For all the readers of Dilemma who are waiting patiently. And for Muddy's readers who are also waiting for fluff.
This one's for you...

Pink Icing
by foggybythebay

Pink frosting.


Tilting his head, he surveys the lopsided cake. Draco smothers a curse, itching for his wand.

She stands in the doorway. Soft brown curls frame her heart-shaped face. She watches him, mouth puckered in consternation.

"Just like grandmama makes?" she inquires, staring critically at his pathetic attempt.

He sighs and nods, dragging his fingers through his blond hair. Pink icing takes hold.

She giggles, her silver eyes dance merrily.

From behind Witch's Weekly, Hermione smiles.

"Stop laughing, wife," he scowls, flicking icing at her.

A Muggle birthday cake.

He'd do anything to grant their daughter's wishes.

Author's note: A 100-word drabble written for the prompt: Birthday Wishes at lvj's dramionedrabbles.