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The Living Dead in Retroville

In the not too distant future:

The media coverage was around the clock when it first happened. The headlines broadcasted that it was a virus of some kind that was spreading like wildfire. Scientists were brought in and even they couldn't believe the results. Soon the world had to face the truth. The recently deceased were returning to life to feed upon the living.

The militaries of all major countries fought night and day trying to contain the spread of infection. But still the numbers of the armies of the dead increased. Martial law was declared and safe houses were setup. Eventually all the safe houses were overrun and travel by road became impossible as traffic backed up. People were stuck in their own cars as waves of zombies passed by like a swarm of locusts they devoured all in their path. No one was spared as the zombies dragged the trapped victims out through broken windows.

The lucky ones were the ones that died in the early days of the infection. The unfortunate ones lived to face trying to live in a decimated world where resources were pushed thin. No matter how strongly fortified any shelter was didn't matter in the wake of starvation or drought since no supplies could get in or out.

Jimmy and his friends are pushed to the limits as they watch friends and family fall victim of the infection and life and death decisions have to be made at a moment's notice.

An uneventful day:

It was a day just like any other day. Jimmy was in his lab working on a few arbitrary experiments. It was mid afternoon and he decided it was time go see what Carl and Sheen were up to. He was greeted by someone running into him. It was Cindy, Carl, Libby and Sheen and they seemed to be scared of something. He quickly let them into the lab as shouts of lock the door filled the room.

They watched on his computer monitor as no less than six people came running at the door they had just sealed. These people were covered in horrible wounds and were screaming and pounding on the door. But it was in vain since the door was reinforced.

Jimmy: "are you guys OK and will someone tell me what is happening?"

Cindy, Carl, Libby, and Sheen: "we don't know those people just started chasing us!"

Cindy said "Libby and I were heading over to the Candy bar when we noticed what I thought was people fighting but they were eating someone. Then next thing I knew they started chasing us. Carl and Sheen luckily got the hint and ran with us. I figured this would be the safest place for any of us to be so we headed here."

Jimmy:" Let me check the news feeds and see if anyone knows what is causing this."

The gang watched the monitor as video feeds started pouring in about attacks happening all over the world. They were telling people to stay inside and not to try to contact family and friends. The victims seemed to be in some kind of trance like state and would even attack loved ones. More reports claimed that it was the recently deceased and the only sure way to incapacitate them was destroying the brain.

Jimmy turned to the group and said "I find it hard to believe but it must be the living dead, how else do you explain a man walking around with broken neck like that?"

Cindy responded reflexively" how do you explain a boy walking around with such a terrible haircut?"

Jimmy: "very funny vortex." Jimmy glared at her as the rest of the gang laughed.

Cindy smirked and said "You love it."

He sighed and shook his head as he smiled. He really did love her and had to admit to himself that was clever of her but he certainly wasn't going to let her know that. As much as he hated to admit it to himself she really did make him so proud. Even now she was brave and still making wise cracks.

To be continued...