Jade's p.o.v.

The rain let up in the middle of the night but I stayed up for most of the night, too excited and yet too sad to sleep. I had been broken when I heard about the bloody week in Seattle with all the killings and the missing persons. It is the least I could do is to read their names in their honor. During the night I had got up from my bed and went up to the second level of my room and sat on the indented window sill and gazed at the rain falling down to the green earth. I sighed and thought for a few hours, I could sit in a seat and just think for days if time would allow but the life of a princess hardly allows you time for yourself. It's not the kind of life you see in fairy tales my friends.

I nodded to myself and decided that I was going to visit the local market place tomorrow in Edinburgh just a few minutes from the castle. I sighed and took my knees into my arms and laid my cheek on my knee cap. It's been hard lately. I really miss my uncle dearly though more then that, I miss the person my mom used to be. She used to be so loving and caring but now she just seems so cold. That I am just a princess to her, not her daughter. It hurts. Though only Amber knows that. The rhythmic sound of the fan across the room helped me gently fall asleep, curled up in a ball.

I woke up in my bed, which shocked me. Last time I remember I was upstairs in my window. I sat up quickly and looked around my room for anything strange when I recalled upon the many cases just like this when I was younger. I stood up with a gentle smile on my face and walked over to my closet on the far right against the wall behind the small spiral stairs. Before I opened the closet I glanced outside and a happy smile broke over my lips, the rain had cleared and even though it was still cloudy I was overjoyed it wasn't raining. It would make my visit to the market much easier and more enjoyable for myself, my guard and my people. I walked into my long closet and started to shift through some of the clothes and sighed.

"It's going to be cold today. So a dress is a no-no." I said to myself with a grin, I never told anyone but Chester that dresses really aren't my thing. I only wear them because my dad thinks that they look stunning on me. I don't want to let my father down, he means the world to me. Casual wear is my thing though. "So let's creak out these new skinny jeans," I smiled, taking it off the hanger and tossing it aside "this undershirt and a lace top." I said and tossed them next to the black jeans. I got dressed quickly and jumped in front of the mirror at the end of my walk-in closet. I smiled at my colorful lace t-shirt on top of my blue undershirt. I chuckled at myself and grabbed my converse and slipped them onto my different colored socks and walked out of the closet while turning off the light.

I walked over to my bedroom door though before leaving my room I looked over at the Scottish flag and gave a light curtsy in respect. I turned and opened my door and heard a bonk as it came in contact with someone's head. I gasped and slipped out the door and found the new guard on the floor moaning and holding his head.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Are you alright!" I asked and knelt down next to the young man's head. I looked at the door and grimaced, it's oak. That had to hurt. The man rolled over onto his back still holding his head while sitting up and looked at me through bright green eyes. Shockingly bright green eyes.

"Princess?" the man asked in a husky Scottish accented voice, I nodded gently with a small smile. At least he seems ok.

"Are you alright Patrick?" I asked gently unconsciously moving his hand out of the way so I could feel the damage in case of medical help was needed. The young man who was only a year older then myself looked shocked though winced when I softly touched the large bump on the back of his head.

"I-I'm fine. Princess Jade please stand up, you should not kneel down to someone lower then yourself." Patrick Muller said as he turned his green eyes away from my blue ones. I smiled and shook my head.

"I hope you realize that I just smacked you with an oak door that is about 3 inches wide in the back of your head? The least I could do is help you now please stop being ridiculous." I smiled and stood up holding my hand down to him to help him up "Come on, you need to put ice on your head unless you want a sever migraine later." I grinned, I had difficultly holding in my laughter at the expression on Patrick's face, he looked like that was the last thing he wanted and something in his eyes said another thing. "Don't worry Mr. Muller, this can be between you and I." I smiled and held my hand out again.

Patrick sighed and took my hand and I helped him to his feet, he stood a foot taller then myself and is well built much like Chester except a smaller version. I smiled and took his wrist and started walking to the kitchen.

"Princess, where are you taking me?" Patrick asked with a small hint of nervousness as he gently took his wrist back. I laughed, the headache was starting, this kid was like an open book. I looked at him as he closed his eyes and rubbed his head with both hands.

"The kitchen, now come on. It'll only going to get worse and that would be a horrible way to wrap up your first week here." I said and took his sleeve and lead him along. "If you don't believe me, just as Chester. I did this to him numerous times, he learned to stand farther away from the door." I grinned and started up a stairwell, pulling my guard along.

"I'm defiantly going to be doing that." I heard him sigh. I felt guilty but I had done this so many times on accident that I learned not to let myself feel that way for too long. It would ruin my whole day. I took a right at the top of the stairwell and heard the commotion from the kitchen already. "Almost their Patrick." I sighed. When I was in front of the kitchen door I stopped Patrick and started to brush off his uniform.

"Princess Jade, what are you doing?" Patrick asked in a strained voice, I remember the first time I hit Chester with the door, and it was worse then now. And Chester didn't like me very much so he was very annoyed.

"I'm getting the dirt off your uniform so that the Kitchen Staff will think I just accidentally hit you with the door. If they knew you fell on the job for just getting knocked with a door, they may report you. It happened to someone a while ago and I don't want that happening to anyone else. Because of me, he lost his job that he worked very hard for." I said as I finished brushing off his shoulders. I won't forget him, Tyler Gorman; he was a great person and he had worked to get up to royal guard for years and when he got reported no one would listen to me when I tried to save his job. It was terrible. Patrick looked at me with a bewildered face though there was some gratitude there. I took his wrist and walked into the kitchen.

There were rows and rows of kitchen appliances, many of the chefs looked up with annoyed looks which were immediately wiped from their faces when their eyes landed on me and changed into a smile. There were many bows of respect and 'Good morning Princess.' I walked over to the freezer and one of the server girls walked up to me. She was about 10 years old with blonde brads.

"Good morning Princess Jade!" she said and curtsied. I smiled and rubbed her head.

"Good morning Sara and you know you can call me Jade, we've known each other long enough." I said and hugged the girl softly. Sara laughed and leaned in and glanced at Patrick.

"Did you hit him with the door?" she whispered, I nodded with guilt and she giggled and handed me an ice pack. I put my index finger over my lips and gave a softy 'sh' with a smile.

"Thanks honey. Now you be good to Chef Natalya." I said, Sara giggled and rolled her eyes. "Promise!" I said with a grin.

"I promise Princess!" She laughed and ran off. I smiled and turned back to Patrick who had a strange look on his face. I rolled my eyes, grabbed his sleeve, and walked out of the kitchen. When I closed the door, Patrick groaned. I stood on my tip toes and held the ice pack to his head. "Nice job holding it together in there." I said softly, trying not to irritate his headache again. He just grunted when his watch went off, he slowly opened his bright eyes again.

"Well, I'm off duty now. Chester is supposed to take his shift now, I'm sure he's probably waiting by your room. We should go back." Patrick sighed softly, he was putting his hand back onto the ice pack to move it but placed his hand on mine that was holding it. His hand was warm compared to mine that was holding the ice pack. He gasped and covered it with a cough.

"I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" I asked in a worried tone.

"No Princess, I'm fine. Thank you." Patrick said and looked at me with a gentle smile. I smiled back and softly took my hand out from underneath his so he could hold the ice pack.

Patrick had led me back to my room and sure enough Chester was there. I smiled and hugged him, he is still trying to get used to that. We went to the dinning hall and got me breakfast and then it we were off to the town. I smiled and breathed in the fresh air as the limo took us away from the castle. I looked up at the gray sky and grinned.

"It's just like Seattle." I said to Chester, he smiled and nodded, sitting in the seat across from me in the limo. "So our flight is at 7 right?" I asked kindly as we drove along the roads to town square. Chester nodded with a soft smile.

"Yes with you, George, Sally, Patrick and I. All we have to do is pack for our week trip alright? You're like a child in a candy store will you sit still?" he laughed. I sighed and changed my position again.

"I can't I'm just too excited. I get to go to town and go back to the states! Maybe I'll be able to reconnect with my old best friend. Chester, this trip means so much too me. And it's an honor to read the names of the dead and missing of the Seattle Slaughter." I sighed softly.

I love my people; the Scottish citizens are so loving and caring and funny. Many had insisted on giving me things for free but I was determined to pay. In the end I did pay, and gave them more for themselves. I signed many children's notepads for autographs, posed for pictures and chatted with them. Chester and I had lunch in a nice and quiet place and after on the way back to he car, I saw a few paparazzi. That's a downfall of begin royalty, you have people trying to find something to make fun of; but I smiled at the camera man hiding in the bush anyway. When I stepped inside the castle the first thing to greet me was my mother's furious face.

"Where have you been?" She asked in an angered voice, I sighed and continued to walk knowing she would follow.

"Where I go every weekend afternoon when I'm not cooped up in here mother." I said as politely as I could. Unfortunately Chester had abandoned me at the door to deal with my mother myself. 'Coward.' I grunted in my head, but I can't blame him. She is the queen, royal. Defiantly a royal pain in my ass.

"You have to pack and get ready. And what in the lord's name are you wearing?" She gasped as we were approaching my room.

"I have two hours till the plane leave. And clothes mother. Just like you are," I sighed, she was wearing an bass elegant dress that cut off at her ankles. I have to admit that my mom dresses beautifully; just not my style.

"Well, you are not to wear those kinds of clothes again. Dress like-"

"I know, dress like a Princess mom. I've heard it a million times. Now please, stop ruining my good mood." I said as politely as my body would let me. "Now I have to get ready." I said now that we have come to my door. I opened it and closed it without a look back. I groaned loudly and knotted my hands in my hair. "Chester don't say a word please." I sighed after I calmed down. Chester walked from the corner of my room and walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel he felt awkward but it helped me. "She just doesn't get it." I said and pulled back softly, I looked up and gazed into his brilliant blue eyes.

"I understand. But please get ready, His Highness wants us to leave in 30 minutes." Chester said but there was something in his voice that made me laugh in his arms.

"That was 10 minutes ago right?" I laughed, I felt him laugh as well and he nodded. I hugged him gently "Thanks." He nodded and left the room and closed the door, there was an empty suitcase on my bed, I walked over to my closet and grabbed some clothes. I smiled to myself as I packed only one dress and the rest were of my own expression. I packed the necessities in a carry on and sighed to myself as I fit clothes enough for a week into my carry on as well. Sorry Dad, sorry mom, sorry Uncle Robert. I slung it over my shoulder and pulled my suitcase behind me. I'm so going to do it.

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