Break Your Little Heart

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Sakura Haruno was not fearless. She was not a superhero, she could not fly, shoot beams from her eyes, or fire out of her hands. She was just your average nobody, that is, until she opened her petal pink mouth at the worst possible time.

No, Sakura was not a tattle-tale, she just happened to have a sense of justice in this messed up town. And even if she was the only one, Sakura wasn't about to let Konoha's local gang, the Akatsuki, get away with what they did. So she told on them, which brings us full circle to the position our little pinkette is in right now.

"So you thought you could get away with snitching on us, did you?" A man wearing a red and black robe snarled in her face. Sakura gulped. The man, who had bright red hair and gray eyes, had her back pressed against the cold alley wall.

A shiver ran down Sakura's spine, as if someone had just walked over her grave.

"Well? Answer me!" He demanded. "I-I-" The pink haired girl stuttered, to afraid to continue.

The man smirked. "Cat got your tongue?" He asked silkily, leaning in even closer to Sakura's face. Despite her better judgement, the pinkette blushed when his forehead just barely grazed hers.

"Listen here, you little brat," The redhead started in the patient voice doctors normally use on their clients. "You're going to have a fun time getting to know all us Akatsuki members, we're just so exited to make your life a living Hell. And maybe next time, you'll learn to keep your big mouth shut."

Sakura swallowed, realizing her throat had gone dry. Maybe if she just kept quiet, he'd leave her alone unscathed. To late for keeping quiet, She thought bitterly.

At least this dude is hot.

When did you get here?

I've been here. I'm you, stupid.

You're stupid.

Your face is stupid.

Way to insult yourself, stupid.

Shut up. At least I'm not pressed up against an alley wall.

Aren't people who have little voices in their heads considered crazy?


"By the way, my name's Sasori." The redhead said casually. He grinned like a sex predator and looked down at his victim, obviously expecting an answer.

"Sakura." She said cooly. If there was ever a time to grow a backbone, now was it.

Sasori's grin turned into a smirk as he loomed closer to her. "Well, Sakura, I suppose I should leave you with a parting gift." And before Sakura could protest, his lips came down n hers.

He tasted like cinnamon, she thought, cinnamon and sawdust. Together, they made a very dry and delicious flavor, and Sakura craved for more. Sasori kissed her roughly, making the pinkette's knees nearly collapse on her. He forced her mouth open, deepening the kiss.

The kiss broke off when they both desperately needed air. Sakura's hand were still pinned to the wall by Sasori, and he whispered his parting words in her hair. "See you around, pinky."


"SAKURA. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!" The pinkette in question clutched the phone tighter and leaned away from the booming voice of her best friend.

"Pig, I get it, really, but I need you to stop screaming and tell me what's wrong." Sakura said patiently. She knew how Ino got when she was on one of her dino rampages, that just showed how close they were before Sakura had moved to Suna to live with her dad. All her friends were back in Konoha, and the pink haired teen wanted nothing more then to be home with them.

On the other end of the line, Ino huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, effectively dropping her cell phone. "Oops, sorry 'bout that. Anyway, here's the deal; I don't have a date for prom!" The blond shouted, breaking into a new round of hysterics.

Sakura sighed, wishing her friend was a bit more perceptive. She hadn't made any new friends here in Suna because of her shyness, and Ino didn't realize it hurt when she told the pinkette about thing happening in Konoha that she wouldn't be a part of. Sakura had so wanted to go to prom back home, and she had even been asked by her childhood crush, Sasuke Uchiha, but the move to her father's house had interfered with her plans.

"Someone will ask you, prom isn't for another two weeks." Saskura reasoned, trying to calm the hysterical blond. She was about to continue, but a knock on her bedroom window interrupted. Sakura looked outside, and, seeing nobody was there, turned back to the crazy blond.

"But Sakura, everybody already has a date!" Ino whined.

"What about Sai?"

"Sai is gay."

"He is not!"

"Oh yeah, then how does he know that Naruto is dickless?"

"We all know Naruto is dickless, remember when Kiba and Sasuke and the gang stole hid his gym clothes and Gai made him run around the school in his underwear?"

"Oh yeah, that was funny. But I swear I saw Sai ogling."

"Sai is not gay! Just because he wears belly shirts and calls Naruto dickless does not mean he's gay!"



"I never said anything about belly tops."

Sakura was about to respond, when another tap on the window caught her attention.

It's Jack The Ripper! He's finally come for me!

Don't say that!

OOOOOO am I scaring you?

You're a voice inside my head, you scare me on a dayly basis.


"Sakura? Are you still there? I swear, if you hung up on me-"

"Chill, Ino. I'm still here, but I gotta go because my dad is calling me down for dinner."

"Oh, okay. Talk to ya later!" The psychotic blond chirped. Sakura hung up her cell phone, and crawled over to the window all ninja like. She needed to stay on guard if someone was watching her.

I'm such a freak, was her last though before peaking out her bedroom window. Nobody was there. Sakura went back to her computer desk and got started on that night's homework.

Another tap. The pinkette was starting to get irritated. "I know you're out there, show yourself and maybe I won't have to go all-out ninja on you!" She shouted into the dark blue sky. That's odd, why aren't there any stars out?

Cuz I ate 'em all. *burp*


Sakura slammed her window closed and threw on a pair of faded skinny jeans and her favorite red hoodie. She tip-toed down the hallway as not to alert her father that she was out of bed and slipped out of the house. Sakura stood on her front porch for a minute, letting her mint green eyes ajust to the darkness.

C'mon Sak, you can do this!

OOOOO self pep-talk!

The pink haired girl stepped onto the sidewalk with newfound courage. The first thing she noticedm, was a thin piece of paper lying in the middle of the street.

Sakura looked up and down the road to make sure there weren't any cars coming, before going to retrieve the mysterious sheet of paper. "Wanted: Sakura Haruno. Normally found at Suna Preporatory High School or by the park. Free game for all Akatsuki members, you all know what she did." She read out, eyes widening a fraction with each neatly typed word. "What the hell?"

"Like it, un? I made it myself." A voice proudly declared from behind her. Sakura screamed and jumped six feet in the air from shock. Her attacker looked on with amusement written all over his face.

"Who do you think you are?" Sakura demanded, not even noticing the black and red robe he wore. She did, however, take his long blond hair and blue eyes into account. I'll have to ask him what shampoo he used.

I know right? Don't you just wanna run your fingers through those locks?

"I'm Deidara, un." The blond man with great hair smirked. Sakura calmed down a bit, and finally noticed the robe that signified him as Akatsuki. Instead of freaking out like last time, she glared daggers at him.

"Is this supposed to be some kind of sick joke?" She hissed, shoving the aformending poster in his pretty face. Deidara looked taken aback. "I though danna said you were a wuss, un."

Sakura's entire face went red. She clenched her fists, ready to throw one her her infamous punches at him. Unfotunately, she stopped when she realized that Deidara's face was way to close for comfort. "You're kinda hot when you're pissed, un." He smirked.

"Why-you-" Sakura ground her teeth. It was taking all her willpower to not beat him to a bloody pulp. Deidara laughed at her murderous expression.

"You're not how I thought you would be, I like it un. I just came to make sure you got that paper, so night." And then he was gone. Sakura hadn't even gotten to shove her fist down his throat, and he was already gone.

The pinkette tossed the poster into the nearest garbage can, as she was not raised to litter, and stomped back inside the little house she shared with her dad, mumbling about baka blonds. Deidara watched her from behind a wall, smirking at the pinkette's actions.

"This one should be fun to mess with, un." He said to himself, slipping back into the night recklessly. He ran all the way back to Akatsuki headquaters, ready to lable his mission complete.


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