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Adulthood – Arc I: Dean & Eboni

Chapter Seven

Eboni's tears fell thick and fast.

Not only had she almost lost Dean, but she'd been hit by a car and her salon, her pride and joy had been burnt to the ground.

Dean pulled her close to him and kissed her tenderly, trying his best to soothe her as she cried her heart out into his shirt. He felt for her that she'd lost her life's work completely and that she didn't know if she had the money to start a new business. He was willing to give her what he could to help her to start over.

"Come away, Eboni." He said softly, "It'll be okay."

"How the hell is this gonna be okay?" Eboni cried, "I-I've lost the one thing that I wanted my whole life and I can't get it back..."

"Listen, I know that it costs a lot to get this off the ground, but your customers will all come back and I'm willing to help you where I can, okay?" Dean said softly, kissing her tenderly and holding her close to his body, "I'll do whatever I can if it means you can get your business back up and running again, and if it makes you happy. I love you, remember?"

"I love you too, Dean." Eboni sobbed, "Thank you."

That night, the two sat on Eboni's couch, and Dean leaned in close to her, kissing her neck tenderly. He repeated his motions, slow and tender and he could feel Eboni relax but before they could lay back on the couch, Eboni moved away from him and looked to her hands.

"I'm sorry..." She whispered, "I can't do this, not now."

Dean understood perfectly, and he pulled back, nodding softly and bowing his head.


Eboni kissed his cheek tenderly and hugged him, shaking her head and kissing him again.

"No. Don't be sorry." She said softly, "We can if you want..."

"You're too upset, baby." Dean whispered, "You want me to go, or...?"

"No!" Eboni interrupted, "No, please stay with me."

Dean didn't have the heart to tell her no. He let her cry all her worry and her stress out as she talked to him, and he wasn't one for such things, but he loved Eboni, and she'd lost everything. It wasn't as if all of that was easily replaceable and she had so much paperwork to do involving the insurance she had on the place. That could give her some money to refurbish the place, but what about her stock, and paying her staff? She'd left for merely a couple of days and the place had been burned to the ground practically. She'd need to put up a new front, pay for new furnishing, for new flooring and walls, for sinks, products and she'd have to rebuild some of the inside too.

At around half past midnight, Dean and Eboni headed to her room and got ready for bed, both of them collapsing into her big, comfortable bed. Dean held her close to him and promised her all he could, that he would help her in any way he possibly could. Eboni knew that Dean would try incredibly hard to make her life easier, and that he would do his best to help her. She also knew that Dean would try and get the others to help her too, who'd been texting her all night with messages of sympathy for her loss. It seemed drastic, but her livelihood had gone. Thank God she had Dean. If he hadn't been with her, she didn't know how she would've coped.

Dean fell asleep, but as he dreamed of Eboni's accident, he awoke to find her sat up biting her nails as she sat deep in thought. She was so upset that Dean could see the tears still falling down her face. It pained him to think that she was so heartbroken over it, and he knew how hard it must've been for her. Why her? She was a good, loving young woman, and she didn't deserve any of what she'd been through. The guilt of the day she'd been hit by a car filled him and he sat up, cupping her cheek tenderly before pulling her into a gentle kiss, wiping her tears and nuzzling her softly.

"I love you." He whispered, watching her nod before sobs began to escape her lips.

"Love you too." She replied, starting to panic as she sobbed harder and harder.

"Oh, c'mere..." He breathed, pulling her close to him and laying down with her in his arms, her face becoming buried in his t-shirt, "It'll be okay. We'll see that it is, alright? All of us."

When Eboni awoke the next morning, she was met by Dean's lips against her forehead.

She smiled softly, capturing his lips in a sweet kiss which grew deeper and more passionate with every movement of lips.

As the kiss was broken, Dean stroked her face before climbing out of bed and heading for the kitchen. Eboni went to follow but he stopped her and got her settled back in bed.

"Breakfast in bed this morning, babe." He said softly, "What do you want?"


Damn! What did she want?

"Bacon? Eggs?" Dean asked, "Toast? Coffee?"

"Perfect." Eboni replied, "Thanks, honey."

Dean left and got the breakfast ready, leaving Eboni to ponder over everything that had changed in her life since she'd met Dean. She was so in love with him it was unbelievable, and she couldn't imagine what her life would be like without him in it. He'd become so much to her that it was unbelievable. He'd taken care of her after her accident, he'd gone to New York with her for products, despite his fear of flying, and he'd looked after her after she'd lost her store. She couldn't ask for a better man.

Dean Winchester was perfect to her.

Nothing more needed to be said.


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