Title: only time can tell.

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Rating: T. For mild language, and suggestive themes.

Author's note: Story is in a general pov. mostly. This story takes place pretty much as soon as Zuko joins the group. I'm more of a hopeless romantic. So that's mainly what this story is. Romance. With a side of drama. (:

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chapter 1.


After Aang finished his fire bending lesson for the day, he, Sokka, and Zuko, decided to go for a swim in the river nearby. While they were in the water Toph, Suki and I decided to mess with their fun. After all whenever we tried to have a little girl time, we always fall victim to a prank of theirs. And plus, paybacks a mother.

We decided that instead of playing in the crystal clear water, we were going to turn it into mud.

After they found the place they were swimming, not that it was hard to find, their constant shouts and roaring laughter, definitely told us we found them.

We didn't know exactly how we were going to carry out our plan. But we knew how we wanted it to end.

Return to present.

As Katara stared at Suki who was sitting beside her, she thought about that day again, which felt like years ago, when in reality it was about four or five months, and how innocently everything started. All we wanted to do was pay back the boys for all the stupid pranks they played on us. But nothing could have prepared us for what we walked in on.


We decided that I was gonna stir the water up a little bit, then Toph would bend the loose dirt into the water, then both of us could bend it together around the boys. While we started to get into position, Suki, who we'd sent out to see if the boys planned on getting out soon, who was now in a tree almost directly over the boys, told us to stop. She motioned for us to come up and listen. As we climbed we heard them talking, but then it got quiet. We looked down to see if the boys saw us, but they hadn't. As we reached the top, we shared a glance and nodded our heads. The water began to stir, but then Toph and I stopped dead in our tracks when we heard what broke the silence.

"Sokka, I have a confession..." Zuko stated with cautious gaze glued to the boy. Sokka on the other hand, seemed to be unaffected at this statement, he simply just kept trying to catch the fish that kept circling him, and answered "What?" Aang knew what Zuko was about to tell Sokka, after all, it was Aang's idea to tell him. "I like your sister." Sokka froze.

So did all the girls. Suki and Toph whipped their heads to look at the stunned water bender. A hint of redness began to flood her cheeks, and her lips toyed with a smile. They turned back to the boys, and began to listen further.

"WHAT!" He shouted and scared his fish away. Aang urged Sokka, "Sokka. Breathe. Calm down, and don't do anything you'll regret." Sokka looked at the avatar curiously, he always thought that Aang like Katara. After contemplating his next move for a few more seconds, Sokka let out a deep breath and said, "You what?" Zuko looking at Aang for guidance, Aang nodded his head, letting him know he should go on. "I have feelings for Katara, Sokka. I have for a while now." Zuko then sighed in relief, having felt a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders. Sokka let out a long, dragged out sigh. Then turned to Aang, "I thought you liked Katara?" His eyes filled with confusion. Aang chuckled, "Yes Sokka, I did, but then after I met Toph, everything seemed to change. It's like I finally saw things in perspective, Katara is a great, beautiful, kind person. That's what I love about her, but after spending time with Toph, I realized that the love I had for Katara, was a brother-sister kind of love."

With this, Katara sighed in relief, she had never seen Aang as more than a younger brother as well. Then she and Suki turned to Toph. Toph trying to remain calm felt as if her heart was going to burst out of her chest. She had always had feeling for Aang, ever since they met, when she was disguised as 'The Blind Bandit'. Though she could not visually see Aang. She knew there was something about the young Avatar that she knew she loved.

"Oh." Was the only thing Sokka could think of to say. After a few moments of silence, it was Zuko who broke the ice. "Sokka, what I really wanted to ask you was, if it's alright with you, I would like to ask Katara to be my girlfriend. And since you are her older brother, and I really want your approval."

Katara let out a slight gasp. While Toph and Suki snapped their head up and looked at Katara who now had her hand clamped over her mouth. She moved her hand and mouthed a silent "Sorry." The girls looked back at the boys, who we're looking straight up at them, their eyes wide, and you almost heard the light bulb click, when they all realized at the same time, the girls had heard everything they just said.

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