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Edward's POV

Emmett towered over me, cocking his head, his muscles quivering with anticipation and the exertion of maintaining some sense of civility until he knew what he was dealing with. He had to know that I recognized my own weakness; injured, drained of precious venom, unable to resist whatever persuasive advances he exuded. I wasn't sure what I expected but this sudden and immediate confrontation was not one of them. He was suppose to advance slowly, evaluate the situation, analyze my reaction once I understood his intentions then determine how best to proceed.

I quickly realized I was projecting myself into the situation and contemplating my reaction if the situation had been reversed. It was I that would over analyze, consider all my options and proceed with the best possible outcome for me. That wasn't Emmett. He would go with the first thought that occurred to him and if that thought was to confront me directly then he would be of little inclination to consider an alternative or scrutinize how his actions might be detrimental to his ultimate goal.

In one of our many talks on the subject, Carlisle had articulated how any battle for rank, any dominant-submissive confrontation always highlighted the strengths of the opposing vampires similar to how a human with a special talent could become a vampire with a powerful gift. Emmett's strength which might very well turn into his weakness was his complete confidence in his abilities. He would see an opportunity and take it without evaluating in his mind whether it was the best possible option.

And so I held my ground and waited passively, suggesting the agony of my injury had left me too incapacitated to repel his advances, when in truth I wanted him to commit to a plan so I could calculate a way to counter it. He was cognizant of his thoughts and was imagining Rosalie nude, a reliable memory that would assuredly send me scampering from his mind; but not this time. This time I held onto that image not wanting to miss the slip up that was bound to happen, provoking a response in me that would offset his intention.

I laid as still as possible holding my breath and trying not to tense up too much when Emmett leaned over me. His expression was concerned, confused, but he couldn't hide his eyes, couldn't manipulate their color to distort his yearning for pursing the opportunity left by his mate. They were solid black like two smoldering coals embedded in his skull and when he leaned closer, I saw his nostrils flair, his massive chest expand; he was using my scent to feed his desires. I clenched my teeth but could not hide the low warning growl that rumbled from deep within my chest. He was too close, it was happening too fast; I wasn't ready…he wasn't ready; still I remained motionless.

"Don't be afraid. Here let me help you." Emmett's voice was tender and concerned.

He was still playing the charade of worried brother, ignoring my growl which would have been spontaneous even if we weren't sinking into our more primordial selves. An injured vampire was vulnerable to other vampires and our instincts didn't recognize family members. The growl was a warning to keep away…back off…but Emmett leaned in.

I wanted to tell him to go, to leave me alone to heal on my own, forgetting momentarily that I wasn't truly injured, that this was just a ploy to give me an advantage and avoid confronting him in a way that would utilize his strength. He was gravitating toward me, peering into my eyes, trying to read my own mind, trying to determine if I understood what we were doing, where this was leading, what was inevitable now that we were finally alone and I was injured.

His hand wrapped around the wrist of the hand that I held to my throat.

"Let me see, I'll close it up for you," he said hoarsely, clearing his throat.

I resisted exposing the wound that didn't exist, shaking my head vehemently. That wouldn't have made him suspicious. He would understand my concern. He wasn't my mate, he was another male vampire and I wasn't inclined to let him anywhere near my neck.

As he drifted closer his attention was diverted. He saw my true injury, the self inflicted one and he was distracted. "She bit you twice?"

"Yes…she's lost her mind," I muttered, the last of the air I was holding was gone.

He chuckled and I saw his thoughts, saw his appreciation for what he thought was his mate's thoroughness in weakening me and then it was gone, replaced with another image of Rosalie beneath him as he thrust into her.

He released my wrist and grabbed my injured arm, pulling it out away from my body, exposing the wound that was for all intents and purposes healed and even though I saw his intentions I still gasped when I felt his lips on me, his tongue caressing around the healed wound still red and angry looking and that gasp brought me the first whiff of Emmett's scent, his rank odor and more importantly the first inkling of his lust.

My body shuddered in reaction to the assault on my senses. This was wrong, all wrong. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Where was the aggression, the struggle for position, the impulsive charge that I thought would accompany Emmett's advance? None of this was happening like I planned it. But it wasn't too late. I hadn't been completely overcome by Emmett's scent; his reaction to the perception of my weakness wasn't hostile and he hadn't completely shifted into the role of the dominant vampire. Perhaps he had more control over his instincts then I first gave him credit for, but that would not work to his advantage this time.

Still, I didn't understand my response to his advances. Rather than free myself immediately from the assertive position he held over me, I remained as I was, hand still clamped over my nonexistent injury, allowing him to lean in as he concentrated solely on the injury on my arm, his tongue circling the healing scar over and over again. His other hand was subtly pressing into my chest, holding me down, his body perched over me, his groin hovering just over my hips as he straddled me on his knees, leaving me little in the way of options as I tried to control the urge to spring out from under him.

"Let me check your neck. We need to get back to the house. Carlisle's going to be furious. I'm worried what will happen to him if he tries to punish Rosalie." Emmett chortled, lifting his head to look at me calmly like he had no other worries in the world and his nonchalant attitude given the situation we were currently in was disconcerting. But then wasn't that his intention all along; distract me from his true motivation. Or maybe he was trying to get me to talk, to respond to his comments knowing that in order to do that I would need to breathe.

His hand moved against my chest as if he were trying to quell the growling that reverberated from me, still warning him away. When he settled on my hips, completely pressing against my male member that had yet to respond to him, he sighed, disappointed that he'd not been able to entice me into the slow steady build up that would ultimately culminate in one of us submitting to the other.

For the first time I saw confusion in his thoughts, his confidence shaken and he searched his memories of his encounters with Carlisle trying to determine when his state of arousal became evident to Carlisle and finding some comfort in the realization that only the dominate member of the coupling needed an erection. He often remained flaccid during Carlisle's mounting particularly when Carlisle attacked without warning, responding to a particularly grievous occurrence with the full force of a coven leader.

But where this revelation brought a measure of relief and invigorated him, allowing him to proceed with his ministering to my wound that wasn't really a wound anymore. It filled me with dread; my lack of response to the situation suggested I was letting go of my dominant instincts, allowing him to lull me into compliancy, becoming the passive member of the pair. My fears were reinforced when I looked down between us and saw the bulge in Emmett's jeans and felt conformation of it when he leaned forward pressing himself into my abdomen.


I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to concentrate on my plan. I had set it in motion. I was the one in charge. I was only drawing Emmett in, making him vulnerable, alleviating the danger that was always just under the surface, bubbling like a witch's caldron waiting to spew over. I felt Emmett's breath on my face and my eyes shot open. He was hovering over me, his own eyes closed, drinking in my scent, letting it empower him and snorting out his frustration when he realized that I had not submitted to him, my odor still neutral, my position neither submissive nor dominant.

"What are you doing, Edward? You need to breathe. You know how this works. Just take a breath and it will be all over. It's all you need. Just let it happen," he cooed in my ear.

And I wanted too, I really wanted too. It would be so easy. I saw the entire encounter as Emmett saw it. I was already prone, already vulnerable; I just needed to suck in his stench, let it envelop me so I wouldn't resist him when he flipped me. I would be ready, my role assigned and I would give myself to him freely. It wouldn't be dangerous because I wouldn't resist him. I would be more than willing to rise up on my knees letting him rip away the fragile piece of clothing that separated us, pressing myself against him, feeling his maleness slide between my thighs, his hot breath against my neck. And if he bit me to secure his hold on me I would welcome it, even crave it, responding to everything he did to make me his.

I felt his lips against my ear. His fingers were intertwined in my hair tilting my head back exposing the flesh of my neck that wasn't protected by my hand. Another shudder rippled through me when I felt his tongue against me, licking at the flesh that vampires were usually so protective of. I was giving myself over to him even as I fought against the scent that would bring me all the way. I understood his frustration. He was close…so close to drawing out my submission because that was what he was doing. He wasn't forcing me to do anything; he was encouraging me, teasing me, enticing me and that knowledge was being driven home through the pulsating need in his organ that was now fully pressed against my belly, still covered by fabric, but nothing could hide the heat, the twitching as it sought sanctuary in the only orifice that could provide it.

As he suckled on my neck I felt the rhythmic thrusting of his hips against me and a tingling similar to what I experienced earlier in my hand when the flow of venom was cut off to it, took over my body. I understood that feeling too. My body was losing strength, not from an injury but from a need to serve. Even without breathing in his rank odor, my instincts were driving me to give in, sucking at the strength that would make me resist him; my body was already there, my mind just needed to follow.

When I felt Emmett's teeth on me, it was too much and my hips thrust up lifting myself and him off the ground. He nibbled my throat, grunting in satisfaction when he saw my lips part and heard the rush of air as I sucked it in through my nose and mouth. He lifted his head from my neck and through his eyes I saw my own turn a solid onyx, saw my face contort as the scent of his dominance coursed through my body and finally saw the relief of submission that his scent released in me.

There was no longer a desire to entice me, no longer a need to proceed with caution; Emmett's knowledge of that predated my own and only from his thoughts did I grasp that I no longer had any control over the outcome of this encounter.

He released my throat and rising only slightly to allow my body to move between his legs, he flipped me. Then just as I'd seen in his thoughts when he envisioned our coupling, he tore away the clothing that separated us, ripping my jeans completely off of me, before pulling his dripping animated organ through a hastily torn hole in his own. But that's where his vision and my expectations parted ways and I felt his giant hands slide down my back, felt them on my hips lifting me to my knees, spreading them wide and I fell to my elbows, the fake wound on my neck forgotten.

I groaned when I felt the scraping of his teeth along my buttocks, felt the nudging of his nose between my cheeks and finally the flick of his tongue along my opening. A part of me wanted to protest his oral probing as this was not how it was done, not how my total submission would be achieved. A part of me knew this was a mistake and I desperately, in my completely passive, completely vulnerable position wanted to help Emmett avoid making it.

But the bigger part of me relished his ministering of the entrance that would serve to drain him of the venom that my body now craved and I pushed back against his mouth encouraging him without understanding that the reversal of roles had now been set in motion. When his mouth moved down between my legs and I felt his breath against my testicles I felt the first stirrings of life in my flaccid organ. I'd been prepared to give myself over to him fully, let him use me to seek his own satisfaction and only…possibly getting my own release after I serviced him.

But now with his encouragement, I felt desire flood through my body and a powerful need to thrust into something as he sucked on my scrotum delighting in my groans of pleasure, his thoughts triumphant and undisturbed by my obvious erection, a snicker escaping his lips as I purred out my pleasure.

Satisfied with my reaction, he slid his tongue up along the crevice between my cheeks again, lingering on the entrance that would soon be filled with him, breathing in deeply, encouraging his lust that expelled the musky odor from every pore in his body and overtook my own senses, causing my own body to shudder with need. I spread my legs still wider, submitting in every way possible and anticipating his penetration with unbridled enthusiasm.

Satisfied that he'd reduced me to nothing more than a mass of quivering flesh, his scent changed again and became the pungent smell I associated with the prelude to an actual mounting. His tongue slid up my spine and into my hair and I arched and pushed back against him, sighing in satisfaction when I felt his thick manhood press between my legs.

I was panting out my need, each breath, each taste of the air full of his stink was pure heaven. There was no shame, no desire to be the dominant partner in this coupling, no regret that I would be that much further away from the coven leadership, only the intense almost uncontrollable need to submit to the powerful vampire on top of me.

At the first probing of his organ, a low simultaneous moan emanated from both of us and I braced myself for the onslaught that would follow. Another thrust and the head of his manhood slipped into me. I felt his lips nibbling on my ear, felt his teeth capture my ear lobe and pull gently, felt his tongue slide down along my neck, licking tenderly…then teeth…more pressure…I groaned again as he thrust forward, his thoughts were…confused.

I felt his body stiffen and he pulled back. It took only a moment for realization to flood over me and almost immediately his conscious thoughts followed. The bite…he was searching for Rosalie's bite. In his thoughts I saw he meant to bite me again, just as Rosalie said he would, sealing his lips around the scar she would have given me and replacing it with that of his own, the ultimate bond to his mate. I would carry their mark for all time; but then he saw that there was no wound, no bite mark, no scar from her bite and in the few milliseconds it took him to realize that, he lost me.

His teeth snapped against my ear but I jerked my head aside narrowly avoiding them. I struggled and his grip tightened. No longer was I the willing submissive only conscious of serving and satisfying him. His confusion, his realization and his rage had diluted the aroma of his dominating lust breaking the only hold he had on me. His stench was still pungent, the draw was still there but a new odor pervaded the space around us and I realized it was the scent of my own rank smell that conveyed anything but submission.

I growled and in a furious frantic struggle I bucked and withered under him, breaking our connection but only barely as I felt his massive organ against me, felt his hips rotate as he tried to re-establish himself. Again I heard his teeth snap against my neck and Rosalie's words of warning came back to me. I was in exactly the position she warned me about, but no longer was I the submissive that would have allowed Emmett's bite, would have welcomed it and would have given over to him as he held me in the grip of his teeth nursing my neck as he pumped his venom into me.

Now if he managed to sink his teeth in me, so he could mount me, I would fight him and just as Rosalie warned, he wouldn't have the control to stop himself; he would battle with me as if I were a stranger and with his brute strength and dominant position he could very easily kill me.

Briefly I considered whether she had been lying to me all along. If Alice hadn't foreseen that very thing and she was just trying to stop the inevitable. But the future could always change so even if Alice had seen it quite clearly, nothing was set in stone. I renewed my efforts to break free of the iron glad grip on my upper arms as Emmett tried to hold my shoulders down against the ground.

My attempts to free myself were playing to his advantage. I was still on my knees, very much exposed, trying to position myself to make an attempt to stand. My hisses and growls were spontaneous and without thought but did nothing to distract him. His thoughts were fully exposed to me now. He was enraged by my attempts to deceive him, furious that he'd been so close to completing the act and failing and bewildered by my sudden volatile aggressive behavior when only moments before I'd been more than willing to give myself over to him. His inexperience was taking its toll on his psyche making him more vulnerable to my own attempts to mount him if I could only free myself from his massive hands.

But it was hopeless. I could not overpower Emmett, could not beat him when he already had me in the submissive position. If he lost his advantage momentarily and if I had triumphed over the allure of his scent for the time being, it would take very little for him to regain his supremacy. He was still very much erect; I could feel him against me, his length between my thighs, his breath on my neck, his teeth snapping again and again as he sought to bite down, holding me with the flickering images of Rosalie floating through his mind. If he bit me, he had me, there was no other way I could envision freeing myself from him, not if I wanted to live and that was alright, I was okay with that. I just had to relent to his superior strength and envelop myself in that musty odor that would surround us like a radioactive cloud.

With a prolonged roar of fury, I made one final attempt to pull lose of Emmett's control by doing the one thing he wasn't expecting. I threw myself forward so that I was lying completely flat on the ground then in the same motion twisted free of his hands just enough to allow me to turn under him so that he now had me pinned, but on my back. His fingers immediately dug into my upper arms but I managed to get my hands between us and pushed against his chest, giving him the illusion that I was trying to push him away but in the next motion, my hands slid around his back and I pulled him too me and then I rolled.

But that maneuver alone wasn't enough, because we kept rolling, even when I tried to stop our momentum when I was on top. We rolled and twisted, each of us propelling our bodies with legs and arms and elbows ignoring the snarls and the teeth that were always perilously close to the other's throat and still neither of us could get complete control of the other. But unlike Emmett who was blissfully unaware of my thoughts, I could see his and now he was using my gift against me in a way that surprised me. Not by content, his intentions were quite clear, but because no one else had tried it on me in the past, not even Carlisle and it was so simple, so completely obvious. He was envisioning himself winning this struggle and completing the act by deftly flipping me back on my stomach and simultaneously sinking both his organ and his teeth into me as I went completely slack beneath him other than to moan out my pleasure and pain and try to accommodate the needs of his body.

The image made me wheeze with need and once again I felt myself giving into him, the grip of my arms around his body loosening, my knees parting as he pressed against me, member to member, both of us fully erect, where only one of us needed to be. But fortunately for me, he would not take me on my back, a position that was wholly human and had no place in this primitive attempt at conquest. Instinctually he needed to mount me from the rear, to dominate me as the beast he was. Despite what Rosalie might think, I was not his sex partner, we were not satisfying a sexual urge through a carnal sin of the flesh; that might come later, afterward, when satisfaction for the submissive partner might be granted by the dominant one but for now, it was still about instincts. Emmett needed to mount me from behind and that's where he made his second mistake.

He sniffed at me as I lay beneath him, almost indifferently, almost as if he'd already succeeded in burying himself in me, shooting his venom through my lower bowels, enjoying the spectacle of my helplessness as I quivered under the effects of it. His casualness was startling and I almost let it pass, willing to once again submit to him, doing little to free myself as he released my arms and pulled back on his knees still between my legs. I lay looking at him, watching his thoughts play out as he visualized taking control of me, his body thrusting against mine, seeking to fill me with his essence again and again. My arms had fallen to either side of me and I breathed in big deep breaths, almost like I was starved for oxygen, but really only interested in enveloping myself fully in his odor to prepare me for the inevitable.

But something wasn't quite right; the stench of his body was not having the same effect on me as it had previously. His arrogance was intolerable and I found myself growing annoyed with him. This wasn't how it was suppose to be. I sniffed at the air and was startled when I smelled myself, recognized that the lingering odor was of my own arousal, my own need to mount Emmet. He hadn't quelled it, hadn't shown himself to be a dominant leader. He was letting me come to that conclusion on my own, not taking responsibility for getting me there. I squelched a growl and closed my eyes, not bothering to open them when I felt his hand close around my thighs sliding up to my hips. I knew what he was going to do; I saw it in his mind as clear as if it were my own thoughts. He was done playing around. He was going to flip me and mount me biting me in the very spot that should have already been scarred by Rosalie's teeth. And I wouldn't move, I couldn't move, not if I wanted to live.

So I let him…let him flip me, but that was all. Once I was on my hands and knees I sprung and his hands still in the process of turning me were no longer holding onto me at all, they were holding onto air, thin air and I was free.

The expression on Emmett's face would have been comical if the situation wasn't so serious. He remained on his knees staring first at me standing some thirty feet from him, then the ground, then back at me again. The absolute rage didn't hit him immediately. He was still trying to fathom how he lost me, how I managed to slip away when he had already been contemplating the reward of successfully mounting me. When it finally dawned on him that we were for all intents and purposes back at square one, he bellowed out his fury and charged me. This was the Emmet I knew, the one I was prepared for, the one I was so worried about in the first place.

I easily sidestepped him when he charged; his thoughts weren't hidden but his intentions where obvious even if they were. He met with a large tree and snapped it off at the base of the trunk sending it crashing to the ground. When he turned, I was ready sucking in the air as hungrily as he did, both of us trying to take advantage of our scents which had reverted back to the stink of an aggravated male, our ebbing erections evidence that our lust had faded.

"You tricked me," Emmett sputtered, like the thought had just occurred to him.

"Yes, well I tried," I said evenly, unable to generate the rage that I would need to bring down this giant vampire.

"Coward," he hissed and charged again, this time his arm brushed against me, hardly more than a tap but it sent me flying into a pile of boulders that disintegrated upon impact with my flailing body.

I sprung to my feet and snarled. We were creating a lot of noise. How far were we from the house? How soon before Bella came to find me? Would Rosalie be able to keep her distracted? Emmett charged again but rather than fly straight at me he anticipated my attempts to dodge him and shifted in anticipation. Fortunately I saw his thoughts first and didn't move at all, he whizzed by me again.

"You'll be lucky if I don't kill you," he roared, spinning again, his eyes never leaving me as he stalked forward following the motion of my body as I moved in unison with him, his every movement a reflection of mine and vice versa.

"Yes," I said noting that there was nothing more to say, no need to elaborate. I took in the air, still volatile but nothing more and I needed more.

Emmett's eyebrows went up, he was puzzled by the lack of agitation he was generating in me. His frustration was evident. He needed something to feed off of. I was getting to him in a way I hadn't anticipated. My indifference, startling given our history was creating confusion and conflict, hardly emotions that generated the need to dominate or as it pertained to me, the desire to submit.

I tested the air with my tongue. Emmett frowned and charged again. He was trying to artificially generate control and power. He needed something to trigger his lust again. I easily jumped aside and spun…waiting.

"You're not ready…you need more time. Think about Bella. You need to do what is right by her." Emmett was attempting another tactic, trying to create self doubt. His voice was low, soothing and confident.

I snorted, but did not respond further, refusing to be drawn out verbally. We sparred too many times that way for me to not understand what he was doing. Emmett was the king of one liners, he always got in the last word. I had to remain focused. My apathetic attitude was getting to him. Maybe this was my inroad.

He charged again but at the last minute he ducked and rolled, I felt the force of his body against my legs and was suddenly spinning through the air. I landed on my feet which was the only thing that saved me as he was instantly upon me again, his hand brushing against my arm, but he missed and I sprinted away, turning only when I no longer felt his pursuit.

He was standing solemnly some distance from me. He knew if I ran he wouldn't be able to catch me and this encounter would have to wait for another day, so he remained frozen in place, waiting for me to come back to him, which inevitably I would do. We both wanted this over today.

"You need to step back bro, now's not the right time. You'll have your chance, I'll always be here, but it's too soon for you; you haven't even been married for a year, you still have a lot to learn." Emmett was back to cooing out remarks that sounded more like regrets; like he was sorry for my weaknesses, like he wanted nothing more than to have me mount him.

I felt irritated. I fought it and moved closer. "You need to submit to me Emmett, it's the right thing to do. You know I'm in a better position to defend this coven then you are."

He growled. He was barely hanging onto his control.

"You're not Carlisle. Those words have no meaning when they come from your mouth," he snickered, crouching down on my approach.

"You know it's the way it should be. I'm the mind reader, I keep you and Rosalie and all the rest of them safe." I licked my lips. I felt venom on my tongue and swallowed it. "You need me to keep you safe."

"And you can continue to do that…afterward," Emmett responded.

"You'll hurt me." It was a statement of fact, not the petulant plea for mercy and it had an effect on Emmett whose eyes widened then narrowed as if I'd insulted him.

"Then don't fight me,"

"You can't control yourself."

"Ridiculous, who told you that…Alice?" She can't see this; she doesn't know what will happen.

"No…Rosalie," I said quietly with no emotion, but the moment her name left my lips I saw and felt his reaction.

"You lie," he snarled and charged again.

This time his thoughts were blinded by his fury and he caught me under the chin when I tried to dodge away from him, body slamming me to the ground a crater imprint of my body forged in the soil.

My fingers locked around his wrist, trying to force it from my throat, but he only squeezed harder, his black eyes narrowing as he studied my face.

"The bite was Rosalie's idea, I took the idea from her. She wanted to do it so I wouldn't fight you, because she knew if I did, you would kill me. You'd kill me, no matter the value I bring to this family. You'd defy Carlisle; destroy everything he built because you don't have control." The words flew from my lips in one long hoarse breath. I had little time to make my case before he would revert to an Emmett I couldn't communicate with, at least not verbally. "Even your mate sees that…understands that."

I saw myself through his eyes, watching in horror as his fingers tightened around my throat, his rage so intense he wasn't the Emmett I knew any longer. His control was fragile, it always had been and I'd pushed him beyond his limits. Now I would see what he was capable of, I would experience it firsthand, but it wouldn't have anything to do with a bite, he was going to tear my head off without ever attempting any kind of mounting. It was Carlisle's worse fears come to fruition. The violence however rare that occurred in dominant–submissive encounters would end my life and destroy Emmett's.

I growled…I snarled…I hissed, but nothing fazed him and only the softness of the ground that molded around my body with the force of the pressure from his hand kept him from snapping my head off in those brief moments where I lingered between life and death and Emmett fought the beast back with everything he had.

Finally, as I felt the first wave of numbness in my lips, a sign I was on the verge of breaking into pieces, I felt his hand loosen, just one finger at a time and no sooner did he let go when I was up, staggering away from him, ready for an assault that didn't come. Seconds ticked by. He could have taken me down at any time, my brain was foggy, I was dazed, unable to defend myself, it was the perfect time for him to regroup and attack, but it never came, he never came.

Sufficiently recovered I searched the tree line but couldn't see him. Had he run? A few tentative steps later I found and followed his scent. His mind was blank to me, he was too far away, he had run, he was heading home. The shock of what I told him had sent him running to Rosalie. I felt a knot in my belly. What would he do? I remembered the scars on her shoulders and neck. He wouldn't hurt her, would he? Had I betrayed my sister in order to save myself?

My stride changed from a jog to an all out run. He couldn't outrun me and almost immediately I saw him. He wasn't trying to. Yes he was heading towards home, but at hardly more than a fast human sprint; he wanted me to catch him. He wasn't fleeing from me, he was drawing me to him and I came, even with my mind reading abilities I failed to see and ran right up on him and now he would spin and take me down, just as he always planned to do.

But he didn't spin, he didn't even glance over his shoulder and his pace slowed. His mind cleared and I gasped seeing something new in his thoughts, something that hadn't been there before. He was submitting to me.

I sucked in the air around me. It was still subtle, barely a few molecules floating amidst the countless other odors that assaulted my superior senses, but it was enough to trigger a flutter in my exposed organ. I saw Emmett stiffen; he ran faster. He might be willing to let me mount him but I still had to make the effort and show that I could. I calculated the distance, let out another burst of speed and from an expanse that might have been too great to accurately measure, I sprung. He didn't try to dodge away from me though surely he heard the rush of my body through the air. I hit him with as much force and fury as he'd unleashed upon me through the day and he went down in a crumbled heap.

His growls were no less aggressive then I could expect given that I had tackled him and was behind him, leaving him at his most vulnerable, but even as I struggled to hold his immense body still, clinging to him when he tried to throw me from him, locking my arms under his arms and around his neck as Carlisle had done to me when his flailing almost dislodged me, I felt the difference in both his struggles and his scent.

He was not giving me the easy victory, it wouldn't have suited him and wouldn't have challenged me and might have left our coupling undefined in our thoughts and memories, encouraging him to immediately confront me again if he wasn't confident in my abilities. His struggles though formable, also served another purpose. They fueled my arousal and generated the lust in me which in turn would release the stench in the air that ultimately would subdue him more than any of my physical efforts could.

For the first time I felt my desires grow out of a manifestation to dominate another vampire and I hungrily latched onto the power of those desires like a lifeline that would guide me to a destiny I was always meant to have. My feelings for the vampire beneath me had dissipated to nothing more than apathy; he was an anonymous male that challenged me and now would submit to me or die. The lust I felt for him was completely different then what I felt when Bella and I coupled. It was peculiar, conflicting; I had an intimate connection with him as my brother, yet there was absolutely no emotional attachment to the being beneath me now. I saw the danger in dwelling on it too much; my weakness in over analyzing and second guessing myself would not serve me as I slide my hand down and removed what remained of Emmett's jeans.

There was a sexual desire there, a part of this act that made me want to give pleasure as much as I took it, but I recognized these feelings as dangerous and to be avoided although I never remember having a conversation about it with my mentor and master. Instead I channeled him, Carlisle, recalling how he took me for the first time, letting his thoughts of dominance and his acts of control encourage my natural inclination to submit to him as the superior being. Carlisle didn't get side tracked with notions of pleasure brought on by completing a sexual act upon another. He mounted me, released his venom in me, marking me as his, giving proof to the others that I was under his control and only then did he offer me some release.

I saw in his actions with me and those of my brothers that the role of dominating another did not allow for feelings of mutual release and should only be entertained as an epilogue to the successful coupling that I'd yet to partake in. It was a selfish act and one that should not be engaged in for personal pleasure except under the guise of dominating another and establishing rank.

Leaning over Emmett I felt him tense, but as Rosalie had predicted, I did have control and rather than bite, I nuzzled into his hair, sucking in one last long whiff of the scent of submission, feeling myself grow completely and painfully erect. Emmett whimpered beneath me and spread his legs much as I had done for him earlier in the day. The role reversal was too staggering to ponder so I didn't dwell on it, wanting nothing to distract me from the impulse to bury myself inside the vampire under me.

The act itself was completely instinctually and the moment the head of my organ pressed against Emmett's opening both he and I groaned in pleasure and my hips immediately began thrusting forward of their own accord. I slide my hands up along Emmett's back and over his shoulders holding him as still as I could against the furious onslaught of my aggressive thrusts.

Emmett for his part, braced himself with his hands, meeting each stroke eagerly, creating a concession of pounding flesh, the rhythmic nature of the it, a tell tale sign of our coupling and one that undoubtedly could be heard by those in the house. I vaguely thought of Rosalie, whose fears of our encounter might be eased as the reverberation of my thrusts would confirm that a successful mounting had occurred though she wouldn't know who had taken who.

When I felt the pressure in my testicles and the tightening in my lower abdomen, I pressed forward holding Emmett still under me, letting the fluid shoot forth of its own velocity, grunting as I felt wave after wave of my venom release into Emmett who barely moved beneath me except to clench and unclench his muscles milking me of the fluid that was now igniting his lower abdomen, sending ripples of pleasure throughout his body and eliciting purrs of contentment from his lips.

His body suddenly jerked and quivered beneath me and I renewed my control of him by burrowing myself deeply in him and securing a hand behind his neck forcing his head down into the dirt. I was assaulted with the aroma of his muskiness as he spilled his seed into the ground with no direct manipulation from him or I and his spontaneous reaction brought forth a surge of lust that threatened to overwhelm my senses as I contemplated taking him again, feeling myself rejuvenated by the odor of his venom and the trembling of his body.

Instead, I remained over him for several minutes, my organ still impaled within him, taking experimental thrusts, testing my control, reveling in his response as he immediately pushed against me eager to submit to me again. The experience was so unusual, so unique and one that I was reluctant to release myself from since as a vampire, very little surprised me anymore. But I couldn't remain buried in Emmett forever. Eventually Rosalie's curiosity and annoyance would get the better of her and she would come and search for us. Besides, dawn was almost upon us and Carlisle would be home. I had too many questions to ask and my need for knowledge often trumped my need for pleasures of the body.

Reluctantly, I pulled myself from Emmett and sat back on my heels. He remained on his knees his face buried in the ground, appearing utterly spent by our coupling. In his thoughts, I saw no signs of aggression or regrets and even my words of earlier alluding to Rosalie's lack of confidence in him did not significantly weigh on his mind. It was through his thoughts that I was able to discern that much like my own experiences with Carlisle and Jasper, we all had our roles, all had our place within the coven and wherever that happened to be was where it was meant to be. There were no misgivings, no jealousy, no periods of anger or resentment. The very act of dominating or being dominated determined the rightful order of things until the day came when it would be revisited and roles would change.

Emmett was content as I'd ever seen him and I was satisfied that he would remain so as long as I fulfilled my obligation to him, the obligation that went unspoken but was by the very act of my domination, the responsibility as a higher ranking member of the coven to protect him and his mate.

Author Notes:

Initially the following commentary was suppose to occur between Edward and Carlisle, but given Edward's need to examine and reexamine everything, the length of this one shot and the fact that we readers aren't granted eternal life (with endless amounts of free time) I decided to interview Carlisle myself. Hopefully he can answer some of your lingering questions.

Interview with Carlisle Cullen – Topic Edward and Emmett's dominant/submissive encounter.

Why did Emmett initially approach Edward with tenderness and concern even after he deduced what his mate was up to and why did Edward respond submissively to this rather docile version of Emmett?

Carlisle appeared thoughtful before responding.

"Emmett, despite his rather aggressive over reaction to any incident that threatens the family and his love for a good fight, is also one of the most compassionate amongst us, especially to those he considers weaker than himself. In some ways it shows that he understands his brute strength and tries not to use it against those that cannot defend themselves. Edward's apparent injury triggered that protective nurturing instinct in him which might have been startling given the circumstances, but would have been no less effective in forcing the submission of the injured vampire.

Edward reacted to it because inherently, compassion for a foe is a strength and something desired in a leader. We generally rely on aggression when trying to mount another male but a leader has many strengths and the ability to use those strengths effectively is really all that matters. Ironically, even though Edward was not truly hurt, he responded to Emmett because he viewed his compassion as the sign of a good leader even if he wasn't consciously aware that he did it."

Why did Edward consider it a mistake when Emmett tried to arouse him prior to mounting him?

Carlisle chuckled.

"That was a big miscalculation on Emmett's part and highlighted a weakness. It really boiled down to his ego. He wanted to take Edward when he was in a full state of arousal. Taking a sexually aroused male, makes the domination that much more satisfying and confirms one's own virility. The sexual pleasure one derives from the act is also greater. Complete submission by ones adversary though ultimately the goal isn't as exciting as subduing a dominant individual. Emmett put personal pleasure ahead of his final objective. He revitalized his opponent who had for all intents and purposes already submitted to him."

Why did Emmett's alleged indifference to Edward as he lay beneath him create a role reversal before it actually occurred?

Carlisle gave the barest hint of a shrug.

"Domination is very instinctual, driven by the actions of the competing entities and the smells that they emanate. It's likely that Emmett, once he had Edward trapped beneath him for the second time, assumed that it was a foregone conclusion that Edward would submit to him. The impression of arrogance is distracting and creates trust issues. Submitting, because of the vulnerability of the position, is rooted in trusting the individual being submitted too. I would assume that Emmett became distracted as he often does and lost his focus. Not only would that have been perceptible to Edward because of his gift, but it also would have distracted from the scent that ultimately plays the biggest role in determining who is truly dominant. It's likely that Emmett diluted his own scent with his lack of concentration and Edward was rejuvenated because of it."

Why was Emmett willing to submit to Edward so readily when he found out that Rosalie didn't trust his control?

Carlisle frowned then sighed.

"Only Emmett can answer that and even he may not be able to articulate exactly why he responded as he did but my own assessment is that it shook his confidence to find out his mate lacked faith in his abilities. He couldn't reasonably be expected to complete the mounting if he wasn't absolutely positive that he could control himself. My assumption is he never gave his control a thought until it was questioned by his mate."

With that said, did you have any real fear that Emmett would hurt Edward?

Carlisle leaned closer and spoke with conviction lacking in his earlier responses.

"Absolutely. It was the reason that Jasper and I tried not to leave them alone. Physically, Emmett has no equal. The only way to take him down is to outsmart him. I tried to prepare Edward as best I could by showing him my own mountings of Emmett over the years. Edward assumes I did it because I wanted him to mount Emmett which I suppose is true but not for the reason he thinks. If there is any credence at all to the natural establishment of rank within a coven then the most capable always come out on top fulfilling roles as dictated by the needs of the coven. If those needs change then it's likely the roles will change as well."

Is there sexual pleasure in the act of dominating or being dominated?

Carlisle's eyebrows shot up and he snorted before smiling.

"Some derive more pleasure from it than others, but of course, there is some feelings of desire during the actual act. If there wasn't, it would be difficult though not impossible to achieve an erection and ultimately to ejaculate which is the glue that seals the submission, quite literally. Most of Jasper's experiences provide us with the best example of that. His encounters were only as pleasurable as the physical sensation of the orgasm without an emotional connection to the individual beneath him. He performed the act as one of his duties in a rather methodical manner. It was only with Edward that he allowed himself to not only take pleasure but give it and by giving it he was expressing that it was more than just an instinctual act."

As the dominant male, how was the experiences for you?

For the first time Carlisle looked uncomfortable.

"I would say that I derived a certain amount of satisfaction and yes pleasure from mounting all the males in the coven, particularly to exercise influence as the coven leader. Sexual pleasure, yes I suppose the physical act generating the release of venom was pleasurable but I get far greater satisfaction knowing that with every mounting I am making my coven stronger and safer and that gives more pleasure than any sexual release every could."

And with a polite nod Carlisle departed from the interview in all his glorious splendor. ;o)

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Be sure to check out my interview with Carlisle Cullen in the Author Notes. It might answer some of the questions that this chapter will be sure to generate.