The battered streets of Retroville:

The remains of the dead were scattered along the terrain. The Jimmy-Hulk had crushed, maimed, and tore apart hundreds of them. The slimy rotten sludge retained some kind of undead life within its stench and puss filled green colored fluid. An electrical charge rippled over its surface as it slowly began to take shape into a humanoid form. A mouth formed and slowly opened, sticky fluid clung and stretched on random points of its swollen and newly formed lips.

A ghastly moan escaped from the churning rotted insides. It held up to skeletal hands and gripped them into fists as yellow cat like eyes formed in the previously empty eye sockets. It saw the world for the first time. It stared at amazement at its hands as the most primitive thoughts began to be produced in its newly formed mind. But those thoughts turned quickly from amazement to ones of pants sh*&ting horror as the deaths of all the corpses it was made up flooded uncontrollably through its mind. It grabbed the sides of its head and screamed again and again.

It dropped to its knees and its shrieks turned to a guttural roar. Its body continued to grow and change. Its skin hardened and turned grey as bony protrusions appeared on its knee caps, elbows, shoulders, knuckles, chin, and forehead. Its spine split through the newly formed skin and produced spines that stuck out six inches. A green fluid dripped out of the tips of the spine that smelled incredibly foul.

The creature stood up and surveyed its surroundings. A ravenous hunger gnawed at it. It sniffed the air and detected something that smelled wonderful among the stench of the dead around it. It took its first wobbly steps and headed toward the smell. It was coming from a store front. It peered into the darkened interior but saw easy enough with its cat like eyes. It detected movement and with a few quick poundings the glass shattered that had barred its entrance. A scream of terror came from within. The creature's eyes immediately found the source of the scream. It was a pretty little girl who was hiding behind the register counter with her father and mother. The sight of them was exciting and made it hunger more than it thought was possible.

It was a tad difficult for it to climb up and into the window but once it found its footing the feast began. Oh the tender morsels tried to fight of course. But the creature wasn't weak like its brotherin. The father came forward with a tire iron. It stood there and allowed the weak and pitiful human to try to protect its family. It didn't even block as the tire iron bounced harmlessly off its head. It retaliated swiftly. It grabbed the man by his throat and lifted him off his feet with blinding speed. It snarled in his face before snapping his neck and tossing him in a heap to the ground.

The screams continued as it ripped the mother in half and consumed her right in front of the child that for whatever reason it decided to spare.

She was found later shaking scared, but otherwise unharmed. A hot cup of cocoa and a change of her underwear prepared her for the years of therapy a head of her, and her eventual suicide.


Sheen got a crazy idea to sneak into the lab while the area seemed clear of zombies in order to look for something he could use to help his friends. He spotted the brain drain helmet. He knew it was a mere flip of a switch and the helmet could stipulate his IQ as it had done before. What harm could it do? He could fix the problem he ran into last time, where his head kept growing parallel to his IQ, as soon as he was a genius again. So he flipped the switch and placed in on his head. The electricity illuminated the dark lab in flashes as it worked.

He removed the helmet and the world that seemed to usually be in an Ultra Lord induced foggy haze cleared. He looked at the helmet and immediately understood that it was merely a blown fuse in the device that caused the error. He worked feverishly for a few moments to fix the error and replaced the helmet back on his head. A second flash and a teeth chattering zap left Sheen with full control over his amazing physic powers and vast intellect, but without the side effect of an enormous head.

He concentrated for a moment and the steel doors in the ceiling opened, the ones that the rocket normally blasts out of, and he levitated out through the opening.

To be continued…..