Hey All! What's up?

I know it's been a while since this story has been updated, but this story keeps haunting me in the back of my head. Now that I've been taught properly the ways of Grammar, I can hardly think about this story without cringing at all the incorrect grammar, iffy plot-line and conclusion that I'm sure that those of you who have read this story to the end have felt. So, I'm proposing this to you: I would like to rewrite this story. This would include:

-Better Grammar

-Longer Chapters

-Better plot-line

-A longer story (because with what I have planned, there's no way this story would stay the same length)

-And then, of course, whether you'd want this story's chapters to be edited or a whole new fic to be started

So! If you would be so kind, please PM me as to whether or not you would like a rewrite of this story. I'll have this Author's Note up for a week or two before deleting it.