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Just some things to take into account about this Fanfic

Tony gets hurt a bit (Arr I know)

He's no longer at NCIS (but you'll have to read to find out why)

Gibbs is kinda soft in this fic but I've tried to keep him in character

McGee is a meenie (so if you like him...sorry)

Ziva is still an officer

Vance is an ass

Abby has blinkers on (for now anyway)

Ducky and Jimmy are heros (woo hoo)

There will be several flashbacks in this story. Its set 18 months after Tony resigned from NCIS

Special Agent Gibbs stormed into Baltimore PD with Special Agent McGee who is now Gibbs Senior field agent, Officer Ziva David and a young man Called Special Agent Leo Ross or Probie as McGee Called him

They weaved their way through all the desks of about 20 Detectives, everyone was busy either on the phone or talking while doing paperwork, Gibbs stopped in the middle and bellowed

Gibbs: I'm looking for Detective Simpson

Everyone stopped what they where doing and looked up at them for about three seconds then went back to work apart from one man who stood up

Paul: I'm Detective Paul Simpson

Gibbs and the rest walked over to his desk, Simpsons phone rang he held up his hand to stop Gibbs and picked up the phone Gibbs huffed but Paul either didn't notice or didn't care

Paul: Simpson

He nodded as he wrote something down

Paul: That's great man thanks

He put the phone down and shouted across the room

Paul: Roscoe?

A guy looked up from his file

Roscoe: Ye

Paul: The lead came through on the Rayas case, 8 o'clock tonight I'll clear it with the Captain get everything ready will you?

Roscoe: Sure man

Paul: O you better call Marco and Steal in you know what the Captain like about back up

Roscoe smiled and nodded while he picked up his phone Paul turned to Gibbs

Paul: Sorry about that, now what can I do for you

Gibbs flashed his badge at the Detective

Gibbs: Special Agent Gibbs NCIS

Paul smirked and glanced at his partner who buried his head in a file with a smile

Gibbs: You found a body this morning it's mine

Paul picked one of several files off his desk and leafed through it

Paul: Petty Officer Jerome found in his home with a bullet in his head, a gun and five grams of coke beside him

Gibbs: Ye well he's mine now

Gibbs goes to snatch the file but Paul pulls it away

Paul: The Captain will have to sign off on any case to be transferred…rules are rules and he loves his rules

Paul smiled at Gibbs who looked like he was going to snap Paul's neck; Gibbs growled balling up his fists

Gibbs: FINE….and the Captain would be?

Tony: That would be me

They all spin around at Tony's voice he looks at them for a few seconds then over to Paul who's smiling

Tony: What's going on Paul?

Paul: The body this morning Captain the Petty officer I called NCIS like you asked….This is Special Agent…

Tony held his hand up to stop him

Tony: I know who they are Paul no need to introduce us

Paul: Arr from your time at NCIS?

Tony glanced around and noticed everyone watching them

Tony: Back to work guys my life is not that interesting

They pretend like there working but Tony knows there just covering

Tony: Just give them the file and whatever you have on the case

Paul: Yes Sir…..A lead came through on the Rayas case we have a location on our suspect …..

Tony: Back up?

Paul smiles and nods

Paul: Ye we have it covered

Tony: Make sure you do remember….

Pau: We know never leave a man behind, where fine Captain

Tony: Be careful, don't ruin my record

Paul holds the case file out too Gibbs he's yet to take his shocked eyes off Tony

Tony: If you need anything else see Paul

Tony nods and turns away he gets a few steps when Ziva shouts at him

Ziva: THAT'S IT?

He slowly turns back around his eyes narrow a bit

Tony: Did you want something Officer David?

She throws her arms up in the air in frustration the whole office is watching

Ziva: You leave without saying a word a year and a half ago; you leave your friends, your job, your partner, and your apartment all within a day. One day your there the next you've moved without a word to us

Tony shrugs keeping his mask on

Tony: I guess so, good luck with the case

He turns back walking to his office Ziva and McGee look at Gibbs he takes a deep breath and shouts

Gibbs: Tony?

He keeps walking without turning back

Tony: I'm busy Special Agent Gibbs and that's Captain DiNozzo to you

He walks in his office closing the door behind him Gibbs huffs in frustration, Paul chuckles as does his partner Gibbs glairs at them but they just smile

Gibbs: How long has he been here?

Paul: Just under 18 months

Gibbs: How's he doing?

Paul shrugs and sits down

Paul: He's great at his job and he goes to bat for us and if we need anything we go to him

Gibbs: So you guys are friends?

Paul: Sure you could say that, he's our Captain and he has our back and we have his but we don't know him personally I don't think many people do he keeps his personal life out of the office

McGee: Ye right

McGee snorts and laughs

Paul: Excuse me?

McGee: Tony never shuts up he'll never change

Gibbs and Ziva look around the squad room as all the guys stop what there doing and glair at McGee, Paul leans back into his chair

Paul: It that right?

McGee: Ye I've wanted to shoot him a few times over the years

Paul stands up the rest of the squad follow, Ziva nudges McGee

Ziva: Shut up McGee

McGee: Why it's not like we all haven't thought about it hundreds of times

Gibbs glairs at McGee but he doesn't notice the looks he's geing from Gibbs or everyone else

Gibbs: McGee zip it NOW

McGee: Come on Boss you remember what he was like, Shouting about anything and everything. And look how he left he never did care about anyone but himself

Paul stepped to him Gibbs put his hand on Paul's chest holding him back

Gibbs: Let it go Detective he's my agent I'll deal with him

Paul: I don't think so he needs some manners

Gibbs: Back off

Paul looks from Gibbs to McGee who smiles at Paul because Gibbs was protecting him

Paul: Tony DiNozzo is a great cop, he saved my partners life the first month he was here, he has all our backs and would give his life for any of us, he was on the job with my father back in the day he respect him and liked him as do we, so if you have a problem I sergets you go back to NCIS

McGee: Look all I'm saying is, give a while longer you'll change your mind

All the guys advance on them glairing at McGee, he turns around and for the first time notices all the cops heading for them with the looks that could kill

He pulls his gun and points it to all the guys around the room Gibbs eyes widen at his actions


McGee jumps at Gibbs voice and shrinks at the look he's getting from his boss

Paul: Are you fucking crazy? Pulling your weapon in a room full of cops?

Tony opens his office door with a box in his hands to see Gibbs holding Paul back, all his guys advancing on his old team and McGee pointing his gun around the room

Tony: What the hell is going on?

They all turn to see Tony standing there he looks like he's going to explode with anger

Gibbs: Nothing Tony everything Fine


He drops the box and stomps to them; he looks at all his squad


They all slowly go back to there desks but keep an eye on Tony who spins round at McGee he places his hand on McGee's gun lowering it to his side then steps very close to his face making McGee lean back


McGee: Tony…..


McGee nods and puts it away Tony gets on his face so there noses are almost touching

Tony: Answer me

McGee: Yes I understand

Tony: Good now get out of my face

McGee steps back almost falling over a chair, Tony turns to Gibbs with barely controlled anger

Tony: If he does anything like that again I'll have he badge, we may have a history Special Agent Gibbs but on-one points a gun at my Squad

Gibbs: I'll deal with him when we get back…I'm sorry Tony things got out of hand

Tony looks a little surprised that he apologized but shook it off, nods then turns back to McGee who's looking a little pale

Tony: It's a good job you saved my life once Special Agent McGee that's the only reason your still standing up

Paul: He did?

Tony answered while glairing at McGee

Tony: Ye he pulled me from a 200 foot drop…but he was ok with me getting a beating that almost killed me, right McGee

Tony gave him an evil grin what was anything but friendly McGee had the grace to lower his head

Gibbs: Tony about that….

Tony spun around and focused his glair at Gibbs

Tony: Where done here

He stomped to the box he dropped Paul got up not ready to let it go

Paul: You got something to say about our boss now Mr. NCIS?

Paul towers over him McGee steps back a little

McGee: Err

Paul: I don't give a shit who you guys are, when you're in our house you respect everyone in here and that goes double for our Captain

McGee: Look we got off on the wrong foot

Paul takes another step getting in McGee's face

Paul: I'll show you were I can put my foot

Tony: Back off Paul

Tony walks back with the box in his hands

Paul: But….

Tony: Don't worry about it he's always had trouble keeping his opinions to himself, come on back off

He walks over and softly pulls Paul away from McGee with one hand then turns to the new guy

Tony: And you are?

Leo: Special Agent Ross

Tony: You got a first name?

Leo: Ye

Tony rolls his eyes then hands him the box

Tony: Well what is it?

Leo: O sorry it's Leo

Tony: You a probie Leo?

Leo: Yes Sir

Tony smiles and slaps his arm

Tony: Good luck and watch Gibbs he'll show you how to be an Agent and when the time comes trust yourself because that really is the only person you can relay on

Gibbs: What the hell…..

Tony ignores him and carry's on talking to Leo

Tony: You'll do fine

Leo: Thank you

Tony: No problem

He turns to Gibbs, Ziva and McGee his face as lost all expression

Tony: Special Agent Gibbs the box a gave Leo is full with case files from NCIS or copy's of them anyway I was going to finally send them back to you but you saved me the bother

He took the file from Gibbs hand and popped it in the box

Tony: Say hello to Abbey, Ducky and Jimmy for me….now get out


Tony: Bite me…..BOSS

He turns and walks back to his office

Tony: And that's Captain Dinozzo to you Special Agent Gibbs

He slams the door to his office without looking back, Gibbs steps to McGee

Gibbs: When we've finished this case your on suspension for two weeks and on desk duty until I see fit

McGee looks down at his shoes

Gibbs: Tony cut you a break any other Captain in any other precinct would have gone for your badge for that little stunt

McGee: Yes Boss

Gibbs: If you say another word about him while where here or I hear anything I don't like god help you

McGee: I understand Boss

Gibbs: Stay here and shut the hell up

He stomps to Tony's office he's just about to walk in without knocking but stops himself just in time

Tony: Come in

Gibbs opens the door to see Tony putting on his jacket and sliding his gun into his holster. Tony ignores him while he sorts through a few files Gibbs closes the door and watches him

Tony: I'm busy Special Agent Gibbs is there something you wanted?

Gibbs: An explanation would be nice

Tony gives him a bitter laugh and still doesn't look at him

Tony: For what?

Gibbs: Come on Tony you know what I'm talking about

Tony: Nope

Gibbs slams his hand onto Tony's desk


Tony stops and slowly looks up at him

Tony: Well some things never change do they?


It had been a tough case for two weeks they had been at it, everyone was tired and frustrated Gibbs had been more of a bastard then usual, Tony as always taking the worst of it. Vance had ordered Gibbs to close the case in four days or it was going to be a cold case if he liked it or not, Gibbs was furious he hated loose ends. Petty officer Roland Wilson was found dead in a warehouse with a bullet in his chest, no witness's very little evidence and no apparent motive. Tony was doing what he does best, old fashioned police work he re-interviewed everyone and one person stood out he was acting weird as tony put it, but the guy wouldn't come in to talk so Tony decided to meet him out the office and if nothing came of it then he just wasted his lunch hour and nothing more

Sitting on a busy park 30 minutes into his lunch hour he waited for his contact to arrive looking at his watch he decided to give him a few more minutes then he would have to go or Gibbs would have his ass

Carl: Agent DiNozzo

Tony barely looked over his shoulder as a guy walked around him and sat down

Tony: You're late

Carl: I wanted to make sure you were alone

Tony: I'm alone, now talk

Carl: Roland was into some deep shit man

Tony: Like?

Carl: Drugs….Heroin I think

Tony: Are you involved?

Carl: Hell no…..Roland liked to gamble he came to me about 7 months ago asking for money he said he was in for 50k

Tony: Did you give it to him?

Carl: I don't have anything like that kind of money but my family does he asked me to get it from them but they would want to know why I wanted it and to be honest 50k is too much to ask of them

Tony: That's fare enough

Carl: Anyway I said sorry no I couldn't do it, he went away and about a month later he came back asking again he said he was in for 150k now he said he tried to gamble to get the money but he was on a losing streak, I felt bad he's my friend so I sold some stuff and got him 20k I said that was the best I could do maybe it would help get these guys he owes the money too to back off

Tony: 20k wouldn't help much on a 150k dept

Carl: No…but it was all I could get I felt bad he's was a good guy but he lost his way I think

Tony: What happened next?

Carl: About 3 months ago he landed at my place again before he even opened his mouth I said I had no more money and nothing to sell, he then handed me an envelope with 25k inside he said 20k that I gave him and 5k interest I said I didn't want the 5k but he insisted. We had a few beers and I finally managed to get him to talk I know something was going on he had a very expensive suit and big gold rings on his fingers he looked like a wise guy on TV. He said a friend of a friend got him a gig something to do with Heroin he wouldn't tell me anymore, I told him he was crazy and to get out now while he was dept free. If the core found out he was toast but he said he was in too deep and liked having the money, I said what's the point in having money if it gets you 50 years in a federal prison, he seemed to take notice

Tony: Did he back out?

Carl: I don't know what happened but three weeks ago he came back to my house at three o'clock in the morning, he gave me a plastic bag and told me to hide it, I said no way, I didn't want anything illegal in my house

Tony: But?

Carl: But….he's was my friend so I took it and buried it in the back garden, he said it was an insurance policy and to give it to no-one

Tony: Do you have it?

Carl took the bag from inside his jacket and placed it between them

Tony: Did he tell you names or places?

Carl: He didn't say and I didn't ask, I'm third generation special service man this could ruin my family name and kill my father, I didn't want to know anymore and I still don't, I'm only talking to you now because I don't want this bag on my property and he was my friend I would like to know who killed him

Tony: Have you opened it?

Carl: Not a chance

Tony: Ok thanks

Carl: I'm home for another few weeks then getting shipped out again on my third tour, would it be ok if I called you to see if it helped any?

Tony: Sure man and stay safe alright

Carl: Thank you Sir

They shook hands and Carl made a hasty exit Tony waited until he was out of sight then pulled the tape recorder out of his jacket to make sure it recorded the looked at his watch

Tony: Shit I'm late Gibbs is going to have my ass

He picked up the bag and headed for his car

Tony: Hopefully this might calm him down and stop bellowing at everyone

He ran out the elevator with a smile to see Gibbs, Ziva and McGee at there desks Gibbs looked up


Tony: Yes Boss but…


Tony stopped in his tracks and looked around at the agents in the bullpen watching he looked at Ziva and McGee who smirked at him to took a deep breath

Tony: Boss I have…


He gets up and heads for the elevator


Tony: But Boss if you'd just wait a…


They watched as the doors closed Tony dropped his backpack at his feet then looked up at the balcony to see Vance smirking at him


Tony: Tell me Gibbs do you miss bellowing at me or slapping me? What do I have to do for you to treat me with a tiny amount of respect? I've got a new job that I'm good at all my guys have a high opinion of me but you still see fit to come to my precinct and think you can bellow at me like I'm some Probie on there first day

Gibbs: Look if this is about what happened before you left you told Ducky you understood?

Tony picks up some files and head for the door just stopping beside Gibbs

Tony: Six drug dealers had me and McGee at gun point they made you choose who went free and you chose McGee, I understand why you did that, I understand because I was the Senior Field Agent, I was stronger and fitter, you knew I could take a beating longer than McGee that's fine, sure I was a little hurt but like everything else you have done and said I filed it away and tried to forget about it


Gibbs stomped back into the bullpen twenty minutes later with a large coffee and a pissed off look he stopped at Tony's desk to see it empty


He glared at Ziva and McGee who shrugged

Ziva: Vance call for him just after you left we haven't seen him since

Gibbs: Christ we have a case I don't have time for this

He headed for the stairs, halfway up he stopped to see Tony walking back down with a dejected look on his face and reading a piece of paper he didn't even notice Gibbs he passed him on the stairs

Gibbs: Hay?

Tony kept walking until he reached Gibbs desk where he dropped the piece of paper Gibbs followed him and picked it up as Tony went to his own desk

Gibbs: What's this DiNozzo?

He turned to see Tony putting on his coat and picking up his backpack Tony shrugged

Tony: Vance has just written me up for being late and he's also written me up for creating a hostile working environment there going into my permanent file and I've been suspended he said I can come back when I can be on time and when I can behave like a NCIS agent

Gibbs looked down a the paper with anger

Gibbs: Your perment file?

A flash of anger appeared in Tony's eyes

Tony: Yes it seems my conduct is unacceptable for an NCIS agent under his command

He picked up the plastic bag and tape recorder from his desk and walked to Gibbs, he thrust them into his hands with a lot of force his shock making it way to anger

Tony: This is why I was late

Gibbs: Tony….

Tony: I'm going to take my worthless ass home

Gibbs: All right….look

Tony: Just leave it Gibbs I've had enough of you and this team for one day

Gibbs raised his hand to slap Tony on the back of the head but Tony cought his arm mid air

Tony: I don't think so

He shoved Gibbs arm away and sent him a glair that could rival his own

Tony: Me and my worthless ass are going home…..you want something ask your team or better yet do it yourself instead of bellowing at everyone. There's only so much a person can take Gibbs and I've almost reached my limit of your bad temper and your arsehole of an attitude…..you want to write me up for that last sentence then by all means go ahead. Eight years of putting up with this shit is more than anyone should have to take. I know I can be a pain in the ass but I do my job and do it well, I'm sick of the Directors shit all the way down to McGee's and his higher than mighty attitude but most of all I'm sick to death of your bastard ways. You've been out of order during this case and I won't be back until you've solved it….you don't need me for that after all because I'm worthless right?

They watched him turn and take the stairs instead of the elevator which is something he only does when he's really pissed when Tony was out of sight he his play on the recorder and sat on the corner of his desk both McGee and Ziva got up and listened when it was done he looked in to the bag and sighed

Gibbs: McGee go and get Tony back

McGee: But boss the Director said….


He ran off after getting his jacket Ziva watched Gibbs as he slammed the piece of paper into his desk drawer

Ziva: What are you going to do about Tony?

Gibbs: I'll talk to him after this case is done

Ziva: Good luck with that

She walked back to her desk shaking her head Gibbs just glared at her

Three hours later Tony finally came back after McGee wouldn't leave him alone, they both walked in to the bullpen McGee went to his desk while Tony stood in front of Gibbs desk who looked up with a softer expression

Gibbs: I've spoken to Vance he won't back down on the reprimands but he is letting you come back to work

Tony takes on a very sarcastic tone

Tony: That's nice of him

Gibbs sighed and looked down

Gibbs: Ye

Tony: Is that all…..Boss?

He looked up and shook his head

Gibbs: No but the rest can wait

Tony: Sure it can…..I mean what the hell it's only me right

He spins around throwing his backpack down and falling into his chair before Gibbs can say anything

Tony: What was in the bag?

Gibbs: Dates, names, times, bank account details under different names, a few letters for his family and a little money

Tony: So what are we doing?

Gibbs: According to the papers there's an exchange at a warehouse three times a month it changes but we have all the addresses there's one scheduled for 15th to a warehouse a few miles from here

Tony: So we wait until Friday and raid the exchange?

Gibbs: Ye we'll keep an eye on it for the next couple of days just incase, three team including us

Tony: Fine

He gets up and heads for the elevator

Gibbs: Where are you going?

Tony: To the gym I need to hit something and I don't need another reprimand on my file

Vance: Agent DiNozzo!

He stops just as his finger was about to press the button he balls up his fist and smacks it, he closes his eyes and holds in a sigh then turns to meet the Directors mocking gaze

Tony: Yes Director?

Vance slowly walks down the stairs making Tony wait until he's nose to nose with him

Vance: Where do you think your going?

Tony tries to retain in a snide comment but it didn't work

Tony: Well Sir I thought I'd go shoe shopping and get a salad

The door to the elevator opened but he stayed focused on Vance

Vance ignored his remark "Get back to your desk, you can go to the gym when this case is closed not before"

Tony: Why don't you…."

Ducky: Excuse me Director

Both men turn to see Ducky standing in the elevator with Jimmy behind him, Vance sighs a little them gives Ducky a strained smile

Vance: Yes Doctor Mallard?

Ducky ejnors him and takes Tony's wrist "Well my boy your pulse is a little high" he smiles at Tony and slaps him on the shoulder "Anthony I think an hour in the gym will do you good, in fact as your Doctor I insist then when your done Mr. Palmer and I will take you to lunch seeing as you spent your dinner hour chasing a lead

Vance: Dr….

Ducky: I have the authority to overrule you when it comes to an Agents heath Director Vance and Anthony is entitled to a lunch hour, please don't make me get the rule and regulations hand book out because I have very little to do to day and I'm more than happy to spend my day going over it with you

Vance narrows his eyes at him "That won't be nessasery Dr"

"I didn't think so" Ducky moved out the way as did Jimmy, Jimmy smiled at Tony and lightly pushed him into the elevator pressing the button for the gym

"We'll come and get you in an hour Tony"

He looks to see all his team watching him they can see the anger crying to get out and it's all directed at them then smiles a little at Jimmy and Ducky

"Thank you"

The elevator closes as the Director Storms away Ducky turns to Gibbs and gives him a disapproving look "Well our work here is done…come along Mr. Palmer"

He turns to press the button again

Gibbs: Err Ducky was there something you wanted?"

Ducky: Not from you Jethro, we simply came to check on Anthony seeing as he's had a bad day through no fault of his own"

The doors open again and they both get in

Ducky: O Jethro, Anthony won't be back for at least 3 hours if you also have a problem with that I'm sure Agent McGee can find you a rule book…or you can come and talk to me

The rest of the day was very tense Tony only spoke when he had too the next day wasn't much better but they had a job to do, so on the 15th they lay in wait outside the warehouse

20:45 hours a blue van with no plates pulled up two men got out the back and opened the doors to the warehouse it drove in and the doors were closed behind, Gibbs told everyone to hold a few minutes later a dark Sudan pulled up Gibbs signaled for everyone to get ready on his count just after the two men went into the warehouse they moved in

12 agents stormed the warehouse shouting NCIS as soon as they did the two guys from the car hit the deck while the rest fired upon the agents, they all dived for cover shooting back the two guys from the car crawled to safety a couple of agents cuffed them and sat them behind a crate after searching them

Agent Cole: TWO DOWN

Gibbs nodded to him as he returned fire he looked around at his team Tony was the closest to the suspects


Tony: BOSS?

Gibbs: HOW MANY?

He answered while he re-loaded




He poked his head out; a bullet just missed his head he dove back down


Gibbs; GO

They covered him as he moved up the warehouse to get a better angle he stopped and looked back to see McGee in plan sight of one of the gunmen


McGee: WHY?

Tony swore under his breath for being asked a stupid question in the middle of a fire fight



Tony almost shot him himself

Tony: BOSS

Gibbs: WHAT?


Gibbs looked at McGee to see what Tony meant he was now in the sights of two bad guys


McGee didn't move fast enough Gibbs shots one guy point blank in the forehead


Tony jumped up and shot one of the guys in the neck McGee looked over his shoulder to see the guy fall from the top of a crate


McGee sprinted for cover but tripped he scrambled back on his hands and knees he rested against a crate to re-load Tony was watching him out the corner of his eye he saw something Tony jumped up to cover him when he was hit in the arm


McGee re-load and turned to see a guy aiming for him he quickly shot hitting him in the chest, Tony covered his arm trying to re-load at the same time

Tony: I'M HIT





Everyone stops shooting and turn to see McGee being man handled by a bad guy, he covers his body with McGee's and walks out with a gun to McGee's head, and Tony notices he's the guy McGee shot in the chest



Dean laughs shaking his head

Dean: Not a chance…..lower your weapons

Tony falls back out of sight Gibbs catches him in the corner of his eye when he moves into the shadows

Gibbs and all the other agents keep there weapons up

Dean: Come out guys they won't shoot because if they do there agent get a bullet in his head

All of Dean's guys slowly walk out with there weapons raised

Dean: Now were going for a little ride and were taking your agent with us


Dean: I don't think so Mr. Agent, Carl start the van, Patrick deal with the cars outside make sure they can't follow

They do as they are told while Dean smiles at all the agents, Tony creeps closer he gets a great angle on Dean, he talks into his mike

Tony: Boss I have a shot on the guy that has McGee, do I take it?

Gibbs discreetly glances around to see if he can spot Tony

Tony: You can't see me Boss, I'm on the left of McGee with a clean shot, can I take it? Just nod?

McGee could hear everything that was being said in his mike he made the mistake of turning his head a little to see Tony

Tony: No McGee….

Gibbs: No McGee…..

Dean noticed and looked where McGee was looking his eyes widened at the sigh of Tony pointing a gun at him


Tony sighed and lowered his weapon

Gibbs: It wasn't your fault Tony

Tony: I fucking know that Boss

He walked out one of the guys took his gun and searched him the pressed a gun to his temple, Tony glared at McGee shaking his head, Dean laughed

Dean: Hay now we have two

Tony: Fuck you dickhead

Dean: O we have a smart mouth and a pretty one at that

Tony rolled his eyes but didn't say anything, Patrick ran back in

Patrick: All the car are disabled, there was also a truck that's done too

Dean: Good now get in the back of the truck

They all moved back with McGee and Tony being dragged

Dean: Now I only need one so pick

Gibbs: What?

Dean: You can have one of your agents but the other comes with me


Dean: Nope…..pick

Gibbs: No

Dean: Fine I'll just shoot one and take the other


Dean: So the young one that shot me in the vest or pretty boy?

Gibbs closed his eyes then looked up making eye contact with Tony who sighed knowing McGee was staying he closed his eyes nodded

Tony: Just do it already

Gibbs: We'll find you Tony

Tony: Sure

Dean smiled and hit Tony hard on the head with his gun

Dean: I was hoping you'd pick the young one, Pretty boy here was going to spoil my plan I can't wait to see just how tough he is

Tony: I can't wait to shoot you

Dean laughed and slapped Tony on the arm where his was hit he winced felt blood run down his neck and his arm throbbed

Gibbs: Hay take me instead?

Dean: No I like him he makes me laugh

Tony: You are so dead

Dean presses his gun harder to McGee's head

Dean: Bang, Bang, Bang you're dead

Tony: Bastard…..let him go already

Dean pushed McGee to the ground, they all moves back getting in the van the doors where about to close


Tony: Nice parting words Boss, anything else?

Dean laughed and punched Tony in the face knocking him out the doors slammed shut and reversed at high speed breaking through the doors of the warehouse they all ran out after it and to there cars to see if they would start but all there tires had been slashed


Chapter two tomorrow

This is my second fanfic and I'm still trying to figure out what style I like. This story is more 'Tony said this Gibbs said that'...ok that's clear as mud. Sorry but I'm not sure how to discribe it...anyway I'm going to continue with both and see how it goes. Thanks very much for your time. Please be kind...you guys rock