Okay, this is the only A/N I'm going to write. This isn't a real story. This is just a place for all my smutty one-shots to gather. I had these on my blog. Some of them being written in 2008! None of them are related to the other. Most are Eric and Sookie, some are Eric, Sookie & Alcide. And for those of you who read my dead & dating series, Micah makes an appearance.

There's no rhyme or reason to the order, so don't stress. They aren't mean to be a story, just some dirty smutty fun.

Charlaine owns everyone except Micah. He's MINE!


I laid on Eric's bed, spread out, waiting for him to come home. I'd sent him to run a stupid errand for me. What he didn't know, is that when he got back, it was time for Sookie the sex kitten to play.

I wore a tight black corset that pushed my breasts up and out, a skin tight leather mini skirt, and a barely there thong. I had made a stop at Pam's earlier and borrowed her highest pair of black heels. When I told her what I was planning she insisted I keep them. They looked like something out of a strip club. The heels had to be at least 5 inches tall and pointed on the end. They were made with a shiny material and had a strap around the ankle. Eric would love them.

I heard the door shut downstairs. I flipped on my cd player to play a song with a throbbing bassline. I propped myself up on the pillows and spread my legs a bit, letting my hands roam over my body. I kept my eyes focused on the door, waiting to see him appear in front of me.

It didn't take him long to make his way upstairs. I heard his gasp as he took me in. My hand was between my legs stroking my thong.

"Eric.." I let out a soft moan.


"Shh, come to me lover."

I watched as he ripped his tight tank top from his body and crawled up the bed to me. He started to crawl on top of me, but tonight, I was in control. I lifted my foot and placed it against his chest, my heels poking into him.

"Worship me Viking." His jaw dropped open, I had never demanded control, until now.

"Yes mistress." I shivered when he said that. He took my ankle in his hand and ran his hands down my high heels. He softly unbuckled the side and slid it from my left foot. He tossed it to the floor and then returned his hands to my feet. His thumbs stroked the arch of my foot, I let out a soft moan. He took my big toe into his mouth and lightly sucked, while still massaging my feet. I arched my back and bit and whimpered. I had never had anyone do that before and it felt heavenly. He took turns, sucking each of my toes and massaging his hands over my foot.

He switched over to my right foot and licked and sucked there. I was almost off the mattress when he ran his tongue between my toes. He let his fangs scrape over the arch of my foot. I looked down to see that his jeans were straining under the pressure of his erection.

I took my foot away from him.

"Take your pants off, now."

He kneeled on the bed and unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them down over his wonderful ass and his throbbing erection. When his pants hit his knees he stood and slid them down, he hadn't worn underwear. I bit my lip a bit, but then regained control.

"You may continue worshipping me."

He knelt back on the bed before me and took my left leg in his hands. He started kissing and licking up my legs, stopping to run his tongue behind my knee. He continued up to my thighs. I watched as he sucked the soft skin of my thighs into his mouth and ran his fangs over it. His hand creeped up to touch my thong but I smacked his hand away.

"You may touch me only where I give permission."

He looked shocked but decided to go with it. I felt his cool hands slide under my thigh to lift my leg up, he followed his hands with scrapes of his fangs. He licked every inch of my thigh until he came to the crease between my thigh and pelvis. He spread my legs gently and placed feather light kisses all along the crease, then up across my abdomen and over the the other side.

He replicated his movements on my right leg, before returning to my stomach. He dipped his tongue into my belly button and ran his hands along my sides. I could feel his erection pressed into my thigh. I pushed him back onto his knees.

"Touch yourself." He raised a blond eyebrow questioningly.

"You question me, and you will be in this bedroom alone. Now, touch yourself." I was practically purring at him, enjoying my new found power of this viking god. He leaned back on his heels and took himself in his own hands.

I watched as he stroked his erection. I moaned a little, his long fingers encircling his thick shaft. I resisted the urge to take him into my mouth. He was making sounds that had me dripping wet. He was making a growling sound that seemed to come from the pit of his stomach. I watched his eyes roll back in his head. I let my eyes follow his massive shoulder muscles down to his thick forearms and wrists. My gaze settled back on what his hand was doing. I reached my hand out and took hold of his jewels, I gently squeezed and felt him tense up. He was seconds away from coming.

"Stop touching yourself." His eyes flew open and he looked at me in shock, but he didn't dare question. He reluctantly let go of his erection. "Come to me"

He crawled up my body, I spread my legs a little to let him between them. I reached down and grabbed a hold of his length, rubbing the head against my panties.

"Oh, oh yes, YES" I screamed out as I rubbed him against myself. I released him and brought my hand up to his head, I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him towards my mouth. I took his bottom lip in my mouth, lightly sucking and licking.


"Yes, my Goddess."

"Pleasure me." I shoved his head down between my legs. He yanked my panties off and tossed them on the floor. His hands hurriedly pushed my skirt up to my waist. I almost screamed out when he slid two fingers inside me, palm down. I felt his tongue part my folds, licking from my opening all the way up to my nub. He pulled his tongue back and sucked my lips into his mouth, nibbling and sucking them like I had done to his mouth. I arched my back and moaned. As soon as I arched my back he flipped his hand over inside me, both fingers now searching for my spot. His tongue slipped back against my nub, he flicked it slowly at first, matching the rhythm of his fingers.

"Faster, Oh Eric, faster."

I felt a smile pull across his face as he pressed his face against me, his tongue going wild against my nub. It was flicking it up and down and side to side, all with increasing urgency. He was curling and uncurling his fingers inside me, stroking my spot and making me scream out. I felt my legs tense, I rested my thighs on his shoulders and started to thrust my hips up at him. He gave me on long lick with his tongue and then sucked my nub into his mouth. He pulled gently at first, and then harder until I saw stars in my eyes. I screamed out and pulled on his hair.

"My god, Eric, I'm coming, oh my god YES." He kept flicking my nub while I climaxed, his hands never relenting, I could feel my muscles squeezing his fingers.

I had barely had time to come back down when he was trying to enter me. I pushed him back.

"I told you, I say when you come." I sat up and pushed him back on the bed. I stripped my corset and skirt off, than crawled in between his legs and pressed my breasts against his thighs, taking the head of his erection into my mouth.

"Would you like me to continue?"

"Do it."

"Beg me."

He licked his lips at the same time my tongue darted back out and licked his shaft.

"Please, please take me into your mouth. Please make me come." I gave him a wicked smile and gripped onto his erection with one hand and onto his jewels with the other, gently rolling them in my hand.

His own hands slid down to my hair and tried to hold my head. "Move them, or you get nothing." His hands went to the side of the bed, gripping the comforter. I slowly stroked him up and down, letting my small hands encircle his huge erection, my hands barely fit around it. My mouth glided over him, taking as much as I could fit in my mouth. I let my tongue lightly tickle the head as I sucked on him like a straw.

He was tensing under my hands. I knew he was so ready to come, he was practically screaming. I sucked a little harder and grazed him with my teeth. When I felt him about to release, I decided to go for broke, I push my lips down as far as I could, almost choking on his length. My hand slipped to the sensative spot behind his jewels. I lightly pushed down on that spot while thrusting my lips down on him as far as I could.

I felt him tense, then his hands flew up to my head, grabbing handfulls of my hair and pulling it. "Oh FUCK SOOKIE" He screamed and I felt him come deep in the back of my throat. He held my head down, enjoying the feeling of me swallowing while he was still in my mouth. Finally he let go of my hair. I slid up his body and looked into his eyes.

"I told you not to grab me."

"I couldn't help it, I had to.."

"You obviously don't want the rest of me." I stood up and went to leave the room. He was in front of me, and on his knees in no time.

"I'm sorry, please finish fucking me."

"Worship me again viking." I climbed up on the bed, on all fours, arching my back, letting him get a look at my mound, open and ready for him. I watched behind me as he kneeled on the floor and ran his fingertips over my nub. I felt him tilt his head up and start licking my opening. I whimpered a few times and then he slid his tongue inside me. I almost screamed out, his tongue was cool inside my hot opening.

"Touch yourself while you worship me." I saw his hand move to his lap, I knew he was stroking himself while licking me. His tongue slipped in and out of me, I arched my back, his free hand rubbing my nub faster. I felt myself getting closer, and I wanted him inside me.

"Fuck me Northman." That was all the invitation he needed. I felt him stand and guide himself to my opening. His erection filled me completely. His hands flew to my ass, smacking it and grabbing handfuls of it. He started pulling all the way out and slamming back in, his hands made their way to my hips, using me as leverage to drive himself deeper. We were both screaming and moaning. He was speaking in a language I've never heard before and I was thanking God for sending me this man. We were both getting close when I pulled away and laid on my back, sliding up the bed and motioning for him to do the same. I slid my legs up, resting my knees over his shoulder, he grunted at my flexibility and slid back inside me. He leaned on me, seeing how far back my legs could go, he was pleased to find that I could have easily put both legs behind my head.

In this position he was deeper than ever before. He was sliding in and out effortlessly, his huge erection filling every part of me. I felt him tense up.

"Bite me, now" He leaned down and took my breast into his mouth, sinking his fangs deep inside me. I screamed out. "Oh my fucking God, ERIC!" My use of profanity made his erection throb harder and soon he was shooting his own completion inside me as I was tightening around him from my own climax.

We both laid there, shaking from the experience. He licked the puncture wounds on my breast and slowly rolled off me. He pulled me close and I laid my head on his chest.

"Sookie, what was that?"

"I just thought I'd be in control for once."

"That was sexy."

"Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it." I laughed nervously, my tough, in control, Sookie attitude was fading away and I felt embarrassed.

"Do not every feel embarrassed, that was the best sex I've had in a thousand years. I love you."

"I love you too."