I thought I'd explore Tawni's caring side. It's a bit morbid but I thought I'd do something different because people do death stories and write how it affect Sonny or Chad. But if we saw Tawni's side and saw how she blamed over people & felt guilt, it'd be different. Maybe it's just me. Anyway enjoy!

...And, finally, Miss Sunshine Munroe crumpled.

She broke.

And do you want to know why?


You did this, you inflicted so much pain on SONNY, that she gave up.


Do you hear me?

She was my best FUCKING friend!

She was only a china doll, Chad.

A fragile, innocent, never been touched, on the shelf, china doll.

I dressed her up all pretty for you, to go on display.

While you slowly ate away at her insides, leaving her empty.


Sonny Munroe wasn't so sunny anymore.

And I hate you! But I hate me more! Because neither of us saw it!

She put on that smile, the smile we should've seen through, for weeks!

She was friendless for weeks.

Because I didn't know!

I was wrong. She was a much better actress then any of us give her credit for!

I was wrong, you were wrong. We were all wrong.

And she never knew how much I cared.

Because right now, chad dylan cooper, I am sitting on my bed, staring at the letter she left for me.

Because that's all I have left.

That's all ANY of us have left.

"He hurt me so much. I can't do it anymore. You're my best friend. I love you."

Those were her last words to me.

Do you understand now?

Do you GET that you murdered her?

You ruined her life. You ruined my life. You ruined our casts lives. You ruined her fans lives..

But most importantly, you ruined your life.

How does it feel Cooper?

1, 2, 5, too many to count lives.

And you're solely responsible.

Her grave reads:

Sonny Munroe
Friend to all. Bought the sun to people who thought they'd never see light again.
She'll always be a star. Just look up.

You did that.

Before she was a star on the screen. She bought the light with her presence.

Now she's a star in the sky, shining the brightest.

Glittering away, the tallest star in the sky.

And do you know the sickest thing?

The thing that makes me so angry at you, I wish it were YOU up there?

She STILL loves you!

She loved you as she jumped off the bridge!

She loved you as death took her.

And she loves you as she watches over you now.

She loved me too.

But not enough to keep her living.


Because YOU tore at her heart so much.

There was no point.

Chad Dylan Cooper.

Welcome to the rest of your life.

I'm a bit iffy with that ending. But ah well. Review? (: