I do not own the rights to the 70's show GOOD TIMES. I watched enough

to know James actually went first, but in this I have Florida passing on

before him. I'm not the kind of fan that has seen every single episode, or as

the ability to write the accurate speech, so, rather than to murder their

dialect, or anyone of that area, I have taken the liberty of writing like I talk;

except the word ain't, that's not a word I care for. Please DO NOT get after

me for it.

This story line happens fifteen years after the show.


"This was a bad idea." The stranger to the neighborhood muttered as she

clutched the steering wheel. Her dark wavy hair let out a sigh as she looked

at the old apartment building she'd visited in the past.

The projects looked like they were falling apart, and she wondered if any

of the Evan's family even lived here anymore. Getting out of the car she

stood on the steps leading to A5, and other apartments. Nerves began

shaking, and thoughts began to race a mile a minute.

Would she be told to get lost? Was Michael still around ready to put her

head on a platter? Had Thelma managed to live her dreams? Had they

changed? Had JJ fulfilled his dream of being an artist? Or had his plans

turned more realistic? And last, but certainly not least, had James remarried?

Those thoughts stopped as she knocked on A5.

"Honey." A familiar voice from behind her spoke. "James don't live there

no more."

"Willona?" The visitor flipped around and saw the woman who had

actually befriended her even when she'd found out who she was involved


"No, it's Santa Claus, 'course it's me, sugar. Come on in."

Willona's apartment may have been simple, but it was nice and homey.

One's nerves easily relaxed at the sound of her voice, and the humor the

woman threw out. She couldn't help but think Willona could have easily

unthawed the Grinch's heart long before any child in Whoville.

"So, where did all the Evans' go?"

"Well, let's see.." Willona got comfortable on her couch. "JJ went to New

York, and from what I hear he's doing just fine with his art work. Guess he

figured he was making enough because he finally settled down last year.

Thelma, and Keith, are living it up on the good side of town. Guess all the

education her parents pushed for paid off. And Michael.." She grinned with

would-you-know look, "works as an accountant to for his daddy."

"Uh? Since when did James own a business?"

"Why, honey, guess all those talks you gave him must have sunk in

because he went back to school…"

"What?" Willona's old friend hadn't meant to interrupt , but she was

stunned, "He said that was the last thing he wanted."

"No, it wasn't the last thing he ever wanted." Willona's eyes said it all and

watched Evans' friend shift as if to brush the feeling settling into the room

off her own skin.

"I'm sure he's fine. If he started over then I'm sure he's got a good woman

by his side; someone Michael approves of."

Willona let out a humph and stood up. "I think you need to take a

little trip." With that she went and handed the Evans' old friend a piece of


'You'll find James, and Michael, at that address."

Looking at the paper the woman didn't doubt that. No, the question on her

mind wasn't whether, or not they'd be there; it was 'Can I handle the reality

check they may hand me?'

Part TWO : I do not own anything to do with GOOD TIMES

James' diner was fairly small, but surprisingly busy. That was due in part

to the cook, Janie Rich. The small thin gal; who looked more French than

black, though raised in the projects, had; shockingly, not ever crossed the

Evans family while they lived there. She'd been too busy running wild,

while James' children were cracking the educational whip. But, when she' d

hit rock bottom, it had been James who picked her up and given her a

chance at life again.

"You should remarry." She'd told him the day of the diner's opening. The

gal had even openly flirted with him.

"Ya, so, I've been told." His reply, and eyes, had not been stone cold, but

it was enough to let her know he wasn't interested in her, nor was there any

desire to go looking either.

The music was the other item which people came for. Whether it was

Rock and Roll, Rhythm, or blues his clients always could find something

they enjoyed; phewy, even some country and western had been thrown in

for any country bumpkin happening to be visiting the area. And when a

businessman had complained Chopin couldn't be found James had went and

stocked up on a bit of classical too.

"Anything you need at the store Mr. Evans?" Janie poked her head into

his office.

"No, I think I'm pretty set." The man didn't even lift his head. His mind

was attempting to focus on the numbers and failing miserably, but that

wasn't something he was going to admit out loud.

Only when the gal left did James raise his head and lean back.

"Damn it, Willona, who are you sending my way?" The phone next to his

hear kept the woman's voice muffled. "That's not funny." Her answer had

been vague, but insisted he be at work instead of letting Michael work the

afternoon shift without him. "I'll stay here instead of heading out, but this

had better be good." Janie shouting a 'be back later!' broke through his

thoughts and he closed the books.

James' hired help walked outside to see a woman wearing a three piece

dark blue suit walking towards her. The hair was as dark as hers, but the

skin far lighter. Her build was not large and Janie wondered if the woman

would be able to defend herself should someone attack. Almost as if the

question had been spoken, and the man upstairs deciding to answer, a man

stepped out from behind a car and grabbed the woman. Before Janie could

utter a word the stranger had the man by his wrist.

"I suggest you drop the knife." Her voice was hard, and the man's eyes

widened as her grip tightened. When he didn't let go of the object. "I said let

go." He opened up his hand and they all heard the sound of a knife hitting

cement. "Don't even think about picking it up." He didn't argue as he saw

her eyes hardening. "I highly suggest you turn around and walk away

without looking back." Janie was surprised when the man did just that.

The female then nodded at Janie, and even gave her a smile as she passed

by her. I wonder who she is. That was a thought that was not given an

answer, and the employee got in her car as the diner welcomed the female


The place grabbed her attention fast, and hard. Pictures of a variety of

singers hung on the wall. Chubby Checkers hung right by the side of Frank

Sinatra. Lena Horne shared space with Loretta Lynn, and Aretha Franklin

willingly shared the limelight with Donna and Marie?

Good to see his still open in his opinion when it comes to music. The door

opening had not gotten James to move, he figured it was either Janie coming

back to grab something she'd forgotten, or Michael coming in to get ready

for the afternoon rush. Praise be that son of his could cook as well as he

played with numbers, it saved him a bundle. Only when a tune he hadn't

heard in years began to play , and drift through his door did his feel any jolt

go through his system.

Whoever it is playing that song is going to get told to get out of my

place! He yelled to himself as he barged past the bathrooms, and into the

dance hall part of the establishment. However, the words never made it past

his throat.

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