This has been stuck in my head for a while, something I had to write no matter how many reviews I get. This is my take on how Juliet would get proposed to. There's no doubt who it is, but I still left out his name, anyway.

Anyhoo, I may have forgotten a couple stores, I used the ones I could remember, and I apologize if I did.

I own nothing, never will, and thanks for reading…


Juliet O'Hara needed post-it notes. Carlton had used the last of hers composing a crime scene board for their latest case. She had asked him not to use them all, she needed a few to label things around her apartment-when Shawn came over he seemed to rearrange everything because he knew it bothered her-but he seemed to blatantly ignore her, like always, and use them all anyway; even the pink ones, which kind of surprised Juliet.

So, she left the SBPD to head over to the local office supplies store, a good three blocks from the station, and began her search for a couple packages of post-its, just in case Lassiter needed anymore. But when she reached Staples, there were no more Post-its. Not even in the back, she had asked Glenn: the cashier.

She headed to Office Max next, two blocks down from Staples, and once again had no luck. So, she tried Office Depot, and found it lacking Post-its, too. She tried Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, a couple other stores. Her last ditch effort was the small stationary store on the other side of town, but once again found the Post-its all sold out.

Frustrated, she headed back to the station. How can this city be completely out of post-its, she thought wearily, shaking her head slowly. It doesn't make sense.

It was still baffling her when she stepped back into the SBPD. She just couldn't figure it out, and the detective in her wouldn't let it go. She intended to investigate, or ponder because investigating would be completely pointless-consumers probably needed the post-its for something-when she spotted several people surrounding someone's desk, but not just any someone's: hers.

What the… she started forward, a path clearing for her, and found hundreds-upon-hundreds of post-its littering her desk. They were on her computers, across her stapler, covering her chair, wrapped around the pencil she had been using earlier, everywhere. It solved her missing post-its case pretty quickly.

"Who…?" she started but froze when she read what was scribbled across the closest post-it. Four words she had heard before, out front of a restaurant, a cinnibun in her hand, in front of several people. It had been for a case then, to help catch a thief-or thieves if she thought about it-but now she was pretty sure there was no case. And she was one-hundred percent sure who was asking.

"Where is he?" she asked turning to McNab, the closest officer.

"He told me that he wouldn't appear until you gave him an answer," Buzz replied with a barely concealed smile.

"What's going on," a familiar voice said and Carlton Lassiter pushed himself to the front of the crowd, a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in his hand. He glanced at the post-its, rolled his eyes, and said, "Of course he'd do something so extravagant. A waste of trees if you ask me." He continued to grumble as he pushed his way back to his desk.

"So, Detective O'Hara…" Buzz let his voice trail off, no longer capable of holding back his smile.

Juliet thought about it for a moment, reminiscing all the good times they had shared before and after they started dating. She loved him, no doubt about that, and wouldn't mind having him around even if he did rearrange her stuff. So, there was only one thing she could say…



Yes, I ended it on a cliffhanger, sorry. It's just in my nature. But, it's a good cliffhanger… or is it? Maybe she said no. It's a fifty-fifty shot. But that shot's up to you, interpret the ending any way you please. I don't mind.