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Summary: I'm forced against my will to have a breast exam for any sort of cancer. What's worse is that I have a very attractive doctor doing the check up.

A Sasusaku

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"Haruno Sakura, you better get a breast exam this instant!"

I rolled my eyes as I heard my mom shout. "I don't need one!"

"Oh yes you do! I don't want my dear daughter to have breast cancer!"

"I'm not going to get breast cancer, Okaasan."

"You might! It runs in the family! Remember what happened to baachan?'"

"Baachan died because of old age!"

"And breast cancer!"

Seriously? I have an over reacting mom, trying to get me to the doctors. I looked at my mom in the eye while she glared at me. She had her arms crossed, while tapping her foot waiting for an answer.

"Sakura, I have held off your breast exam for too long. You're supposed to get a check up when you are sixteen! But look at you now! A twenty-one year old and it's has been five years! I'm not going to hold it off after you graduate from college! You kept begging me to hold it off, but not anymore! You're a grown woman, and you have to face these problems! I even scheduled you for an appointment," she beamed.

I sighed in defeat, "Fine."

I mean, mom's right. I am a grown woman! I could handle this! Yes I can!


The pink-haired girl got out of her car and entered into Konoha's Hospital. She had black sunglasses on her head, wore a normal red shirt, and with deep blue jeans. Glancing around at the scenery, she noticed the walls were tan and had lines of red in them. Upon entering, the first thing she saw was the picture of the owner of the hospital: Tsunade, arms crossed with a straight face.

The first floor was huge. It probably had hundreds of black leather seats and it even had a little playground for the kids. While admiring the hospital's architecture and interior, Sakura went to the front desks to check in.

"Hello," the lady greeted her, not lifting up her head from the computer screen.

Sakura smiled, as she handed her card. "Good morning!" Once she took a good look at the lady, her eyes widened, "Ino?"

The lady froze and looked up to get eye contact with her. "...Sakura?"

"...Why are you working in a hospital?"

"...Why are you asking forehead-girl?"


"Okay, okay! I just needed money! Besides, just typing stuff is easy!"

"Really? Ino, you just could have worked at a clothing store!"

"Hell no! I don't want to do that 'May I help you' crap! Also, I have to get the long pole to get clothes that are too high for people! I mean, what the hell! What kind of store does that!"

"...A lot of stores Ino. It saves room."

"Well, I just prefer this!"

"What about your flower store?"

"I still work there, but I need more money. I mean, I need to pay some of my rent for my dorm room!" Ino argued as she typed in the numbers on Sakura's card.


"Mhhmm! Anyway, here's your card! I will see you sometime forehead-girl! I will text you for our next hangout!" Ino grinned.

The Haruno took the card and nodded, "Sure thing Ino-pig!"

After handing the note to Sakura for where she was supposed to go, both of them said their goodbyes. Glancing at the directions in her hand, Sakura began heading to the room Ino had given her.

Sakura pressed the upper button for the elevator. Once it arrived, she walked in, but then she noticed someone standing next to her. She shivered. She had never thought of ever seeing him again.

Even his glasses sparkled in the elevator.

"Haruno," the man murmured.

"Heh heh, hey Shino..." Sakura nervously forced a smile while scratching the back of her head. She almost choked on her own saliva when she realized that Shino had an intense attention on her. He was staring at her with the same expression she first met him.

"Hi! My name is Haruno Sakura!" Sakura greeted.

The black-haired stared at her.

"Er...Bye I guess?"

She could have sworn she saw a fly crawl in his nose.

Sakura waited for an answer, but nothing came out. She thanked Kami-sama that there was elevator music. Without it, she could have died. She scooted closer to the elevator doors, but it was taking forever.

"So, have you ever heard of Konoha Fear Factor? They eat bugs in that show..." Shino announced, as a dark aura came about.

Come on, Come on, Come on!

But suddenly the elevator stopped. It seems they got stuck in the there.


"No?" He began to close the space between them even more. "How can you not know they eat bugs on that show?"

"I MEANT THE ELEVATOR!" She screamed.

But when the doors opened, never has Sakura been so relieved in her life.

"Well, bye Shino! See you sometime!" She waved, as she ran out of the elevator. She could have sworn she saw a spider crawl into his nose. He really needs to get a check up on that.

Okay, room 2-A...Room 2-A...Oh there it is! She opened the door and checked in. The lady handed her pieces of paper to sign. Sakura sighed. This was one of the things when she grew up, she wasn't looking forward to this. Usually, her mother filled out these papers for her.

She looked at her doctor and it seemed familiar when she looked at the first name. It read: Shizune.

Sakura smiled. She remembered Shizune. She was the school nurse at her high school! At least she got a woman she was someone familiar! Oh, perhaps she might do my breast exam! Then I'm totally okay with this!

"Haruno Sakura?" a nurse, who was brunette called out.

Sakura snapped out of what she was thinking and nodded. She gave the papers she signed to the nurse, who smiled at her in reply. The nurse escorted her to a room.

"Here you are. Now, you have to undress yourself. The only thing you will be wearing is your underwear."

She frozed. "W-what?"

"You have to undress yourself."

"Why!" Sakura questioned, as she took a step back from the nurse.

"Because you have to! It's how to exam any sort of signs of cancer! Calm down! It isn't that bad when I got my check-up!"

"You like to be molested?"

"What? NO! Just take your clothes off."

"...You are going to try to rape me!"

"What the hell! Okay, I will leave but you have to undress yourself! Sheesh. I will get your doctor in the mean time."

The door shut. Sakura sighed. ...I could have lied to my mom... She undressed herself until she was in her underwear. She grabbed the robe the nurse set on the chair. She wrapped herself in it. It was actually getting cold in the room.

What the hell? They have the aircon on, and they know that I am only in my underwear...

Her thoughts were soon cut off as she heard screams from outside. Sakura turned her head to the door as she heard it opened. Once it closed, the doctor turned to her. Black hair, eyes, and a pissed off face that seemed that person had constipation for many years straight.

Both of them froze.


Suddenly, there was a breeze of wind in the room. Their hair flew due to the wind, which seemed to add dramatic effect for the event.

Dumb air condition...Sheesh, stupid dramatic effects...


"What the hell..." Both of them said.

"Why are you my doctor?" Sakura asked, as she wrapped herself even more in the robe. "Where is Shizune?"

"Well, I took up the job to get more money to pay off my college tuition. I didn't know why Jiraiya signed my up for the female room. No wonder I saw many females here. And about Shizune? She passed this down to me."

"Oh my god! G-GET OUT!" The Haruno shouted.

Sasuke let out a frustrated sigh. "I have to finish the job and Jiraiya said to do at least one, and Shizune will tell on me if I don't do this job. I didn't even know he assigned me this!"


"Yeah, he is the co-owner of this hospital."

"Ugh..." This is so awkward! It took me years getting over Sasuke, and now he has come to haunt me! And worse, he is the one doing my breast exam! Wait, why did Shizune pass this down to him?! She would have been okay to take care of me!

"Where's Shizune?"

"I just told you."

"Yeah, but why did she pass this down to you?"

"She was sick, so I took over for her."

"Why me though?! Couldn't she given this job to another person. Specifically, a female?!"

"I should be the one talking! I didn't know you were going to be my patient," Sasuke spat, as he set his clipbroad on a table.

Sakura groaned. Out of all the days, Shizune, her original doctor was sick, and then Sasuke takes over. Well, wasn't that perfect timing?

"Do you have any allergies?" The Uchiha asked, sitting down in front of the computer while he waited for her answer.


"Did you ever had any surgeries?"


"Any smoking? Drugs, etc.?"

"Hell no."

"Well, I guess I am done filling out this information..." Sasuke said, "now, lay back."

"What? Why?"

"Because I have to do the...check..up.." Sasuke almost choked on the thought of this.

She backed away from him. "HELL NO!" But she forgot she was sitting on the chair.

"Lie back."


"Don't force me."


Sakura suddenly felt pressure on her shoulders, and before she could figure it out, Sasuke pushed her down. Her eyes widened once she saw the Uchiha come closer to her. His hands look like witch-hands. Sakura gulped.


"Shut up! I am trying to do this check-up!"


Sasuke's eye twitched.





The nurses and the patients all stop dead in their tracks as they heard noises from the room.

"I have never knew a breast exam could be that...painful..."


"Hinata! I don't want to get my breast exam anymore!" a girl cried.

"Hanabi, don't worry! It w-won't hurt! Hanabi? Come b-back!" Hinata called out, as she ran after her younger sister. "Father e-expects you to do this! H-Hanabi!"

"NO!" Sakura shouted and threw a fist at her doctor, but then Sasuke dodged it.

He was getting irrated. "Just calm down."

"How can I? An attractive doctor is doing my breast exam!"

A pause.



Sasuke eyed her. "So, you think I am attractive?"

"W-what! Hell no!"

Scooting closer to her, he smirked. "Then, let me do the check up then."


"You think I am attractive. That's why you are so nervous. I really thought that you would have gotten over me over the years," Sasuke explained, his smirk growing each second.

"W-what? You know what, fine!" Sakura yelled, as she threw the robe off. Bad idea. She really felt exposed. And it seemed that she just flashed her doctor. She immediately covered her breasts and blushed fiercely. Sasuke was speechless. He couldn't believe that his former high school classmate just did that.

He felt something come to his cheeks. Something warm, but then he shook his head. "Let's just get this over with."

Sakura hesitated, and then let her arms dropped. She was still blushing, but then she gasped as she felt fingers on her breast.

"AH!" She screamed and tried to back away.

"What now?"

"Ehh...Nevermind," Sakura laughed, as she tried to relax. But she couldn't relax at the touch of her former crush. It was very awkward since he was a very attractive doctor, and nonetheless, he touching her! She felt violated. I might lose my virginity here! Make sure he doesn't reach for the underwear. Yeah!

"You're cold."


"You're cold."

"How can you tell?"

"...Well, remember Naruto? That baka."

"Yeah of course! How's he doing by the way?"

"He's fine. You can find him working at Ichiraku Ramen. Did you know the dobe finally got a girlfriend?"

"Of course...and yeah! I already knew like a long time ago! I'm so proud of Hinata! But now, how can you tell I'm cold?"

"Well, the dobe told me...that..." Sasuke hesitated.

"Tell you what?"

He gulped. "That...when you are cold, your...nipples harden."



"Why the hell are you even looking at my nipples!"

"I am checking your breasts if you have any cancer!"

"Why are you checking me out!"

"I have to and I can't look away. It's an exam. I have to check your breasts."

"Ugh! Fine!"



"So, is it the same for guys?"

"What? Why?"

"Just wondering."


"...So, then, are you cold?"

"...Let's just get this over with."

"You think? You said that like, a few minutes ago!"

"Shut up, you'ew annoying me."

"W-what? Ugh! Fine!"

She felt Sasuke move to her left breast. She almost shivered once she felt his cold touch upon it. Sakura bit her lip, as she knew that her blush was uncontrollable and very noticeable at this point. She didn't know what was going on in Sasuke's head. Well, Sakura, she didn't have the biggest breasts around, but they were just right? Right? Sakura blinked. Why do I care of what Sasuke thinks of my chest size?

But then she felt something touching some place that was too near to her special area.

Sasuke felt something collide into his face.

"YOU PERVERT!" Sakura shouted.

The Uchiha immediately recovered and held her down. He glared at her and she gulped. This is it. I am going to lose my virginity. Why? Of all the places and people? A hospital and with Uchiha Sasuke? The hell is wrong with my luck...

"Look here, Sakura." She felt Sasuke's breath on her. She tried her hardest not to shake in fear. She bit her lip. Her blushing got worse. He was just so damn attractive.


"I just want to get this over with. So, don't do anything that will interrupt the process. I'm not going to rape you, so stop getting dirty thoughts in your head. I assume that your horomones are kicking in."

Her eyes widened. "...What?"

"Just shut up."

Sakura gave in. She felt Sasuke press her stomach and she felt fingers at the bottom of her stomach. She gulped and closed her eyes.

"In case you are just knowing why I am pressing your stomach, it's part of the process. Checking any signs of other cancers," Sasuke stated.

The Haruno let out a big sigh. She was relieved. Heh! And I thought I was going to lose my virginity here! Yeah right!

Then she felt Sasuke touch her armpits. She lifted up her eyebrow. What the hell?

"Part of the process of the exam. I'm just doing what I read in a manual."

Before she knew it, she was done. Sakura looked at Sasuke as he handed her back her clothes. She mumbled a 'thank you,' as she saw Sasuke just nodding at her.


"You have no signs of cancer. You're fine," Sasuke said, as he wrote down notes in the clipbroad.

"Oh thank god! I told my mom I don't have an cancer! Now I don't have to get this dumb check-up anymore!" Sakura felt like she won something huge like the lottery.


"What?" She asked.

"You have to get a check up every year. It could appear anytime," Sasuke said, his eyes locking with hers.


They were silent for a few moments until Sakura decided to end it.


"Yeah, I'm done. I will see you again sometime," Sasuke interrupted while he gathered his things.

"Yeah, see you," Sakura frowned. Dammit, did I actually get over him? Even after all these years?

Before Sasuke left, he stopped right in front of the door, "I actually thought of my first assignment to be...rather interesting, Sakura," her name rolling sweetly of his tongue, as he gave her his famous smirks.

A blush soon appeared on her pale cheeks, but she smirked back at him. "I guess, it wasn't that...bad."

"Really? You could have a seizure."

"Shut up."

Sasuke gave her one more glance and then closed the door behind him. Sakura sighed and put her clothes on again. She walked out only to be welcomes by glares from nurses and patients.

Note to self, never going to get Sasuke to give me a breast exam. But then, he is going to be assigned to the mens right? Oh well.

Ever since that day, Sakura went to get a breast exam every year, with Sasuke as her doctor. And Sasuke wanted to do a breast exam only on Sakura, his only female patient.

Of course they needed permission for that to happen. Jiraiya sure got a beating from Tsunade, who surprisingly allowed it too.

And about Hanabi? Well, she got her check up. Hinata had to hold her down, but she couldn't do it herself. Neji sure got a fist to his face after the check up. For the next time Hanabi got a check up, Naruto made sure to wear a helmet and to wrap pillows around him.

Hinata sighed. Don't bring your cousin or your boyfriend. Or any guys friends...I should have brought Tenten...

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