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Emileen Granger sat in her bedroom quietly, listening to the commotion downstairs. She hated this- having to pretend to be sleeping while she listened to her mother and her step-father fighting. It scared her, and sometimes she even cried. The voices carried easily through the old Victorian style house, and Emileen could hear every word exactly as it was being said, or rather yelled.
"Tom, calm down!" came her mother's pleading voice. It was answered by the shrill sound of step-father's voice.
"Calm down!? You can't even keep this dump clean, and you want me to calm down?!"
"There's nothing wrong with the house! It's as clean as it's ever been!"
"I don't know how the hell I expect you to keep the house decent when you let yourself go around looking like something the cat dragged in!"
They continued to fight, and Emileen continued to cower in her room, frightened. Why did he have to treat her like this? She deserved so much better, but she just couldn't see it. Emileen was sometimes ashamed of her mother; she didn't understand how someone could just let another person treat them the way that Tom treated her mom. Emileen had never asked any of her friends over to spend the night because she didn't want anyone knowing what went on in her house each and every night.
Tears sprung into her clear gray eyes as she heard her step-father threaten her mother.
"If you don't shut up, I'll shut you up myself!" he bellowed. Then the crash came. It sounded as though glass were breaking from below, and she heard her mom's suddenly weakened voice begging for mercy.
"Please! Tom," she let out a small yell. "Please, you'll wake the children!" Her plea was followed by an even louder yell, and Emileen shuddered to think about what he was doing to her.
She hated him. She wanted him to die. Squeezing her eyes shut, she felt as though she were about to burst from the hatred coursing through her veins for the man she had to call a step-father.
And then suddenly it happened.
With a loud scream from her mother and a huge shock to Emileen as well, all the lights in the house went out suddenly with a huge popping sound. She heard her step-father curse loudly, and then she heard the back door slam as he went to investigate the sudden power outage.
Why was this always happening? Emileen almost felt as though she had made it happen. She had felt the same way when Tom had fallen down the same stairs he was backing her mother down and broken his leg. But that was impossible. There was no way she could cause these things. She was only ten years old.
Hermione Winston lay in her bedroom crying, as she had so many nights before. He had hurt her again, though not as badly as he had on certain occasions. There was a pain above her right eye where the glass from the lamp had hit her when it had shattered against the wall, and her arm was throbbing in the place he had grabbed when he jerked her roughly to her feet. But still she was fine, and he was gone for the night, probably back to the same pub he had been at before.
A soft knock at her door caused her to jump slightly. She reached up and wiped the last of her tears away before calling to the knocker. "Come in."
A pair of tiny gray eyes peered in at her from the doorway. A timid girl with shining blonde hair stepped into the bedroom quietly. It was her daughter, Emileen.
"Sweetheart, what's wrong?" she asked warmly, trying her best to hide the tears that were still fresh on her cheeks.
Emileen walked to her mother's bedside. "May I climb in?" she asked softly.
Hermione smiled and pulled back the bed sheets, so her daughter could climb in with her. Once Emileen was tucked under her arm, and she was playing with her golden locks, she asked, "Did you have a nightmare?"
Her fears were confirmed when the little girl shook her head and snuggled closer to her. "No. I heard you and Tom fighting."
Hermione closed her eyes. Her greatest fear had always been that her two young children could hear them from upstairs. Putting on the bravest front she could, she said, "Darling, it was just an argument."
"All the lights went out," Emileen stated clearly.
"Well, I know, Emmy, but that was just a power outage. It happens all the time; I'm sure everything will be fixed by tomorrow." Hermione twirled her daughter's hair through her fingers as she spoke.
"I did it." Emileen stared up at her mother suddenly.
"You did what?"
"I made the lights go out." Her eyes were wide with what looked like a mix of confusion and fear. "I closed my eyes and wished for something to happen to make the fighting stop, and it did. I did it."
Hermione closed her own eyes at this statement. She refused to believe that it was true; she had worked so hard to shield her children from anything like this. Surely, if she refused to recognize the obvious facts, they would have to disappear. This was not happening.
"You're imagining things," Hermione said flatly, turning away from her daughter.
"But Mum, I didn't imagine it." Her strong British accent was laced with an urgency, a need to be believed. "I really made it happen. Haven't you ever done things you can't explain?"
"Go to bed, Emileen." Hermione sat up and pulled the covers away from her daughter.
"Now!" Hermione hadn't meant to yell, but she could not deal with this right now.
Emileen looked up at her mother curiously, but then got out of the bed, muttering, "Yes, ma'am," and retreated from the room.
Hermione watched her daughter go and then laid her head carefully back down on the pillow. Why was this happening? She couldn't let her daughter know the truth; there was too much at risk.
Hermione thought back to herself at Emileen's age and remembered what it was like to be so confused when something strange happened that couldn't be explained. That was, of course, before she had gotten the letter that had changed her life forever- the letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
The years spent at Hogwarts had been the best years of her life. They were the only times in her life that she ever remembered being truly happy. So much of her happiness was due to two people whom she still thought about daily and nightly without fail, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. They were her two closest friends in the world, and she didn't know how she would have survived all those years at school without them. She had even dated Ron for a short bit of their seventh and final year at Hogwarts. He was the only person who had ever made her happy in a romantic sort of way. And she missed that. She missed them.
But she had put all of that behind her ten years ago when she had become pregnant with her first child. When she realized that Emileen was going to be born, she had made the decision to leave the wizarding world all together. It wasn't because she wanted to; it was because she had to. If she hadn't disappeared when she did, she would have put not only herself in danger, but her child in mortal danger as well.
So, she had left the wizarding world behind without so much as a good-bye to Harry, Ron, or any of her other friends. She had to leave. For Emileen's sake.
"Damn Draco Malfoy," she said out loud suddenly. "Damn him to hell for what he did to us."
Draco Malfoy had been Hermione's greatest enemy since the moment she had stepped her eleven year old feet into Hogwarts all those years ago. He hated Hermione, Ron, and Harry with unmentionable passion, and the feeling was quite mutual. She still remembered the first time he had called her a Mudblood when she had been barely twelve years old. It was the first time she had ever heard the expression, but it was nowhere near close to the last. A Mudblood was a Muggle (or non-magic) born witch or wizard, and since no one in her family had ever been a witch or a wizard before, Hermione fit the name well. Although, it wasn't exactly a nice thing to say; in fact, it was one of the most offensive terms in the wizarding world. Malfoy's family had a history of being Death Eaters, wizards who hunt down Muggle-born witches and wizards and kill them, so it was only natural that Malfoy was to follow trait. In their final years at Hogwarts, the Dark Side had grown more and more powerful, and the Death Eaters were closing in on all the Muggle-borns. Hermione was an obvious target for another reason besides her Muggle-born heritage; she was Harry Potter's best friend. Harry was responsible for the near-demise of the Dark Lord Voldemort when he was only a baby, and he was naturally the most hated wizard amongst the Dark Side.
In their seventh year at Hogwarts, though, something almost worse than death happened to Hermione. Draco Malfoy had raped her. He had viciously and maliciously raped her, and there was no doubt in Hermione's head that he was going to kill her not long afterwards. She had been utterly ashamed and too embarrassed to tell even Ron or Harry about the incident. She hadn't told anyone about the attack then, but when she had found out that she was pregnant with his child, she knew that she had to run. If the Dark Side had found out that she was carrying Malfoy's child, they would undoubtedly have taken her baby and either killed it or raised it to be a Death Eater. She couldn't let either of those things happen, so she had then made the decision to cut herself off from the wizarding world entirely. Since then, she had never muttered a word about any of it to anyone, and she didn't want her children getting involved in what would surely be grave danger for them.
So, she had run away from everything she knew at the tender age of eighteen. Six years later, she had met a lawyer by the name of Tom Winston who had married her. Soon afterwards, they had a boy named Kyle, and soon after that, he had begun beating her. He had been beating her for years now, and she still stood and took it. It would do her no good to try and run because she had nowhere to run to. She had no friends to call, and she had even cut herself off from her family because it would be too dangerous for them to know where she was. So, she stayed with Tom, and her life was hell.
Hell was about to get a little worse, though, because her worst fear was coming true.
Emileen Granger was most definitely a witch. It wouldn't be long before she would have to face that fact straight on.

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