Thursday, March 23rd

Unusual day today. Nothing seemed to work at work. Everyone was in a pissy mood. I could feel myself shrouded in a cloud of gloom when I got home.

The sun was going down, and although I didn't stop to watch the sunset, I did notice the brilliant reds and oranges that lit up the building as I walked from my car. The light was bouncing off a window somewhere and a thin, dim line of deep violet cut across the sidewalk before the stoop at a slight angle. I paused for half a moment before heading upstairs.

The wood floors creaked happily, and the sound of my footsteps on the stairs mixed with the laughter from one of the neighborhood kids. Jazz drifted lazily out of an open door at the end of the hall and I stopped to sniff at the spicy scent of Mrs. Chin's dinner.

By the time that I had tossed my jacket on a chair and popped a beer from the 'fridge, the world seemed all right again and the smile that I had misplaced this morning found its way home.

I dusted off a small canvas that I had stretched last year and broke out the oil paints. On a whim, I popped 'Ode to Joy' into the CD player and threw on the headphones. Usually, when I'm sitting around, I just listen to modern rock, but I hadn't painted for myself in a very long time, and when I do, I want inspiration, so I crank the tunes up loud.

Didn't really create anything, just played with color, mostly violets. Purple is a color of royalty, of nobility, of power. Violet is the most energetic color that humans can perceive. I glanced out the window as I strained to remember the color I had seen on my way into the building. The sun was already down and nighttime had claimed the streets. With a shrug, I returned to my painting.

After a while, I glanced down at my watch and noticed that it was almost eleven. Where had the evening gone? My stomach ached from having skipped dinner, and I looked back to study what I had created.

Much of the canvas was still raw. A thick, black cable snaked across the cloth. It crackled with life and power, spitting sparks of brilliant white at anyone careless enough to walk near. It radiated a gleam of grandeur, a gleam of violet.