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chapter 7.

About three weeks past, and the gaang decided they were going to go to Bah Sing Se to try to find Zuko's uncle. The guys took turns taking care of the girls, while the other two worked, cleaned, and cooked. As the girls gradually got bigger, Suki and her barely concealable belly, Toph barely starting to show her little baby bump, it was really cute on her, being so small, and Katara, who seemed to be getting bigger by the day, which was totally expected since after all, there was two babies inside her, they began to be able to do less, and less.

Meanwhile in Bah Sing Se.

Uncle was at his tea shop playing a game of Pai Sho with a friend, when he noticed the shop began to empty. He looked towards the door, and there she was. Azula. Even though she was flanked by two girls of the same age who he knew as her childhood friends Mai and Ty Lee, it was like you couldn't stop looking at her eyes. Eyes that showed no hint of kindness, or a glimmer of love. They were merely filled with rage. Pure unfiltered rage. If looks could kill..

"Uncle." The words came burned like acid in her mouth. "Why hello Azula. What brings you to Bah Sing Se?" "I know he's here Uncle. Where are you hiding him?" "Who on earth are you talking about Azula?" "Zuko, you old fool. I know you've been hiding him. Now I am not going to ask you again." Summoning lightning as she spoke. "I haven't heard from him since we went our separate ways." "Lies!"

One week later.

"Look! We're almost there." Aang shouted. Everyone looked into the distance, except Toph, who just continued to tug and pull at her shirt trying to conceal her bump better. After finding a place big enough for Appa to land, they decided to leave the girls with Sokka while Zuko and Aang went into town to go talk to Uncle. As they walked through the streets of Bah Sing Se they felt at peace, it was the beginning of spring, and the weather was starting to warm up. There was a nice breeze filling the streets as they took in all the shops they passed. Many releasing a very pleasent aroma into the air. After walking for what seemed like ages, it was Aang who asked, "Zuko, do you even know where you uncle's shop is?"

While Aang and Zuko were out looking for Uncle, Sokka was forced to stay with Appa and three every pregnant women. "Sokka, I'm hungry. Is there any food left?" "Sorry Katara, there's only rice, and a little bit of fruit." "Well give me a piece of fruit Sokka." "But when I say a little bit, I mean, we only have one piece of fruit left." "Sokka, just give me the darn fruit. Don't you know you're not supposed to deny a pregnant woman food." "Wait, I think we have some stew from a few nights ago left. Hey! Toph, Suki, do you want some stew?" "Yes please!" Suki said very polietly, while Toph on the other hand, nearly bit his head off. "Yes Sokka, of course I want stew. I haven't eaten for hours! Now hurry up and make the food!" Sokka fearing for his safety, proceeded to warm the food, while mumbling to himself about pregnant women and their hormones.

"Aang, that's the fifth shop we've been to. And no one seems to know who my uncle is." "We have to keep looking, the girls need an actual place to stay." "I know." Zuko began to worry. It would be getting dark in a few hours. They needed to get some food, it was bad enough Sokka ate as much as he did, but now with all three girls eating twice as much as him, they needed more and more food each week just to accommodate them. "Lets try a few more shops farther down the street, if we don't find anyone who's seen my uncle, then we'll go get some food, and head back to the girls." "And Sokka, he's probably going crazy." "Yea, like I said the girls." They both let out a small chuckle, then silence. "Hey Zuko." "Yea?" "Do you love Katara?" "Yes. I do. I never knew it was possible to love anyone as much as I love her. My whole life, I was surrounded by nothing but negative energy. I never ever thought I could be happy with anyone." "Oh." "Why do you ask?" "Just asking, do you think Toph and I, are, uh..." "Yes. You guys are a very odd couple. But you two are good together. But Aang. Toph is like the sister I always wanted but never had. You hurt her. I swear. I don't care if you are the avatar. I will hurt you." Aang just stared at the prince. He knew he should take his threat seriously. "I won't. I promise." "Good."

After 'the girls' finished eating, Sokka decided he wanted to take a nap. "Wake me up if you guys hear, or see anything!" That was all he said before he went and cozied up next to Appa. "I think we should draw a mustache on him." Katara whispered. "I don't think we have anymore ink left. We should hide his boomerang." "I swear, you both come up with the dumbest pranks ever." She sounded irritated, well she always sounded that way now a days. "Then maybe you should teach us oh Great Master Toph, Greatest Prankster of all Time." Sarcasm dripping from every word. "Well Suki, get out some paper and get ready to take notes, because class is in session." An evil grin forming on her face.

"Uncle!" Zuko ran through the crowded tea shop, nearly knocking down an old women with a cane. "Zuko, you must be careful, you could have injured that nice lady." "I'm sorry Uncle, it's just we've been looking for you for hours." "And now you have found me. So come now, and have a cup of jasmine tea with your old uncle." "Uncle. I can't. I actually came because I need a favor." "What is it nephew?" "Well, uh, I.. Uh. My, friends and I.. No. Okay. Uncle, I think you should sit down." Very nervously uncle took a seat and Zuko began. "Uncle. After we separated, I met up with the avatar and his companions. And well, I uh, his friend, Katara, the waterbender. Well I uh, I really liked her. Well, I love her actually. And so um, we got together. And now, uh we're kind of having a, we're having twins." They sat in silence for a few minutes, then Uncle burst into a very big smile. "I'm going to be a grand-uncle?" "Yes Uncle.." "Where is this young woman I want to meet her!" "Well that's the thing I didn't know if it was safe, so she stayed with the other girls. And Sokka." "Well bring them all here. There is more than enough room." "Uh, Uncle. There's one more thing." "What is that my nephew?" "Uh, our other friends, Toph and Suki, um, they're also, uh, pregnant." "Oh." "Is that going to be a problem?" "Oh no, I was just a little bit shocked. You are traveling with three pregnant women. Must be quite a travel arrangement." "Uncle. Toph is with the avatar, and Suki is with Sokka." "Oh that makes more sense. Well what are you waiting for, bring them here." "Okay we will." As Zuko and Aang turned to leave, they noticed a big gaping hole in the wall by the door. "Uncle, what happened here?" "Oh, I got a lovely visit from your sister."

"Azula. Was. Here?"

"Yes, she was looking for you."

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