"You're pissing me off."

Tony choked on his beer and turned to the voice. "Excuse me?" He screeched

"Stop it." Gibbs hissed as he looked around.

"What the hell am doing too piss you off?"

"Use a fucking glass Tony, you drinking out that bottle is districting."

Tony rolled his eyes. "You've got a dirty mind and that's hardy my fault, Jethro."

"I haven't seen you in almost two weeks; I can only take so many cold showers before…"

Gibbs was cut off as Tony shoved him out the way. "JACK" Tony shouted in surprise and grinned as he barged his way though all the people at the party.

Jack gave him a huge smile. "You look great son." He gathered Tony up in a hug and slapped his back.

"You too, you did tell me you were coming." Tony pulled back but slung his arm around Jack's shoulder.

"I wanted it to be a surprise and I offered Leroy a hand in closing down the house."

"He told me."

"I thought I could help….." He looked around then lowered his voice. "Set the new house up."

"Of course, you're always welcome, stay as long as you like." Tony hugged him again. "Come on, Lee's nagging me again and I want you too meet some people."


"Come on." Paul whined as he poured a drink.

"No" Tony said as he looked around.

"I won't touch anything."

"You were in the building for thirty seconds and you stole a Twinkie, you can't be trusted."

"You can cuff me if you like?"

"I'll lock you in holding if you don't shut up." Paul gave him a pathetic look, with puppy eye and a pout. Tony rolled his eyes. "Oh, alright."

"Woo hoo." Paul grinned and down his drink in one.

"I'll get Jimmy to come, I don't actually work here anymore and Vance will arrest my ass if he sees me just walking around the building."

"I'll get him." Paul jumped and ran off in search for Jimmy.


"This used to be Tony's desk." Jimmy pointed out. They had been all over the building giving Paul a tour, finishing in the bullpen. "Tony was the best senior field agent EVER too sit at that desk."

"Thanks Jimmy." Tony grinned and sat on the floor leaning against the filing cabinet between Ziva's and McGee's desk.

Paul handed Tony a beer from the six-pack he had been carrying around and sat beside him, while Jimmy stole Gibbs old chair, placing it in front of them and leaned back stretching his legs. Paul offered him a beer but he shook his head.

"When are you moving into the new house?" Paul asked

"In about two weeks, we need a new boiler and something about gutting the upstairs bathroom. I wasn't really paying attention to be honest." He shrugged sipping his beer. "I do know he's installing a shower and knocking down a wall."

"By himself?" Jimmy asked

Tony raised an eyebrow at his best friend. "Do you want to help him?"

Jimmy raised his hands. "Nooo thank you."

"I'm keeping out the way and leaving him get on with it, Jack's helping but I'm better off at work so I won't get growled at or piss him off if I accidentally knock down the wrong wall or something." He teased

Paul looked around the office from his place on the floor. "How come our squad room is so dark compared to this?"

"What is with you and this office? It's got desks and chairs just like ours?"

"I'm just saying, ours could look like this if we had the money."

"Fine, ask The Chief then?"

"Ask him what?" Gibbs asked as he walked around the corner with Jack, Bill and Ducky.

Tony grinned as Paul and Jimmy jumped a little. "Paul wants an office like this."

Gibbs stole Leo's chair and sank down into it as he re-filled his glass with scotch, while Jack stole McGee's chair, Jimmy gave his to Ducky and found one for Bill then he sat on the floor leaning against McGee's desk. "People make the office, not the furniture and big screens." Jimmy said as he took a beer.

"Exactly." Tony clinked his bottle against Jimmy's.

"This place was dull and boring when Tony left." Tony blushed a little at Jimmy's comment. "Gibbs barked, Ziva sulked and McGee was just a pain in the ass."

Tony eyed Jimmy. "How many beers have you had Gremlin?"


Tony leaned over and took his bottle. "I'm cutting you off, you're getting crabby."

"Give me that." Jimmy snatched it back. "I can handle my alcohol."

Tony laughed as Jimmy missed his mouth. "It's like watching a baby bird fly for the first time."

"Shut up brain trust."


"I'll zip you in a body bag if you push me?" Jimmy threatened as he wiped his chin.

Tony turned to Gibbs. "Jimmy said he'd help with the bathroom."

Before Gibbs could say anything Jimmy kicked his leg. "Shut up."

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" Vance barked as he looked down to the scene from the balcony. "THIS IS A FEDERAL BUILDING NOT A FRAT HOUSE."

"Oh mummy's upset." Leo whispered to Tony who snickered.

"CALM DOWN LEON." Gibbs barked back as Vance made his way down stairs.

"DINOZZO GET OFF MY FLOOR." He went to grab Tony to pull him up but Jack slapped his hand and pushed him back.

"Don't you dare touch him." Jack poked Vance with his finger as Tony jumped up.

"Jack its ok."

Jack ignored Tony and concentrated in Vance. "What do you have against my boy?"

Vance looked a little confused. "I have nothing against Gibbs."

Jack rolled his eyes. "That's great but I was talking about Tony."

"That's none of your business." Vance turned and walked away.

"Like hell." Jack followed with Tony trying to pull him back. "How about you grow a pair and finally tell the lad why you hate him so much?"

"Jack" Tony protested

Vance pressed for the elevator. "I have nothing to say too you Mr. Gibbs."

"You were lucky to have him as an agent and Baltimore are a greater force with him. You just can't admit you made a mistake can you?"

"I didn't."


"JACK." Tony shouted getting his attention.

Jack turned looking at Tony but pointed at Vance. "He's an ass."

"I agree but this isn't the time."

Jack begrudgingly nodded then turned back to Vance. "You stay away from my kid."

Vance snorted as he pressed the button again. "Or what old man?"

Tony narrowed his eyes as he walked around Jack and got in Vance's face. "What did you say?"

Vance ignored him and jabbed the button.

"Leave it, Tony." Gibbs called from his seat.

"I suggest you take the stairs." Tony strongly advised.

Vance looked at them all then narrowed his eyes at Tony. "Or what?" He sneered with hatred.

Tony shook his head giving him a grin." You really are an asshole, Director."

"Same to you, Captain." Vance bit back.

"I JUST THINK YOU'RE A PRICK." Paul shouted from his place on the floor. Bill leaned over and clouted him on the head.

The doors finally opened Vance held them open with his hand, Tony just shrugged and turned away. "I should've fired you after Sheppard was murdered on your watch." Tony froze on the spot but before he could do or say anything Gibbs shot past him and body slammed Vance into the elevator, the doors closing behind them.

"LEE" Tony shouted and banged on the elevator doors. "DON'T KILL HIM." He pressed both buttons as he watched the doors.

Jack pulled him away. "He'll be fine Son, Leroy can handle him."

Tony unclipped his cell and hit speed dial never taking his eyes of the doors. "Come on, come on, answer the fucking phone, damn it." He dropped his phone when the elevator dinged and gave them a thump when they did not open fast enough. "Come on." When they opened, Vance had his hand over his eye and blood dripping from his lip, Gibbs was sucking his knuckles and had a bloody nose. "ARE YOU BOTH CRAZY?" Tony bellowed as he grabbed Gibbs and pulled him out the elevator. "SIT DOWN JETHRO, YOU…" He pointed to Vance. "GO HOME." Tony hit the button making the elevator doors close. He turned back to Gibbs and slapped him on the back of the head, hard.

"HEY." Gibbs protested.

Tony dragged him over to his seat and pushed him down. "Are you trying to get arrested?" He took the hankie Ducky held out to him and pinched Gibbs nose making the older man wince. "Head back idiot." He huffed as he knelled down. "Fine way too end your career, Jethro."

"He was out of line." Gibbs mumbled slapping Tony's hand away.

"He was." Ducky chipped in. "Her death wasn't your fault Anthony."

"I know that Ducky." Tony sighed as he inspected Gibbs bloody hand. "I dealt with that a long time ago; he just caught me off guard."

"Snotch." Gibbs mumbled with his head back.

"What?" Tony asked.

Gibbs pulled the hankie way and wiped his nose. "Scotch." He nodded too his glass and bottle.

Tony handed him the bottle. "Idiot."

"I'm fine." Gibbs grumbled taking a drink.

"You nearly gave me a heart attack, how the nose?" He asked with a wince.

"It hurts." Gibbs snapped at him.

Tony stood up giving him a dirty look. "Good, jackass." He turned to Ducky. "Ducky could you wrap his hand please?"

Ducky stood up. "I said I'm fine." Gibbs huffed waving Ducky away.

Tony snatched the bottle off his lover. "GO with Ducky or I really will make you live in Mexico."

Gibbs rolled his eyes and let Ducky pull him up and drag him to the elevator. "Mother hen."

"Mexico?" Tony grinned.

"Fine." Gibbs grumbled as he got in with Ducky.

Tony took a drink from the bottle. "What a moron."

"HEY, I…." The doors closed cutting him off.

Tony put the whisky down and took the beer Paul was holding out. "Thanks."

"And speaking of pricks." He snorted as McGee made his way into the bullpen.

"Paul." Tony warned as he sat back down beside him.

"What, he pointed a gun at me. I should've belted him one." McGee ignored him as he stepped over Jimmy's legs to get to his desk then noticed his chair was missing.

"How ya doing there, Agent McGee?" Tony chucked as he watched him kneel down and turn on his computer.

"I just have one thing to do, and then I'll be out of the way." He mumbled.

"So I guess you're staying at NCIS then?" Tony asked.

McGee shrugged keeping his head down. "Agent Wilson, who was taking over from Gibbs didn't really take to me when he came by last month, but seeing as he's no longer taking the job I'll have to wait and see, I guess."

"Why did he change his mind?"

"Something about his family."

"Richard Wilson?"

"Ye." McGee looked at Tony. "Do you know him?"

"We met at a conference, he seemed ok."

"Maybe it's just me then." McGee mumbled turning back to his screen.

"I don't think it's you." Paul grinned at his nemesis.

"No?" McGee's eyes widened with surprise.

"I know it's you." Paul winked with a chuckle.

"Thanks." McGee grumbled.

Tony took a beer from Paul's six-pack and held it out. "Here." Gibbs and Ducky walked from the elevator and retook their seats.

McGee slowly took it and gave him a small smile. "Thanks."

"That was mine." Paul protested.

"Did you buy them?" Tony asked with a grin.

"Well, no….."

"Then shut up."

Paul gave McGee a dirty look. "I still think I should shoot him."

"Not tonight, tonight we celebrate everything that is Leroy Jethro Gibbs." He teased his lover with a smirk.

Gibbs winked at him.

"Come on Jethro lets have a speech."

"Not in this lifetime."

"Can I?" Tony went to stand up.



The next morning

Gibbs stood in front of the coffee machine as it filled, in just his boxers. "This thing is slower than Ducky's car." He mumbled as he scratched his head as he tried to wake up.

Tony walked in fully dressed and clean-shaven looking fresh as a daisy, with no hangover what so ever. "Morning sunshine." He grinned as he walked past his partner and headed to the fridge.

Gibbs gave him a dirty look and snorted. "Bite me"

"I told you to leave the scotch alone, but would you listen….No." Tony grinned then started whistling as he rummaged through the fridge.


"Yes?" He grinned

"Shut up."

Tony chuckled "Do you want eggs for breakfast?"

Gibbs gagged and went a little ashen. "Hell no."

"WHAT THE HELL!" A loud scream and a thud rang though the house.

Tony looked into the living room leaving Gibbs looking at the coffee machine, to see Paul on the floor looking up at the ceiling.

"MORNING DETECTIVE." Tony shouted then laughed as Paul gripped his head and moaned.

"What did I do last night?" He asked himself.

Tony answered for him. "Drank you're body weight, shouted at The Secretary of the Navy, insulted NCIS on a whole, threatened to kill McGee and called Vance 'a trumped up moron' among other things then threw up in the bullpen."

Paul shrugged still holding his head. "Did I have fun?"

"I'll say." Tony snorted then headed back into the kitchen.

"Why I'm I on the floor?"

"Because by the time we got here I wanted to kill you, so I dumped you on the couch and went to bed." Tony called through. "Move your ass, I'm making breakfast."

"I need a shower."

"Upstairs first door on your left."

"Never mind I'll say here." He moaned and curled up on the floor.

"Paul, I have to be in the office by four, move it."

"Go home without me?" He begged, Tony walked back in and dumped a glass of cold water on his head. "DEAR GOD." Paul screamed and jumped up; he wobbled and clung to the wall for dear life.

"Shower." Paul dragged himself to the stairs. "And don't wake Jack."

"Some days I really do hate you." Paul muttered.

"Right back at ya." Tony laughed as he walked back into the kitchen to see Gibbs still staring at the coffee machine. "It's done Lee."

"Hu?" Gibbs blinked "Oh thanks." He picked the pot up then stalled.

Tony rolled his eyes and placed an empty mug on the counter. "And pour." He mocked.

Gibbs did as instructed, then inhaled. "Oh baby." He licked his lips and took his first mouth full, quickly followed by the second.

Tony watched with a grin as he scrambled some eggs. "How ya doing?"

Gibbs nodded as he took another mouth full then sighed. "It's better than sex."

"Excuse me?"

"Oh, not with you, babe." He hurried out the kitchen at Tony's deadly look.

"Jackass." He muttered to himself.


It was just past eight at night when Tony pulled up to the house to see an unfamiliar car parked out front.

They had moved in two weeks ago and finally the place didn't look like a building site. Gibbs moved to Baltimore two days after retiring and started on the house. Jack helped as they tore out the upstairs bathroom and Gibbs, on a roll, decided to refit the kitchen, much to Tony's distress when he called in with lunch. He dropped the pizza and screamed like a little girl at the state of the place then went back to work and didn't return for a whole week.

He got out of his car and eyed the unfamiliar car as he walked past and up the stairs onto the porch. "Lee?" He called as he entered.

Gibbs almost ran to the door and held out his hands. "Guns."

Tony eyed him for a moment then slowly handed his gun's over. "What's up?" He asked with suspicion.

"Knife." Gibbs demanded.

Tony looked to his belt then snorted. "No."

Gibbs shoved Tony's guns into the waist of his jeans then unbuckled Tony's belt as Tony watched with a comical look on his face. "What…" He stuttered as Gibbs pulled his knife out and put everything in the safe.

"I need you to relax and not blow a gasket?" Gibbs said in a claming tone as he blocked Tony's view to the kitchen.

"Whose is the car?" He thumbed over his shoulder.

"Well….here's the thing…." Gibbs tried to smile but it came over more of a wince. "We have visitors."

"Yeeeaah." Tony said slowly. "It's a government car Jethro." He leaned around Gibbs to look at the kitchen.

Gibbs gripped his shoulders. "Okay, just please don't hate me for letting them in?"

"It's your house too." Tony shrugged.

"For now." Gibbs mumbled and stepped aside.

Tony narrowed his eyes then set off to the kitchen while Gibbs closed his eyes and counted.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE." Gibbs heard then went to face the music. He walked in to see Tony red as a beetroot and leaning over Fornell, who was leaning back in his chair.

"Tony…." Gibbs tried to calm him down.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Tony bellowed at Sacks as he rounded the table.

"Their here….." Gibbs tried again.

"I DON'T CARE, GET OUT." Tony went to get his gun from his holster then remembered, he turned to Gibbs. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU."

Gibbs rubbed his forehead then sighed. "I know this looks bad, but…"

"Looks bad?" Tony screeched as he stomped to Gibbs. "This is more than bad Jethro. I have so many problems with this it isn't funny. HE SHOT ME."

"I'm aware of that."

Tony's eyes widened. "Oh you are, because for a second there I thought you forgot he put me in a coma."

"Hardly, look he needs my help…"

"How does he even know you were here?" Tony demanded crossing his arms.

"I asked….." Fornell tried to answer.

Tony span around. "SHUT UP." Then turned back to Gibbs. "WELL?"

"He called Mike but he was a little drunk and forgot my cover story. Then he went to NCIS, but he couldn't get any answers there so he finally got this address and came to ask you. He didn't want a scene at your office and he didn't think you'd talk to him on the phone, he ended up here and I answered the door."

"Fucking Mike." Tony seethed. "How hard is it to say 'Probie's busy getting wasted and he'll call you back' for Christ sake."

"I know, I'll have a word."

"The guy is an idiot." Tony spat as he walked to the fridge and pulled out a beer.

The house phone rang. "He's always been there for me, Tony."

"Yeah, how's that working out for you?" He growled then picked up the phone that hung beside the fridge. "Would've been better off with MICKEY FUCKING MOUSE." He put the phone to his ear. "WHAT?" He barked then sighed. "Sorry Jack….Oh I'm pissed alright." He narrowed his eyes at Fornell. "There's shit in my kitchen." Jack must have said something making Tony take a deep breath. "Yes….ok…..I'll do that…speak to you soon." He hung up the phone and put his unopened beer back in the fridge, replacing it with a bottle of water then turned to Gibbs, talking in a calmer tone. "I'm taking a shower, Jack's going to call back in a while, I'll take it upstairs. When he's worked his magic and stopped my head exploding, you can explain to me why they are here."

"Okay, are you hungry?"

"No" Tony walked out the room and up the stairs, slamming the bathroom door behind him, making Gibbs wince a little.

Fornell cleared his throat. "So, you and DiNozzo?"

Gibbs gave him a savage glare. "Mind your own business and don't even think about mentioning it too Tony, he's been through shit and the last thing he needs is to worry about his private life being broadcast, that goes for both of you. If I hear anything or see anything that makes me think you've opened your traps, all bets are off and don't forget Toby, you owe him."

They both nodded in understanding taking Gibbs warning very seriously.

The phone rang about five minutes later; Gibbs ignored it knowing who it would be. They heard the bathroom door open and feet padding across the hall then another door slam and the phone stopped ringing.

Gibbs would not let Fornell say anything else until Tony arrived knowing they would have to go through it all again. He paced the kitchen and made Tony a sandwich, just too keep busy.

"You've changed Jethro." Fornell piped up, as the silence got a bit too much.

Gibbs eyed him for a moment then sighed. "Things change Tobias. I've made peace with what happened to Shannon and Kelly. I've served my country and done my duty. I'm happy for the first time in a very long time and so is Tony."

"He looks well."

Gibbs sliced a tomato as he smiled a little. "He is."

They heard a door open then feet coming down the stairs. Tony walked in looking a little calmer. "I said I wasn't hungry." He said as he eyed the food Gibbs was preparing.

"You'll eat, even if I have to shove it down your throat." Gibbs nodded to the table.

Tony rolled his eyes and took a seat. "Yes Dad." He said with as much sarcasm as possible.

Gibbs grabbed a tomato and launched it at his lover, who caught it and took a bite with a grin. "Losing your touch, Lee."

Gibbs cut the sandwich in half and placed it in front of Tony, as he did he slapped him on the back of the head. "My touch is fine."

Tony rubbed his head as he glared at the older man. "I'm a cop with a badge and a gun, don't make me arrest you."

Gibbs snorted as he made his way to the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers. "How's dad?"

Tony nodded as he took a bite. "Good, but I want to talk to you later about him."

"He's ok?" Gibbs asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah he fine Lee, let's talk about it later." Tony eyed Fornell and Sacks.

He agreed with a little nod and handed him a beer, taking a seat beside him. "So, he calmed you down?"

"He threatened to call Ducky and have me committed." He huffed rolling his eyes.

Gibbs smirked. "That'll do it."

"Yeah, so give me a reason why I shouldn't kill him." Tony looked to Fornell with a look that could cut though ice.

"I can't really think of one…..but think of it this way, if he hadn't shot you we might not be here."

"If you say so. I still want to shot him."

Fornell cleared his throat. "I know you could've pushed for me to be fired….."

"Damn right I could've." Tony growled then sighed leaning back in his chair. "Look Toby, we are never going to be friends. I know you are a good agent and it was a mistake, I never thought otherwise. I did not demand the FBI fired you because it would have been a waist of a good agent and the fact you had Jethro's back on more than one occasion counted in your favour. Saying that, I don't want you in my home or in my life. Jethro can decide for himself but you stay away from me….Got it?"

Fornell nodded and took a deep breath while Tony looked to Sacks.

"You're just a dick."

Sacks grinned and held his hand out. "So are you."

Tony quickly shook his hand then bit into his sandwich, he waved Fornell on. "What do you want?"

Fornell nodded to Sacks who pulled out a file from his case and lay it on the table. "Two weeks ago we came across some information concerning Vance…"

"Leon Vance?" Gibbs interrupted as he snatched the file.

"Yes." Fornell continued. "It seems he's been taking kickbacks."

Tony shook his head. "Na, he's a dick but kickbacks, not a chance."

Gibbs took Tony's plate away and slid the file under his nose. "Jenny suspected as much, Tony."

Tony looked though the file then shoved it away. "I don't care." He took his plate back and bite into his sandwich.

"Tony this is huge." Gibbs gasped at his attitude.

"Again, I don't care. Jenny wasn't exactly on the up and up Jethro. Vance will never be my favourite person but I find it very hard to believe he is stealing from the navy."

Sacks pulled out another file and opened it for Tony. "We believe he is."

Tony shrugged and dismissed the file. "WE aren't at NCIS anymore, it isn't our problem."

"HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?" Gibbs bellowed as he jumped up. Tony didn't take any notice of the bellowing as he took another bite. "TONY?"

"I said that, because it's true Jethro. You are retired and I've been out of NCIS for years. Let someone else deal with it. I don't care what Vance has or hasn't been up too. I don't care what Jenny thought or didn't think, all I know is that I worked under three directors at NCIS, one whored me out and another made my life hell."

Gibbs gripped a handful of his own hair in frustration. "This isn't about Vance. This is about NCIS and the fact that someone, director or not is stealing from it. You must have some loyalty left for the men and women who serve…" He stopped as Tony's face became blank and his eyes darkened and not in a good way.

He stood up slowly to face his partner. "Loyalty?"

"I just meant…"

"I know what you meant. I served NCIS and YOU with loyalty for 8 years. I was beat'in, stabbed, drugged, thrown out of a plane, shot at every other week, doused with the Plague, and fucked over by TWO directors and MY team. I'm done with NCIS, I'm done with Vance and I'm done with this conversation. I owe the FBI, NCIS and the rest of the alphabet soup nothing." He walked out with his face still blank of emotion. "I'm going for a run; I want them gone by the time I get back. If you want to jump on your horse and save the day, be my guest, but I want nothing to do with it." He shoved his sneakers on and walked out, the door closing behind him with a soft click.

"Fuck." Gibbs swore as he fell into his chair.

"He didn't seem too mad." Fornell tried to help.

Gibbs snorted. "When he's angry he shouts, when he's furious he's quite. Believe me I played this wrong. He didn't say it, but he's making me choose between taking down Vance or being with him."

"And?" Fornell asked.

Gibbs looked around the kitchen for a moment and shook his head. "Sorry." He closed the files and pushed them to Sacks. "He's right this isn't our fight anymore and as much as I want to take Vance down I won't loose Tony over it, besides it would be for him I was doing it for."

"I'm only asking you to go back for a few months and see what you can find, then you can come back here and live anyway you want too?" Fornell almost pleaded.

"Vance almost did cartwheels when I left, he wouldn't take me back for any reason, Tobias. Even if he did, I don't want to go back. I have a life here that agrees with me."

Fornell sighed and nodded his head. "Okay Jethro, I won't bother you again with this."

Gibbs groaned as he snatched the pen from Sacks shirt pocket. "I have some names that could help you out." He scribbled on the file folder. "I don't want to hear about this again Tobias, whatever you do from here on out has nothing to do with me…or Tony."


Tony walked in over two hours later, cold, sweaty and ready to drop.

"Hey." Gibbs called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey." He replied in a tired voice.

"So I have a job." Gibbs grinned

Tony kicked off his sneakers as he nodded with his head down. "How much does an FBI informant get paid these days?" He mumbled as he walked past his lover and headed up the stairs.

"I'm not working for the FBI." Gibbs followed him.

"If you say so." He closed the bathroom door and locked it.

Gibbs sighed and headed into the bedroom talking to himself. "Hey, Tony I'm not going anywhere." He mocked, "You were right, I was an ass." He pulled off his shirt. "How hard is that?" He asked himself.

He crawled into bed and waited. "Four marriages, three divorces and I'm still an idiot at this."

"No kidding" Tony walked into the bedroom in just a towel.

"So, I told Fornell…"

"Don't care." Tony dropped the towel and got into bed. He puffed up his pillow and turned away from the other man. He let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes.

Gibbs watched him with barely controlled annoyance at being ignored. "Listen I know you're pissed…."

Tony fake snored

"Damn it Tony." He grabbed his shoulder turning him over and straddled him. "I told him I wanted nothing to do with it. For once would you…"

"I know." His blank look turned into a huge grin.

Gibbs blinked a few times. "What?" He demanded

"They drove past me on the way out, Fornell pulled over and told me you turned him down, he also promised never to tell anyone about us and he gave me Sacks word he wouldn't do the same. He apologised for shooting me and said he would leave us alone." Tony finished with a chuckle.

Gibbs growled and pounced on the younger man. "You little shit." He tickled Tony until he could hardly breathe.

"I couldn't….resist." He screamed as he tried to get away from the other mans fingers. "Get off…me." He bucked until they both fell off the bed with a thud.

The next morning while Tony was in the shower Gibbs called Bill and accepted the job at the firing range. He was still wondering about the situation with Vance but knew he made the right decision for his sake and Tony's.

He set about making breakfast as he thought about everything he wanted to get done before he started work in a month's time. Two strong arms wrapped themselves around his waist. "It was my turn to make breakfast." Tony mumbled into the other man's neck.

"I don't mind." He sighed as he turned his head to give Tony more room.

"How about I call in sick and we can repeat what we did last night?"

"Who would catch all the bad guys?"

"Don't care."

"Liar." Gibbs laughed and kissed Tony's forehead.

"Fine you got me." He pulled back and slapped Gibbs ass.

Gibbs flipped the eggs over as Tony got some juice. "I called Bill about the job I told you about last night."


"I start in a month."

Tony popped some bread in the toaster. "Are you sure you want to do it?"

"Yeah, I think being here all day will eventually drive me batty."

"Okay then."

"You're ok with me being so close?" Tony gave him an 'are you stupid look' which Gibbs grinned at. "I can always quit if I don't like it, but I don't think it'll come to that."

"Whatever you want babe, as long as it has nothing to do with getting shot at."

They served breakfast and sat own to eat. "I wanted to talk to you about Jack."

Gibbs nodded. "Yeah I forgot, what's up?"

Tony shuffled in his seat and cleared his throat. "Well, when he was here a few months back I really think he liked it."

"Hu huh." Gibbs agreed

Tony took a deep breath and the words shot out at an alarming rate. "I miss him and he misses us, I get the feeling he's lonely in Stillwater and maybe he'd like to move here. I was thinking we could build a small house for him, we have plenty of land and he could fix cars up or anything he wanted to really. Ducky's coming next month for a week and it would be nice to have a place for him as well, maybe a guesthouse or something. We have room in this house but I don't think it's right that we have sex with Ducky or your dad in the house and I like that we have our own space. Jack might say no but I would…"

"Babe, stop babbling." Gibbs interrupted with a smile.


"You're sure about this?"

"I miss him."

"You do know he'll drive me crazy?"

Tony shrugged with a smirk. "I don't care so much about that."

Gibbs snorted into his coffee. "I didn't think you did. He'll nag you too death."

"He does that on the phone away."

Gibbs thought for a while then shrugged. "Okay, who is going to build this house?"

Tony picked up his juice and stood up. "I can't think of everything." He walked out the kitchen knowing Gibbs would be glaring at him as he went.


It was Sunday afternoon two weeks later when Tony opened the front door to the house.

"Tony" Ziva gave him a weak smile.

"Hey." He stood aside and waved her in. "What are you doing here?"

He pointed towards the kitchen. "I have a problem." She said with tears in her eyes.

Tony was not only shocked to see her but the pain in her eyes was something he'd never seen before. "Oh okay, I'll get Jethro." He went to leave but she grabbed his wrist.

"I've come too you, not Gibbs"

"Me?" He asked in astonishment.

"Yes, I need your help." She sat at the kitchen table.

He fell back into a chair across from her, his eyes bulging out of his head. "Wow." He muttered in disbelief.

"Only you can help me." She almost begged.


"I need a job."

Tony almost fell off his chair in shock as he gawked at her. "You need a what?"

"A job."

"A what?"

"TONY" She shouted bringing him out of his state of shock.

"Sorry." He rubbed his face and head trying to pull himself together. "When I woke up this morning I had a feeling it was going to be a strange day."

"I should've called but….."

Tony heard the front door open and shot out of his chair. "SHOE'S." He shouted.


"IT TOOK ME TWO HOURS TO CLEAN THAT DAMN CARPET THIS MORNING." Tony rounded the table to head into the living room.

Gibbs met him at the entrance to the kitchen. "You wanted a guesthouse; I can hardly help getting mud on my shoes."

"We have a back door." He pointed to it.

"Stop bitching already, I've worked my ass off this morning."

"What do you want a medal?"

"Shut up."

"Make me."

Gibbs grabbed his head and kissed the hell out of him then pulled back with a grin. "How long will that last?"

"Huh?" Tony licked his lips and blinked a few times. "We have company." He added with a dreamy look on his face.

Gibbs looked around the younger man too Ziva who was smiling at them. "Hey Ziva."

"Gibbs." She nodded. "You look well."

"Thanks, do you want coffee?" He slapped Tony on the back of the head and smiled when he jumped.

"Please." She answered as Tony slapped Gibbs back as he went for the coffee pot.

"Do me a favour babe and make the builders use the back door when they come back tomorrow, I'm sick of cleaning the carpet on my only day off." Tony whined as he took a seat.

"I'll put some sheet down as well."

"Thank you and maybe you can stop them using the bathroom as well?"

Gibbs snorted as he poured two cups of coffee. "You want them to use the bushes?"

"I don't care what they use, I'm just sick of cleaning the bathroom."

Gibbs chuckled. "They have to use the bathroom Tony."

"But do they have to piss on the floor, it's disgusting." He shivered in mock disgust. "We're paying them a shit load of money to get it done in a hurry, get them to bring one of their own."

Gibbs rolled his eyes as he sat down, handing Ziva a cup. "I'll clean the bathroom next time."

"Or just tell them to hit the bowl?"

"Do you want me to stand guard as well?" He teased

Tony narrowed his eyes. "Try it and you'll be sleeping in the bushes."

Gibbs held his hands up in mock surrender. "Noted" He looked to Ziva as he took a drink. "So, what's going on?"

Ziva looked down at her mug. "I was just asking Tony for a job."

Gibbs glanced at his partner in surprise. "Yeah?"

She sat back in her chair and looked to the ceiling. "Since you retired things have gone from bad too worse." She looked back to her mug. "Vance seems determined to make our lives hell…mine and Leo's that is. He gave McGee the team to run this morning. I was sure Vance was going to find a competent lead agent to take over; he has had us on cold cases since you left. Agent Stone joined us for a while but he could not stand Vance, Agent Regan left after one week. The Sac Nav ordered Vance to sort it out and get the team up and running again. This morning I walked in to find McGee moving desks and I was told I was his senior field agent. I protested to the Director who said I could deal with it or he would make sure I was sent back to Israel. I cannot stay here without a job and I really cannot work for McGee. Leo has already put in a transfer as of this morning." She looked to Tony a begged him with her eyes. "I need a place to go. I do not want to work for the FBI or the CIA. I am asking for your help?"

Tony looked down at the table and bit his lip as he picked his nails. "This is going to take some doing, I can't just hire you Ziva. This is not NCIS. The work is different, there is no cutting corners, no terrorists, no bombs and you will have one partner that you HAVE to trust. Everything is done by the book unless I say so. I don't think being a cop is a step down in anyway but I've seen how you've treated the local Leo's over the years, that can't go on. You'll be the junior partner for a few years."

"I understand."

He shook his head. "No I don't think you do." He sighed. "This is MY department, you follow my every word. If you step out of line or I think you've disregarded my orders in any way I'll put you back on a plane to Israel without a second thought. This is my life and I'm taking a huge risk even thinking about it. Your loyalty is to me and Baltimore PD not Mossad. We fight for the people of Baltimore not Israel and I need to know….if the time comes, will you choose us?"

"How can I answer that?"

"It's simple, your PD partner or an old Mossad partner, who would you leave in a fire fight?"

"But I don't know who that will be?"

Tony slapped the table with his hand and barked. "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO IT IS ZIVA, ONCE YOU JOIN BALTIMORE HOMICIDE THAT'S WHERE YOUR LOYALTIES LIE. I HAVE TO KNOW YOU'LL THINK OF US FIRST AND THEM SECOND." He stood up pushing his chair back and paced around the table. "I won't have you walking in there and doing as you damn well please; you treat everyone with respect and do as they say. I don't care what you know or how good you think you are. You start at the bottom and work your way up. There is no kicking in doors without a warrant, no picking locks, no slapping a suspect around, no ninja skills and if I find out you have even showed your knife, I will can your ass. We don't work one case at a time; we work hard and have each others backs." He sat back down and looked into her eyes. "If I do this and you fuck up, we are done, do you understand?"

She swallowed and gave him a jerky nod. "Yes."

"You use my rank when called for, you don't question my orders, you work your ass off and never for one second think our history as gained you any favours. Paul is my second, he says jump you ask how high, you don't talk about my private life too anyone. You don't talk about my time at NCIS with anyone, you betray me again and you'll find out what a bastard I really am." He stood up and leaned over to her. "You thought Jethro was a bastard at times, you haven't seen anything yet." He leaned down and kissed Gibbs. "I'm going to talk to Bill; I'll be back as soon as I can."

Gibbs gripped the back of Tony's head. "Do what you can but Tony, you don't owe her anything, don't put your job on the line, ok?"

He nodded and kissed his lovers forehead. "Thanks babe." He turned to Ziva. "The guestrooms set up if you're staying, if not I'll call you."

"Thank you Tony."

"Don't thank me yet, Agent or not, Mossad or not, you still have to pass the detectives exam and do a shit load of training courses. We don't just give badges out like candy."

"I won't let you down."

"Again, you mean." He walked out slamming the door behind him.

Ziva let out a huge sigh. "He more pissed at me than ever."

"What do you expect?"

She shrugged. "I thought we were friends again."

"This isn't about friendship Ziva, you've asked him to let you watch his back and as you know we didn't do a great job at that. You have to follow his orders and you never did before. You have to respect this rank and you never did. But most of all you've gone from being a friend to being one of his team that he has to look after and you never let him at NCIS. He knows this could end very badly but he's doing it anyway."


Gibbs shrugged "He's always been the same; he's a good man with a heart of gold. Mess this up you'll lose him and me."


Bill reluctantly agreed after a few meetings with Tony and one very long meeting with Ziva. He did not hide his anger or his distrust towards her, but in the end, he gave the go-ahead. He stressed that if she disregarded even one of Tony's orders she was out. She was given one chance; if she screwed up he'd see that she never got a job in law enforcement again.

She emerged from the meeting with her head held high, but as soon as she got to Gibbs and Tony's house, she beat the shit out of the punching bag hanging in the barn. Tony tried not to laugh as she swore on Hebrew; he sat on the bonnet of Gibbs charger eating a meatball sub and mocked her until she slapped him.

"Relax my little Ninja, it'll all work out." He chuckled as he ducked when she swung at him again.

"It was humiliating." She growled as she chased him around the car.

"That's not my fault."

"You told him to put me through the…." She stalled


"Yes, that."

He threw his sandwich at her. "I did not, he just hates NCIS."

"He likes you and Gibbs."

He made his way around the punching bag and hid. "No he loves me and tolerates Gibbs. He'll warm up too you, just give him time."

"He said he would, strap me upside down to the back of his truck and find every speed bump in the state."

Tony laughed his ass off as he sprinted around the car; unfortunately, as he jumped over the bonnet his foot caught the wing mirror. "OH SHIT." He shouted as it flew across the barn.

Ziva stopped in her tracks and covered his mouth as Tony scrambled to pick it up. "He's going to kill you."

He dropped it as if it was on fire. "RUN." He shouted as he ran out.

Several hours later Gibbs stomped into the house, slamming the door behind him. He stopped as he noticed Tony watching a movie with Ziva. They both looked engrossed at what was happening on the screen. "Explain?" He growled as he walked around the couch and turned the T.V off.

Tony gave him his most innocent smile. "Hi love." He stood up and wrapped his arms around the older man, totally ignoring the wing mirror in his hand. "Why do you have on your 'I'm going to kill someone' face?" He didn't give Gibbs a chance to answer as he licked and sucked on his ear. "Mmm…I could just eat you." He sucked Gibbs tongue into his mouth as he squeezed his ass. "Let's go to bed and I'll do that thing you love so much." He muttered against his lovers lips.

"Okay." Gibbs mumbled as he opened his eyes a little and licked his lips.

Tony led him to the stairs never taking his lips away from the other mans, he slowly slid the wing mirror out of his hand and dropped it making sure he was distracting Gibbs enough so he wouldn't notice the noise.

Ziva watched with a huge grin as Tony manipulated and seduced her old boss with ease. She turned the T.V back on then picked up with wing mirror. "He's still going to kill him." She chuckled as she stuffed it down the back of the sofa and turned up the volume.

An hour later the inevitable happened, Ziva jumped as she woke up on the couch with Gibbs voice bellowing around the house. "YOU DID WHAT?"

She heard some mumbling then nothing for another twenty minutes, then. "STOP IT AND TELL…" Then more mumbling.

An hour later Tony jogged down the stairs with a shit-eating grin. "He's asleep and he no longer cares about his car."

She chuckled as he fell beside her on the couch and yelped. "Oh sorry." She winched as he pulled the mirror out of his ass.


"HE DID WHAT." Tony bellowed across the squad room.

Paul hushed him and grabbed his arm dragging him into his office. "It's not that bad….."

"Not that bad?" Tony hissed. "He failed four of my detectives."

"He was doing his job." Paul tried to calm him down.

Tony grabbed his gun and jacket then stormed into the squad room. "Conner, Julie, Ryan and Eric follow me."

Tony walked into the firing range with four of his detective trailing him. He looked around until he noticed Gibbs checking a gun as he prepared to fire. "MR GIBBS." Tony bellowed.

Gibbs turned his head and smiled until he noticed his lovers face.

He stood toe to toe with his lover. "What the hell, Jethro? I trained these guys; I know they can shoot just fine. This isn't NCIS, you can't fail them because they don't meet your standards. Check the handbook and you'll see they passed."

Gibbs pulled his earplugs out. "What?"

Tony rolled his eyes. "You failed four of my best detectives, I need them working and they can't if they don't have their guns."

Gibbs shrugged. "They failed."

"By your standards or Baltimore P.D's?"


"Show me their targets."

Gibbs grinned and shook his head. "How about you show them how it should be done and if they can match you I'll pass them?"

"I could shoot crap just so you'll pass them."

Gibbs pulled Tony's gun out of his holster and checked it was loaded. "Not a chance, your egos too big."

Tony snatched his gun back and stole his earplugs. "Bite me."

Gibbs hung up a fresh target and sent it down the line. "Both arms, head shot and three through number ten."

Tony snorted and rolled his neck taking his shooting stance. "I do this you'll pass my Detectives?"

"No. You do this I'll give them another chance AFTER they take a lesson from me today."

"How long?"

"Give me the afternoon."

"You're not going to shoot their stuff are you?"

Gibbs just grinned and nodded to the target.

Tony checked to see if his guys were watching then shot three off, hitting both arms and the head shot then shot another three dead centre, just to prove a point he shot another two giving the target a nose and a shot to the crotch.

Gibbs grinned and brought the target back. "Not bad Captain."

Tony snorted as he pulled out his earplugs. "I'm just happy I didn't bring my hat."

Gibbs took the target down and showed the four standing behind them. "You want to pass; you get your asses into gear. No-one passes until I'm satisfied you can watch each others sixes. You won't get this good today but you also won't leave until I'm sure you can hold your own." He turned to Tony. "Get back to work, I'll send them back when I'm done."

"Yes Sir." Tony saluted with a grin.

"Get out of here." Gibbs grinned back. Tony nodded to his guys and headed out. "Hey Tony?" He turned back at Gibbs voice. "Nice shooting."

"Thanks, I learned it all from you." He winked then put his sunglasses on and headed out.


Gibbs and Ziva watched from the porch swing as Tony bounced up and down as he looked down the dirt road with barely concealed excitement. They watched as he checked his phone again.

"He's lost the plot." Gibbs grinned into his coffee.

"I've never seen him this excited before."

"Just wait until it craps in the cream carpet."

She looked over to the half-finished guesthouse. "Have they told you when it'll be finished?"

Gibbs looks over and shrugs. "Maybe two weeks. What time do you leave tomorrow?"

"Around 6am, I should get there well before it starts."

"For a week right?"

"Six days."

"Are you looking forward too it?"

She shrugs. "I don't think they'll tell me anything I don't already know."

"Ziva." Gibbs warned

She held up her hands. "I know and I've told Tony I wouldn't piss anyone off or be a smartass."

"It'll do you good; think of it as a refresher course. Make sure you take notes because he will test you when you come back."

She groaned but nodded her head. "I know, I won't let him down."

"Just don't kill anyone and for gods sake don't tell them you can kill with a paper clip."

"Got it."

"How many more seminars do you have to do?"

She narrowed her eyes at Tony who was still jumping around down the drive. "Eight, then the exam. I'm sure he signed me up for everyone going. He's been smirking at me a lot."

"Probably." Gibbs grinned.

"He did point out that he's arranged for the lecturer to give me extra attention."

"Which course?"

"Sexual harassment." She growled "Apparently I'm not allowed to go into the mens room at the precinct."

Gibbs laughed out loud spilling his coffee.

"It's not funny Gibbs." She protested in a squeaky voice.

"I knew he'd get you back for that. It took over three years but he managed it."

"Yeah." She huffed "People are going to think I'm some kind of pervert or something."

"Stay out of the mens room then," He teased with a chuckle.

"I only followed Tony."

"You know, if I didn't know better I'd be worried about that statement."

"HE'S HERE." Tony shouted as he waved with both hands and jumped.

Gibbs placed his mug down and leaned against the railings. "CALM DOWN." He shouted with a grin.

Tony ran to the car as it pulled up, he opened the door not letting the driver out as he leaned in and hugged him.

"Anthony I can not breathe." Ducky choked out.

"Sorry." He pulled back and pulled Ducky out of the car giving him another hug. "I've missed you."

"Same here my boy." Ducky ruffled his hair and kissed his forehead.

Tony grinned and took his hand leading him to the back of the car. "I can't wait to show you the house."

Ducky looked around as he opened the trunk. "It looks splendid."

"Jack and Jethro did a great job." He got Ducky's bags and closed the trunk. "How Jimmy?"

"Oh very well, he'll be ready to take over soon."

Tony stopped walking and dropped the bags. "What do you mean?"

"I will explain later my lad. Lets go, Jethro and Ziva are waiting." He did not give Tony a chance to say anything more as he walked to the porch. "Jethro, how nice too see you."

Gibbs stepped down and hugged him. "You too Ducky."

Ducky kissed Ziva on the cheek. "And you my dear how's life without NCIS?"

"Less stressful Ducky."

Ducky turned to see Tony, his face pressed against the car window. "Anthony?"

"Where's my puppy you promised?"

Ducky chuckled as he tossed his keys at him. "Back seat."

Tony dove for the keys; he opened the door and pulled a large brown box out. "Yay." He grinned as he opened the box. "Oh my God." He picked a puppy out the box and hugged him. "Cute." He placed the puppy on the floor and pulled another one out the box. "I got two puppies." He laughed picking them both up and kissing their heads.

Gibbs growled at Ducky. "Two?"

Ducky shrugged innocently. "Their brothers, it seemed a shame to separate them, Jethro."

Gibbs pointed at the older man. "You did this to piss me off."

"I have no idea what you mean."

"Look Lee, their Labradors." Tony grinned as he waved a paw at him.

Gibbs rolled his eyes and sat on the porch step. "Come here mutts." He barked at them.

Tony gave him an appalled look and hugged the puppy's closer too him. "Don't bark at them, jackass."

"They have to learn."

"If you bark at them again, you're sleeping in the barn." Tony stood up with the puppies and stomped to the porch. "Get Ducky's bags, we'll be in the kitchen getting a drink when you're ready to suck up." Ziva opened the screen door for him.

"I don't suck up." Gibbs shouted into the house.

"You will this time."


Tony dragged Ziva into town with him too get more supplies for the puppy's, as they were only expecting one. Gibbs watched them from the kitchen table as they sniffed everything in sight.

Ducky walked in after putting all his stuff away in the spare bedroom. "Hello boys." He grinned and patted their heads.

"Why two?" Gibbs asked

Ducky shrugged as he sat down at the table. "I told you, their brothers." Gibbs raised his eyebrow in question until Ducky gave in. "Okay, they were the only two left and I would have felt awful leaving one behind."

Gibbs snorted then chuckled as one tripped over the water dish making him shake his paw in disgust. "Tony loved them already."


"What's up Duck, you've been a little distant since you got here?"

Ducky loosened his bowtie and unbuttoned his top button. "I handed in my leave papers, Jethro."

"How long?"

"Six months. Jimmy's ready to take over."

Gibbs leaned back in his chair forgetting his coffee. "Any plans?"

"I'm thinking of going home."

Gibbs sat up in shock. "No Ducky, you can't."

"Mothers gone and I'm getting on. I have family in Scotland."

"Wait." Gibbs held up his hands. "Tony is going to freak out about you leaving the country Ducky. Why not just move here?"


"I'm serious; you and Dad can move into the guest house, hell you can build one of your own, we have land. This way Tony and I can see you everyday but you can have your own space?"

Ducky tapped the table as he thought about it. "I would miss so much if I left and I don't mind Baltimore….."

"Exactly, Jimmy would visit when he could. Ziva's here now, not too mention me and Tony. You get on well with my dad and the puppies would miss you." Ducky snorted at the last reason. "Okay, that was desperate." Gibbs grinned.

"Maybe we should ask Anthony first?"

"Oh please," Gibbs snorted. "Did you not see him bouncing around the drive when you pulled up, he's hardly shut up about you visiting, believe me he'll pack your stuff for you."

Ducky chuckled as he nodded his head. "I do have six months to think about it, but I would hate to hurt him."

Gibbs tapped his hand. "Ducky….If you really want to live in Scotland then I think you should. Tony would be upset, but he does want the best for you, he would get over it. Just think about it please, we would love to have you here if that's what you want."

"I'll think about it and please do not tell Anthony about this just yet?"

"If he asks you'll have to tell him Ducky but I won't say a word."


Four months later

Tony opened his office door. "David, Barker, body found, south side." He waved a piece of paper in the air.

Ziva and her partner grabbed their guns and headed towards him. "How old?" Ziva asked.

"A couple of hours, he doesn't smell yet."

Ziva scrunched up her nose. "That's disgusting, Tony." She took the address from him.

"I've said worse, my little Israeli flower."

"Don't I know it." She muttered as they made there way out. She turned back just catching Tony going into his office. "Tony if you leave before seven could you stop by my place and feed Clio?"

"I hate that damn cat, Ziva."

"But she loves you." She teased

He sighed giving in. "Fine but I am NOT cleaning out her litter tray like last time, I threw up on my new shoes."

"And all over my bathroom."

"Go away." He mock growled.

She turned snickering and headed out.

"Watch your back." He called

"Always." She shouted as she walked out of sight.

"Tony, line four." Paul called holding up the phone.

"Who is it?" He asked as he made his way to Paul's desk.


Tony was puzzled by this, as Abbey only called on a Friday. He took the phone and hit line four. "Ab's…Slow down…No…I have no idea…what do you want me too do?...I can't…if he's in trouble…I understand but Abbey…okay…what did you find?...he is leading the team…since when?...Fornell?...I'll make a few calls…I can't come to Washington Abbey…I said I would look into it…yes I'll call you back…I'm sure he's fine…okay bye." He placed the phone back as he sat on the end of Paul's desk.

"What's up?" Paul asked.

"Hu?" Tony shook his head and looked to Paul. "McGee's gone awol."

"So?" Paul shrugged as he went back to his paperwork.

"It's not like him and Abbey's worried."

"Are you?"

He hesitated for a moment then nodded. "A little, maybe."

Paul sighed and threw his pen down. "What do you want to do?"

Tony checked his watch. "Call the Feds."

"As in the FBI?" Paul asked shocked. "The little twerp has probably got lost in a computer game or something."

"He's not answering his cell or home phone, he hasn't call in and he's not at home. Abbey said Fornell tried to get in contact two days ago, since then nothing."

"Do you know what that's about?"

"I have a feeling." He stood up and headed for his office. "I'm out for the rest of the day."

"Do you want me to do anything?"

"Keep in contact with Abbey." He grabbed his coat and gun then headed out. "Don't tell her anything about the FBI."

"I don't know anything." Paul muttered to himself.

"Paul." Tony stuck his head in the squad room. "Feed Ziva's cat as well, her keys are in my desk."

"Oh god." Paul smacked his head onto his desk. "I hate that cat."

Tony jumped into his car and dialled his phone. "I'm calling in my marker be at the house within the hour." He closed his phone not giving the person a chance to say anything. He started the car and screeched out the parking lot.

He pulled up to the house and got out of his car. "LEE?" He shouted at the top of his lungs.

Gibbs and Jack shot out the darn with grease all over them. "Hey, are you alright?" Gibbs asked.

"I'm going to kill Tobias Fornell." He growled as he headed for the house.

Jack looked to his son for an explanation but all he got was a shrug. "Let's go."

They found Tony pacing the kitchen with the phone to his ear. "NO…did you trace it?...AND?...He wouldn't turn his phone off…I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHO YOU ARE…GOD YOU'RE AN IDIOT…Oh never mind, go back to kissing ass." He closed the call and dialled again. "Jimmy when did McGee lose the team lead?...Do you know why?...Ok…Yeah Abbey called me…I'm looking into it…I'll speak to you later." He snapped his phone closed and took a deep breath.

"Tony?" Gibbs said his name in a way that meant, explain yourself.

Tony dropped his phone on the counter and gripped the edge until his knuckles turned white. "McGee's dropped of the radar. Vance demoted him again, two days ago he walked out and no-one has seen him since."

"He's probably sulking somewhere." Jack commented.

"Fornell and the FBI have something to do with this, I can feel it."

"How?" Gibbs asked

"The timing is wonko." Using one of Kerry's words too explain. "When Ziva told us McGee had taken the Team lead job I was a bit surprised because he made it clear to me on the night of your retirement party that he was out of favour with Vance, by his own making. He said he saw Vance's true colours….finally. He said he wanted to make things right and prove himself to me and everyone else."

"Maybe he just wanted the promotion Son?" Jack tried to calm Tony's fears.

Tony shook his head. "Fornell comes here asking for help to take Vance down, not two weeks later McGee has taken a promotion and back in Vance's pocket."

Gibbs sighed hanging his head. "You think Fornell propositioned McGee to be a spy in the agency."

"I know he did, god damn it." He pushed off the counter. "If McGee did this Vance will have his ass."

"Maybe McGee found something?"

Tony shook his head. "Vance is a slimy bastard Jethro, but he's not dirty. If he was either you or I would've found it a long time ago and believe me I did some digging when I came back from Agent Afloat."

"So, what do you think?"

"Vance must have caught on to what McGee was doing. According to Abbey they were best friends last week and this week he was back to being a probie."

"I'll call Tobias." Gibbs went to the phone.

"He'll be here soon."

Gibbs grinned at his lover. "Anticipating again?"

Tony shrugged with a smirk. "I always anticipate my love."

Gibbs and Jack cleaned up, and then waited in the kitchen for Fornell. Tony spent the time checking in with Paul, Ducky and Jimmy.

A loud knock came from the front door. Gibbs got up to answer it as Tony was still on the phone. He opened it to find Fornell standing there looking pissed. "I don't like being summand Jethro."

Gibbs just shrugged and waved him in the house and into the kitchen. Tony narrowed his eyes at the FBI agent. "I'll call you back." He closed his phone with a snap.


Fornell was cut off by Tony. "Cut the shit Toby, where is McGee?"

"How would I know?" He answered with a shrug.

"You're a shitty liar, where is he?"

Fornell took off his coat and took a seat. "He's at the FBI."

Tony gripped the counter and hung his head. "What did he give you?" When Fornell didn't say anything Tony made his question clear. "On Vance, what did he give you?"

Fornell sighed and leaned back into the chair. "Nothing"

"What is the FBI doing investigating another federal agency?"

"Vance isn't the only person with dirty hands."

"You suspect someone in the FBI?"

"Yes." Fornell answered reluctantly. "With connections to Vance."

"So you propositioned McGee to do a little digging for you." It wasn't a question he needed answered. "Vance found out?"

Fornell shuffled in his seat. "Three days ago someone tipped him off that he had a rat very close to him, after some well placed enquiries, he found McGee but couldn't really prove anything. McGee got spooked when Vance demoted him with no reason and ran to us with everything he had….which isn't much."

"That's just great." Tony snorted. "You've just got him fired."

"It was always a risk." Fornell shrugged unapologetically.

"Yeah, but not a risk to you or anyone else at the FBI, you've screwed him over."

"Look…..the only reason we thought of McGee was because he applied to the FBI for a job, when I found out he was thinking of jumping ship as asked him if he wanted to do a little snooping first. He went to Vance and convinced him he could do the team lead job, we didn't make him or ask him to do that."

Gibbs and Tony's eyes widened as it hit them. "MCGEE IS FBI." Gibbs barked.

Fornell smirked at them. "Vance will get his formal resignation by midnight but yes, he's FBI."

Tony cocked his head to one side and chuckled. "Nice."

"TONY" Gibbs barked

He shrugged. "As long as he's out of Vance's pocket I don't care who he works for."

"You nearly had a fit when you thought he was missing?"

"Yeah, but just imagine Vance's face when he finds out his golden boy is not only FBI but now Fornell's puppet."

"One of my agents has turned to the FBI." Gibbs mumbled as he covered his face in frustration.

Tony laughed and hugged Gibbs from behind. "It could be worse, Lee."


"He could've been in league with Kort and defected to the CIA."

Gibbs groaned and hung his head. "Don't you have work to do?"

Tony chuckled and kissed his head. "I better call Abbey and calm her down."


Two months later Tony watched as Ducky made himself at home in the guesthouse.

He almost fell over when Ducky showed up with a moving truck and two corgis yapping at his ankles.

Tony sat on the bed while Ducky placed his clothes neatly in the closet. "Do you think Jimmy will be ok?"

"Jimmy will be fine my boy, I taught him well."

"I know he'll be great." Tony nodded with conviction.

"He knows where I am if he need anything Anthony, but I don't think he will."

"I spoke to him yesterday and he never said a word about you moving here…sneaky little gremlin."

Ducky sat beside him. "Anthony, are you sure you don't mind….."

Tony interrupted him with a snort. "Oh please Ducky, you are my family. Hell if I could get rid of Jethro my life would be perfect."

"I HEARD THAT." Gibbs bellowed from the hall as he struggled with Ducky's chest of drawers. "Hey." Gibbs cried

One of the corgis ran in the bedroom chased by a Labrador, they did a lap of the bedroom then shot back out into the hall. "DON'T MAKE ME TAKE YOU TO THE VETS." Gibbs barked as they ran past him.

Tony grinned and stuck her head around the door. "Do you need some help there?"

"No, no you just watch as I kill myself." He said sarcastically.

"Okay." Tony sat back on the bed beside Ducky who was hiding his grin. Gibbs bounded into the room and pulled Tony up by his ear.

"Move your ass honey bunch."

After a welcome home meal for Ducky at the main house, everyone said goodnight.

Jack set up the chessboard while Ducky brought out the scotch.

Tony set the dogs up for the night while Gibbs locked everything up and turned off all the lights.

Gibbs fell into bed and let out a huge sigh. "Man, I'm knackered."

Tony walked in pulling off his sweater. "Straight too sleep then?"

"I'm not that knackered."

Tony shook his head as he took off his pants. "I didn't think so." He chuckled.

Just as Tony put his cell on the nightstand it rang, they both groaned at the same time. "Don't answer it."

Tony smirked and flipped it open. "DiNozzo…no give it to Ziva…yeah she'll love it…okay bye." He closed the phone and got into bed.

"Ziva?" Gibbs asked.

Tony snuggled against Gibbs resting his head on Gibbs shoulder. "Sailor found dead, looks like suicide but she'll look forward to messing with Vance."

Gibbs tried to suppress the evil smirk spreading across his face. "Wish I was there for that conversation."

"As long as she doesn't kill him, I'm happy."

"Are you?" Gibbs asked out of nowhere. "I remember you once told me that you had never been happy?"

Tony looked up to see a serious expression on his lovers face then rolled on top of the older man pressing his body into the mattress and looked into his eyes. "I am deliriously happy."

Gibbs swallowed at the truth he saw in Tony's eyes, and then he smirked. "You know what would make me happy?"

"You already are." Tony answered with conviction.

"Very true, but remove the boxers and we can be delirious together."

"You say the sweetest things Gunny."

"Boxers. Off. Now." Gibbs growled as his eyes darkened.

Tony laughed at the command and ignored it as he kissed him instead knowing Gibbs would get his way in the end…..not that he had a problem with that.


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