Hey, hey hey! It's another awesome chapter of "Pete's Discovery"! Just so you know, you don't really have to send in any more suggestions for pranks, as this is the last chapter. I'm sorry to all those people who were enjoying it, but I've kinda gotten tired of this story.

Claudia and Myka stare down at Artie, wondering whether to wake him and be shouted at or go to bed and be shouted at in the morning. They are saved the trouble of having to decide when he wakes up of his own accord.

"That was NOT funny. Bloody Mary is a very real force, I thought you two would realize by now that stories aren't just stories when you work at the Warehouse. This prank war ends here, am I understood?" he growls, pointing a finger menacingly at the girls.

"Yes, sir." Claudia says, while Myka justs nods.

"Good. Now clean this off the walls. And tomorrow you two are doing inventory." He leaves the room to go back to bed. Claudia and Myka sigh and head out into the hallway to get sponges from the broom closet on the landing.

The next day finds a very tired Myka and Claudia doing inventory in section L, where all the trouble started in the first place. Pete sits in the office, occasionally buzzing the girls on the Farnsworth to gloat. Claudia and Myka look at each other, with an expression that clearly says, "We'll get him in the end."


Yeah, I know it was a crappy ending. Sorry. Keep your eyes peeled for a sequel, which I might do... someday. I'm sorry, I just couldn't write this anymore but I promise I'll come back to it eventually. Thanks for reading, everyone! And thanks to everyone who sent in pranks, you are all geniuses without whom this story would still be a one-shot. The next thing I'll be working on is a W13 question and answer. Send in your questions and I'll get answers to them! Thanks!