Summary: AU. Dean and Castiel are teenage lovers but both come face to face with a fair few problems because of their sexuality. PLEASE REVIEW!

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Keep Me Strong

Chapter Thirty-Five: Epilogue

Two Years Later

"C'mon, sweetie..." Castiel whispered, holding his hands out to little Amy who was toddling slowly towards him with her hands in the air, soft sounds escaping her lips as she moved towards her father, "Come on...good girl!"

Dean smiled as he watched from the doorway, beaming as the tiny baby flopped forwards, Castiel catching her and laughing before hoisting her up and peppering her face with kisses, smiling as he saw Dean.

"Daddy Dean's home, Amy!" He said, "Look, it's Daddy Dean!"

Amy squealed happily and reached towards Dean, the twenty-two year old reaching for his daughter and taking her into his arms.

"DADDA DEA!" She squeaked, Dean beaming and pressing a kiss to her head.

Two years had passed as they'd gone through the adoption process, and now little Amy Louise was in their lives it was like everything was finally slotting into place. Sam and Jess were half way through college, Gabriel and Jo were engaged, and the Novak family was finally at peace.

"Hey, Amy." Dean whispered, kissing her cheek, "How's my little walker today?"

"She took eight steps." Castiel beamed, "All by herself."

"That's my girl." Dean breathed, "That's my girl, Amy!"

Babbling and gurgling ensued and Dean tickled his little girl under the chin, kissing her head and blowing little raspberries on her cheek which made her laugh.

"I'll get dinner started." Castiel whispered, kissing Dean's lips and leaving him with Amy.

"Good God, Amy..." Dean breathed, "You are the most beautiful thing..."

The baby just smiled at him, leaning forward and burying her little face in his neck. He cuddled her back, pressing gentle kisses to her head as she made soft sounds.

"Y'know, that's really interesting, Ames." He said, "Really good to hear."

Amy lifted her head, gazing at Dean with those gorgeous blue eyes before she grinned, leaning up and kissing the end of his nose sweetly which made Dean chuckle.

"I love you." He told her, Amy squealing in response, "I do, Amy Louise, I love you so, so much!"

The knock on the door made Dean smile and he opened it to find Sam, Jess, and the Novaks on the other side, grinning and stepping back to let them in.

"How's my favourite little niece, huh?" Sam asked, taking Amy into his arms and laughing as she babbled and pulled on his hair, "It's good to see you too."

"Hey, sweetie pie..." Jess beamed, pressing a kiss to Amy's head and looking up as Castiel came from the kitchen.

"Make yourselves at home, guys." He said, the family going into the living room and all fussing over the baby.

"Hi, gorgeous..." Gabriel said with a cheeky grin, "Hi, Ames!"

Amy gurgled and grinned, squeaking and clapping her hands which made her laugh, the others chuckling and beaming as she wriggled a little, all unable to believe how cute and beautiful she was.

"GABIE!" She cried, Gabriel chuckling and opening his arms to her as Sam passed her across.

"Hi, sweetie." Gabriel smiled, taking the little girl and sitting her on his knee, watching her look at the others before she just snuggled up to him.

He stroked the back of her head, Lucifer and Anna rubbing her back gently. She looked around at her family, smiling at them all before pressing into Gabriel's chest, her uncle cuddling her close. This was perfection. Dean and Castiel with their baby, the Novaks finally at peace with each other, and things going better than they had in a long time.

Dean and Castiel took their little girl, who sat beaming at her family who loved her more than anything. As long as she had their love, and as long as they loved each other, nothing could stand in their way.

If it weren't for Dean and Castiel's love for each other, the others knew they wouldn't be as strong as they were two years on, and six years into Dean and Castiel's relationship, they were still as in love as they'd always been. They looked to little Amy, knowing that she, and possibly more children were their future.

That was all they needed to stay strong.

~The End~

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