Story Name: In The Dark
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Edward and Emmett
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Chapter 1 - You Can't Hurry Love


Like chalk and cheese.

Yep, that's how I would describe Emmett and myself. I know it's such a cliché, but honestly it's true. We were so different it's unreal. And yet... he was my best friend.

The Cullen's and the Masen's had a long standing friendship. Em's parents, Carlisle and Esme Cullen, were friends with my parents, Edward Sr. and Elizabeth Masen, in college and it was that way ever since. They were all doctors, Em's parents were the medical kind and mine were the psychology kind. Really it's like having two sets of parents sometimes. Em and I were only children, but we grew up like brothers. At least, I assumed that's how he saw me.

So, back to the chalk and cheese thing. Emmett was your typical eighteen year old jock - the sporty type, and I was the studious, book smart type. I was going to college, he wasn't. I liked to draw, read, and play piano; he liked to play any kind of sport (trust me he was good at them all), chase girls, and get drunk, with the occasional bit of hiking and camping thrown in. Bizarrely, we remained close friends all those years (not that we could get away from each other even if we tried) even though outwardly we appeared to have nothing in common.

I watched Emmett grow from a chubby kid into a tall, broad, and well-muscled man. The girls went crazy for his dark curly hair, the dimples, and his denim blue eyes. That's the bit that drove me crazy too: the girls. So many times I wished that once, just once he would look at me the way he looked at them. Emmett had been with so many girls, I was surprised there were any left at school for him to date. He must have had to go around twice, I was sure. His favourite girl seemed to be Rosalie Hale though, he'd never had a girlfriend, but I would say she was the closest thing to it. I couldn't understand the attraction; I had never met such a vacuous, uninteresting creature in all my life. She was all big tits, big hair, and probably a big vagina too.

Although I constantly felt intense jealousy toward the girls hanging off Emmett's arm, desperately wishing it was me, I was glad to have him as a friend – it was better than not at all. I remember the first time I realised I was attracted to him; we were fourteen years old, messing around in the pool at his house and he decided to dunk me under the water. As he pushed me down, I came face to face with his crotch. The thin material of his swimming shorts clung to the shape of his dick and balls, the sight of which made me gasp and nearly choke. Coughing as I surfaced, the image of it was imprinted on my eyeballs and made my cock harden at the thought of it. At that moment I had wanted to grab him and grind my dick against his. I made my excuses and left. That night, thrilled by the idea of touching Emmett that way, I had wanked myself to exhaustion. Shortly after that, Emmett hooked up with a girl for the first time and I was heartbroken.

It was ridiculous, but I always rejected any kind of advance from girls, in the hopes that maybe one day Emmett would see me how I saw him. I don't know if he ever noticed my apathy towards girls, he probably just thought I was too wrapped up in my music and studies to care. He would constantly tease me because my head was always stuck in a book. Sometimes he would say my ass had become one with the piano bench.

We remained close friends over those four years, regardless of my intense longing for him. Even when his arm bumped mine, it sent chills down my spine. I don't think he knew how I felt, and I wasn't about to tell him when he was so obviously not into me in that way. Still, I was a little surprised at Emmett's reaction when I told him I had been accepted to Juilliard's Music programme. He looked so hurt and upset.

"I thought you were going to Seattle," he said sadly.

"What difference does it make to you where I go, Em? You're going to be so busy with your new football career anyway."

"I know, I just thought you would always be close to me, dude."

What an odd thing to say. Truth be told, I really wanted to get away from this unrequited love thing, it was driving me insane and I couldn't stand by and watch while Emmett fucked his way through the entire female population of Forks. I just smiled back at him.

"We will always be close friends, Em."

I swear I saw that familiar look of hurt flash into his eyes, but as fast as it was there, it was gone again.

"Edward, we're going hiking and camping one last time, like we did when we were kids," Emmett told me.

And he was telling me, not asking me. It made my cock twitch when he took charge like that. I bit my bottom lip; the thought of being alone with Emmett in the wilderness appealed to me in all sorts of ways you couldn't imagine. I sighed, knowing nothing would ever happen. Emmett took my sigh to be one of declination.

"Please Ed, for old time's sake?" he implored.

It gave me a little thrill to know that he was obviously going to miss me and wanted to spend some time alone with me. At least that's what I told myself.

"Fine," I said, secretly excited but rolling my eyes (not wanting to appear too eager) then turning my head to hide a small smile.

Emmett all but clapped his hands and jumped up and down with glee, he had such a big grin on his dimpled face. Man, I loved that smile, it took my breath away.


"Awesome man, it's gonna be just like when we were kids," I said excitedly. Without the parental supervision, I added silently. "We are going this weekend."

I looked carefully at Edward's handsome face as he nodded in agreement. I could never tell what he was thinking. The way he bit his bottom lip when I bossed him around was so fucking cute; it made me want to lean in close and bite it for him. I wished my brain would be quiet. Shit, I had been having thoughts like that about Edward for years now. I had been telling him what to do for years as well, for that matter.

When he told me he was going far away for college, my heart fucking shattered. I knew if I let him go he would meet someone and fall in love - and that someone wouldn't be me. I knew he wasn't interested in me, but fuck me, I had to try. When he said 'we will always be close friends Em' it was like a dagger through my chest. Friends were all we ever had been, and all we ever would be by the sound of it. Right there and then I decided I would do something about it.

Edward and I had been best friends since we were babies, I mean, shit, we did everything together. I always thought of us as the same, but different. Like, we are both super talented but his talent lay in music and art whereas mine lay in sport of any type. We are both tall and muscular, but to Edward's slim lean muscles are my well defined pumped ones. We both have crazy hair, my thick dark brown curls to Edward's wild bronze coloured mop that sticks up at all angles. I could go on for fucking ever.

Edward gave me my first proper erection. Before that they had just been semi's, but I was rock fucking hard this time. We had been in my pool when I dived at Edward and grabbed him by the hair, pushing him under the water. There was something about pushing my fingers through his thick gorgeous hair and forcing him down in front of me that really turned me on. An image of Edward getting down on his knees in front of me flashed into my head and sent a flush of desire into my groin. I quickly let Edward back up; he had obviously inhaled some water because he was choking. The coughing and choking sounds he was making had a fucking weird effect on me because my brain made me imagine him choking like that because he had my dick in his throat. Shut the fuck up brain. It was too late though, my dick was like a baseball bat at that point. I looked into Edward's gold flecked green eyes, hoping to figure out if he had seen anything. (That was another same-difference we had, funny coloured eyes; his were a leafy forest green with liquid gold flecks, and mine were a denim blue with a darker ring around the outside of the iris). His face was flushed crimson and he mumbled some excuse, got out the pool, and went home.

Shit, I thought he must have seen something and that was why he wanted to leave so quickly. That was the last time we were ever in my pool together. I was so horny and confused right then I didn't know what to do. All I knew was that I needed some kind of release. That's when I saw the girl who lived next door sunbathing in her garden, so I invited her over. She gave me some hand relief, and it was awesome, but only because I pretended her hand was Edward's. I told him all about the girl next door, in an attempt to reassure him I wasn't gay or anything. It seemed to have worked. Anyway, from that point on, I just went through girl after girl, not sticking with any of them too long in case they noticed my dick wasn't as hard as it could be and my mind was always elsewhere. I kept going back to one girl though, Rosalie, but only because she had these amazing fucking tits that I liked to rub my dick between and pretend they were Edward's ass cheeks. Also the girl was so dumb, you could practically hear the wind whistling through her ears.

It was the only way to distract myself from wanting Edward so badly. The tiniest brush of his foot or elbow against mine sent a deep heat soaring into my dick and made me want to touch him more. Fuck my life. Why couldn't I feel that way about Rose, or Tanya, or Jessica?

I just wanted to see if Edward wanted me the same way I wanted him, it couldn't hurt to try – could it? We'd been friends long enough to just forget about it if it didn't work out – right? Shit, I hoped I was doing the right thing.


Friday afternoon finally came around and I hurriedly packed up my things ready for the weekend. The more I thought about it, the more I was looking forward to it. I'd always loved camping with Emmett but we just grew out of it as he started concentrating more on his football and I focused on my piano.

As I chucked the last of my things in my backpack, I noticed my bottle of lube poking out from under my pillow. I stared at it for a few moments, struggling to decide whether to take it or not. Then I got a grip on reality and shook my head at the ridiculous thought.

The sound of Em's truck pulling into my drive had me grabbing my shit and running downstairs like a kid on Christmas morning. It always amused me when he drove to my house, he only lives next door! He usually picked me up so we could ride to school together, but it seemed stupid that he would actually take his truck out of his garage, reverse down his drive and then into mine when I could just as easily walk across and get in his car at his house. He always insisted though, and there's no arguing with Emmett.

I threw my bag in the back and jumped in next to him. He smiled his sexy, dimpled, lopsided grin that always made my heart do a back flip. He looked calm and collected, with his dark curls falling into his eyes. Resisting the urge (as always) to push them back from his face, I rubbed my sweaty palms on my jeans whilst trying to conceal my excitement with a laid back grin.

He stared at me for a long moment, and I started to feel the heat rising in my face.

"Erhhm, what Emmett?" I said nervously.

"Nothing bro, you got all your shit? 'Cos we ain't coming back just because you forgot your hairbrush!"

I blushed even more furiously. Seriously, how could Emmett not tell that I'm quite obviously gay?

"That was one time Em and it was only because we had school pictures that day!"

"Sure, whatever!" Emmett guffawed loudly.

We drove until the houses and roads became fewer and fewer, and the trees became thicker and thicker. Emmett's window was open and the breeze was blowing his amazing aroma right my way. To me, he smelled so … manly and sexy, and heavenly. The sunshine through the window made his lightly tanned skin look as if it were shimmering. I wanted to lick it. Everything about him seemed designed to bash me over the head and make me take leave of my senses. He was so intoxicating to me.

As I breathed his smell in deeply I closed my eyes, just enjoying his nearness. Imagining him taking me in his arms and pulling me closer … I opened my eyes as we pulled over, to find Emmett staring at me intensely. My heart contracted and butterflies sprang to life in my stomach making it hard to breathe.

"Hey, we're here," he said softly. "Were you sleeping?"

"No!" I said, a little too quickly, on second thought, maybe it would be better to let him think I was sleeping rather than what I was really doing. I swallowed thickly. "Ummm, yeah guess I was sleeping, sorry."

"No worries." Emmett chuckled as we got out of the truck. "You better perk up Eddie-boy, we got a lot of ground to cover."

"We taking the usual route?" I asked, grabbing my backpack and hating that stupid nickname he loved to taunt me with. I was sure I couldn't remember 'the usual route' but that didn't matter, I trusted Emmett with my life.

"No way Eddie, we are going on an adventure!" Emmett crowed exuberantly.

"An adventure, Emma?" I replied in a mock-soprano, knowing that using the girl version of his name would wind him up.

"Shut the fuck up, douche!" Emmett hollered, attempting to sock me on my arm. I laughed and dodged neatly out the way.

"Too slow, fatty!" I teased, dancing away from him as he lunged for me.

He chased me into the tree line and hauled me backwards into his bear-like arms. I let him hold me for a brief moment before wriggling free of his loose grip and stepping away from him, desperately wishing I could have stayed there forever. He gripped my wrist and jerked me back toward him, pressing my hand on to his toned stomach.

I let out an audible gasp; I had only touched those abs in my wettest, wildest fantasies. I could feel the shape of his hard muscles, and the heat of his body seeping out through his red checked flannel shirt, into my palm. It was a struggle not to lift his shirt so I could stroke his skin. He locked eyes with me, his smouldering, mine wide and slightly panicked.

"I. Am. Not. A. Fatty!" he said slowly, enunciating each word clearly, his voice rich and low.

"Not any more," I said with a nervous laugh, pulling my hand away.

Crap what was that about? I was so confused.

Emmett turned away from me and started stalking his way along the trail. Hurriedly, I began pacing after him.


Shit, shit, SHIT! I've fucked it up! I thought angrily to myself as I continued on the trail. I shouldn't have done that; I need to ease him into the idea gently.

My thoughts were generally wild and all over the place, panicking at my impulsiveness. I just got so caught up with our banter; it came naturally, seemed like the right thing to do and I had liked the feel of his hand on me. I was sure my eyes must have been telegraphing my intent to him loud and clear. Guess not.

After a solid forty-five minutes of silent hiking, with Edward panting for all he was worth behind me, I looked up and realised I had no idea where we were; I had been too distracted inside my own head. I stopped to survey the area.

He stood next to me breathless, and I quirked my eyebrow at him. His smile looked relieved.

"Dude you need to drag your ass away from that damn piano once in a while, you're panting like a fucking dog!" I said to him with a grin.

He just smiled his reply at me, and asked "Where are we going then?"

"I hiked up here one time and found the most beautiful meadow Ed, I mean you and your artiness would go bat shit crazy over that scenery." I glanced at him, amused to see he looked … touched.

I knew him well enough to know he wanted to say something like "Thanks for thinking of me" or some emotional bullshit like that - or even tease me for noticing 'the beautiful scenery', so I was surprised when instead all he said was:

"Let's get going, then," and continued walking.

Well damn, I thought, at least sound a little enthusiastic. I walked on, hoping that somewhere along the way something would start to look familiar. I was a bit out of practice when it came to hiking, but come on, once a hiker always a hiker, right?

Um. Wrong.

Fuuucccccck, why was I too over-confident to carry a map? I chided myself. Nonetheless, I strode on confidently with Edward at my side, pretending like I had a clue.

The only clue that I had in my mind was my next move on Edward. It really was the last thing I should have been thinking about when we were moments away from being hopelessly lost, and when it was my distraction over Edward that had gotten us in that situation in the first place. I was just dying to touch him again, to feel the electricity that sparked between us, and to ease him into the idea of us being together.

Slowly and cautiously, I reached for Edward's left hand, first just snagging his pinkie finger with mine, and when he didn't immediately let go or recoil, I slid my palm into his and laced our fingers.

He abruptly turned to look at me, confusion clouding his beautiful face, and even though my heart felt like it was going to pound its way out of my chest, I just let my mouth relax into my lopsided smile.


I thought I was going to faint, my heart was pounding so hard and my stomach felt so fluttery. It took everything in my power to continue walking alongside Emmett, my hand in his – just as I had imagined a hundred times over – only infinitely better.

My emotions were a mixture of overjoyed excitement, suspicion, and confusion.

What. The. Fuck.

So, then he just smiles that lopsided smile that sets a deep heat burning low inside of me. No explanation. Just carries on walking, like there's nothing unusual about two dudes holding hands in the woods.

After taking a few deep breaths, I finally find my voice.

"What's with the bromance?" I said lightly, lifting our joined hands in front of us.

"Just getting in touch with nature, dude," Emmett said, glancing at me sideways from beneath his long dark lashes.

I just shrugged and let our hands fall back between us. I couldn't figure it out, was Emmett making a move on me? Why now? Had he fucked all the girls he could find and was now moving onto guys, starting with me?

After a while, he turned to me with a sheepish grin on his face.

"Edward, I have something to confess."

My heart rate picked up again (if it beat any faster I was going to have a heart attack for real). He turned to face me, holding my left hand in both of his, my slender fingers clasped inside his thicker ones. He lifted my hand slowly to his sensuous lips, never taking his eyes from mine until his lips met with my hand. He lowered his lashes and pressed his mouth to the back of my hand, his soft full lips formed a kiss and then he raised his head to meet my eyes again. I just stared at him, open mouthed, confused and extremely turned on.

"Forgive me?" he said silkily, stroking the back of my hand. I swear I didn't want to wash that hand again. Ever.

"F-for wh-what?" I eventually spluttered out.

He straightened up and slid his arm around my shoulders. Woah this was too much, I felt like I was being emotionally assaulted by this boy or that there was some huge joke that I wasn't privy to. I waited for the punch line.

"We, that is, you and me, are just a tiiiiny bit lost." Em babbled.

Lost? I could tell you something about being lost; Em had lost me a while back when he started getting all affectionate and shit. Before, I had just put it down to his worries about me going to college in New York, but now he was really baffling me.

"Emmett, what the hell?"

"Ed, I'm sorry I thought I could find this meadow again for you and I didn't think to bring a map. Dude, I am SO sorry." Emmett said unhappily. "And it's starting to get too dark now to try and find our way back. You mad? Say you're not mad."

Truth be told, I had so many emotions rolling through me right then I really couldn't say whether I was mad or not. His arm around my shoulders really wasn't helping matters either, I couldn't think clearly.

I stepped away from him, shrugging his arm off and took several deep breaths of the rapidly cooling evening air.

"Let's just find somewhere to camp, genius." I said with exasperation. He smiled but his eyes betrayed his hurt. Feeling bad, I took his hand in mine because he seemed to like it, and together we began looking for somewhere to set up our tent for the night.

We had found ourselves further up the mountain than previously anticipated. Emmett didn't think this would be a problem though and dutifully set up camp whilst I collected firewood.

We ate and chatted for a while in front of the decent sized fire I had managed to get going. It was nice, being alone with Emmett for a change, nobody to bother us or call us away. He didn't try any more funny business with me, either. When I moved my hand to his, he purposely moved his away. If I wasn't confused before, I certainly was now. I could sense a rising discomfort between us, and I supposed Em just wanted to forget his earlier random display of affection.

In fact, he seemed to be avoiding touching me all together. When we decided to go to sleep, he moved his sleeping bag as far away from mine as possible instead of sleeping next to each other in the middle like we had always done. I lay shivering in my sleeping bag, listening to the wind howling around us, wondering if Emmett was on drugs.


Edward was rejecting my advances. I could see it, I could feel it. The way he shrugged my arm off and he refused to say he wasn't mad at me. Edward was NEVER mad at me, not for long anyway. When he took my hand whilst we looked for a good campsite, it felt like how you would hold the hand of a child, not of someone you were interested in romantically. It felt like pity.

I was obviously making him feel uncomfortable with my unwanted attention, so I just backed off, giving up my half-baked stealth attack plan. I avoided touching him again, in case it made me feel like doing more than just touching, and I put my sleeping bag on the other side of the tent to keep me out of temptations way. Damn, what more could I do? I just lay there listening to his breathing, trying to work out if he was awake, when I heard a little voice muffled by the howl of the wind, coming from his side of the tent.

"Em? You awake?" he said hesitantly.

I almost didn't answer, but then I realised I could hear his teeth chattering.

"What's up?" I replied.

"It's fucking freezing, where the hell did that wind come from?"

"I don't know, I'll ask the weather fairy," I said, rolling my eyes and turning on my side.

Next thing I knew, Edward was right beside me, and I could feel his breath tickle my ear.

"Can we zip the bags together, like when we were kids?" he whispered. "For old time's sake?"

I just nodded. Edward wasted no time fixing up our sleeping bags, and we lay on our backs shoulder to shoulder.

Like a married couple. I had to stifle a laugh as that thought flashed through my mind. Edward looked at me questioningly. I couldn't see him very well, just by some of the moonlight that filtered through the tent - but he was still beautiful. The light on his skin made him look like a beautiful marble statue. I could just make out the smooth straight shapes of his nose and cheekbones, his unruly bronze hair catching the light like it was made of diamonds. The way his moist lips were slightly parted enticed me.

"I'm still cold," he complained, inching closer to me.

Reluctantly, I stuck my arm out, inviting him to lay by my side and place his head on my shoulder. I prayed that I could exercise some self control tonight. He slid beside me, fitting right into me as if that space was made for him. Argh I am going to hell.

"Are you worried about me moving away?" he whispered.

Somehow, talking in the dark makes it easier to say the things you really want, than it is in the day time.

"Yeah," I said tightly. "I'm gonna miss you… a lot."

"Why did you hold my hand when we were walking through the woods?"

"Because…" I hesitated.

"…I wanted to show you I care." I finished finally, skirting around the truth, grateful he only asked about the hand holding and not the kiss on the hand - my pathetic attempt at being seductive. I didn't normally have to persuade anyone, jeez.

"I care about you, too, Emmett. I've cared about you for a long time," he said, his voice husky.

Oh! I thought suddenly, taking in his words. Has he figured it out? Only one way to find out.

"You know Edward, if you're still cold, the fastest way to warm up is to take off your clothes," I threw that out there, taking a chance that we were finally reading from the same page. Shit, if I had misread the situation (again) I would have to do some fast back tracking.

There was a long pause from Edward, and just as I was about to attempt to cover my mistake up with a joke, he looked up at me, his gaze long and intense; his eyes left mine and dropped to my lips. Gently, I cupped his cheek in my palm and brought his face to mine until my lips hovered just above his. I could almost feel the electricity passing between our lips.

"Emmett," he breathed, his eyes fluttering closed.

With that, I couldn't take it any more. I pressed my lips to his and to my delight he responded eagerly. The soft fullness of his lips made me moan lustily into his mouth. God, I had waited for this for so long – too long. It felt so… so right! Yes, this was what I had been waiting for. My heart was pounding and I slowly placed my hand on Edward's chest, pleased to find that his heart was leaping out of his ribcage too. Finally, I got to bite on that luscious bottom lip.


The moment Emmett kissed me was like all my birthdays and Christmases had come at once. All my wishes and dreams fulfilled. I had longed for this and I couldn't believe it was finally happening.

I tentatively ran my tongue along his bottom lip, taking in the sweet taste of him. He parted his them and I slid my tongue inside his mouth. We kissed each other deeply and thoroughly, biting, licking, and sucking, making up for four years of desire. I loved that he was obviously enjoying it, his moans and gasps were sending little electric shocks up and down my body. He crushed me closer to him, and I could feel his excitement, as I was sure he could feel mine. I reached up and tangled my fingers through his thick silky curls, running my fingers through them and drawing his mouth impossibly closer to mine.

"Oh, Edward, fuuuck," Emmett moaning my name was the single, most hottest thing I had ever heard. The fact that it was me making him feel that way thrilled me to no end.

I could feel myself hardening and straining against my jeans. I thrust my hips involuntarily towards Emmett, who pushed himself against me in response. The friction was making us both writhe in pleasure.

"Take your clothes off, I want to see you," Emmett ordered. I felt my balls tighten at his demand. Before I could even begin to start pulling off my t-shirt, Emmett was already attacking my jeans, yanking open the buttons and pulling them down. While I kicked my jeans off, Emmett stripped out of his top and I hurriedly freed him of his jeans, too. I was a little shocked to see he wasn't wearing any boxers as his dick sprung out of his jeans, standing hard and proud. He was truly beautiful; his perfectly sculpted body was godlike.

He kissed me again, this time trailing soft kisses down my neck that sent shivers down my spine. I had no idea how amazing it felt to be kissed like this. He pushed me down and rolled so that he was on top of me. The weight of his body on mine, his skin on mine, felt … amazing, wonderful, and perfect.

I looked up at him in all his moonlit perfection and trailed my fingers across his chest, lightly covered in dark curling hair, brushing my fingers over his hardened nipples. He closed his eyes and his breathing quickened.

He looked down at me, with so much love in his eyes; I was certain that's what it was. He looked like he was drinking me in, taking in every detail as if I might suddenly slip from his grasp.

"Is this okay?" he breathed in my ear.

Yes! YES! This was more than okay! I thought elatedly. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his long, hard length.

"I've wanted this for so long," I breathed back, as I gently pumped my hand back and forth, feeling his dick swell in my palm.

"Me too," he moaned as he pressed himself on me again.

I was glad for the moment that he was experienced, because I had no idea what the fuck I was doing, I was just following what my body told me to do.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, arching myself into him.

"Emmett," I whimpered, "fuck me."


Oh god, I wanted to so badly, but then I started getting a little worried that I was taking things too far. As far as I was aware, Edward had never been with anyone, girl or boy, ever.

I trailed kisses down his throat and across his chest, pausing to lick each of his nipples, making them stiffen into pink little nubs. I sucked on one of them for a moment. I needed to know what I was dealing with here.

"Have you done this before, Ed?" I asked.

His already flushed cheeks deepened some more. Shyly he said, "No."

"Don't tell me that was your first kiss as well?" I said, horrified I hadn't made the kiss more special for him.

"Yes, and it was amazing," Edward said, looking at me tenderly. "I wouldn't mind a repeat performance, actually."

I kissed him greedily, wanting to seal the taste of his delicious mouth on my tongue forever. I pulled back to look at him. His eyes were hooded and lust-filled and his lips were slightly swollen.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" I asked him. I really didn't want him to regret this later. "It will probably hurt."

"Yes," he replied firmly. "I've wanted this since I was fourteen."

I was taken aback. Fourteen? Shit, had we wasted all these years apart? We need to talk about that later, because I have more pressing issues that need taking in hand right now.

I said nothing. Instead I began slowly kissing my way down his stomach until I reached the softly curling trail of his auburn hair and the v his muscles formed, paving my way down. I ran my tongue along it until I reached the elastic of his boxers. Swiftly I pulled them down and continued my exploration of his body.

Edward groaned and writhed as I pleasured him with my mouth, sighing as I stroked his head with my tongue. I felt like I could swallow him as I took him right to the back of my throat. The taste of him and the sound of his moans were turning me on so much; I could feel pre-cum beading at the top of my dick. As I sucked long and deep I could tell he was getting close. He bucked his hips and pushed his fingers into my hair as he cried out in ecstasy, his hot cum spilling into my mouth, body twitching with the force of his orgasm.

He was panting as I lay down next to him. He reached for my dick and squeezed making desire shoot through me.

"Your turn," he said.


Still shaking with little after shocks, I ran my fingers over Emmett's throbbing erection and squeezed him gently, spilling a little of his pre-cum onto my fingers. His eyes were like saucers as he watched me flick my tongue out to lap it up. Straddling him, I leaned down to kiss and suck on his neck. I pressed my nose to his neck and inhaled his intoxicating scent. He reached up to grab my hips and rocked me against him.

"Lube," he rasped huskily, pointing to his backpack.

I reached over and dragged the backpack over to me, hastily feeling for the lube and spilling most of the contents of the bag in the process. I really didn't care.

My hands were shaking with anticipation as I handed the bottle to Emmett. I slid off him and lay back, trying to breathe, while I watched him squeeze some lube into his palm. He pumped himself with it a few times, making sure he was completely covered. Watching him touch himself was both intimate and erotic; it made me ache for him.

He moved on top of me and brushed his lips over mine before plunging his tongue deep into my mouth. His hand, slick with lube, slipped between us as he gently rubbed his fingers around my hole before slipping them inside. I moaned loudly as he fucked me slowly with his fingers.

Suddenly his fingers were replaced with his tip and he was gently pressing his way slowly inside me. It was a bittersweet moment; it hurt – a lot - but it also felt so good, I didn't want him to stop.

"So fucking tight," he gasped, clutching my ass in his big hands, pulling me onto him.

Emmett's hard length was filling me, making my whole body tremble. He held me close in his arms, making love to me in the dark, kissing my neck, lips, and face over and over, murmuring my name over and over. I gasped his name back to him, wrapping my legs around him, wanting him closer and deeper.

He thrust into me, speeding up his movements as his excitement built. It felt so good, his dick was pressing right on the magic button inside me, the pain had gone and all I could feel was my own pressure building. I pushed my hand down between us and cupped his balls, feeling them tighten at my touch. I stroked and gently squeezed them.

"Mmmm Edward, fuuuuccck," he groaned. "Come with me."

His command and his final hard thrusts had me reaching down to release myself. I pumped myself hard, releasing in hot wet spurts.

"Ohhhhhh Eddie!" Emmett cried at the same time; I could feel his dick pulse and contract as he came inside me. He collapsed on top of me, exhausted but happy.

Mmm, starting to like that nickname a little more, I thought to myself drowsily, holding Emmett in my arms as our heavy pants became the deep heavy breathing of sleep.


I woke up the following morning to the most beautiful sight: my sleeping Edward, hair even more tousled than normal, perfect in his nakedness and peaches 'n' cream skin. Last night I had really felt the depth of my emotions for Edward, after all these years of trying to suppress them. It was the happiest night of my life.

I chuckled at my stupidity and blindness for wasting my time with those girls. Edward's eyes fluttered open, his golden greens focusing on me. He smiled and stretched sleepily.

I suddenly felt a little bit shy; I didn't know what to say to him. Edward beat me to it, anyway.

"Emmett, I wish I had known that was what you wanted, sooner," he said.

I looked at him dumbfounded.

"Edward, I didn't want just that, I want you; every last bit of you. That was the bonus," I replied, kissing his forehead.

He smiled happily.

"So, you were trying to seduce me yesterday?" he said teasingly.

"Yeah, I was trying. Didn't seem to work right though," I replied. "I've never had to seduce anyone before."

"That's 'cos you confused the fuck outta me first!" he laughed, threading his fingers through mine.

"Have you really wanted me since you were fourteen?" I asked.

He ducked his head shyly. "Yeah."

"That's how long I've wanted you, too," I said softly, tracing patterns on his chest.

"No way?" he said with a frown.

"The pool," I said simply, by way of explanation. Understanding dawned on his face.

"Me too," was all he said, sounding a little distressed.

"Aw well, good things come to those who wait, right?" I said comfortingly, smoothing his hair back from his face. "We have each other now, that's all that matters."

Edward seemed to cheer up after that, and we headed to a nearby river to clean up, draping our clothes over tree branches. We splashed around in the water like children, only this time I was able to slide my arms around his waist and draw him near to me for long lust-inducing kisses.

When we climbed out of the water, he came behind me, sliding his arms around my waist. The way his wet skin felt on mine had heat soaring through me. He rested his chin on my shoulder and pressed himself against my ass. I sighed with desire, wanting to find out how he felt inside me. He kissed my neck, making my head roll back onto his shoulder as he pressed himself against me more insistently.

I reluctantly tore myself away from his embrace.

"Sorry, there's no lube here," I said, undoubtedly looking flushed. "When we get back to the camp, yeah?"

Edward blushed my favourite shade of red and nodded. His hair was so dark when it was wet and flopping into his eyes, he just looked so damn adorable. My heart thudded with the desire to be with him forever, to never be apart again, we had wasted so much time.


Lust had taken hold of me. I couldn't get enough of Emmett. I just wanted to hold him and touch him all the time. I couldn't believe my luck.

As we dressed, Emmett turned to me.

"So, are you going to transfer to Seattle University now?" he asked, grinning lopsidedly.

"Err, what gave you that impression?"

His face fell and he looked perplexed.

"Well, we're together now and well, I just thought…" he trailed off, looking upset.

"Emmett, this is my career we're talking about, it's important." Suddenly, I felt furious as I realised what this was. "Is this why you got me up here? So you could play on my feelings to make me stay? I would never, ever, dream of asking you to give up your career for me!"

"No! Edward, I –" he began, but I interrupted him.

"You're a selfish fucking prick!" I yelled at him. "Fuck off!"

I turned and stomped away back toward the camp site before he could start to argue his point. Like I said before, there was no arguing with Emmett, the only way to win was to shout him down before he could start, and then leave. I knew if I let him start, he wouldn't stop until he had talked me into staying.

I had been all set for a future without Emmett. I'm not saying it was an easy decision, but at the time it was the best thing for me.

It still is, I thought to myself. I worked fucking hard to get into Juilliard, I couldn't just reject their offer like it was any old college – it's JUILLIARD for fuck sake!

Fate had kind of decided for me anyway, I hadn't thought it was even remotely likely that I would get into Juilliard, but I knew I deserved my place.

When I got to the camp site, I could see that Emmett hadn't followed me back. I supposed he was sulking. By this time I had calmed down a lot, and I realised how unreasonable and immature I was being – there was no reason why Emmett and I couldn't be together, we could spend every vacation together, and he could come visit me during term time and stay with me at my apartment.

I frowned, unsure how this would work out around his football training and league games. I decided it would work if we wanted it to, and to quit being stupid and just go talk to him.

Like adults, I said to myself sternly. If we are going to have a relationship we need to be able to talk about things.

I began making my way back, but as I neared the river the sound of agonized screams met my ears. I ran as fast as I could the rest of the way, horrified at the sight that greeted me.

Emmett was on the river bank, dark blood staining the ground and the water, his face contorted with pain. Looming over him was the biggest bear I had ever seen.

Wide-eyed and panic stricken, I was frozen as the bear slashed at Emmett over and over, blood staining its paws and dyeing the water red. Emmett was struggling, trying to fight the bear off as it snapped and ripped with its teeth. He grappled with it but its sharp claws were slicing into his flesh as if he were made of butter. The bear was growling and snorting, its eyes were nothing short of crazy.

I raced over to Emmett's side and lunged at the bear trying to distract it by punching at it. The bear roared ferociously, its breath hot on my face. In that instant my eyes locked with Emmett's.

"I love you," were the last words he said to me. The bear's huge paws swiped and connected with my head and I fell to the ground bleeding. The last thing I saw was the bear descending upon Emmett as his blood swirled away in the gushing water. Distantly, I heard the sound of gunfire before everything went black.


Slowly, I tried to open my eyes. Everything was so … bright. My head was pounding.

Where the hell am I? I wondered groggily, trying to open my eyes fully to focus.

"Edward!" a familiar voice cried. She sounded distant and far away, like I was hearing her under water. My brain felt like it was going to explode out of my ears.

"Mom?" I croaked, squinting. I tried to sit up but pain seared through my head. I laid back with a groan.

"Don't try and sit up honey," she said, the worry clear in her voice, I could tell she had been crying. "You're in the hospital darling, do you remember what happened?"

Suddenly, my eyes flew completely open; the fluorescent lights and the sterile whiteness of the hospital room stabbed my eyes.

"Emmett!" I gasped frantically. "Where is Emmett? Is he okay?"

I felt dizzy as my vision went in and out of focus, looking at my parents beside my bed; my dad squeezing my mom's shoulder, as she sat in the chair looking devastated. I saw her look up at my dad and he gave her a curt nod.

"Edward, I'm so sorry," she began sobbing. "Emmett is in a coma."

Upon hearing her words I gave an agonized howl of despair. When I tried to get up again, my dad gently pushed me back down.

"Son, there's nothing you can do for him, so just stay in bed and get better, okay?" he said firmly.

I lay there with my fractured skull, busted lip, and bruised face, head wrapped in thick bandages, in misery and silence. For days I didn't eat, I barely slept, but when I did - images of dying Emmett came to me in my nightmares. I almost hoped I wouldn't heal. I didn't deserve to.

They told me that a hunter, who was camping out nearby, had heard the commotion and come to investigate. It was his rifle I had heard firing before I fell unconscious. He got us air lifted to the hospital. I wished he had left me there to die.

I was so fucking angry with myself! This was my fault! In my head, I replayed the last words I had said to him. I had told him to fuck off. How could I? I had loved him for years and yet I treated him that way. His last words to me were ones of love. I hadn't told him! Why hadn't I fucking told him?

In private moments, when my mom wasn't fussing over me and there were no nurses, I sobbed for all I was worth, nearly hysterical with grief. I felt hollow and empty, trapped in endless despair.

Eventually, they allowed me out of the bed and the first thing I did was demand to see Emmett. I was wheeled to his room and placed beside his bed. His mother was there. Her eyes were red rimmed and watery.

"Auntie Esme," I greeted her, my voice cracking into a sob as I reverted back to what I used to call her as a child. She held me tightly and we wept together.

Emmett was deathly pale, his beautiful curls now hung dull and lank on his forehead. He was so still, only the bleep of the heart monitor told me he was still alive. His wounds were horrific. My poor, beautiful Emmett; he was in casts and bandages from head to toe.

Live, Emmett. Please, LIVE, I willed him silently. Don't leave me!

Uncle Carlisle came into the room. His grey, ashen face matched Auntie Esme's. The only colour in his face was the redness of his eyes. Grief and guilt washed through me tenfold.

"Edward," Uncle Carlisle said to me gently, "you have to know, his prognosis isn't looking hopeful."

He sounded so defeated.

"NO!" I cried forcefully. "We can't let him die!"

"I don't want to lose him any more than you do, Edward; the staff and I are doing everything we can." Uncle Carlisle's pained expression made my heart feel heavy.

His parents left the room as I laid my head on the pillow next to Emmett's, staring at him, watching him trapped in a world of dreams. I wondered if he could hear me in the dark recesses where his mind had secreted him away. I clutched his pale, unmoving hand in mine.

"I love you too, Emmett," I whispered, tears sliding down my face. "Come back to me."

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