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"I wish he would give me more than two hours notice before springing something like this on me." Logan threaded his fingers in his hair as he wore a path in the carpet next to Kendall's bed. The blonde couldn't help but think the brunette looked absolutely adorable while pacing. Then he remembered the reason behind the pacing and had to stop himself from frowning. Or pouting...whichever word you prefer.

"You don't have to go." Kendall suggested, struggling to maintain his casual visage. "You can always call James and tell him something suddenly came up. Then you can stay here and hang out with me." He flashed a smile at the older boy, turning up the Knight charm a few notches.

"I knew I should have said no to watching the Brady Bunch Movie with you." Logan muttered, shooting a droll glare at his friend who just smirked back. "But no, as much fun as you make that seem," he paused to look at Kendall again, making sure he caught the sarcasm. "I'm not going to bail on James. He really wants this date with Abby, and she'll only go if her cousin goes too." He resumed pacing the floor once again, completely oblivious to the darkening of Kendall's eyes.

Kendall fought the wave of emotions down as he thought of his Logan (though not technically his...yet...) going out with some random girl. Yeah, this wasn't sitting well with him at all.

"I just wonder why James picked you and not Carlos, or me." Kendall muttered, playing with one of his pillows.

"Thanks, buddy. That's a huge ego boost before a date." Logan frowned yet smiled at the same time at him, an expression that had become quite endearing to the blonde over the past year.

Kendall shrugged, looking at his alarm clock. His world became just a little darker as he saw he only had five more minutes until James would be there to get Logan. He watched the other boy pace a moment longer.

'Don't go...'


James almost felt bad for conning Logan into this whole double date thing. Especially when he was on the receiving end of one of the most brooding glares he had ever seen come from Kendall.

But they would thank him eventually. It was obvious they hadn't quite figured out what they meant to each other. But James knew.

He saw that look Kendall had on his face last year when Logan showed up in their science class. He saw the blissful smiles they shared when Kendall was teaching Logan to skate. He saw the lingering touches during and after practices. He saw the possessiveness Kendall had towards the shorter boy and the affectionate adoration Logan had in return.

And he wasn't the only one.

Neither boy seemed to realize just how obvious they were. And last week, after practice, James realized just how many other people noticed.

And when the locker room talk pulled around to speculation about just how gay Logan and Kendall really were, he knew he had to do something to give his friends more time to figure themselves out.

Hence, the whole double-date sham. Getting a date with Abby had been easy, finding out she had a cousin visiting had been pure luck. Pouncing the date on Logan and getting him to act of God.

He would tell them one day. And enjoy the praise he got in return.

But until then...he just had to make sure Kendall didn't try to kill him in his sleep.