Omega Supreme landed smoothly in the Kaon loading bay that Optimus had been given co-ordinates to, the Autobots disembarked not expecting many other transformers to be around and for the planet to still be more or less lifeless as the last time they visited.

So imagine their surprise at just how busy the loading bay turned out to be.

Incoming shuttles barely landing and unloading their passengers/contents before taking off into space once more; leaving passengers behind to ferrying new ones away.

Maintenance, engineer and technician bots flitted back and forth running checks on ships systems whilst passengers of the shuttles boarded and disembarked, and in amongst this mass of people transformers that could be pegged as tour guides hurried around delivering out directions, organising groups together and shuffling them onto other transports.

For the Autobots crew that had been together in their small army since before they left Cybertron over four million years ago and crashed into Earth they hadn't really seen much of their own people crowded together like this in a really long time, even by Cybertronian standards, so it was quite a culture shock to around so many others like themselves.

Before they could get themselves used to the fast moving mass a red minibot with a helm crest similar to Ironhide's approached them with a datapad in hand, he glanced them over before practically gluing his optics to the datapad "Ah excuse me could you tell me who you are? According to my records a shuttle wasn't scheduled to land here today."

Optimus answered "I am Optimus Prime these are my comrades Prowl, Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet, Silverbolt, Perceptor and Omega Supreme."

The shuttle in question transformed into his bipedal mode staring down at the red minibot that nearly jumped out of his armour as he heard their names, he gazed at them in slight awe and nervousness "I've heard about you, you're the leader of the Autobots aren't you?"

Ironhide snorted "Why ya askin' kid? Ya wanna join or somethin'?"

The red minibot waved his hand frantically "No that's OK! I'm happy being an engineer-"


The red minibot spun around so the Autobots assumed that was his designation, "Yes sir!?"

A bulky grey and silver mech coated in scratches grumbled "Stop holding them up and go fetch Goldstar and get back to work!"

Hotwire nodded "Right I'm on it." He stepped backwards bobbing his helm once as he said "Nice meeting you." before they lost sight of him in the crowd.

Jazz said "He seemed like a nice mech."

Ironhide said "He seemed like a pushover to me."

Jazz pointed a finger in Ratchets direction "A week with the Hatchet an' he'd be pushin' people aroun' with no problem."

Ratchet snorted "As flattered as I am in your faith in my people skills, I have found with some mechs there are just some you can't toughen up."

Prowl said dryly "If you decide to gain an apprentice may I suggest they are not… how could I phrase it nicely?"

Perceptor offered "A pacifist?"

Prime said "A peace keeper?"

Ironhide muttered "A Perceptor?"

Jazz sniggered at Perceptor's affronted look; Ironhide added "I ain't takin' it back I'm only sayin' what everyone was thinkin'."

Silverbolt asked Ratchet "Are you actually going to get an apprentice then?"

Ratchet looked around the loading bay "I'm still thinking it over."

From amongst the crowd of bots a gold frame popped up, then vanished then reappeared in front them in the form of a gold femme.

The Autobots stared at the femme, the femme stared at them then latched onto Silverbolt "Wow is this my lucky day or what!? You are so cute!"

Silverbolt looked down at his new arm attachment in shock "What?"

She waved a hand "Oh don't be modest! You're the best thing with wings to come through in like forever, not to mention sooooo shiny."

Silverbolt's faceplate heated up and he mouthed a pitiful 'help me' to the Autobots.

This was useless since Prowl and Jazz were conveniently too busy in 'deep' conversation, whilst Ratchet, Ironhide and Perceptor were having a small argument and Prime was talking to Omega Supreme.

The golden femme cooed "Aw look at you, you're like a circuit country chipkin, don't worry big guy I'll have you street smart in no time at all, free of charge of course."

Optimus decided to speak up at that point "Are you Goldstar?"

Goldstar smiled "Why yes I am. It is my duty to escort you to Oil springs where you'll be staying until the Council have time to summon you in and assess your crew's dynamics, mission and progress. During the wait though I'll also be on call to answer any questions you may have, show you around and suggest activities for you to try throughout the duration of your stay."

Ironhide grit his denta "Kid we don' need a babysitter to find our way around our home tha' we were fighting to protect befor' ya were even sparked, we're still fightin' and the Decepticon's ain't gonna stay quite for long whilst we're away!"

Optimus raised a hand "Easy Ironhide."

"Bu' Prahm-"

Optimus folded his arms "Whilst I agreed to the Council's wishes to meet with them in person I did not come here to treat this like a vacation. This is strictly a business trip and they will meet with us tonight as planned or I will interrupt whatever it is they are doing and talk to them whether they want me to or not. As Ironhide said the fight is still going and we can't afford to waste time, do I make myself clear?"

Goldstar's optics shone "You are so cool."

Ratchet rolled his optics muttering "Every time."

Optimus continued "We'll find our own way to Oil springs and could you pass my message on please?"

She was biting her denta "But… I'm supposed to escort you…"

Jazz said cheerfully "Tha's OK ya can take Silverbolt along, he's never really seen much of Cybertron befor'. It'd be a good chance for him, right 'Bolt?"

Silverbolt said kindly "That's really not necessary I wouldn't want you going out of your way for me."

Goldstar beamed "Nonsense! I'll come by later and relay to you what their answer is, have a nice day now!"

With that she dragged the helpless jet with her into the crowd, Perceptor asked "Do you think he'll be OK?"

Prime said "I'm sure he'll be fine and Jazz is right this will be good for him."

Ironhide chuckled "Kid might even get himself a femme friend."

Ratchet smirked "Yeah wouldn't want him ending up like Jazz and be single forever."

Jazz squeaked pointing at the CMO "Hey whatever happened to 'need to know' man!"

Ratchet said "Doesn't apply amongst friend's wise guy."

"That might be ya own policy but professionally ya don' go sayin' stuff like tha'!"

Prowl commented "Anyway that statement doesn't really apply anymore as I'm pretty sure he's taken."

They looked at Prowl who glanced at Jazz his faceplate warm and doorwings twitching, Jazz grinned shyly back.

Ratchet huffed "Oh like that's surprising. You two have basically been bonded since day one."

Sideswipe dropped his stylus pen in defeat, this was it, this was going to be the end of him.

Funny he always thought it'd be a Decepticon jet that would blast him into shrapnel via heat seeking missiles after a round of jet judo gone wrong.

But no the end was near and now it was looming over his frame taunting him, daring him to try and survive, he knew it was over.

"Goodbye cruel world."

He switched his optics off awaiting his finish.

A hard heavy servo smacked his helm sharply, "OW!"

"What are you doing lying around on the job you moron."

Sideswipe sat up straight rubbing his helm practically pouting at Kupp "Did you have to hit me? My processor all ready hurts enough from this never ending nightmare!"

Kupp glanced at the leaning towers of datapads "I don't know what you're complaining about kid I have triple the amount compared to you."

"Yeah I know, sucks for you- Wait… If you have that much to do why are you here picking on me?!"

Kupp held out a cube of energon "Unlike you I've actually finished so I thought I'd stop by and see how you were getting on before I went to check on Hot Rod."

Sideswipe gratefully accepted the cube "For an old guy Kupp you can sure move fast when you want to… and since you're done with your work perhaps you could lend a hand since I could really use advice from someone older, wiser and more experienced than me…"

Kupp laughed "Nice try kid. Have fun."

As he left the door shut a little too hard and the towers of sorted datapads wobbled, Sideswipe said "No! No no!"

The datapads collapsed spilling onto the desk and floor getting mixed up all over again, Sideswipe tilted back in his chair whining a pitiful "Whhhhhyyyyy!?"

Nightwish onlined his optics slowly groaning as he did so, it felt like he'd been trampled by a tenta-roborhino and he knew what that felt like. He was still pissed his crew just laughed their afts off until the thing nearly ripped out his wings before they decided to help him. He sat up slowly surveying his surroundings to be greeted by shining orange walls, everywhere he looked structure wise was orange, where on Cybertron was he?

"Oh you're awake!"

He concentrated on the origin of the voice that turned out to be a mech with flashing headfins, he wondered briefly if he'd stumbled into Club Boogeybot again, the bot came over with some gizmo that looked like it had tentacles on it so he attempted to scoot away from both unknown mech and possible tenta-roborhino spawn.

"Woah back up bot we just met and I'm not letting you behave like that without buying me an energon cube first."

The bot laughed "I would say I'm flattered but I'm pretty sure that was just cheek, what do you think Ratchet would say to that Blackjack?"

"Unca' Ratch' would go CLANG!"

Nightwish glanced down at the bots leg where a black and white sparkling with flashing sensor horns toddled alongside his presumed Creator with a bright orange sparkling that held his hand and watched him like he was about to fall apart.

Nightwish refocused on the mech only to find the thingymabob a nanometre away from his nose, tentacle feeler things alive and at the ready. Nightwish yelped and threw himself backwards not expecting to whack himself into solid wall and temporarily stun his systems.

The mech seemed unphased "OK readings are normal, repairs are pretty good if I do say so myself and you seem attentive and responsive. My diagnosis is you'll live! Hurrah!"

Nightwish stared at the bot wondering if it was him who hit his head instead; he asked "Uh where am I exactly?"

The bot said "You're on the ARC home to the Autobots where Thundercracker brought you in for repairs after your little scrape with the Decepticons."

The little black and white sparkling spread his arms and went "Yeah! They go whhhoooossshhhh!"

Wheeljack patted the sparklings helm affectionately "That's right they flew here because they're Seekers."

The bot tapped his helm "Speaking of which… who are you exactly?"

Nightwish crossed his arms "Who are you?"

The mech might have been beaming he couldn't exactly tell with no lips to go on, "Well my name is Wheeljack."

The little black and white sparkling waved "I'm Blackjack, this is Firefly he don' talk much yet."

The orange sparkling identified as Firefly huffed and lightly shoved his buddy in the arm, Nightwish hopped off the berth stretching his joints and said "Well my name is Nightwish and I have no faction other than leader of the freedom fighters of Cybertron. Thanks for patching me up Doc."

Wheeljack raised an optic saying with amusement "Oh I'm not a medic."

Nightwish paused his motions "…If you're not a medic what are you?"

Wheeljack held out the tentacle do-dad proudly "I'm an inventor!"

Just as he said that the thing fizzed and exploded splaying purple goop all over his frame that also slopped onto the floor with his hand, Nightwish stared at it then looked at his body somewhat warily waiting for his own combustion.

Wheeljack groaned flicking off a tentacle from his torso "I was so sure I had it worked out this time. Oh well no use crying over spilt oil. Hey you OK? You look a little off kilter, I'm sure I wired your equilibrium circuits right but then again I've never actually worked on a seeker before."