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Hermione and the Half Blood Prince

Chapter 1 Jarvis Whitley

"Oh Hermione must you leave so soon you have only been home two weeks! Is there no way that you could stay a little longer?" begged Mrs. Granger.

She had been like this since Hermione had come home from school two weeks ago, not wanting to lie to her parents she told them everything about what had happened at the Department of Mysteries. She was now starting to regret that decision. After her parents heard everything they had become the overly protective parents. The other day she had gone out to read at the local park and her parents had flat out forbidden it saying that it was too dangerous with the death eaters out to get her. She understood why they were worried but the fact of the matter was that it didn't matter if she was in the house or in the park if the death eaters really wanted to capture her they would find a way.

"I'm sorry Mum but I have to go the order needs all the help they can get." This wasn't entirely true the fact of the matter was children were not aloud to join the Order and there probably wasn't a lot that she could do to help without being a member. She really just needed to get back to her home she was missing the Wizarding World she hated being so out of touch with her people, yes she had the Daily Prophet but really how much truth could she get out of that piece of trash? She also wanted to see Ron again though she would admit it to no one else she missed him terribly. So last week she had sent a letter to Tonks asking her if she would be able to pick her up and apparate her to headquarters. She had only received a quick reply that said Friday at 8pm.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door Hermione quickly went to open it anxious to see someone that could tell her what had been going on since she had come home.

"Tonks!" She said cheerily pulling the animagus in for a tight hug. "How are you? What has been going on since I have come home? I haven't really heard much from anyone!" she said quickly too excited to even wait for a reply.

"Wotcher Hermione how are you? Sorry that message had to be so short we aren't aloud to put much on paper these days you know for security reasons and whatnot." Looking around she realized that she and Hermione weren't alone. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Granger I presume." She said with a warm smile

"Oh right so sorry! Mum, Dad this is Tonks she works for the Order and is going to help me get to headquarters safely."

"Hello Tonks it is so nice to finally meet you! Hermione has told us so much about you, thank you so much for coming tonight." Said Mr. Granger smiling.

"Really it was no trouble at all I don't mind in the slightest! But actually we do have to be off I'm afraid I have other business to attend to this evening. So sorry we can't stay longer." She turned to Hermione and said, "I'll wait outside while you say goodbye."

Hermione nodded slightly to her. When the door closed she walked over slowly to where her parents were standing, "Bye Mum", she said while squeezing her tightly, when she tried to let go her mum only held her tighter. "Don't worry about me I will be at the safest place in all of England tonight there really is nothing to worry about." She said as she was finally released from her mothers' iron grip. "I love you Dad." Her eyes started to tear up as she hugged him. "I love you too. Now be safe and say hello to the Weasley's for us and remember to thank them for letting you stay the entire summer with them."

"Yes Dad." It was so like her father to remember manners during an emotional moment.

She hugged them both once more and then she was off.

Because of the wards that she had surrounded the house with she and Tonks had to walk down to the end of the street where there was an alley that they could safely apparate from. As they were walking Hermione couldn't hold it in anymore she had to know what was going on. "Tonks tell me what has been going on since I left school? I have had to resort to getting all my information from the Prophet. So naturally I don't anything."

"Not here." She whispered. "You will hear everything once we get to headquarters."

Hermione nodded in reply.

"Okay this looks as good a spot as any! Hold tight!"

Hermione did just that and the next thing she knew she felt as though she was being squeezed through an impossibly tiny hole and then just as suddenly she was standing in front of Grimauld Place. Hermione felt like she was going to be sick and she would have fallen to the ground if it hadn't been for Tonks catching her just in time.

"Watcher! Sorry Hermione I forgot that you have never apparated before I shoulda' warned you!" Tonks said with concern in her voice.

"Its alright I'm fine just a bit…dizzy is all." Hermione said squeezing her eyes shut praying that the ground would stop spinning.

"Come on let's get you inside everyone is dying to see ye! I'm sure they are all waiting by the door or at least Ron will be he hasn't been able to talk about anything else since he found out that you were coming."

Hermione felt herself blush at hearing that. Luckily Tonks didn't seem to notice. Sure enough when she opened the door Ron and what seemed like half of the Weasley Family were all packed into the narrow corridor. Hermione was instantly bombarded with people trying to hug her and kiss her. They all were asking how she was doing and if she was hungry and inquiring as to how her journey was. She was unable to answer any of the questions however because all voices were soon drowned out by the shrill yell of Mrs. Black. "Filth! Mudblood filth in the most ancient house of Black!" She was soon silenced however by Mrs. Weasley. They all made their way out of the packed corridor and into the library.

"Hermione!" Ron said as he pulled her in for a second hug. "Its so great to see you! It will be nice to finally have someone to talk to around here!"

"And what am I? Chopped liver?" Ginny said in an annoyed tone.

"Well you know what I mean." Ron said hurriedly trying to diffuse the situation.

"Hey Hermione its nice to have you back." Ginny said as she gave her a warm smile. "It will be nice to finally have this one off my back!" she said pointing to Ron jokingly.

Hermione laughed as she saw Ron's look of outrage. But before she could say or do anything else Mrs. Weasley whisked her up into a tight hug.

"Hello dear it is so nice to see you again. How are your parents?" She asked as she released Hermione. "Hello Mrs. Weasley my parents are good they wanted me to say thank you for them for letting me stay her this summer."

"Oh please you are as good as family it is no trouble having you stay with us. In fact its better I think you will be much safer here than you ever could be in a muggle neighborhood! Now that I think about it you should have been here from the start! I don't know what I was thinking letting you go back there so unprotected!"

Hermione could see the beginnings of a rant and decided to stop it before she wasn't ever able to go home again. "Mrs. Weasley please don't worry I'm sure that if it had been too dangerous Professor Dumbledore wouldn't have let me go home."

"Yes I suppose that is true. Well you're here now so it doesn't matter! You must be starved I better go get dinner started Arthur will be home soon then we can have dinner." Mrs. Weasley said as she bustled out of the room closely followed by Ginny Fed & George.

"So Hermione where is your stuff?" Ron inquired.

"Oh I had Tonks shrink all of it its in my pocket" she said as she tapped her pocket.

"Here let me show you where your room is." He said as they made their way up the stairs. "Since you're the latest to arrive you will have one of the bedrooms on the top floor. You will be right across from Jarvis' room and Fred & George's room, and right next to Snape's lab and quarters." He said as they reached the top landing.

"Who is Jarvis?" Hermione asked.

"Jarvis Miss Granger is my assistant." Came a familiar cold voice. She hadn't realized that they were not alone, let alone in the company of Severus Snape.

"Oh I hadn't realized that you had an assistant Professor."

"Well contrary to popular belief you do not know everything Miss Granger." He said in his usual snide tone. " So you will be staying up here will you."

It wasn't a question he looked absolutely displeased to learn that she would be his new neighbor. "I shall ask Miss Granger that you please keep your noise levels to a minimum at all times it is very vexing when trying to work out complicated algorithms when you have constant noise in the background."

"Yes sir." She said softly. She had been there all of five minutes and he was already lecturing her. "I suppose you will want to meet Jarvis?" he inquired.

"Oh yes if he's not too busy of course." She said brightly. She was fascinated with what kind of person Snape would choose to be his assistant and what kind of person would accept a position where Snape was your boss.

"Jarvis!" Snape yelled.

She imagined he would be a Slytherin and look something like Snape. What she had not expected was the attractive young blonde standing in front of her. His smile was almost blinding when he greeted Hermione warmly.

"Jarvis this is Miss Granger. Miss Granger meet Jarvis Whitley my assistant he will be staying here for the remainder of the summer and then be moving over to the castle with us." He said in a completely bored voice.

"Hello" Jarvis said brightly as he shook her hand. "It's so nice to finally meet you I have been hearing of nothing else for the past couple days!"

"Hello it's nice to meet you too I have to admit I only learned of you in the past thirty seconds but I'm sure there are only good things to say."

"Oh no I'm sure Severus here could think up a few negative things to say ain't that right Severus?" Snape gave him a disdainful look.

Jarvis chuckled softly as Snape made his way back into the lab.

Hermione had never seen anyone but Dumbledore joke around with Snape like that she was shocked Snape even let it happen. Jarvis had obviously seen the shock on her and Ron's faces because he then said. "Ahh he's not so bad once you get to know him you just have to know where to draw the line. Well I better get back in there before he gets really mad. It was really nice to meet you Hermione look forward to getting to know you!" He nodded in Ron's direction, "Ron talk to you soon." He said as he walked back into the lab.

"Oh wait Mr. Whitley!" Hermione said quickly.

"Jarvis please me Dad is Mr. Whitley."

"Oh ahhh Jarvis could you by any chance enlarge my things? I forgot to have Tonks undo the charm she put on them at my house." She said placing them on the ground.

"Sure no problem." And with a flick of his wand they were back to their normal size.

As soon as Ron had closed her bedroom door behind them she turned around to face him and scolded, "Ron! How could you forget to mention an entire person living at Grimmauld Place with you!"

"Well I wasn't aloud to tell you anything was I? We had strict orders from Dumbledore to put no information in our letters. I would say Snape having a new assistant is pretty big information wouldn't you?" he said somewhat flustered.

She instantly realized how ridiculous she was being. "I'm sorry Ron. You are completely right I was just a bit thrown off by the surprise of it all. So tell me about him what's he like? He seems nice from what I could tell."

"Yeah I mean there isn't much to tell he spends most of his time locked up with Snape in his lab working on Merlin knows what they almost never come down to eat dinner with the rest of us. But the few times we have spoken he seemed really nice. Which makes me wonder what he's doing working for a prat like Snape."

"Ron! Don't call Professor Snape a prat!" Hermione scolded. "He's just… difficult. And who wouldn't be with a job like his!"

"They quickly changed subjects and started talking about the Department of Mysteries and wondering how Harry was going to be since the passing of his God Father as Hermione got settled into her new room.

About an hour later they were interrupted by Mrs. Weasley's voice shouting, "Hermione! Ron! Dinner!"

Hermione looked at her watch it was nearly ten o'clock at night!

"Ron why is dinner so late I hope you weren't all waiting for me to arrive before starting dinner!"

"Nah." He said waiving the comment off. " We have been eating this late all summer, since the incident at the Department of Mysteries Dad has been a lot busier and Mum insists on having as many family dinners as possible. Not that we mind it's really the only time that we get to see him all day. Mum's a wreck she carries that clock around with her all day checking it every other second to make sure everyone is okay."

As they reached the ground floor Hermione saw Tonks talking animatedly with Lupin.

"Lupin it is so great to see you again! How are you?" She said noticing that he had looked better. Lupin looked very tired and warn down and his clothes could definitely have done with a good cleaning. I didn't realize you were living at Grimmauld Place as well!"

"No, no I'm not living at the house merely visiting I will have to return soon before anyone gets suspicious." Hermione gave him a questioning look. "Dumbledore asked if I could work on getting people like me to join the Order so far I haven't seen any interest but someone has to try and I am as qualified as anyone even more so than some to do the job." He said with what Hermione thought sounded like a bitter tone.

"You're staying for dinner aren't you?"

"Yeah Remus you have to stay for dinner at least!" said Ron encouragingly.

"I believe that I have some time before I must go." He said smiling at her and Ron.

They all started to make their way into the kitchen where it was a tad cramped but nobody seemed to mind. Hermione went over and said hello to a very tired looking Mr. Weasley before sitting down next to Ron.

"So Ron what's been going on these past two weeks? Anything new that I haven't heard yet?" Hermione said turning to Ron.

"Uhhhh yeah actually Bill is getting married." Ron said mater-of-factly.

"What! To who?" Hermione said surprised. "How could you not tell me this surely that wasn't news that the death eaters would find interesting!"

"Sorry Hermione it just slipped my mind is all."

"Well….Who is he marrying?"

"Oh right he's marrying Fleur. They both met while Bill was visiting Hogwarts during the Tri-Wizard tournament and then got to know each other while working at Gringotts together."

"I had no idea that they were even seeing each other!" Hermione said still quite shocked about the news.

Ron snorted. "Yeah neither did Mum she was…. well lets just say she wasn't too happy about the news."

Before Hermione could say anything else on the subject everyone's attention was brought to the kitchen door opening and Kingsley coming through. "Hello everyone, just thought I would stop by I haven't been around to dinner in ages and thought I might take a chance and see if you guys were still eating!"

"Oh yes of course you know you are always welcome let me get you a plate! Go sit down and Ill bring it over!" Molly said cheerily as she got up from her seat beside Arthur. Kingsley went over and sat down in the only available chair left which happened to be next to Hermione. "Hello Hermione haven't seen you in awhile. How've you been?"

"I'm fine it's nice to be back. What about you? How has work been I would imagine things have been a lot crazier in your department since everything that has happened in the past couple of weeks." Kingsley started telling Hermione about all the changes he had made in the past two weeks she was very impressed at how much he had done in such a short amount of time. "You know Hermione maybe this summer you could get a job in my department there is a lot to do and we could use someone like you to help out. You should think about it."

"Wow really? You actually think I could be of some use?"

"Of course with brains like yours everything will happen ten times faster!"

"That sounds amazing! I would learn so much about the inner workings of the Ministry it sounds fascinating! Is it alright if I think about it first Kingsley?"

"Sure why don't you send me an owl by the end of the week with your decision."

"Okay thank you so much for the offer! I will owl you as soon as I have made a decision!" She smiled brightly up at him.

She couldn't believe it a job at the Ministry! Even if she ended up not wanting to work there once she graduated it would still be a great learning experience. Plus maybe if she were actually doing something she would finally feel like she was doing something to stand up against Voldemort and for muggleborns.

"Okay Mum, Dad we better get home its getting quite late and we have an early shipment of Peruvian Powder coming in tomorrow." Said Fred while he and his twin got up to leave.

"Wait I thought you two were living upstairs across the hall from me?" Hermione said confusedly.

"Well that is the room that we stay in when we sleep here…"said Fred.

"But that's not where we live. We have been so busy we have started living above the joke shop. It just seems to make more sense that way." George finished.

"George why don't you take some food home with you just in case you get hungry later!" Mrs. Weasley said as she was already filling a platter to feed ten with the leftovers from dinner.

"Now be safe and go straight back to the shop who knows what's lurking out on the streets at this time of night! She said handing them the food and giving them both a big kiss. "Yes Mum", they said in exasperated unison as they left to apparate home.

Over the next two days Hermione got settled into the routine of things. She still hadn't decided if she was going to take the job that Kingsley had offered and she still hadn't told Ron about it. She knew that he would be upset that he didn't get an offer to work at the Ministry as well considering his father worked there.

At the moment she was trying to write a letter to Harry but found that she was having a very difficult time finding something to say without saying something she wasn't supposed to while at them same time making it interesting enough that he didn't fall asleep while reading it. She huffed in frustration.

"Something I can help you with?"

She spun around quickly she had thought she had been alone in the library.

"Oh Jarvis! You gave me such a fright! I didn't realize you had walked in!" she said with a relieved sigh.

"What seems to be troubling you?" He walked over and sat down beside her at the small table in the corner to the left of the fireplace.

"Well I'm trying to write a letter to Harry that is safe enough to send. I'm having a bit of trouble making it interesting."

"Why don't you talk about what they have been saying in the paper about him. Its not like the death eaters don't have access to the Prophet."

"I was thinking about that but I feel like those are things we should talk about in person you know?"

"Yeah I guess I can see what you mean. Are you afraid that it might bring up bad memories about his godfather?"

"Yes exactly!" She said with relief. She was actually a little surprised that he understood. "Why don't you talk about what you did while you were home with your parents I'm sure you might be able to find something harmless to write about."

"That's not a bad idea actually. Thanks!"

"No problem." He said with a cheery smile. To Hermione's delight he stayed and read while she was writing her letter. When she was done she let out a sigh of relief and looked over at Jarvis who was smiling back at her. She started to wonder what a young attractive and she assumed intelligent man would be doing working for Snape. As she pondered this thought he said "What why are you staring at me?"

"Nothing really I was just wondering how someone like you ended up here working for Professor Snape that's all."

Jarvis chuckled lightly at that. He really was very good looking and he really did have the most amazing smile. "Well its simple really I'm sorry to say it's not a very interesting story. I saw an ad in Potioneer's Monthly I sent Severus my resume and a week after a terrifying interview I received a letter informing me that I had got the job. Then I was put through all kinds of security measures and here I am six months later-"

"You have been working for Professor Snape for six months! How have I only just met you now?" Hermione interrupted.

"Well if you remember this past year at Hogwarts was especially different because Albus was not Headmaster for half of it. Severus and I worked outside of school grounds we had to keep everything we were doing very quiet because the Ministry was so suspicious. The only people who really knew about me were the inner circle of the Order even then they only ever saw me during meetings that I was required to attend."

"How do you like it? Working for Professor Snape I mean."

Jarvis took a moment to think his answer through.

"Well its really good actually in these past six months I have learned more about potions than I had in my entire life. And you know that I must have known a lot already for Severus to have hired me so that's really saying a lot. I enjoy his company most of the time although being cooped up here with all of you guys has not lets say… well it has not lightened his mood that's for sure. There are days when he is downright unbearable with the moods he gets himself into. But I still find myself enjoying his company for some odd reason." He smiled obviously thinking of his time spent in the lab with Professor Snape. "My point is he is a good guy with a lot of pressure on his back."

"That's what I'm always saying to the boys they just don't realize what that kind of pressure can do to a person!" She said somewhat outraged like she was scolding him for saying something about Snape.

"Well I'm glad somebody besides me is looking out for him I wont always be here to look out for the guy." Hermione thought this was an odd thing to say but let it pass and decided to change the subject somewhat.

"So are you planning on coming back to Hogwarts with Professor Snape in the fall?"

"That's what the plan is so far anyways."

"Oh I'm glad it will be good that Professor Snape will have someone who can help him with the extra work during the school year."

"Yes he is always threatening me with a stack of first years papers. I'm not looking forward to that part of the job." He said jovially.

"Jarvis!" A sharp voice called from the doorway. It was Professor Snape of course who else would it be. Hermione secretly wondered how long he had been standing there. By the look on his face she would guess that he had heard very little.

"Yes Severus what can I do for you?"

"It's almost time to start the third layer of the amphibir potion."

"Yes so sorry about that. Hermione and I were chatting and I completely lost track of the time."

Snape eyes went back and fourth between the two of them. "Yes well I'm so sorry to break up this cozy little conversation but potions wait for no one." And with that he spun around and exited the library.

"Sorry Hermione I've gotta go. But it was really nice chatting with you!" he said with a halfhearted smile as he turned to go.

"No worries we will have tons of time to chat at Hogwarts."

That night she went to bed thinking about the new school year and how different it was going to be. This year Harry was sure to be very popular now that the Wizarding World believed him. Fred & George were now out of Hogwarts and most importantly it looked like she was going to have a new friend at Hogwarts. A very handsome friend, a very handsome and intelligent friend. She smiled to herself as she drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly Hermione was bolt upright at first she wasn't sure why she was even awake. She looked at the clock it was 530 in the morning! CRASH! Hermione quickly got out of bed as she heard the sound of breaking glass and men yelling the sound was coming from Snape's lab. As she opened her door she realized that all the noise had stopped and that she could only hear loud breathing. The door to Snape's lab was open and when she looked through it what she saw made her gasp in fright and surprise. There only ten feet in front of her was Severus Snape gasping for air standing above an unconscious Jarvis Whitley.