"Yes?" grunted Vernon Dursley, he was just about to go to work.

He had answered the front door to be confronted by a group of nine women who appeared to range in age from sixteen to forty; and from the way that most of them were dressed they had to be freaks.

The apparent leader of the visitors said, "We have come to remove Lord Harry James Merlin Gryffindor Hufflepuff Potter from this hovel; might we enter?"

The statement seemed to pass by Vernon completely, so reverting to character he turned puce and bellowed, "I will not have any more freaks in my house. Bog o . . ."

"The Lady Hermione told us that we would probably have this reaction from you; you are your own worst enemy." Vernon had been silenced and he was flailing around with his feet three inches off the floor as the cohort of witches walked into the front room with Vernon floating in front of them. "Where are the rest of your family?"

His vocal chords had been released so he called for Petunia and Dudley, the latter proved his charming character by saying, "Hi, I'm Big D. Do I get to pick which one of you I have first?"

As Dudley reached the end of his opening words of eloquent wisdom, he was petrified and levitated across the room and was propped up in a corner, fully aware but completely unable to move.

Looking livid she turned back to the two adults and said, "I am 'the Lady' and the fate of the Dursley family has just taken a nose dive. Where is the Lord Potter?" She simply gave up with them and petrified the pair of adult Dursleys then propped them in the corner with their obnoxious son.

The Dursleys were looking at her like an incoherent pair of goldfish out of water, so she continued, "Lady Hermione and Lady Daphne, will you please go and find the Lord Potter and advise him to prepare to permanently depart this . . . this hovel."

The pair gave decorous curtsey's to the Lady and climbed up the stairs, seconds later there was an incoherent howl of rage from Daphne, all of the other witches took out their wands as the Lady hurriedly made her way up the stairs.


As the Lady hastened up the stairs the door bell rang.

Luna opened the door and a rather surprised Percy Weasley said, "Luna!"

"What are you?" Luna asked dreamily.

Percy looked confused and answered, "I'm from the Ministry."

"That is a very good place for you to try to get away from." Percy thought that, for Luna, she was sounding almost normal.

"I'm not trying to get away from the Ministry, I work there." Percy was however was about to discover that he was still losing.

"Are you sure that you are not an orange spotted Weaslewobbler that has drunk too much carrot juice?" Percy thought 'well that didn't last long,' however Luna was enjoying herself immensely, she knew that her friends were well aware that she was simply trying to wind Percy up and she was well on her way to total victory.

Having struggled to regain his pomposity Percy said, "I have come from the Underage Use of Magic Office to confiscate the wand of one Harry James Potter; for the use of underage magic."

The most bumptious of the Weasleys suddenly realised that there were more wands than he could quickly count pointing at him as a woman he did not recognise, who was coming down the stairs said, "Bring the fool in, it appears that the sun is addling its brain." She turned to Luna and added, "That was very well done Lady Luna."

The young blond gave a very contented smile, she knew that she was with friends.

Percy was spluttering as his feet left the ground and he floated into the middle of the Dursleys lounge which had, at some time during the proceedings, just seemed to grow to accommodate all of the activity.

"Who are you? I will see you in Azkaban for this." Percy blustered.

"I am the Lady, are they all like you in the Ministry?"

Susan Bones interjected, "Truly Lady, Percy is actually one of the better ones."

The Lady continued, "Good gracious, things are worse than we thought; anyway foolish Weaslewobbler . . ."

Percy was still irate and rudely interrupted loudly, "Why do you keep calling me that foolish name; my name is Percy Weasley?"

Smirking, the Lady answered, "You sir have allowed your petty ambition to over shadow your commitment to your family; also your foolish pride and arrogance is preventing you from making amends and reconciling with your family. Stop adapting your moral stance to fit with those of others who you believe will help your advancement in the government of your world . . . just be your own man. The Lady Luna Ravenclaw Lovegood saw this in you and gave you that name to make you think about what you are doing to yourself and your family; I use it simply to remind you of what you have been doing to yourself.

"Anyway, back to what I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me. Lord Harry James Merlin Gryffindor Hufflepuff Potter is the head of four 'Most Noble and Most Ancient' houses. Ergo the normal rules for underage magic do not apply to him since he is over the age of fourteen and although it is none of your business, I am the one who performed the magic you were worried about when you arrived.

"So, you go back . . . Oh my . . ."


Daphne and Hermione had easily recognised Harry's room, it was at the end of the upstairs hall and the door had six padlocks on the outside; it was the sight of these that had so enraged Daphne.

Seconds later the Lady arrived and she immediately totally banished the door along with the padlocks; looking at Harry it was obvious that he had been severely beaten and it must have been by his uncle. The Dursleys were in even more serious trouble and they had probably known it since the Lady had first asked for Lord Potter.

The Lady rotated her wand above her head, pointing straight up whilst she was whispering quietly; a portal appeared before her through which stepped a very serene looking woman.

"Greetings my Lady." The new visitor said.

"It is good of you to come so quickly Hygiea, we have need of your expertise for Lord Potter."

"I will do all I can for him." Hygeia replied.

"If you can do everything you can we will be most grateful. Now I must go back down stairs, we seem to have acquired an idiot from the Ministry."

As the Lady left the newest arrival turned to the two witches and introduced herself, "As you have probably gathered I am Hygeia, if you don't know your Greek History I'm the Olympian goddess of healing, so let us see what we need to do for our young friend."

First she transfigured the bed with Harry still on it into one that was full size and far more comfortable and then the goddess spent about ten minutes examining Harry. When she stood up she looked livid; she pointed her staff straight up silently casting six spells and then she started talking as she was working on Harry.

"Harry has had his magical core bound twice; it was done by Snape and Dumbledore in conjunction with and the blessing of Cornelius Fudge; Dumbledore's feeble memory charms are no hindrance to Olympians so I have removed them. I have sent all three felons directly to Zeus with a complete description of what they have done; he will arrange their punishment and I seriously doubt that you will ever hear of any of the three again.

"Acting as Harry's hand I have sent the abomination that was Tom Riddle now calling itself Voldemort directly to Hades along with all of its soul pieces; his penance for creating these abominations will take aeons. Being a Goddess I am permitted to act as such in matters of prophecy; this is most especially true when one of the concerned parties is trying to cheat the death which is part of the prophecy, by splitting his soul. Do not worry Daphne, Hermione will explain what I am talking about later, she is well aware of what Voldemort has done in a rather futile attempt to keep himself alive.

"The last two spells were messages to Amelia Bones, the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement; the first explains 'the what' and 'the why' of my actions against Fudge, Snape and Dumbledore; the other tells her what Harry has done to Voldemort. There will be a lot of ramification connected to Voldemort's demise because all of his minions, marked or not, will accompany him on his journey; also all of their money, goods and chattels will pass to Harry as spoils of war."

She had stopped because although Daphne was smiling Hermione's smile lit up the room and she was bouncing with happiness.

"Right," the healer continued, shaking her head with a smile "I have almost finished, so I am going to wake him up, he will be a little disorientated and very hungry; oh and I will conjure him a temporary robe, it will only last for a few days, so make sure to get him some other clothes, all of the clothing he has here is rubbish and I am going to destroy it.

"Why is that? He has always had plenty of money . . ."

Harry groaned, "It was the Egotistical Opinionated Mad Meddling Molly and Bumblemore the flatulent . . . how long have I been here? I'm starving."

"Drink this." Hygiea passed him a goblet.

"Yuck! More potions." He had said that before he tasted the drink, he did however drink it without further complaint; and then he added, "That was gorgeous, may I have some more please?"

"That was the nectar of the gods, so first you must eat this ambrosia and then you can have some more of the nectar. After that you need a shower and to get dressed." The goddess was smiling at him; he was going to be alright.

As he was eating, Daphne whispered to Hermione, "Can I actually see him growing, Merlin he's gorgeous and he doesn't seem to need his glasses."

Hermione whispered back, "I can see what you mean and it's going to take the eight of us to fight all of the other girls off of him."

"What are you two whispering about . . . what are you doing here anyway?" Harry was beginning to properly reconnect with the world.

His very best friend gave him a brilliant smile and answered, "We were whispering about you apparently not requiring your glasses anymore and we are here to take you away from all of this elegant luxury, however as usual it seems to have turned out to be something of a rescue mission. We will tell you all about it when you have finished eating, showered and dressed your lazy self; also when we are somewhere more conducive to relaxation."

"Ok Hermione I kind of understand you being here, however I have another two beautiful young ladies in what appears to be my bedroom; I know that one of you is Daphne Greengrass and I must admit that finding her here is rather odd and are you a healer? If you are, you are far and away the best healer I have ever even heard about?"

He had directed the last part of his question towards the unknown, to him, woman; who replied, "Well thank you Harry, I am Hygiea, the Olympian goddess of health and healing; so really it is not very surprising that I am the best healer you have ever encountered.

"Now as Hermione so delicately put it move your lazy self into the shower so that we can all leave this dump." She was however smiling as she said this.

It took Harry about five minutes, aided by the two girls, to first stand up and then to work his way into the shower; when he returned in his new robe he checked that he had everything from his room in his trunk; Hermione shrank the trunk and put it into her pocket.

After Hygiea had returned Harry's bed to original condition the four of them went down to the living room.


. . . "Oh my . . . Mr Weasley, precisely who sent you here?" the Lady was suddenly very, very serious.

Reluctantly Percy admitted, "It was the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge; he has his own magic detection monitors on this house."

"The ex Minister of Magic would be a more accurate title for him." She said to everyone's surprise and then continued, "Lord Potter has been severely beaten by these freakish animals, so I called my friend Hygiea, (Percy's eyes lit up in sudden recognition.) She made a thorough examination of him and found that his magical core had been bound . . . twice. (All of the magic users were outraged.) It was done by Dumbledore and Snape at the instigation of Fudge; she has also sent a message to Amelia Bone the Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement explaining what she has done to them also why she has done it.

"Ex minister Fudge has always blustered his way through on the assumption that he was free from prosecution by the Wizengamot; this might well be true . . . however . . . he and his cohorts are currently visiting Zeus who will decide their punishment. He is not normally a very charitable individual so I doubt that any of you will hear of them again . . . in this life. Although their punishment might well become the stuff of legend, none of us take kindly to those who systematically abuse children." at this the Dursleys cringed.

"Hygiea had to send Lady Susan's aunt a second missive regarding Harry totally disposing of his major annoyance who called himself Voldemort. (They were all gobsmacked.) This will cause something of a problem because all of Voldemort's minions will have been sent to Hades along with him. In a nutshell this means that all marked 'death eaters' and all those who knowingly, or suspected that they were working for Voldemort's agenda are having a rather warm holiday with my friend Hades; it is a very long time since he has allowed anyone to return once he has permitted them entrance to his domain."

There was a noise from the hall and the four from upstairs came into the front room.

Harry looked around and said, "What on earth are you lot doing here?" He did not know the Lady however, thanks to his running the Defence Association again, during the past year, he had become reasonably good friends with all of the girls in the room.

"I told you upstairs Harry, 'we are here to take you away from all of this pampering,' to rescue you from the animals." Hermione was not happy with what he had had to suffer what with Dumbledore and the Dursleys.

"Mr Weaslewobbler," the Lady said, "return to the Ministry, you will be one of the few who will know what has caused the chaos there; and don't forget what I have told you about your family."

For a change Percy was looking contrite as he promised to remember what had been said to him as he said goodbye to everyone and left.

"Now we must deal with the Dursleys." The Lady thought for a moment and then she created another portal and called, "Eris please come and Rhamnous might we have a moment of your time as well, please?"

Hermione's eyes went wide, "She's not messing about, is she; chaos and retribution." She said quietly.

It was probably quite justified but at this point the adult Dursleys had heard the Lady talk of Zeus and Hermione talking of chaos and retribution, justifiably they looked terrified; Dudley was too stupid to realise what was about to happen to the three of them.

The two goddesses looked into the Lady's eyes and Rhamnous said, "Do not worry . . . any of you, we will take care of them."

"Very good care." Eris added, with an innocent smile.

Without thinking Tracey blurted, "Oh shit!" and she immediately clamped her hand over her mouth.

Eris giggled, "That just about sums it up nicely."

"Ok everybody," the Lady said, "take hold of this portkey." She held out a gold coloured cord.

All of the girls took hold, however Harry didn't instead he asked, "Where will it take us?"

Most of the girls, especially Hermione, looked annoyed with themselves for not having done something similar.

The Lady smiled at him and said, "Well done Lord Harry; you need to go to Gringotts to hear your parents and your godfather's 'wills'.

"You need to review your financial situation and collect some money for a large scale clothes shopping trip, for yourself and these lovely ladies; also you need to evaluate your properties to pick one to live in . . . at least temporarily . . ."

"Ok ok I get the picture," as he smiled and took hold of the portkey.


Two goddesses, eight, very attractive, girls and Harry Potter arriving in Diagon Alley, even if they were near to the steps of Gringotts, was bound to cause something of a stir. Although it had been less than an hour since they had informed the ministry that Harry had done for the Dark Lord it seemed that everybody knew about it . . . and a rabid hoard of fan girls wanted to congratulate him . . . very personally.

The party fled into the bank.

Once inside the bank it was obvious that the goblins knew who they all were . . . including the goddesses.

Following a goblin the party were led directly to a, very plush, medium sized conference room where they were greeted by Goldfist the head of the bank and also the leader of the goblin nation; he asked the girls to introduce themselves:

"Hermione Jane Granger, muggleborn witch."

"Luna Selene Lovegood, pureblood wit . . ."

She was interrupted by Goldfist, "Has Dumbledore not informed you of your birthright, has he not told you that you are the primary heir to the Most Noble and Most Ancient house of Ravenclaw, your correct title Lady Luna Selene Ravenclaw Lovegood."

Luna slumped onto a chair looking gobsmacked and she was being comforted by Harry and Hermione.

Their naming continued; "Lady Susan Amelia Bones, scion of the Noble House of Bones."

"Padma Shakti Patil, pureblood witch."

"Parvati Shakti Patil, pureblood witch."

"Tracey Davis, half blood witch."

"Lady Daphne Ophelia Greengrass, scion of the Noble and Ancient House of Greengrass."

"Hannah Abbott, half blood witch."

The goblin leader then asked, "And you sir, who do you think you are?"

Looking confused, Harry stood and replied, "Harry James Potter, half blood wizard." The goblin just looked at him whilst shaking his head so Harry sat back down.

"I see." said Goldfist, he did not appear to be very happy, "What can you tell me, my Lady?"

The Lady answered, "Both Dumbledore and Fudge have been sent to Zeus for judgement; Voldemort and all of his minions have been sent directly to Hades by the hand of Lord Potter; I do not believe that any of them will trouble this world again."

This was news to Harry who looked at Hermione, for her part she gave him a huge smile whilst nodding and he smiled back.

Goldfist looked at her, "All of his minions?"

She produced an extremely long list out of thin air and passed it to him whilst saying, "This list is all of his marked death eaters also his unmarked supporters and his tacit supporters, along with their offences."

The party were now all seated and the goblin leader said, "This obviously changes a lot of things.

"Lord Potter, your full name is 'Lord Harry James Merlin Gryffindor Hufflepuff Slytherin Potter, you acquired the Slytherin appellation by conquest; let me confirm something."

He looked at one of the documents on his desk and continued, "You also hold the title of Lord Black, this name should be inserted between the Slytherin and Potter in your full title; now we have established who you all are we can proceed.

"I assume that you originally came here for a provisional assessment of the estate of Lord Potter?"

When the party agreed that that was indeed what they were there for he continued, "Currently we are holding at least three 'wills' which require probate followed by execution; this will entail the arrangement of a formal reading of the 'wills'. We have been trying to undertake this matter for many years; however, we have been constantly stalled by one A.P.W.B. Dumbledore who we have just been told has been removed from the playing field.

"As to other matters; at this time, even with the assistance of ten women you will not be able to make any significant impression on your money, so I will give each of you one of these cards which can be used in both wizarding and muggle worlds."

Hermione politely interrupted, "Not to be a stick in the mud, but what sort of numbers are we talking about, we wouldn't want to do anything foolish, would we?"

Goldfist smirked, "Banks are not in the habit of making guesses . . . however, if he did not now already own a controlling interest in it, you could buy the 'Daily Prophet' without seriously impacting on Lord Potter's ready cash and so you needn't worry too much.

"Also you will each have one of these, they are money bags which are tied to Lord Potters ready cash vault; you can withdraw any kind of muggle or wizarding cash you require from the vault by using one of these bags.

"Is there anything else you need today?"

The Lady answered before anybody else could even get their head together, "Actually they need somewhere comfortable for the group of them to stay, at least for a few days."

Harry looked rather surprised however the goblin opened a thick folder and after examining a few pages said, "It is quite probable that the best place for you to stay, either short or long term, would be 'the Pottery'. It is on the top of Fairy Hill on the Gower peninsular in South Wales; you will be able to sleep, relax and talk there."

Harry interrupted, "I am sorry to butt in; I have no idea what is going on, however everyone else is still deciding things for me. Hermione; please explain to me, what is going on?"

Looking contrite she answered, "I don't know everything Harry, but I have been told that before she died, your mum invoked a plea to the Olympian gods to 'take care of you'. As far as I know all of the girls, including me, were contacted yesterday and asked to come this morning; I have spoken to most of them but none of them appear to know any more than I do." His best friend was obviously not happy with not knowing precisely what was going on.

He smiled at Hermione and then looked at the Lady and asked, incredulously, "Is that all that any of us know?"

This was the second time Harry had questioned her and the Lady realised that in dealing with him, she was dealing with someone who had spent his life being constantly kept in the dark; told half truths and generally manipulated all of the time. Full disclosure would have to be the order of the day, "When we arrive somewhere where we can speak freely I will explain everything to you. We will need to eat either at the same time or before we start with the revelations; so the sooner we start the sooner you will all know what is going on."

The green eyed young man nodded his acceptance of what she had said.

Goldfist smiled and said, "You will need to return here on Sunday, I suggest that nine o'clock would be a good time." The group nodded and he continued, "As I said earlier we have three 'wills' to read and various other business to go through; it is short notice but most, if not all of those summoned should have spent years questioning why this has not been done before rather than sitting around doing nothing. If they do not come it is no great loss to us, they will have been informed and that is all that the law requires."

He pushed an ornate file box across his desk. "If you review as much as you can of the information in here before Sunday, it will be very much to your advantage; in the front of each file there is a summary page, this will probably be sufficient for your current needs."

"Now I do believe that that is all for now, so firstly here is the multi use wand activated portkey to 'the Pottery', it will always take you home; at the moment it can only be activated by a Potter. Secondly, this is a multi use wand activated portkey which will bring you to the steps of this bank, apart from anything else you can use it on Sunday, again you will find that it can only be activated by a Potter."

Having thanked Goldfist they looked between themselves and decided that there was nothing else to ask at this time; so Daphne picked up the file box as they all said goodbye to Goldfist and they all touched the portkey which Harry activated.


Some of the cohort landed in a heap, Harry thought that it was a premeditated heap, because he was on top of Padma and Parvati with Hannah, Susan and Tracy on top of him; the main giveaway was that they were all wiggling up against him.

He was not about to complain.

"Ladies," Daphne said, "have a little decorum, please."

"I've tried decorum before . . . several times," Susan grumbled, "it was never any fun."

There was a general murmuring of agreement, as reluctantly, the girls all stood up and then helped Harry to his feet.

Looking around, they were in a large rectangular inner hall of a very big, refined, elegant, comfortable looking home and they were faced by about two dozen immaculately dressed house elves.

Very eloquently Harry dug into his vast vocabulary and with a smile said, "Hi."

One of the elves said, "Little master Harry is returning but he is now being big mister Harry."

"The Potter's has returned." All the elves were cheering.

The female elf who had spoken first seemed to be in charge (or at least very bossy), she calmed the other elves down and then said to them, "The goblins is being telling us that you is alls coming for here to stay and lunches, so we is having rooms being made readying for you each washing for lunches."

It appeared that the Lady had actually understood what the elf was trying to say, "Thank you for having rooms where we can tidy up before lunch, would you like to show us the way?"

Some of the elves scurried away to carry on with whatever work they had previously been doing, the other elves led the party across the hall and up the wide elegant marble staircase; as they were walking the Lady continued, "For the last fifteen or so years, these elves have had very little contact with humans that is why their speech patterns have deteriorated, they will soon improve now that you are all here and will be talking with them."

At the top of the staircase they realised that there was a gallery all around the lower hall; having been given the clue they looked up carefully and they could see at least four more galleries; there were at least two dozen doors leading to what they assumed would be bedrooms. A tall elf, who told Harry that his name was Zen, took him to the door immediately in front of the head of the stairs and he noticed that Hermione was being led to the one to his right with Daphne being led to the left. He did not have time to see where anyone else went because the bossy little elf was leading him into his room; Zen had also told him that he was the Potters chief elf.

Room . . . calling this a room was a bit like calling Mount Everest a bit of a hill . . . it was vast, the bed was bigger than his room in Privet Drive; when he was younger he had wanted a pair of roller skates, if he dogged the furniture he could really use them in here. No what he really, really wanted was a magic carpet, it might be illegal to use one outside but it couldn't be against the law to use one indoors. He was dragged out of his reverie before he could even look out of the window, the elf was showing him the clothes in this other room that looked like the inside of a triple garage, fitted out as a wardrobe; the elf was telling him that they would get him some more clothes later. What was going on here; now the elf had led him into an indoor swimming pool that he was trying to convince him was his bathroom . . . he ordered him to have a shower . . . so he did . . . then the elf gave him a pile of new clothes and told him to get dressed, so he did . . . life was a lot easier if he just followed the instructions.

Girls would be a lot easier if they came with an instruction manual, something like: buy flowers and feed chocolate on alternate days; he could easily do something like that. The goblins had said that he had loads of money so maybe he could buy a Belgian chocolate factory to keep the girls happy, the elf had put the file box the goblins had given him on the desk in the bedroom, maybe he already owned a chocolate factory.

He had decided to head over to the file box and then he would look out of the window, however this bossy little elf had other ideas and he was led back out onto the landing.

Luna and Hermione were the only two girls currently waiting there, however most of the other girls could be seen heading towards them and Harry said, "I think that the bed in that room is bigger than my room at Privet Drive was."

"My room was gorgeous." said Tracy and Susan in a strange kind of synchronisation.

The group was all there and in a happy, giggling bunch were being led back down the stairs, hopefully and hopeful that they would find some food wherever they were going.


Hermione was sticking close to Harry, he appeared, she thought quite justifiably, to be in a mild form of shock; well what could anyone expect, four hours ago he was laying in a grotty little room in a broken, abused heap and now all this was his. She was shocked by it all, so it was no wonder that he was a little traumatized. "Alright there Harry?" she asked.

"I'm fine." He answered with a slightly puzzled expression on his face and ignoring the expression on her face, he continued, "Actually I am fine, of course I am totally amazed by all of this . . . is this place a manor or castle or a house . . . to me, it doesn't look much like what I think of as a pottery, but it looks brilliant."

"Does it matter?" Daphne asked kindly, "It is very nice and I like it; from what you just said I think that you do as well, it is only Malfoy and others of his ilk that would worry about what to call it. If it comes down to it we can all call it 'Potters Palace' and that will really hack all of the pretentious gits off." All of the other girls were giggling and nodding in agreement with her.

They had been eating whilst they were talking but now they were just nibbling cheese and celery, Hermione suddenly looked determined, she said, "Anyway we are on a promise from the Lady."

The Lady smiled, "Well first I am going to do something I do not do very often, I am going to tell you my name, when I do we can all use it and it will make conversations much easier; my name is Tykhe the Greek goddess of luck and good fortune. You should not use it when there are other humans present who do not have permission to use it; goblins, house elves, centaurs and other sentient races all know who I am so they are not a problem.

"Now what are we all doing here.

"The story begins before Harry was born, at a job interview a somewhat fake seer named Sybil Trelawney, whilst under Albus Dumbledore's imperious curse spoke a completely bogus prophecy which had been concocted by the same Albus Dumbledore. The same Dumbledore had deliberately stationed Severus Snape outside the room where the interview was taking place, for the express purpose of him overhearing the prophecy and carrying it to Tom Riddle. By chance a passing customer saw Snape listening at the door and chased him off; ergo Snape only heard the first two lines and carried them to his true master.

"Because Voldemort regularly used legilimency on his death eaters Dumbledore couldn't just tell the whole prophecy to Snape so Voldemort only ever heard the first two lines; it was this and Voldemort's subsequent actions which gave legitimacy to the phony prophecy.

"Harry, you must understand that your father was brought up to trust Dumbledore and he did; on the other hand your mother did not trust him; she did not grow up in the world of Dumbleworship and to her he was just a rather poor headmaster. Your mother believed that Dumbledore, even back then, was only working for the benefit of Dumbledore and he wasn't particularly concerned with the welfare of anybody else. She also firmly believed that as a school headmaster he should not have been trying to run, what was essentially, a war; if he truly believed in his espoused 'greater good', he would have quit one of the tasks; probably the school.

"This is the background behind why she contacted us; your mother was certain that Dumbledore would not succeed and you would very likely be the one to suffer for his stupidity. So she willingly offered her life in exchange for your survival and eventual happiness; this action by your mother is why I am here . . . to help execute what is virtually 'a happiness contract'."

As Tykhe was talking about his mother, Harry had started gently crying and Hermione started to cuddle him, she was soon joined by Daphne and all of the other girls; when he had calmed down, all of the girls went back to their places; however neither Daphne nor Hermione let go of his hands.

The goddess continued, "Now the focus changes slightly too why are you all here; or more to the point, why are the girls all here, after all it is somewhat obvious why we removed Harry from his previous abode and brought him here.

"Being of the gods has a lot of advantages; one of them is, if we bother to look, being able to see what is going on everywhere at any time, which might be relevant to any situation. So when I was tasked with fulfilling our promise to your mother; I went back to before the phony prophecy was made to try to find out everything that was going on and I think that I did a pretty good job of it.

"It became obvious that Dumbledore's primary target was to be known historically as the greatest wizard ever, greater even than the Merlin, although even with his overinflated ego he knew that he wasn't really as great as the Merlin. So, to this end he wanted to wipe out the Merlin line which is now only found in the Potters, if you bond with Hermione for instance, she should become Lady Hermione Jane Merlin Potter. If all of the other girls adopt similar name structures then all of your children will be of the Merlin line and it will make it far more difficult for other idiots if they try to do the same thing as Dumbledore in the future.

"As I moved forward through your life I had to determine just why you were not happy; it boils down to the fact that you only have one real friend and as you are well aware that it is only Hermione who has never doubted or deserted you. So I went through all of your peers to find some more people who were not only free but also wanted to be friends, or more with both of you; do you think that I have missed anybody?"

Harry thought for a few seconds and suggested, "How about Neville Longbottom?"

Tykhe smiled, "Neville would have been a wonderful addition, except that he has just become betrothed to Mandy Brocklehurst and they are spending nearly all of their time in a greenhouse together."

"They are both nuts about herbology and as long as they like each other they should be fine." Padma said sagely.

Hermione asked thoughtfully, "What about Ginny Weasley?" For reasons she would ask him about later, Harry didn't appear to be too enamoured with her latest idea.

"In their way," Tykhe answered, "the Weasleys are almost as pureblood centric as the Malfoys; we are back to Dumbledore again, it was his machinations that persuaded all of the Weasleys, except Arthur who didn't need persuading, to befriend the pair of you. Apart from anything else the young girl is quite loose morally, she has a very volatile temper and she only really liked the idea of the hero, 'the boy who lived', she was never really into Harry Potter. The pair of you should be wary in the future, if the mother finds out just how much money Harry has she might very well reset Ginny's sights on him again; despite the impression she tries to portray, Molly Weasley is very mercenary."

The bushy haired girl realised that if Harry had any idea about what Tykhe was saying about the Weasleys it would account for his reaction, she promised herself that she would say nothing about it to him.

Hannah was sounding really depressed, "So all we are here for is to try to become better friends with Hermione and Harry?"

"I don't think that Harry is going to thank me for this bit," Tykhe said, however she was smirking, "Daphne, tell us about the major marriage rules as they pertain to the 'Ancient' and the 'Most Ancient' families."

Daphne's eyes went wide and then she gave a huge smile, "The head of any 'Ancient' family is entitled to two wives, if one person is the head of more than one family he is entitled to the wives for each of them. Harry is obviously the head of the Potter family and he has been told this morning that he is also the head of the Black family. The Blacks and the Potters are both 'Ancient' families ergo he can have two wives for each of them.

"Now, if it is a 'Most Ancient' family the situation is much the same except he is entitled to three wives for each of them.

"So Lord Harry James Merlin Gryffindor Hufflepuff Slytherin Black Potter I count four most ancient family names there; as I said before you are also the heir to the ancient family of Black. Earlier this morning, you were responsible for frying the Voldeburger and all of his deluded minions; so, by right of conquest, you collect all of their money, property, chattels and titles. Now my darling Harry you may well have your own personal majority in the Wizengamot. Oh and don't forget that to most of these bigoted, delusional, pure blood, idiots; their wives and daughters are classed as chattels."

The tall Slytherin witch looked like she was going to kiss him but Hermione was having none of that, she was going to be first, so she gently took Harry's face in her hands and kissed him . . . very seriously; when she released him Daphne was followed by all of the other witches in doing pretty much the same thing.

Harry looked like he was in a state of shock, certainly it was good shock but still shock; so the girls asked an elf and they followed her, leading Harry to a very comfortable conservatory.

It took about ten minutes before Harry recovered enough to interrupt their chatter, "I think that we should find some brooms and fly outside a bit, to see where we are living."

"Are we allowed to fly here?" queried Tracey.

"If we're not allowed to fly here, I will live somewhere else." Harry said decisively and without hesitation.

Hermione was trying to avoid a confrontation as she said, "Susan asked the elf who guided us here and he gave us these plans; this one is of the estate and it looks to be about twelve square miles maybe more; and the house is roughly in the middle; about two miles from the muggle repelling wards; there is a curtain wall enclosing some sixty acres. So even if we don't disillusion ourselves, there is no reason I can think of that we couldn't fly around and look at the outside of building and I think that really we need to, it is huge and I for one would like to see the outside then I might be able to make more sense of these other plans."

Susan smiled at him, "Whilst you were out of it, my aunt Amelia sent me an owl; she didn't know where I was going today, but she did know who I was going to see and after the chaos we managed to cause this morning she would like to talk to us. I don't think that she is being too unreasonable." Susan had a broad grin, "If we got rid of all of the death eaters along with the Voldeburger's supporters, that I think were in the government. Then the ministry, apart from anywhere else, will all have gone to Hades in a hand cart and aunty, bless her cotton socks, will be in the middle of it."

Harry smirked, "Suggestions." He said, not even trying to keep a straight face, "I think that we need to make some kind of outline plan to take us as far as the Sunday morning meeting with the goblins."

"Is the Floo working?" Parvati asked.

Harry called Zen and asked him if the floo was working, he was told that it was and they could all leave using it, however he was currently the only person who could use it to enter the property; when they went to the floo Harry could ask the controlling portrait to admit the others. Then Harry asked Zen about brooms and he was told that all of the brooms in the broom cupboard were over fifteen years old, therefore they should not be relied upon although the wards which stop the muggles seeing them when they flew were still working. So he continued by asking about owls and it turned out that the only owl at the Pottery was Hedwig, she had arrived about fifteen minutes after they had.

Tracey's eyes lit up and with an evil grin she said, "Harry darling, you do realise that you will probably have won Pansy and Millicent as well as loads of others, don't you?"

He looked horrified and silence reigned for a minute and then Daphne decided to have sympathy on him, "It doesn't mean anything Harry, if by chance there was to be anybody that you wanted to keep you can, the others you can just cast out; it would leave them without a name; consequently they would no longer be classified as pure bloods; a fitting punishment for that pair and a lot of the others as well come to that."

Padma realised that the subject needed to be changed, "So how many brooms and owls do we need?"

"Hang on a second," Harry interrupted, he had regained his composure, "the most important things first, how long are you all here for? Susan said that her aunt knew who she was going to see but she didn't know where she was going; is there anything different for you others? And do your parents know how long you intend staying here. For that matter do you know how long you would like to stay here?"

Surprising everyone Luna said, "Harry, all of these witches are over seventeen so they are of age, they are all from either neutral or light sided families so there is nobody else in the world that would be better for them to marry . . . either socially or politically. I am the only one who is still underage and my dad has gone off to Patagonia again and last time I was there it was just a bunch of grass, so I didn't want to go with him. I was staying in the house alone and I will sort my dad out if he comes back before school starts, anyway my birthday is on September the second and I will be seventeen. I will stay, at least for the summer . . . if you will have me . . . please." She finished smiling shyly as Harry nodded to her.

"Well that is fine for you Luna," Hermione said, "and my parents are away for the next four weeks, so I have no immediate worries. But what about the rest of you? Seventeen or no, if you came out for the day this morning, it is not really reasonable to your parents, for you not to go home for two or three weeks." She was giggling along with the others so much that she was barely able to get the words out.

Daphne was looking serious, "Firstly, Luna we have been told this morning that you are the Lady Ravenclaw and as such you came of age at fourteen and the goblins are never wrong about these things. Secondly, I think that we should all go and see Susan's aunt, maybe she can get all of the available parents together and we can sort it out with them collectively."

Susan stood up and while she was walking towards the door she said, "I will floo call my aunt and get her to move her butt and arrange the meeting."

"Her aunt won't have time to do that for us, she will be extremely busy." Tracey contemplated.

Hannah Giggled, "None of you know Susan very well, she is a very determined girl, especially when it comes to Harry, so if her aunt wants to see her again this summer she will do it."

Hermione had a big smile, "I don't think that she is alone in that attitude, I have been like that since half way through my first year."

"Don't take this the wrong way Hermione, but at one time I thought that you fancied the Weaslepig, although for the life of me I could never understand why." Hannah was simply stating her thoughts, she wasn't trying to be the least antagonistic.

"To be honest I have thought about that before," Hermione pondered, "and I have never been able to understand it, it's off and on when he is around but as soon as I am away from him for a day or two all I can see is his multitudinous faults; I don't like things that don't make sense." She was looking pleadingly at Harry.

Daphne asked, "Do you think that it was Dumbledolt playing again?"

Tykhe growled and disappeared.

Hygiea said, "We are goddesses so we can be everywhere and every when for that matter, also we can see everything that is in a person's head; Tykhe has seen something in your head that she didn't like so she has gone to check it out."

Fate reappeared, smirking, "I have just extended the remit of Rhamnous and Eris, they were very happy to include the Weaslepig, Mad Molly and the Potions Princess. The trio is about to discover first hand that every action has an equal and opposite reaction . . . I don't think that they will enjoy it . . . very much."

"What do you mean the Potions Princess?" Hermione was not sounding too happy.

Seriously Tykhe replied, "Ginevra has been mixing love potions Harry threw off the one she mixed for him and she thought that she wasn't mixing yours properly because it never really seemed to work."

From the expressions on some of the faces around the room the odds on the pair of youngest Weasleys surviving the next school year were diminishing very rapidly.

A smiling Susan re-entered the conservatory and sat down, "We need to be there in twenty minutes."

Harry stood, "You all look smart so let's go to the floo then I can reset it and you can all use it to re-enter the house when we need to later on . . . that was a stupid thing to say, any time you need to, that's better."

"Anyway," Parvati said as they were walking, "how come the walk in wardrobe in my room was half full of brand new clothes and they were all in my size?" All of the other girls were confirming that their rooms were pretty much the same.

Harry didn't even think about it, but it wouldn't have made much difference if he had, he was swimming in waters he had no experience with and as sensible men know, 'the mind of a woman is a strange and wonderful place which should not be explored by any male,' so he said, "Mine was like that as well, great isn't it, we don't have to waste time shopping for clothes."

He might have been inexperienced with regards to girls, but even he couldn't miss the incoherent spluttering coming from all eight girls; eventually Hermione probably saved his life and said, "Hang on ladies, he has absolutely no experience with girls, Cho was a disaster waiting to happen and the potions princess thing was over before it really started. He has told me that when he went shopping with his aunt he was used as a pack horse and they NEVER EVER bought ANYTHING for him, based on that experience it is no wonder he doesn't want to go clothes shopping."

By this time they had reached the floo grate and Harry spent ten minutes apologising and keying each of them in so that they all could use the floo to return and then they all went to the ministry.


The cohort arrived outside Susan aunt's office with three minutes to spare; her secretary directed them to an executive conference room and when they entered everybody they were not sure they wanted to see, was there.

It was probably inevitable that the first two minutes were utter bedlam with very loud, recriminatory greeting and then the Lady used her power to quieten them all down.

She then told Harry's story, she included: Dumbledore's machinations; Snape and Fudge's involvement; the Dursleys mistreatment; and of course Voldemort and the death eaters. She refused to tell them how Harry had done for him although she did confirm that Voldemort had been banished to Hades along with all of his minions and that minions was not confined to death eaters although it did include all of them.

Telling the story of what had transpired at Gringotts suddenly had all of the parents interest; goblins were notorious for not being helpful and Harry Potter had seen and been helped by Goldfist, the leader of the Goblin nation. The adults were all thinking that this group were the only ones in the room to have actually met Goldfist, heck they were quite probably the only people any of them knew that had met him.

So, how had they managed it; it appeared that they had just walked into the bank, they didn't even ask anything really, they had just been taken to a conference room for Harry to see him. It was common knowledge that Fudge could never even get an appointment to see the goblin leader; it was also quite well known that the fool tried at least once a month.

Tykhe finished by saying, "I believe that you will find the key to your puzzle when I introduce you to Lord Harry James Merlin Gryffindor Hufflepuff Slytherin Black Potter; he has acquired the Slytherin title by conquest. Also do not forget that all of the death eaters titles, money, goods and chattels have passed to Harry as spoils of war, he will probably hold a majority in the Wizengamot.

"Now that you know a lot more of the facts, would you like to discuss the situation, sensibly, with your daughters and come to a mutually agreeable solution?"

Luna, Hermione and Harry sat together, off to one side talking quietly; a beaming Susan was the first to come over to them, she was with her aunt who said, "I thank you for what you have done today, but, as you probably realise, you have given me a massive amount of work, so I will go and get on with it and I hope to see you in the bank, on Sunday morning." After hugging Susan she said goodbye to the room in general and left.

Adrian Greengrass, Daphne's father asked, "What do you intend to do about the titles of the dark families you seem to have acquired Lord Potter?"

"Help us out here please Daphne." Hermione requested, "Exactly what is Harry being asked?"

"Well I do not want to be Lady Malfoy or Lestrange or quite a few others come to that."

Harry thought for a few seconds, "If I am counting correctly I am entitled to more than a dozen wives without using the newly acquired titles, or the Slytherin one if it comes down to it. If we decide to proceed with something you will have the choice of whichever name you want, including the newly acquired ones, however it will be first come first served."

Parvati said, "Won't whatever other name we decide on have Potter tagged on the end of it anyway?"

"In normal everyday use yes," Adrian Greengrass said, "but officially that is not the case, the 'Ancient' or 'Most Ancient' name will come last."

Hermione whispered in his ear, "I would like to be considered for a place please and I will be happy with any name you think I should have."

Harry smiled and nodded at her.

Daphne smirked, "I would bet everything I own that she just asked to be Lady Potter; anyway just to be difficult, if you were to ask me, I would like to be Lady Slytherin. It is a fine Most Nobel and Most Ancient name that should not be allowed to die out because of recent trends; over the centuries many fine wizards have come from his house; we can discuss it if you want to."

In short order the other girls chimed in with Padma and Parvati asking to be Gryffindors; Susan and Hannah going for Hufflepuff; Luna shyly requesting a Potter space; and Tracey, much to Harry's delight, settling on Black.

"So Daphne, you would have lost your bet . . ."

Luna interrupted him, "Daphne you do not know Hermione very well, I would expect her to say that all the names were unimportant, she would just like to be Harry's wife." Hermione's smile told them all they needed to know and that Luna was correct.

Adrian said, "I was a little surprised that none of you picked Merlin."

His wife clipped him around the side of his head, "Honestly he is usually he is better than this, being introduced as Lady Merlin would be a hell of a lot to live up to and think of the poor children at a Hogwarts sorting ceremony, think man." Adrian had a fine pout.

"Would I be correct in assuming that you ladies have sorted out your differences with your parents?" The girls were all smiling and nodding to Harry. "So what are we all going to do now?"

Hermione queried, "Am I the only one of us who has all of my things with me?"

Luna took a shrunken multi compartment trunk out of her pocket, "The Lady shrank this for me this morning; was that this morning, it seems like ages ago."

Susan pouted, "I don't really want to go home on my own but my aunt is being run ragged and it's all Harry's fault so he should come home with me . . . Hermione and Luna can come too."

"I will go back to a question which was postulated at the house earlier, brooms and owls; do any of you have your own owl?"

Receiving shaken heads all round he continued, "Do any of you have your own broom?"

After another set of negative responses he continued, "Then really I want to go to Diagon Alley to buy some owls and brooms, so if I go there Luna and Hermione can go with Susan."

As soon as he had finished he realised that he was in all kinds of trouble.

Susan was giving him a look, he wasn't sure what kind of look it was but it was definitely a look; then she said, "I can go without knickers for a few days it doesn't matter, but you mister are not going to Diagon Alley on your own. We were accosted by a hoard of randy over enthusiastic fan girls this morning; if you go there on your own you will never survive. The three of us will go with you . . . ok?"

He was getting a body guard whether or not he wanted one, but unlike the Order of the Phoenix the reason was being explained to him and it made sense, so smirking, Harry looked around at all of the girls and said, "Yes dear."

All of the parents cracked up and he poked his tongue out at Susan; so the rest of the girls cracked up as well, so Susan turned beetroot.

Daphne's mother smiled and said, "He'll manage."

Her daughter however was a different matter and Daphne said, "Mother, have Suria pack my things, I will come or call her to bring them when we get home; I shall also accompany Harry to Diagon Alley."


Four girls, two goddesses and Harry Potter eventually arrived in the Leaky Cauldron which, luckily for them, was deserted.

The party made its way to Eeylops Owl Emporium with Harry hidden as much as possible in the middle of the girls; as soon as they arrived at the shop Harry called Hedwig and he told the girls that she would guide any owls he bought home.

The shop was bereft of customers so they had quite a good look around; Snowy owls are quite rare, however the shop had six all from different sources, so he bought all of them. Hedwig had arrived so Harry asked her and she agreed to guide the new owls home.

Looking a bit dubious Daphne asked quietly, "Does he always talk to his owl?"

Before Hermione could Luna answered, "Hedwig is Harry's familiar and they understand each other very well; there were times, when he was locked up at the Dursleys, when she was the only thing that kept him sane, things like that tend to make you very close."

Susan and Daphne were looking at each other very sombrely and both Luna and Hermione thought that if ever there was an opportunity the Dursleys, apart from all of their other troubles, might well be meeting a pair of vengeful witches.

The seven of them made their way over to Quality Quidditch Supplies where all of their plans were nearly undone . . . the shop was packed.

Luckily the store owner made his way over to greet Harry and he ordered ten Cleansweep all weather brooms to be delivered to the Pottery; the owner promised that they would be delivered that evening.

Tykhe asked the owner if they might leave via the store's floo which he was inclined to decline, that was until the Lady pointed out that if Harry went out of the front door, virtually all of the people in the shop would follow him, so he agreed.

Ten minutes later they left with the four witches and the wizard each carrying two of the brooms.

None of the others had arrived home so Daphne went to her house for her things and the others went to Susan's for hers; so she wouldn't have to be knickerless the next day, she seemed somewhat disappointed.

None of the girls had checked to see if the house elves had in fact bought them underwear, they seemed to be in agreement with Susan that underwear was an unnecessary encumbrance.


By the time that they sat down for dinner all of the girls had returned, it was generally a happy meal and the only slight disappointment was the Olympian goddesses telling them that they would be going home after dinner. The goddesses leaving was not really a surprise, the surprise was Tykhe telling Harry that if things, for him, seemed to be going pear shaped he could recall her, when he was alone, by calling her name.

After dinner when they had said goodbye and the goddesses had left, one of the elves took them to a side door, with their brooms and they flew around the outside of the Pottery for about an hour and a half, which was when it was starting to get dark.

At first Harry had to help and encourage Hermione a lot; her experience with the school brooms in their first year had really put her off riding a broom. When she realised that the new broom was a lot more comfortable and was doing exactly as she asked she was a lot happier, so they got a good idea of the disposition of the buildings comprising the Pottery.

Harry couldn't understand why Hermione and the rest of the girls had been confused with the plans for the layout of the Pottery and he supposed that they should call it a castle. There was an outer curtain wall enclosing about sixty acres; it was pretty much a square and each of the sides were about five hundred yards long, with turrets at each of the corners. The south western corner turret was about twice the diameter of the other three and twice as high, he would have to check into the reason for this later. Fortified gateways (although they had not examined these closely) were in the centre of each wall with smaller defensive turrets each side of the entrances.

The enclosed grounds had storerooms, abutting the curtain wall; stables, also by the curtain wall; a swimming pool with an opening roof; and a Quidditch pitch, Hermione had asked him why they would need a Quidditch pitch and he explained to her that it would have special shield charms that stopped the snitch and bludgers from charging off and getting lost.


Later, after they had showered and changed into very comfortable clothes, the elves directed them to an enormous library; keeping several of the girls away from the books was only accomplished by Harry promising them all that whatever any of them eventually decided the library would always be available to them.

Daphne had proved her worth by adding that this offer would only remain open as long as they never betrayed Lord Harry or the rest of the group; funnily enough all of the girls had thought that this was a good addition.

When they had all settled down they could see that Harry had brought the file box which the goblins had given him and the plans of the house (he had checked the plans and modified the charm that only allowed Potters to see them properly), however he said, "Well ladies we have to make some kind of plan as to how we are going to move forward, I don't mean what we are going to do each day but us as a group. I like you all well enough but we are talking about wedding's or bonding or some such thing and from what I hear, that is a lifetime commitment, which makes it pretty serious stuff and both ways we need to decide what we each personally want."

He had paused so Daphne quietly said, "It is as well to make sure that you all know what I have found out in the Greengrass library, the same information is probably in this one as well, but I know my way around the one in 'Greenfields', so I searched there.

"There is quite a complex procedure for Harry to activate the power of all of the families he is head of; however the simplest thing for him to do is to bind one of us to the name, this will magically activate it.

"The 'Ancient' and the 'Most Ancient' families use bonding for this and to cement their relationships; there is a multiple bonding ceremony that would suit our situation, however it would need to be cast by Harry's primary wife. Yes, I am well aware that he will have to be bound to one of us first and as far as I can see that would be Hermione, she is the only one of us he is comfortable enough to voluntarily bond with, at the moment; although I must admit that I am close, very close." Several of the girls nodded at this.

She continued, "The hard line pure bloods would have everyone believe that the bonding ceremony can only be performed by certain people, it is simply that they want to know who is doing what with whom . . . this is a load of old Hippogriff doo doo. As I said I had a little look in the Greengrass library and I am not particularly surprised at what I found; there are two bonding ceremonies, I will outline them in reverse order of desirability.

"The second is the one that the pure bloods normally use, it imposes a bond on a couple; not everybody who has this done is opposed to the idea of the bonding and any 'of age' witch or wizard can carry out this ceremony.

"The first can sometimes occur naturally although it can be requested, of 'the powers that be' by the couple, any 'of age' couple; it does not appear possible for a woman to bind more than one man, however a man can bind more than one woman. In this context 'the powers that be' refer to what we would also call 'Higher Magic'. It is rumoured that if one or both of the couple are powerful enough, this bonding can occur naturally.

"Neither of these are soul bonds, soul bonds are the prerogative of the gods; although it is not unknown for a soul bond to form when a magical bond has been requested by particularly close couples. There is no record of a soul bond occurring between more than one man and one woman; however provided both of the couple agree, other witches can subsequently be magically bound to the husband.

"If any of us or our parents particularly want a wedding, it can take place anytime afterwards; but for the hereditary thing it is only the bonding that counts in the wizarding world.

"There is one particularly important question; are we all virgins, I know that I am?"

There was a chorus of positive responses, however everybody looked at Parvati, "I can understand your thoughts but basically it is all an act to placate Lavender, Hermione will tell you what she is like."

"And the flirting with anything over the age of thirteen?" Susan asked wryly.

"Ok, I have been a bit flirty, again that's mainly for Lavender, but I am not really like that, well only a little bit and nothing like as much as I usually come over; also I do realise that I will have to stop it. That will be very easy with you lot as a support or execution cohort. Actually the only boy who really tried it on with me couldn't write for a week and he couldn't walk properly for over a month." She was grinning as she said this. Harry and Hermione smiled they both knew that she was talking about Cormac Mclaggen.

Hermione was also smiling, "So for the moment we are all going forward . . . so rules?"

Daphne immediately said, "No intercourse until after the couple are bonded, people think that this is a pure blood, old family thing, however I do not think it is just a pure blood thing; it seems to be important to support the couples magic."

Tracey had a huge grin, "So anything short of actual sex goes."

Hannah's grin was at least as big as Tracey's, "Provided it is with the agreement of both parties; and I will tell you now Harry that I agree, whatever it is you want, I agree."

All of the girls burst into fits of giggles, however they were all nodding happily.

Harry looked quite serious and concerned, "We all seem to be getting on very well, I will be very happy if it continues; Tykhe has brought us together and I am pretty sure that it was not just a random thing, with a little effort we can all be comfortable together. As some of you are well aware I am not particularly big on rules so for now this can be my contribution; don't fret or sulk, talk about it; I don't think that it really needs any explanation.

"So Hermione what is your take on all of these girls being here at the behest of Tykhe, why now, why not earlier; quite frankly I'm a bit confused by it all."

Looking thoughtful, Hermione half smiled at him, "I am not surprised that you are a bit confused by all that has happened to you today, if something similar had happened to me I would be pulling my hair out. However be assured that I have been talking, watching and listening all day and as far as I can tell I don't think that the Lady has planted any ideas, thoughts or emotions into anybodies head. I do think that she might have released a few inhibitions also maybe bringing a few buried desires to the front of some of the girls consciousness; I don't think that she has tried to force any of us to like each other, she has just buried the cross house perverted rule not to and then let us get on with it. We are all reasonably intelligent people and throughout the day we have all tried to think before we reacted and it has been working pretty well, for all of us."

"Anyhow all of that we can ponder at our leisure, earlier you said first come first served so . . ." She jumped on him and whilst she was seriously kissing him she moved his right hand onto her left breast.

When they eventually separated Harry said, "Hermione, you should try a little decorum."

Grinning she looked into his eyes and said, "I tried decorum earlier, but Susan was having much more fun." The nine of them cracked up.

The bushy haired girl started snogging him again but Susan said loudly, "You are hogging Harry, you should let someone else have a turn."

"I'm sorry," she said, not looking the least bit contrite, "I have been waiting to do this since Halloween first year, that's five and a half nearly six years, so now I have started I don't want to stop."

The sympathetic nods and looks didn't stop the other girls dragging Hermione off of him and having their share.


Whilst they had been flying, Hermione had asked Harry if he wanted them to start going through the box of files which the goblins had given him to review and he had agreed that it wouldn't hurt, then for some odd reason he had asked her to see if he owned a chocolate factory. So in the breaks between their turns the girls started going through the listings of his assets; the file box automatically shrank everything that was placed in it and whilst checking it seemed like he owned bits of everything, usually pretty big bits.

"This is a bit different to ours." Currently it was Tracey's turn so all of the other girls came over to look at what Hannah had found.

"What do you mean?" Daphne asked.

She replied, "Well we live in a beach front house near Fowey in Cornwall and with the wonderful British weather we get to use the beach for about ten days a year and that's a good year. This house has twenty bedrooms and it is right on the beach, but it's on the west coast of Barbados; I bet you can use the beach every day, even the rain there is supposed to be warm."

"We should keep that file out." Hermione suggested, "Maybe we can go there when all of this mess is sorted out."

"You mean like Tuesday?" Susan suggested with feigned innocence.

"Chance would be a fine thing." Daphne sounded despondent.

"It's not really that long until we will be going back to Hogwarts." Even Hermione didn't sound all that keen.

Harry had surfaced from Tracey and Padma was moving over for her turn when he said, "I'm not particularly inclined towards returning to Hogwarts, especially if we are all going to be separated into all four houses; we can get private tutors, almost anywhere in the world, if anyone is interested in learning more and then we can go to live on the west coast of Barbados." He had obviously been listening.

Having provoked a discussion he returned to snogging Padma.

Eventually it was time for bed and they all started moving out of the library.


Going up the stairs, smiling brightly Susan said, "I have an idea . . . we all know that tomorrow is Harry's birthday and I know that I for one have not had the chance to buy him a birthday present. So, I propose that tomorrow none of us wear's a bra or knickers and as frequently as is convenient throughout the day we ensure that Harry checks that we have complied with this proposal."

It looked as if Harry had been hit with petrificus totalus he was stupefied on the stairs, he was totally out of it; but he did have a big silly grin on his face.

"Susan!" Hermione laughingly exclaimed, "You've broken him! You know that he has never really had a girlfriend before; I agree with your proposal but you have to be careful, he is not used to all of this and you have to lead him into things like that . . . gently." As she was explaining this she, Daphne and the Patil twins had picked Harry up and all of the girls were heading with them to his room.

The four free girls from the escort started to look around his room whilst the four girls who were carrying him were trying to manoeuvre him into the middle of his gigantic bed. Because of its size it was nearly impossible until the girls decided to climb onto the bed with him, it soon degenerated into a lot of groping and it did not take them very long to decide to get him ready for bed.

The way they were acting it was difficult to believe that all four girls were virgins and three of them were really quite naive, they had found a pair of silk sleeping shorts on Harry's pillows and all four of them had great fun putting them on him. In all honesty they had first had fun taking all of his clothes off, that had been quite good fun; but it had been nothing compared to putting his sleeping boxers back on him and then making sure that he was comfortable inside them, they had each checked this . . . twice. Checking some more was postponed because he had become restless and they were afraid of waking him up.

The four realised that explaining to a recently awakened Harry just why one of them had her hand inside his boxers would not be the easiest thing that any of them had ever done.

Daphne had told them that Pansy was always complaining that Draco was only four and a half inches; Parvati relayed Lavender's happy revelation that Dean Thomas was six and a half inches which in her experience was well above average, for a wizard. What would they think of Harry that . . . delightful appendage was at least seven inches and it wasn't even hard; apart from anything else they had all read the bodice ripper novels, which did the rounds of the upper year girls dorms, they had a pretty good idea of what went where.

Their next problem was where to sleep, in actual fact the logic became very simple; the bed was very big and if he woke up alone in it he might be frightened, so they would sleep in the bed with him, this would reassure him . . . hopefully. It had been Hermione who had proposed this wonderful piece of logic; she had simply glared at Parvati when the young Indian girl had reminded her that Harry had saved her from a two ton twelve foot tall mountain troll when he was only eleven. The others didn't let this bother them either, they just, gratefully, accepted the logic that let them do what they fully intended doing anyway.

The next problem was what were they going to sleep in? Once again Logic dictated that it had to be knickers, if they left the bed the other four might to try to move into their premium places; it really is amazing how quickly four girls can strip down to their knickers.

No matter how hard the four on the bed were trying, the four who had just come out of his bathroom didn't believe that they were totally innocent and all four of them wanted a thong like the one Hermione was wearing. The other three on the bed had decided the same thing, about the thong, a few minutes earlier and they were on a promise that as soon as they went muggle shopping, they could soon find a shop that sold them and a lot of other nice underwear. (They still hadn't bothered to check in their rooms.)

The four incumbents questioned the four who were stripping out of their clothes why they had been so long, the answer of, 'we couldn't decide if Harry had a bath or a swimming pool, was somewhat confusing. We eventually decided that he had a bath that was big enough to swim laps in, or, more importantly, fit all nine of us in comfort; although this intrigued the four on the bed even more their curiosity wasn't sufficiently aroused to tempt them into moving.

Harry was obviously now soundly asleep so after Padma had extinguished the lights they all settled down to sleep.

Additional Authors Note: I am well aware that Harry Potter's seventeenth birthday was on a Thursday however that does not fit in with this story, so I changed it to a Saturday; thank you. Also; we have probably seen the last of the Olympian Gods.