Title: Simple

Author: Alex aka Numbuh 145362

Author's Notes: HEY! This is my first Big Time Rush Story! I wanted to right a Jamille; I think that Jamille is very underappreciated as a Big Time Rush couple. So I started making a brabble, and this came up! I hope you all like it!

Dedication: Um, to whoever reads this! You guys are awesome!

Summary: But it really wasn't. Jamille

Disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own Big Time Rush… if I did, James would be mine!

It should have been easy.

Quite {s-i-m-p-l-e} really.

He is a pretty boy.

She is a nerd.

He is *h*o*t*.

She is .n.o.t.

He has a band, a famous band.

She is the r/e/j/e/c/t of *Hollywood*.

He had amazing f^r^i^e^n^d^s^.

She had one… maybe?

He had girls, Pretty Girls, lining up to date him.

She had Logan, sort of.

Even though they were so [etisoppo/opposite], it meshed together into something w!o!n!d!e!r!f!u!l!.

James and Camille

They had always heard, "O:p:p:o:s:i:t:e:s A+t+t+r+a+c+t."

In their case, that is s,i,m,p,l,y, the (truth).

All hail the Jamille! This was really fun to write! I just had to think about opposites, it's really a classic tale. Nerd meets pretty, they dislike each other, and then they date, just like Logan and Quinn in Zoey 101! ;) It's funny, Erin Sander's character always likes a Logan!

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