I never really write Degrassi fics. But this idea couldn't escape me. So…I hope you enjoy it.


"Any fact that needs to be disclosed should be put out now or as quickly as possible, because otherwise the bleeding will not end." ~ Henry Kissinger

Clare sighed and looked across the table, her head high and eyes set. "I'm pregnant," she announced.

Adam, who sat across from her, shook his head, "No, that makes you sound angry. You have to seem more sad, like "You did this to me…my life is over."

Clare groaned and looked at her hands, which were folded on the picnic table they sat at. She never thought she'd ever have to do this. She was always a good Christian girl, going to church every Sunday, pledging abstinence. A with this all, she still ended up getting pregnant. How did that happen?

Well, she knew exactly how it happened. She and Eli were bored; it was as simple as that. Now don't get the wrong idea, it wasn't like "Oh, we're bored, let's have sex." No it was way classier. At least Clare hoped.

"I don't get it," Clare looked up, her eyes glassy.

"Well it's kind of your fault for thinking "I've got it," was a viable source of birth control," Adam shrugged. Clare glared back.

"I'm screwed," she concluded, leaning back more. There was no doubt in her mind that her life was over. She was going to be a mom…at 15. She had to think of everything that was going to happen. She was going to have to tell people, like Eli for example. But more importantly, she'd have to tell her parents. How could she do that? It would kill them.

Her thoughts were interrupted, "You're gonna have to think of something quick," Adam was standing next to her, "Here comes baby daddy," he mumbled and walked away. Clare turned around and saw Eli approaching her. She faked a smile, which he returned full heartedly.

"Hey," he said, taking a seat next to her.

"Hey," she whispered, "We need to talk."

He nodded slowly, waiting for her to continue. She took a deep breath and tried to think of what she should say. Her practicing with Adam was no help at all. She was going this alone.

"Um…I'm pregnant," she blurted out. She mentally cursed herself for not setting it up for him.

Eli's eyes widened for a second and he cleared his throat while digesting the information, "Um…okay…"

Clare knew she needed to clarify, "It's yours…"

Eli nodded, calmer than intended, "Oh…well…are you sure?"

"I'm pretty sure…I'm going to the doctor today…Adam's coming with me," she answered. Her heart was racing and her palms were sweating. She had expected him to be much, much more freaked by her revelation. But no, he was unrealistically calm.

"Well, do you want me to come?" he asked, slightly awkward. He wasn't sure how he felt on the entire matter. It hadn't completely gone through his head yet. He was sure it was going to hit him harder later.

"Nah, you don't have to. I mean I think I'm going to handle this myself. You know, less stress on you," she stood as she said this, "I have to go."

"Um…see ya," he said as she walked away. He stared across the table at the throngs of teenagers who were lazing around, carefree. They didn't have to worry about being a father. No, they didn't have to worry about anything. He envied them.

Now, you're probably wondering a lot of things. Why are they reacting the way they are? Well, to explain, Clare and Eli weren't dating when she got pregnant. Or after, for that matter.

It started on a normal day, unlike any other day. But isn't that how everything starts? They were at her house, working on their latest writing assignments. Eli had already made his way through her entire paper, but she was still working on his. Every now and then he'd look over at her. He couldn't get over how adorable she looked when she would bite her lip or smile sweetly.

When she had finished, Clare set the paper on the coffee table and smiled at him. "That was surprisingly great," she commented. He smirked his usual smirk.

"See, ye of little faith," he replied. She returned his previous smirk.

That was the exact moment Eli leaned forward and caressed her lips with a kiss. It was gentle and unexpected, which made it entirely more heart racing. The kiss slowly escaladed into more.

And that is how it began. With a small peck on the lips. A kiss that was random and innocent. That was how that miracle came to be.

Eli sighed as he thought back on that memory. Then he remembered Clare's current position. He stood and walked to the nearest garbage can, promptly hurling his guts up.

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