Things I Am Not Allowed To Do at Hogwarts

#1: The Giant Squid is not an appropriate date to the Yule Ball.

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter were walking down towards the Black Lake. It was late December of their fifth year, and the Yule Ball was in just a few days. They were all jubilant- Sirius had a date, Remus had a date, hell, even Peter had a date. Now the only one left single for this monumental occasion was one James Potter- and he had his sights set on a particular redhead.

Said messy-black-haired Gryffindor was walking backwards in front of his friends, tongue stuck out to catch snowflakes. Sirius laughed as James tripped for the fourth time, landing backwards in a snowbank. James glared at his best mate before trying to climb out, which came off as more of arm-flailing wallowing. Snow flew everywhere, splattering on his friends' jackets. "Padfoot! Help me up, you prick!"

Still clutching his stomach laughing, Sirius extended a hand and helped James out of the snow. "I told you that you would fall, but did you believe me? No."

"Whatever, mate." James laughed good-naturedly, shaking snow out of his dark hair. He turned and walked in a forwardly manner, heading towards a cluster of girls who were throwing snowballs at each other down by the shore of the lake. One red-haired girl was shaking her head and laughing at her friends, though after her friend Tess (Sirius' date) nailed her in the face with powdery snow, Lily dropped to the ground and made her own snowball, joining in.

As the boys neared the lake, the girls froze one by one, turning to look curiously as James approached Tess and Lily. James ruffled his hair cutely, grinning as he walked to the pair. "Tess!" James called out.

"James!" the raven-haired beauty called back, beaming.

"Would your friend be interested in going to the Yule Ball with me?" he asked, hazel eyes twinkling.

Tess and Lily looked at each other, and Lily made a disgusted face. "No, Potter, I would not like to go to the Ball with you."

James turned a pink color- from the cold, he would claim later- and ruffled his hair again. "Who's to say I was talking about you, Evans? Actually, I meant the Squid." He motioned behind them to where the squid was breaching the black water.

Sirius fell to the ground, roaring with laughter. Peter was chuckling and Remus rolled his eyes. Lily and Tess looked behind them at the Squid, and Lily turned to him. Scandalized, she said, "The Giant Squid is not an appropriate date to the Yule Ball, Potter!"

A/N: This is born out of reading the list on NotADreamYetNotANightmare's profile. So, all my numbers are from her, if you want to see what chapters I'm posting... This will be my "when I'm extremely bored" project.