A cruel twist of fate finds Dean in love just weeks before his deal is due. With his deadline looming, an unexpected turn in an already disturbing hunt suddenly raises the stakes for both brothers and they fight to save a girl from a whole new kind of evil.


This is set at the end of season three less than a month before Dean's deal is due. I initially wrote a *sorta* smutty threesome fic and at the suggestion of a very encouraging reviewer (thanks so much DaniMitchell85), I decided to develop the one-shot into a real story with a real hunt and actual plot. If you've already read the one-shot this is based on (On the Way to Phoenix) then you could probably skim over chapter one and two as they are the basically same as the one-shot only with a few minor changes to suit the extended plot.

BTW, this story is as much about Sam as it is Dean. It has three parts set a couple of months apart but will be written as one story. Canon events - follows the show's storyline. Although there is an OC, this is written in Sam and Dean's POV's so it is definitely not OC-centric. Spoilers for seasons 1 through 4.


This is based on an explicit threesome fic so it goes without saying there is graphic sex. Since it was rated Mature anyway, I also went with some dark themes and there is a fair bit of swearing. If you're not comfortable with any of these things – you probably shouldn't read this fic. (I usually prefer the fluffy side of Supernatural so it is strange that my first fic is a dark one but I hope you like it anyway). This starts out smutty, but I PROMISE, there is a real story to follow. IF YOU DON'T LIKE SMUT, JUST SKIP THE FIRST 2 CHAPTERS AND GO RIGHT TO CHAPTER 3.

Author's note:

Hope you enjoy, and if you do, please let me know. It means the world to me when you do.




Dean slapped her hand away from his belt buckle. "Babe, not right now," he chided. "I'm driving."

"So? You can multitask," she cooed, ignoring the rebuke and reaching again for the belt, this time managing to free the end from the silver buckle.

The hunter couldn't help but grin as he stole a glance at the brunette sidled up next to him with her hands now working the button on his jeans. He chuckled when she nibbled his ear but squirmed when he felt his fly being pulled open.

"Hey," he groaned in quiet protest, "Sam's right behind us."

She lifted her head to peer over the leather seat back into the back of the Impala. "He's sleeping like a baby," she whispered with a sly smile as she lowered her head into his lap, tugging at his jeans.

"No don't," Dean argued feebly before letting a moan escape him as her fingers deftly pulled him free and her tongue rimmed his tip. He could feel himself hardening quickly and was acutely aware of how inappropriate this was with Sam three feet behind them but no matter how badly he wanted to push her away, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. In fact, he found himself turned on by the dirtiness of it. She had her hand wrapped firmly around him and was kneading gently as she worked her tongue lower and lower towards the base. The girl was a goddess with her tongue and Dean knew too well what he was in for. He swallowed and sent a silent thank-you to the powers that be for somehow landing him with a chick who absolutely loved giving head.

She moved her mouth back up to the tip while sliding her fingers farther down into his pants to cup his sac. He was fully erect by this point and she wrapped her lips around him, delighting him with a soft moan as she took him in. He bit back one of his own as her wet warmth sank down on him, enveloping his full length.

Gripping the steering wheel tightly with his left hand, he reached out with his right and turned up the stereo, struggling to keep his breathing even in case Sam should wake. He then fisted his free hand in her long, brown curls, guiding her head up and down as she worked him with increasing intensity. Her tongue snaked around his tip, flicking and teasing before her mouth descended upon him again and again, taking him in fully and completely every time. Dean tipped his head back and closed his eyes in pleasure for a second before remembering he was still driving and jerking back up to focus on the dark and lonely road.

He could feel her lips tighten around him in a smile of satisfaction at the effect she was having on him as the car swerved slightly, though she never wavered in her actions. She was now on her knees on the seat, her ass in the air facing the passenger window and he reached out and gave it a hard smack. She released a smothered yelp from her full mouth and he let out a breathy chuckle. Her teeth grazed top and bottom down the full length of him in friendly retaliation and he grunted in both pleasure and pain. Her movements became faster and harder, the gentle scrape of her teeth driving him closer and closer to climax as her head rose and fell in his lap. The hand gently kneading his sac pulled out and reached back to slide down the front of her own shorts, her ass wriggling and grinding in the air as she worked herself alongside him. Ridiculously turned on at the sight, Dean cupped his hand over her ass again, squeezing it forward in sharp rhythmic motions, essentially fucking her fingers for her. He panted in anticipation and they both moaned in unison as he began to thrust up into her mouth, his stomach muscles clenching as he neared the edge.

"Oh God, baby, I'm gonna cum," he tried to warn her but he was already there. Spasms rocked through him as he let go, grunting loudly as he felt her swallow his release. She pumped and stroked with her hand, licking the over-sensitive tip clean with soft, gentle flicks of her tongue. He exhaled a long, shuddering moan of satisfaction and concentrated on keeping the car straight on the road.

She looked up at him, her lids still heavy with lust and need and he realized her fingers were still buried deep in her shorts. She leaned forward and brought her face close to his. "Pull over," she demanded in a husky voice, her breath hot in his ear.

Dean swallowed in regret and disappointment. "I can't," he apologized, still breathing heavily. "You know we gotta get to Phoenix right away. It's already after midnight and we've still got at least two hours to go."

"But I'm so wet," she pleaded. "You can't make me finish by myself."

"I'm sorry," he said, catching his breath as she pulled herself upright on her knees and arched her back, grinding forward onto her buried fingers. Her other hand traced its way up her flat stomach, pulling up her blouse and cupping one of her breasts. Her head tipped back and she let out a desperate moan.

"Jesus," Dean breathed, her theatrics having the desired effect as his fingers gripped the steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned white. He'd never come across a girl who got so turned on by giving head. He badly wanted to yank the car to the shoulder and bury his face in her wetness until he brought her screaming into her own orgasm, but they really, really couldn't afford the delay. He was just reaching for her exposed breast when he froze in shock as a voice arose from the back seat.

"Fuck, you guys are making me horny just listening to you."

Dean jerked his hand back and coughed in awkward surprise. He'd completely forgotten in the intense heat of the moment that his brother was back there. He was still sputtering in embarrassment when the brunette pulled her hand out of her shorts and leaned over the back of the bench seat.

"Good morning, Birthday Boy," she smiled down at Sam, who was still lying down, his knees bent up against the rear passenger side door.

"Hey, that's right," Dean recovered, trying to stuff himself back into his jeans. "It's after midnight. That makes it your big day, Sammy."

"Yeah, so where's my present?" Sam joked, not getting up.

"It's in the mail, dude, just like every year."

Sam laughed. "So it's my birthday and you're the only one getting anything good."

It was the girl's turn to laugh. "How do you know it's good if you've never tried it?"

"You offering?" came the challenging tease from the back seat.

Dean glanced over at the brunette, chuckling at the familiar friendly banter. Tasha had been traveling with them for almost two months now and her friendly nature had quickly relaxed the normally uptight and shy Sam. Thinking she would laugh his brother's tease off, Dean was surprised to find her looking back at him with a questioning look on her face. He raised a shocked eyebrow at her, realizing she wasn't joking but was instead asking for his permission - permission to blow Sam!

What he found most surprising, however, was that it didn't bother him – not really. It wasn't that he didn't care about her; she was by far the best thing that had ever happened to him, though that was a fact he had yet to admit to anyone but himself. It wasn't as if she was officially his girlfriend or anything – they had both agreed to 'keep things casual' – but he knew without a doubt it had become far more than a fling for either of them. She was 'the one'. He knew it and she knew it, even if neither of them would say it out loud. If it wasn't for the fact that he was going to die in less than four weeks, he may have even considered admitting it.

He realized that it was because she was the one and because this was Sam that her silent proposal somehow didn't feel like a betrayal. In fact, Sam would be doing him a favor because she'd probably cum by herself from the sheer enjoyment of giving two blow jobs in a row and he could keep driving without feeling so damn guilty. And it was the kid's birthday, after all.

He grinned at her and gave her a consenting nod. What the Hell.

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "You still owe me," she whispered in his ear before slipping over the backrest into the back seat, where she was greeted with a surprised cry from the younger Winchester.

"Whoa, what are you doing?" Sam squealed and Dean chuckled at the terrified rise in pitch of Sam's voice. "Uh, Tasha, really, whoa, what….Dean?"

"Trust me," Dean assured his brother over his shoulder. "It'll be the best birthday present I ever gave you."

"Uh, we ever gave," she interjected as she brushed Sam's hands away again to get his fly open.

"Sorry, babe," Dean called, still astonished at how okay he was with this. "That's what I meant."

"Sit up," he heard her command to Sam, who must have obeyed immediately for within seconds his little brother let out a groan of pleasure.

"Oh God," Sam rasped, "Dean, are you sure about this?"

"Dude, just shut up and enjoy it."

Sam did enjoy it. If his grunts and moans were any indication, he enjoyed it immensely. Dean adjusted the rear view mirror slightly to get a view of what was going on, feeling twitches and tingles of renewed need starting to make him hard again. He saw Sam's head tipped back over the back of the seat, his mouth open in a silent gasp. As he inched the mirror downward, he saw her long, brown curls bobbing up and down and could hear gentle, suckling noises as she deep throated his brother. She was kneeling on the floor of the Impala, one hand wrapped around Sam's cock and the other splayed across the younger hunter's chest, flicking open the buttons of his shirt without ever looking up. Sam's hands were both fisted in her hair and Dean watched, mesmerized, as his brother pulled her harder and harder down around him, his hips starting to thrust upwards into her mouth as Dean's had not five minutes earlier.

Dean was almost sure Sam was about to cum but Tasha pulled off him quite suddenly. She answered the hunter's moan of protest by beginning to slide her hand up and down his impressive length very slowly. Slow enough, however, that it brought Sam back from the brink, to which he groaned loudly in frustration.

"What I wanna know," she said very deliberately and clearly aimed at Dean, "Is howcome everyone else is getting off tonight but me?"

Dean's heart skipped a beat and his stomach lurched with what was either excitement or fear, he wasn't sure. His head was spinning with how fast this was getting out of control and how much he was turned on by it. He knew she wanted him to either pull the car over and fuck her himself or let Sam get her off. He also knew she'd only do whatever he told her to and for some reason he couldn't explain, hearing the sounds of her giving someone else pleasure was erotic, intoxicating even. He was almost dying to hear her on the receiving end.

"Why don't you let Sam take care of you, babe?" he suggested, his voice hoarse with both anticipation of the show and dread that the reaction to the suggestion wouldn't be favorable. "He can return the favor you're doing him and I can keep driving."

"What?" Sam gasped. "Dean?"

There was a pause in which all three of them contemplated the consequences of what was about to happen and if they were willing to go there. The car was silent save the throaty purr of her engine as the classic beauty sailed down the dark stretch of highway.

"I'm game of you are," she finally said to Sam, rimming her tongue around his tip and pumping her hand up and down his shaft as she spoke, virtually guaranteeing a 'yes' out of him.

Sam breathed out a grumble that came from deep within, conveying his need for release and he nodded. "Sure, I'd love to," he said rather politely as he again fisted his hands in her hair and urgently guided her mouth back around him.

She sucked him noisily and Dean knew the exact moment she brought the teeth into play for Sam cried out and slammed one hand onto the empty seat next to him, slapping it hard a few times in attempted restraint before spasms racked through him and he threw his head back, panting wildly as he came. She licked him clean slowly before pulling away.

Sam recovered for a moment with his eyes closed, breathing heavily, during which time Tasha twisted in her position on the floor of the Impala and wrapped her arms around Dean from behind, kissing his neck and gliding her hands down over his shirt-clad abs to where he was still out of his pants and semi-hard. "Mmmmm," she purred, "You liked that didn't you?"

Trying to keep his attention on the road, Dean could only nod in reply. Godamn! He had really liked that.

"I was thinking of you the whole time, baby," she whispered before letting out a yelp as she was yanked backwards.

"Your turn," came Sam's throaty rumble from behind her, his strong arms pulling her back onto the seat with him. He effortlessly dropped her down on her back with her head by the rear passenger door and pulled himself up onto his knees on the seat behind Dean. He unzipped her shorts and yanked them off, pulling her hips up by the legs to get them as far down as her thighs and holding her legs in the air with one hand as he tugged them up to her ankles and off over her bare feet. He tossed them onto the front seat next to his brother.

Any initial awkwardness or hesitation Sam may have exhibited had disappeared when he'd exploded into her mouth and she'd swallowed his cum down as she had his brother's only a short time before. He owed this girl a mind-blowing orgasm and he intended to deliver. The fact that Dean was right there didn't matter anymore; in fact, he realized, it actually added to the thrill and Sam was finding the whole kinkiness of the situation extremely erotic. It wasn't like he hadn't guiltily imagined doing all sorts of things to her since Dean first sweet-talked her into his bed almost two months ago. He just never thought he'd actually be doing any of them.

He stared down at a tiny, red, lace thong and couldn't decide whether to remove it or work with it. He went for the latter, rubbing two fingers between her legs through the fabric of the panties only to find them already hot and damp. He pushed her knees apart and planted a trail of kisses from her knee right up to just a breath away from the thong. She moaned louder and louder as he moved upwards, grinding her hips towards him as he nipped and kissed her inner thigh. He pulled back and moved to the other leg, starting once again down at the knee.

"Oh God," she cried, fisting his hair as he had done hers only moments ago, trying to coax him closer to her now-dripping center. "Please," she moaned, thrusting upwards and panting in unadulterated need. He ran his fingertip teasingly under the edge of the thong, stopping when he reached the intense, wet heat between her legs. He pulled the panties aside, suddenly regretting his decision to leave them on. One hard yank solved the problem and he ripped them free of her body, once again making sure to toss them on the front seat next to his brother.

He dipped his head down again, this time forsaking the teasing and circled his tongue just once around her pulsing nub before dipping it inside, twirling it and flicking it and enjoying her gasping squeals of pleasure as she unsuccessfully fought the urge to squirm and buck. He moved his large hands up from under her legs and pressed them into the creases between the thigh and the hip, holding her firmly in place as he continued to torture her with his tongue. His giant frame was uncomfortably hunched over in the confided space of the Impala so he sat up slowly, pulling her hips up after him, his tongue never faltering in its dance between the deep wealth of wet heat and her swollen nub. With her legs splayed over his shoulders, he pulled her hips so high they were above the seat level, within easy view of his brother's rear view mirror. Sam didn't spare even a sideways glance to check, but he knew without a doubt Dean was watching and that only spurred him on further as he fucked his brother's girlfriend mercilessly with his tongue.

The squeals soon turned to gasping screams and her back arched away from him as small spurts of sweet wetness slid past Sam's tongue. He retreated slowly, tracing delicate circles around her twitching muscles as he gently lowered her hips back down to the car seat.

He felt himself growing hard again and fought the urge to drop her down and fuck her right there, thinking that would probably be crossing a line. So far, she and Dean had initiated everything, him being the outsider who had simply been invited to a normally private party. But damn if Dean didn't have himself a hot girlfriend and it had definitely been a while since he'd been laid. Not that he was complaining; that was the best blow job he'd ever had, but he could already feel himself pressing against his zipped up jeans, begging for round two, her orgasmic screams still echoing in his mind. God, that kind of scream just made him want to pound the shit out of someone.

She sat up and gave him an appreciative smile before shuffling over, sliding past him so she was kneeling on the seat behind Dean. She wrapped her arms around the driver's neck and kissed him behind the ear. "Thanks honey," she said, still breathing heavily and not bothering to whisper. "And thanks Sam," she added over her shoulder to the large hunter behind her.

Dean was somewhat breathless and squirming in discomfort, his aching hard-on making driving considerably difficult. The sounds and smell of sex three feet behind him had been driving him wild, even more so because it had involved the two people he was closest to, the most intimate with. He was shocked he had enjoyed it so much and didn't have a clue what to think about that but he did know he didn't want it to stop.


A/N: Everyone enjoying so far? The next chapter gets a lot naughtier so if you liked chapter 1, you're gonna love chapter 2. So if you're like Dean and don't want it to stop, keep reading. And I PROMISEthere is a REAL storyline coming. Just setting the mood - haha.

Disclaimer: This is fanfiction so I think the fact that Sam and Dean are the CW's goes without saying, though my imagination lets me borrow them from time to time without the head-honchos ever knowing ;-)