Happy Akuroku Day!

…a day early. I know. This is a two-shot, and I figured I'd give you the intro early and save the fluff for the actual Akuroku day. This was the drabble that turned into an epic, and I've been writing it over the course of three months, so I apologize if it feels disjointed in place, I will probably edit it in the future. This was also a bit of a challenge to self: write more dialogue, less description, so I apologize for the fact that some entire episodes are strictly dialogue.

things I own: four pairs of Chucks (two high, two low), a bid card from Alpha Gamma Delta, a ticket stub from Warped Tour 2010, an iPhone.

things I don't own: any of the characters mentioned in this story. They belong exclusively to Square Enix and Disney and not to me. Also, all songs mentioned or quoted in the story belong to the artists they are credited to. I just play them on repeat.

AM Static
Part IMay/June

May 19
10:57 pm

Roxas wrapped the headphone cord around his finger, choking the digit until the tip turned a rather alarming shade of maroon. He would never admit it out loud, but he was so incredibly terrified right now that he could hear his heartbeat echoing in the cavities of the large headphones cupping his ears, drowning out all other noise. This was an amazing opportunity, an internship that he'd spent months hoping for, a full hour doing a victory dance around his dorm room when he'd been accepted, but still. Here he was, snug in a sound booth, headphones pressed to his ears, mic dangling in front of his face, and with his heart pounding away in his throat he wasn't entirely sure he was going to be able to speak.

But the previous DJ, some stoic, emo-looking kid with brown eyes and a sulky scowl, was announcing the end of his show, and oh god, now he was saying Roxas' name and really, there was no turning back from here.

"Good evening Twilight Town," he cooed into the mic, mustering the most casual voice he could, "my name's Roxas and I'll be taking over the 11 to 1 slot from Cloud –" and here he glanced out the clear glass window of the sound booth, where the aforementioned blond was wrapped like cellophane around the stoic brunet from the previous show – "for the summer. We'll just be doing a little of this and a little of that, some tunes, celebrity gossip, life chats about whatever we're in the mood for, so I figured tonight would be as good a night as any for introductions."

He glanced down at the switchboards glowing beneath his fingertips, the station's number taped to the blank space at the top of the board.

"I already told you my name's Roxas. I'm a 20 year old college student majoring in English and Communications and this internship is something of a dream come true. I have really eclectic taste in music so I'll probably play a whole variety of different things, and I'm always down to take requests or suggestions for new bands or songs. I grew up on Destiny Islands but I'm living here for the summer with my twin brother Sora. Really, that's all you need to know about me."

Roxas took a breath. He wasn't sure why he was smiling; nobody could see him here in the sound booth, but the vague aching in his cheeks suggested that he had plastered his fake grin on his face since he first opened his mouth.

"What I really want to know about is you guys. I'd love to know who's listening, what you like to hear, what you like to talk about. I'm sure you guys don't want to just hear two hours of me rambling, so let me know how to entice you into chatting with me! Give me a call, kiddies. And while we're waiting, here's the last piece of my introduction; my all time favorite song, this is 'Alive With the Glory of Love' by Say Anything."

Somewhere in an apartment halfway across town, a redheaded stranger turned the volume up on his radio.

May 25
12:34 am
Greek Life

"Dear Audience, help me. My baby sister got home from her freshman year at Traverse this morning and called me bouncing off the walls about some sorority at school that personally invited her to rush their chapter in the fall. I know nothing about Greek Life, so enlighten me. Were you Greek? Are you now? What was, or is, Greek Life like at your school? Think about it and call me, in the mean time, here's Asher Roth with 'I Love College' to get you in the mood."

And the really amazing thing was that call they did. Old frat boys and current sorority girls, outsiders firmly in the anti-Greek camp, observers content to watch from the sidelines as their friends and roommates partied hard. Zexion, one of Roxas' semi-regular callers, was on the line now, alternating between expressing his firm opinion and shushing someone in the room with him.

"College should be primarily about academics," he was saying. Roxas pictured a college-aged bookworm, square, black framed glasses balanced on his nose as he poured over medical textbooks in the library, surrounded by empty coffee to-go cups. "Greek fraternities and sororities encourage students to spend less time on their schoolwork and more time getting drunk in the local bars. What is the point in spending tens of thousands of dollars on a quality college education if you are incapable of remembering half the nights you spent – OW, dammit, Demy–"

Roxas snorted, muffling the sound with his hand before the microphone could catch wind of it. From the sounds of things on the other end of the line, whoever Zexion had been trying to shush had moved on to forcibly removing the phone from Zexion's hands. Another call came through on the same line, apparently Zexion and/or his assailant had disconnected the call, and Roxas answered, still unable to keep the laughter out of his voice.

"Hey, you're live on W104, did you have something to say in response to Zexion…"

"Axel. Memorize it, I have a feeling you'll be hearing from me a lot if Zexion is going to be a regular caller. Anyway, I'm sitting here with my good friend Demyx…well…I was sitting here with my good friend Demyx, Demyx has very recently taken to wrestling Zexion into submission on the floor. It's odd, really, because I always rather expected Zexion to be the dominant one – OW, Dem, Zexion is the enemy, not me."

Roxas had an even harder time hiding his laughter from the mic this time, giggles still escaping the one hand firmly sealed over his mouth. They reminded him a little of his friends from school. Olette regularly spent hours at a time trying to convince Roxas, Hayner, and Pence that their school work was far more important than that Sigma Nu party tonight.

"Well, so long as Demyx still has Zexion pinned now might be a good time to present your argument, yeah?" He still couldn't keep the slight snicker out of his voice.

"Exactly what I thought! Zexion, dear friend, wonderful guy that he is, is about as dull as watching mold grow. Literally, he watches mold grow. For fun." Someone in the background, probably Zexion, was shouting something about 'mycology labs' and 'pyromaniac assholes.' "Anyway, Zexion is in the very, very, very minor minority of college students who actually do their work in a well-planned-out, very time-managed function. The rest of us like to party. Partying is fun, partying is well earned, and if you can't party in college then when the hell can you? High school you've got your parents breathing down your necks, and after you graduate you have to pretend to be a grown up. So come on, no time like the present! Uh oh. Demyx is down. Gotta go, bye Roxy!"

And Roxas, entirely unable to hold it in any longer, laughed, really laughed, the sound echoed through radios throughout the Twilight Town area. He really, really hoped that both Zexion and Axel called more often.

May 31
11:56 pm
Video Games

"Listeners, tomorrow is a very important day. Tomorrow is the day that dorky video game geeks, like myself, have been waiting for for almost two years; the day Quadrangle releases the sequel to Keyblade Master. All I've been able to think about all day is getting home and ripping open that shiny plastic wrap and staying up all night playing the new game. That being said, of course we're going to talk about it tonight…I don't have the mental capacity to talk about anything else. So tell me kiddies, are you stoked for the new Keyblade Master game? Are you going to play? Did you play the first one? If not, what's your favorite video game? Come on, call me and encourage the geek in me. In the mean time, here's the intro song from the new game, "Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru."

He had just begun to lose hope; Roxas hadn't heard from Zexion or Axel since his show last week, despite Axel's promise that he'd be hearing a lot from them. Roxas wasn't entirely sure why he was disappointed; he had plenty of regular callers, and plenty of them were funny as sin, but those three had just stuck out in his mind. They sounded like the type of guys Roxas himself would be friends with.

"Heyyyyy Roxas it's Demyx! I'm the one –"

"Who tackled the phone out of Zexion's hands? How could I forget you? So what's up Demyx, you're live on W104."

"Aw Zex, he remembers us. Guess where we are, Roxas? We're at the midnight release party for Keyblade Master! We've been here since this morning, so we're totally first in line. It's a madhouse here, I swear half the city's at this store right now. Shut up Zexion, there's nothing wrong with a little hyperbole, it's healthy. Anyway, Rox, Axel was really bummed that he had to miss the party for stupid work tonight, and we figured you probably were too, so we wanted to call you and cheer you up! They've been broadcasting your show through the speakers in the store, and I'm pretty sure at least 75% of your callers tonight have been calling from this party."

Roxas heard a muffled thud, like the clap of a hand over the receiver, and then nothing. He waited anyway, fairly certain that his caller would be back. Sure enough less than a minute later he heard Demyx' voice loud through his headphones again, so loud that it couldn't just be the one voice. It sounded like the entire store was screaming into the receiver, and it took Roxas a few seconds to make out what, exactly, they were saying.


The pandemonium that exploded through the speaker was enough to make Roxas jump a foot in the air, jerking the headphones from his ears. From the sound of things Demyx really hadn't been exaggerating by that much when he told Roxas that half the city was at the store. Roxas gingerly pressed one headphone back to his ear, shoulders tensed as he prepared to wince at the overwhelming sound.

"Roxas? Roxas! Did you hear that!"

"I think the whole city heard that, Demyx. You weren't kidding when you said it was a madhouse."

"Well, we just didn't want you to feel left out. Plus, we wanted to get you pumped up to play the game! The cover art is awesome, man, just wait until you see it! We're headed back to our apartment to fight over who gets to play first, but we'll call you tomorrow with our official review! Promise! Night, Rox!"

And even an hour later, as he disconnected the call and bid his audience a cheerful goodnight, passing the mic on to Marluxia for his Late Night Love Connections show, Roxas realized that once again, his cheeks hurt from grinning too hard. This time, unlike the first time, the smile was completely genuine.

June 4
12:04 am
Summer Jobs

"So you all know I have this awesome hosting gig every night, but what you may not know is that during the day I am the supreme master of ice cream scooping at an ice cream parlor a few blocks down from my apartment. Sometimes it's cool, especially when I get to make myself the weirdest ice cream concoctions you can possibly imagine, but let me tell you, today…not one of those days. Today was awful. Commiserate with me, friends. Let me know about your worst summer job ever, the worst experience you ever had at a day job, how you possibly survived, and whether or not it was worth it. Please, God, let it have been worth it. Collect your thoughts to the cool sounds of 'Middle Management' by Bishop Allen."

Roxas' show was decently popular; he had a steady following, a few fans of Leon's show that stuck around long enough to hear Roxas, some and his and Sora's friends, a few late night diners and fast food joints that kept the dial tuned to whatever station came in the clearest, usually 104. He almost always had enough callers to fill the two hour slot too, except on Sundays, but even then, he'd never before had three of the five lines light up at almost exactly the same time.

He picked one at random, the one second from the right, because it had always secretly been his favorite, and greeted the caller.

"Hey, you're live on –"


Roxas blinked. Had he been on a cell phone, not hooked up to headphones and a mic, this would have been the point where he pulled the phone away from his face and glanced at it with a bemused expression. What?


"Hey Rox, it's Axel! Miss me? Sorry I haven't been keeping my promise, work sucks. But hey, that's kind of the point of today's show, yeah? So I figured you'd forgive me if I ranted just a little bit, seeing as you gave me a golden opportunity to."

Roxas, torn between rolling his eyes and laughing, found himself instead imaging what Axel might look like. He'd never realized how much he depended on pointed looks, gestures, and facial expressions until he didn't have the person's face, couldn't even conjure the person's face to mentally give them a Look.

"Go for it. What God awful summer job has you working all hours of the night so that you can't even listen to my awesome radio show?"

"Aww, you did miss me. Don't you worry, Roxas, I've never missed a show. Loved the segment on boxers vs. briefs the other day…I'm still disappointed that you didn't share your preference with us."

Axel didn't miss a beat, not even pausing long enough for Roxas to consider the implications behind his previous statement.

"Anyway, you probably noticed that me, Zexion, and Dem all called at the same time…we had a little lovers spat over who got to share their worst summer job ever story, so we figured we'd let you pick, and obviously you picked the best choice. Demyx thinks he has it so bad, he's a private music instructor for those posh little rich kids up in Station Heights, but dude, he gets like $50 an hour to teach brats how to play the piano. I'll trade. At least Zex has to suffer like the rest of us, working doubles over at the Sandlot, but I think working at an amusement park would be pretty cool. Not my fault he hates everyone, especially little kids."

"I dunno, I guess it depends what ride you work at, yeah? I mean, imagine working on like the teacup ride and having to clean up sugar-coated puke every 45 minutes."

"…okay, A. Ew, B. touché. I still think my job is worse though. Besides, Zexion works on the Merry-Go-Round, which, admittedly, requires listening to that God-awful pipe organ music all day, but doesn't usually involve puke. I work at a movie theater."

"Elaborate, please, because all I can think right now is free movies and sweet movie posters, and that doesn't sound that bad at all." Roxas settled back in his chair, casually twisting the headphone cord around his fingers. He'd come a long way from his nervous shaking the first week, but this was still by far the most comfortable he'd been talking to any caller. It felt more like having a conversation with Sora or Hayner than some anonymous guy via telephone cords and airwaves.

"I'm in charge of cleaning the theaters after the movie. Let me tell you, Roxy, for every two pieces of popcorn that goes in the mouth, five more go on the floor. And my shoes? So soda-syrup sticky that I could probably walk up the side of a solid glass building."

"I'll see your sticky shoes, and raise with hands that smell like freezer burn no matter how many times you wash them."

"Greasy butter smell in my hair. My hair, Roxas. Oh…yeah, you haven't seen it. My hair is far too sexy to smell like greasy butter. Besides, I see your awful smells and raise you bodily fluids on the seats. On the seats…dude, you know why so many teenagers do date night at the movies, right?"

Roxas couldn't suppress the shudder or the laugh that followed that statement, knowing entirely too well what Axel was alluding to. He knew when he was beat; Axel's job definitely sounded worse than his.

"Okay, I fold. That's disgusting. No amount of free movies could make up for that. Please tell me you wear gloves."

"Are you kidding? Like three pairs at a time. Anyway, Roxy, I think I've taken up enough of your show…although really, who's going to want to follow this job, huh? Unless you clean out the penguin habitat at the Twilight Town Zoo you don't have a prayer beating this one."

"That sounds like a challenge. Okay guys, there's a solid fifty minutes left in the show; someone's got to rise to the occasion. Anyone out there with a job worse than Axel's, give me a call."

"Do I get a prize if I win, Roxas?" Axel's voice had taken on a new quality to it, something a little heavier, huskier, still teasing but decidedly more of a flirty tease than a playful one. Roxas decided not to acknowledge the little shiver that accompanied the sound of his name being purred in that voice.

"Anything you want," he laughed, curious to see what the other boy wanted.

"Just an answer, Rox. Boxers, or briefs? Later cutie."

Roxas didn't know if Axel heard the surprised bark of laughter that escaped past his hand and into the microphone, but he was sure that even if he didn't, he knew the blond had laughed anyway. Of course, and the DJ still wasn't sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing, nobody's story quite managed to beat Axel's. He was sure there were plenty of people in Twilight Town with worse horror stories of summer jobs, but either they weren't listening to the show or they didn't feel like sharing. One way or another, by 12:58 Roxas had to admit defeat.

"Alright guys, time to call it a night…I can hear my pillow calling me to bed from all the way over here. Thanks for your horror stories, kids, it made me feel loads better. And Axel? You know that billboard over by the station? The Calvin Klein one with that Blitzball player in those black boxer briefs...?"

Sitting on the counter of the snack bar at a movie theater on the other side of the city, green eyes grew comically wide as their owner choked on a piece of popcorn.

June 5
11:45 pm

"Okay, so we're all guilty of reading the tabloids. It's so hard not to, what with them screaming in your face about celebrity this and celebrity that every time you try to buy a carton of milk. Even when we don't mean to, we're bombarded with the affairs of the fabulous rich and famous. So today I was at the supermarket absolutely not reading a gossip rag, the front cover of which was definitely not a story of the Shocking!Gay!Love!Affair! of the lead singer of The Organization and his bassist. And you know what, at first it totally caught my attention. I mean, Xemnas Zemunasu, master of all things BDSM-chic leather and guy-liner, gay? No way! But then I started thinking. Who really cares? Who gives a damn if he wants to do his bassist every which way from here to next Tuesday? What do you guys think? Is it a bigger story that the lead singer of one of the most popular hardcore bands on the scene is gay, or that he's engaging in a potentially-career-destroying relationship with another member of his band? Do you even care? Which issue should be the bigger deal, even if it's not?"

It was by far Roxas' busiest show. He'd taken to cutting callers off after a three minute limit, less, although he'd never admit it, if the caller even leaned in the slightly homophobic direction. Charmingly, wonderfully, the majority of his audience didn't. He supposed that was because his audience consisted largely of the 18-24 year old crowd, but even then, aside from a few yaoi fangirls cooing over what a hot couple Xemnas and Saïx made, most of Roxas' audience seemed more concerned at the risk the front man was taking with such a popular band.

"I mean yeah, it's kinda hot," Demyx was saying, barely bothering with his standard hello as he rushed to say his piece in the given time limit, "Saïx is kind of creepy looking, but Xemnas…well, anyway. Unless they start making out on stage or writing love songs to each other, what difference does it – fuck off, Axel! This is my call! Axe, give it – dammit!"

Demyx' voice grew progressively softer as he reached the end of the sentence, and Roxas recognized it as the sound of someone else grabbing control of the phone. As far as he'd been able to figure Demyx, Zexion, and Axel lived together, or at the very least spent every single day together, because they almost always interrupted each other's calls to add their own two cents in.

"Hey Roxy, how's my favorite little tease doing today? Loved the shout out Thursday night."

"You ask, I deliver."

"That's good to hear, Rox, because I have another question." Axel's voice was taking on that teasing purr again, and Roxas knew what was coming. "You're asking us how we feel about celebrities sexuality, and, well, as a radio host on a fairly popular station, you're becoming something of a local celebrity, Roxas. So, you're kind of asking if it matters what your sexuality is? And I personally say oh, yes, it totally does."

He had been right about what Axel was going to ask him, and he truthfully had no problem answering the question; he didn't even mind the highly publicized setting and the sheer number of people that he was answering. It was who was asking that made Roxas nervous. Axel was throwing the gauntlet, asking for permission to allow the flirtatious vibrations in his voice, and Roxas was intrigued enough by his favorite caller to accept the challenge.

"My sexuality never really mattered, Axel," and dammit if Axel was allowed to purr then Roxas would dish it out just the same, "I consider myself an equal opportunity employer."

There was laughter on the other end, and oooh, Roxas liked the sound of that laughter, but it was growing increasingly more muffled. Apparently Demyx had finally managed to wrestle the phone back from his friend.

"Axel's blushing, Roxas," he told Roxas conspiratorially. Roxas heard strangled yelling in the background, but Demyx, or maybe Zexion, was successful in holding the other boy away from the phone. "He thinks your voice is hot as hell. Ooo now he's blushing even more. Looks a little bit like he's on fire, actually, especially with that hair of his. Anyway, I guess Flamesilocks used up all our time – OW, GET YOUR BONY ELBOWS OUT OF MY RIBS, ASSHOLE – shit, Roxas, gotta go! Bye!"

Roxas was starting to wonder if he had ever once managed, or ever would manage, to end a phone call with any of those three without laughing his ass off. He kind of hoped not.

He decided not to tell anyone about the dream he had that night, the dream with flaming red hair, long, thin fingers, and a husky, familiar voice purring in his ear.

June 9
11:01 pm
Asking Out Your Crush

"Uh, hey, you're –"

"Roxy, tell me you don't have a super exciting topic idea for tonight." It was Axel, sounding a breathless combination between giddy and nervous.

"Nope, nothing. You know, it's generally traditional for me to introduce the show before people call, not to start the show with someone already waiting on the line." He teased. Roxas didn't particularly have anything witty planned for the night, and he was curious enough by the disruption to his schedule to allow it.

"I was worried that you might have missed me. But seriously, I have something kind of awesome to announce, and I totally think you should use it for your topic for tonight." The nervousness was slowly being edged out by sheer excitement; it reminded Roxas of his brother's voice when they were younger and Sora was desperate to share earth shattering news.

"Spit it out, then."

"Real men swallow."

Roxas choked on nothing but pure air, scrambling to cover the mic as he fought to correct his breathing. Axel continued on as if he'd heard nothing out of the ordinary.

"You've probably noticed that Demyx, Zexion, and I are roommates. We've been friends since freshman year of college, got an apartment together for the summer, and let me tell you, Rox, it's been slow torture watching them dance around each other. Well, Demyx finally finally finally worked up the nerve, damned if I know how, or why today of all days, to confess to Zexion that he's been in love with him since they met in Intro to Music Theory freshman year."

"Well, hell yeah to Demyx then! That's a hard game to play."

"Wait, cause you haven't even heard the best part. You've never seen them around each other, but our other friends will tell you…the rest of the world has known that they're mad for each other since about ten minutes after Demyx flew home on cloud nine after the first day of Music Theory. Everyone knew except, of course, Demyx and Zexion. So Demyx just blurts it out out of nowhere, seriously I don't even know why, we're just sitting around playing Brawl and Dem suddenly just word vomits, and Zexion, bless his soul, whacks him upside the head, calls him several colorful synonyms for 'idiot,' and proceeds to kiss the ever-living shit outta him. Haven't seen either of 'em since…but I had to leave the apartment."

The uncontrollable laughter that always seemed to surface when Axel called made yet another appearance, but Roxas didn't even bother to hide it. Axel's story had been told both for comedic value and for sheer appreciation, and it deserved both.

"I think it's safe to say that they're not listening to right now, but you tell them later that I said congratulations, and that tonight's show is dedicated to them. That's really, really awesome for both of them, and I'm sure I speak for everyone listening right now when I say that it's nice to hear a real life happy love story for a change."

"When they resurface for air I promise I'll tell them. I really did think this could be a totally fun topic for tonight though; how to tell that guy or girl that you're nuts about them, your best true love confession story, your ideal profession of true love, yada yada, yada. This is kinda fun, Roxy, being a talk show radio host must be awesome. Can we dedicate a song to them, too?"

Axel sounded like a kid in Disney World; Roxas tried to ignore how cute his excitement was. He generally refused to acknowledge that a guy he didn't know a single thing about save his voice could be cute.

"Sure, Axel. You guys heard the man, give us a call, let me hear your best love stories. Now, I know you all are going to kill me, but you seriously couldn't expect me to play anything else but this. Call me!"

Axel stayed on the line as Roxas cued up Taylor Swift's "Love Story," muffled laughter coming from his end of the phone as the first notes of the song started playing.

"You are secretly a Top 40s pop princess, aren't you?" He laughed. Roxas smirked. He was glad this part of the conversation wasn't on the air; he'd never live it down if Sora heard him admit the truth to that question.

"Thanks for the idea, and the story. I had nothing good ready for tonight, and that's kind of a perfect topic. And it's kinda cool that you called in to tell me about Demyx and Zexion." It was different, talking to the Axel without the rest of the listeners being able to hear the conversation. Not a bad different, just different.

"I'm just glad you're not totally freaked out by it. I thought it might be kind of weird for me to do, but like…I don't know, I guess it just kind of feels like we're friends, you know what I mean? We listen to your show almost every night, and we call in often enough that you know us, and it just…" The nervous edge had returned, almost completely eliminating the teasing hint to Axel's tone, and though it was still one hundred percent Axel's voice, it was totally different than anything Roxas had ever heard from him. He would almost go so far as to call it…serious.

"Yeah, I do," Roxas admitted. His voice, too, was different. He dropped the cheerful gusto he used as his 'radio talk show voice,' and his every day voice was just a note deeper, quieter, just a hint more somber. "I'll never admit it on air, so don't you dare make me, but you guys are definitely my favorite callers. You remind me a lot of my friends from school, which is kind of nice. I miss them like hell when I'm here for the summer."

"Of course we're your favorite, Rox," and the teasing was back, but barely, just a casual, friendly sort of lemony twist to Axel's voice, "and the song's almost over, so I should probably go. I'll still be listening though! Talk to you tomorrow, gorgeous."

June 13
11:20 pm
All Time Favorite Must-See Movie

"Well that one's a no brainer, Roxy, hands down it's totally Fight Club…No, Demyx, I am not putting in a plug for Moulin Rouge. Why? Because you're the biggest, most flaming homosexual on the planet, that's why. Wha – excuse me, I'm not the one begging Zexion every night, and my favorite movie isn't a damn musical love story, so no I do not 'out-gay' you…uh…sorry, Rox. Dem says hi."

June 18
12:25 am
Best Roller Coaster You've Ever Been On

"It's impossible to pick just one, Rox, what the hell's wrong with you? I mean, there are just so many truly, truly amazing rides to choose from. Have you ever been on the 'Flurry of Dancing Flames' at Castle Oblivion? That shit's awesome, man. Oh, or Dual-Wielder at the Sandlot? I swear, if you stretch your feet out too far you'll kick the people on the other track…what, Zex?...Zexion says they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring engineers to ensure that you're never actually close enough to touch the other cars, but we're not going to listen to the spoil sport. Besides, Zex, I'm slightly taller than the average person, ya know? Zexion's a total shrimp, Rox, especially next to me, and it's all because I never drank a drop of coffee in my life, unlike Zexion, the human caffeine dump. His loss."

June 21
11:36 pm
High Tops versus Low Tops

"Personally, I think it depends on the color and the outfit…and the person, I guess. Some people just look plain awful in high tops, but sometimes they look mad cute with a pair of shorts or something. One of my friends at school wears her high tops with dresses when she goes out, and it's totally hot. I have like eight pairs of Chucks; three high, five low. I'm even wearing a pair right now; kelly green high tops that match my uniform sleeves. What about you, Rox, whatcha wearing?"

And Roxas, glancing down at his own pair of badly scuffed, well loved kelly green high tops kicked up on the corner of the closest speaker, could only laugh and try to suppress a grin.

June 25
12:57 am
Random Fun Fact

"Hey Roxas, did you know that the world record for the longest kiss is 31 hours 18 minutes?"

"Did you know that a one minute kiss burns 26 calories?"

"That's a lot of calories, man."

"48, 828."

"Hey Roxas?"


"If you're ever feeling like you need to burn a few calories, you let me know. Night, Roxy."

June 29
12:26 am
Favorite Vice

"Well…I should think it's kind of obvious by now, Roxas. My new favorite vice is calling you every night. And don't even pretend for a second that you don't like it."

Part II comes tomorrow. If you're bored in the mean time, answer any of your favorite of Roxas' talk show questions. What's your favorite movie? Best roller coaster you've ever been on? Thoughts on Greek Life? Favorite style Chuck Taylors? Worst summer job ever? Chat with me lovelies, I am so very bored and want to get to know you.