No Rev Without A Ride


Chapter One:

Race the Rain


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Sakura sighed. She twirled her long pink hair around her fingers as a bored expression settled on her features. A boy with shaggy red hair silently sat next to her. Both of them staring out towards the racetrack. It was a simple circle track, much like the NASCAR track but instead of sponsored cars that all looked the same, there were different tuner and muscle cars that ran here and it only allowed the best of the best on the track.

There was currently no cars running today, but both teenagers sat in the high metal stands regardless, soaking up the sun and enjoying each others company. There had been some clouds in the distance and a cool breeze had begun to blow whipping the girls hair from her fingers and making it dance wildly.

"I would do anything to get out on that track one day." Sakura whispered excitedly. She pulled her knees to her chest and smiled to herself. She noticed the boy next to her shift slightly before rising to his feet. He bent down and offered his hand to her. A blank expression written all over his face but there was a small hint of a smirk.

She looked up at him confused but took his hand in hers. He quickly pulled her up and he led her down the grand stands to the tall fence that blocked the crowd from the cars.

He let go of her hand and jumped onto the fence. He climbed halfway up before he stopped and smirked back at her. "You comin or not?" He gave her a quick nod that motioned for her to follow him and began climbing again. She shook her head and jumped up after him.

They both reached the top and jumped to the pavement on the other side. "Gaara you do know it's illegal to be on this side of the fence?" She smirked. By this point they had both started walking on the edge of the track.

The red head laughed at the girls statement. "No ones here, and you said you'd give anything to be on the track, now here you are.. so what are you gonna give me?" He smirked evilly.

She took a minute to think. "I meant drive a car on the track smart ass, so you receive nothing." She laughed and playfully shoved him. "So now what genius?" She giggled as she looked around curiously. The track had looked the same as it did from the stands, go figure. But to actually drive on an official track, that was Sakura's dream ever since she first started getting involved with cars.

He shrugged. "I don't know.. go home I guess, we'll get into more trouble there then we would here. Besides.. its going to rain, the fun starts soon." He smirked once again lazily pointing at the sky.

Sakura nodded and smiled. She ran to the fence leaving Gaara standing by himself before she glanced over her shoulder. "Race you there!" She shouted laughing. Just as she reached the fence she felt strong arms around her waist and a masculine chin on her shoulder.

Surprised she looked back and saw Gaara's piercing sea foam eyes staring playfully into hers. "It's a tie." He grinned making her smile. She slid from his grip and quickly climbed to the other side of the fence with him trailing after her.

She landed gracefully on the cement and quickly turned around to see Gaara land behind her. She smirked arrogantly. "No I win. I made it to the other side fist." She argued.

Gaara rolled his eyes. "It was a tie." He deadpanned.

Sakura shrugged. "Sure it was." She laughed, and started skipping back towards their house.

Gaara stuffed his hands in his pockets and strolled after his childish partner. A smile formed on his lips, the rain was going to come sooner then he thought.

'Wonder if Naruto got the car running yet.'



Naruto paced the cold cement floor racking his brain for an answer. Next to him, raised up on a jack was a car he just recently bought from a junk yard. It was in a wreck but it wasn't anything too bad, if anything he could rebuild it and sell it for a couple grand.

He glanced at the dark orange 69' GTO Judge again. A beautiful machine but there was a problem with the engine. He had been trying to figure out what was wrong with it since this morning. "Dammit." He cursed out loud stomping his foot in frustration. He was running out of time and patience.

He paused when he heard a giggle from outside and glanced out the giant bay window to see his two teammates sprinting to the house. He mischievously grinned knowing all the doors were locked.

This had been an ongoing game with him and Gaara, they liked to outsmart one another in any way possible. He was bent on winning and proving to Gaara that he was equally skilled and wasn't a total dork.



Sakura jumped up the stairs onto the porch and laughed. "Beat you again." She turned pointing at him. Gaara once again rolled his eyes at her immature actions and pushed past her to open the door. However when he went to turn the handle it didn't budge. It stayed firmly in place.

"Shit" He cursed under his breath.

Sakura's grin faded as she watched him. "What?"

"The door is locked…" He said, and began searching for an open window on the two story brick building.

Sakura blinked twice. "I thought Naruto was home?" She said getting ready to knock on the door, but Gaara grabbed her wrist before she could.

"He is, that's why you can't knock." He whispered and pulled her over to the back of the house.



Naruto was underneath of the car when he heard a thud and someone walking on the floor above him. 'No way' He thought. "They couldn't have gotten in, the doors were locked…and the win… Dammit"

His words came to a stop when he saw Gaara crouched next to him smirking. "You forgot about the windows… again." He mocked and pushed himself up while Naruto sighed and pulled himself out from under the car.

He had failed once again at getting his teammate back. 'Oh well I'll get him back soon.' He smirked.

Sakura came down the stairs into the basement garage and pointed outside "Its raining, we made it home just in time." Both boys turned to the window to see rain pouring like a waterfall outside.

Sakura smirked, and pulled on a black long hoody. "Time to get to work." She pulled the hood up, and loaded her pockets with her tools that she was all too familiar with. The sun would be setting in about two or three hours, that gave them just enough time to map out cars and the rain would shield them from unwanted eyes.

The best part about the rain was people didn't go outside and didn't bother to watch their cars. The bad part was most of the good cars were stored away when the weather was shitty. But if they could land at least a few cars tonight it would be worth it.

Gaara also grabbed a black hoody, and stuffed it with tools. "Lets go" He nodded to Sakura. Naruto scratched his head sheepishly. "Eh can one of you guys stay here and help me fix this car?" He grinned.

Gaara glanced back at his friend. "Why don't you come help us and we'll deal with it after we get back tonight?" He asked quickly. Sakura already was half way up the stairs.

Naruto averted his eyes from Gaara's "Well you see, I kinda made a deal with a dude that I could have it running by nine tonight.

Gaara sighed. "I thought I told you not to make any deals without talking it over as a team first.." His voice was stern, making Naruto a bit worried.

"Sakura." He shouted up the stairs his eyes not leaving Naruto's figure.

"Whaat?" Her voice sounding annoyed.

"You're on your own tonight, I need to help Naruto with the car." He pulled the hoody off and tossed it on a chair nearby.

"…Fine." Her voice sounded again and then a door slammed shut.

Gaara's eyes were once again on Naruto then he turned to the car. "Lets see what we can do." He sighed.

Naruto glanced over to him, "If it makes you feel better we will get paid if we get it out before nine." Gaara's smirk came back as he leaned on the hood getting a full view of the mouth watering Ram Air engine design. "Lets get this figured out before 9 then."



Sakura moved swiftly through the streets cutting through a few alley ways and made her way to a richer part of town. She wandered until she found a car garage.

'Perfect.' She thought to herself as she made it a point to look around for cameras. After careful inspection she only found two. Almost instantly she came across the security room. She managed to walk past it and glanced in to see if the guard was there.

He was.

She saw a hefty guy about mid 30's sitting in an office chair in front of the two TV screens for the cameras.

'Hmm this might be easier then I thought.' She pulled her hoody off revealing the shirt she had on earlier, it was a white sleeveless low cut top and it wrapped around her petite form flawlessly. The ends flowed out around her black cargo shorts that were soaking wet from the rain. She quickly ran her fingers through her hair and straightened it out before she lightly tapped on the security door.

The security guy seemed startled but his features smoothed out when he realized her standing there. "Uh, can I help you miss?"

Sakura, being the great actress she was, put on a worried face and pleaded to him, "Please, sir, I locked myself out of my car. I don't have any other way home.." She paused and flashed a small smile to him. "Would you be able to help me get it unlocked?" She looked like she was on the verge of tears, and made a point to push her breasts together with her arms as she brought her hands together in a prayer towards the man. ..Overkill much? Oh well she only had one chance to get the guy out of the office might as well pull all the stops.

The guard trying to keep his focus anywhere but her quickly nodded, and grabbed a tool to unlock the said car. "Which one is it?" He asked.

She quickly scanned the parking lot for one of the more expensive cars. "Right there, the silver Mercedes." She smiled sweetly. He glanced skeptically at her but just shrugged and tried to unlock it. As a result the alarm sounded, making him cringe, Sakura huffed "Im so sorry about this." and shifted her weight to her left side, hand on her hip and her hoody draped over her other arm.

The guard nodded in a way of saying 'no problem' and finally the door clicked open. The man backed away just enough to let Sakura get in. She hurriedly looked for the alarm wire and grabbed her clippers from the pocket of her hoody without the guard noticing and snapped the wire as fast as she could. She glanced up and gave him a big smile. "Thank you so much, Sir." She said kindly and he just nodded again and started walking back to the office.

As soon as he turned his back she got to work on the wiring. She had to be quick so that he didn't see her on the cameras. Just as he got into the office the car roared to life and Sakura sighed in relief. She quickly pulled out of the garage and started making her way out laughing to herself. 'That was way too easy.'

Five minutes later she was pulling into the shipping yard that was owned by Gaara's older brother, Kankuro. She rolled into a garage and parked the car in an empty bay.

Kankuro had been standing, leaning against a high counter when she pulled in. "Nice ass!" He exclaimed excited now examining the car. "This one is gonna be worth a lot. Sakura I don't know how you do it but you do it good! I'll be sure to let you guys know when this one goes out." He said still poking around the car looking at all the details and checking under the hood.

Sakura smirked and pulled her hoody back over her head. Without a word she was back on the hunt.

After a half hour of walking she hadn't found anything special and the rain had stopped, the slight breeze chilled her to the bone since the sun had set. "Might as well head home" she mused. Tomorrows another day, and the boys will be out too.



8:32 ...They had just finished working out the kinks in the car. "Alright Naruto, call your friend tell em its ready for pickup." Gaara smirked wiping off the grease that was smeared across his forehead. He walked over to the sink washing his hands and Naruto bouced over to the phone and dialed the number on the paper as fast as he could.

"Neji, hey man, the Gto is ready for you." ... "Yea the usual spot, .. cash." The phone was hung up and Naruto jumped into the drivers seat. "You want to come?" He grinned out at Gaara who just shot a look over his shoulder and shook his head.

"I need to wait for Sakura, she should be back soon" Naruto just nodded and pressed the garage door opener so he could back out and drove out to meet his friend.

About three minutes later Gaara heard the front door open and close. Squeaky shoes walking across the floor and the sound of heavy wet clothes hitting the floor. "That you Sakura?" He asked lazily walking up the stairs that led into the house.

"Maybe" was the answer he heard faintly from down the hall.

He made his way down to her room and tapped on the door. She muffled a quick "Hang on" and then opened the door a second later.

"Find anything good?" He asked while his eyes scanned her body. She had thrown off all of her wet clothes leaving her in a bra and her panties.

She was currently searching through her closet for a shirt. "Oh wow did I.. a Mercedes Benz McLaren! I dropped it off at the shipping yard with your brother."

He raised his eyebrows in shock. "Cool, that'll bring in some money."

She pulled a blue tank top on and grabbed black sweat pants. When she went to turn around and about ran into Gaara, she didn't realize how close he actually was. His red hair fell into his black outlined eyes as he looked down at her, a smirk graced his lips as she blushed lightly.

"Bet I can find something better tomorrow" He challenged her and in return she narrowed her eyes.

"Its so on, Gaara."

"Its been on.." He playfully retorted as she pushed past him and laid on the bed. Soon after he joined her, but instead of laying beside her he climbed on top of her holding himself up and rested his forehead on hers. "Looks like your trapped.." He whispered, his eyes softened as he stared at her. He lifted his head slightly and watched her giggle. "I think I like it" She whispered back and reached her hands to the back of his neck as he lowered his head back down to kiss her.

As soon as things started to heat up there was a loud knock on the front door. ..figures.. Gaara's head shot up and pulled himself to his feet. He glanced at Sakura, "Were you expecting someone?" She shook her head, and another loud knock was heard.

Gaara spun around to her door and walked down the hall. He pulled the door open just as the person was getting ready to knock again.

He studied the figure before him. "Who the hell are you?" He asked curiously, his eyebrows furrowed.



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