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There are three character in this chapter that belong to Cap'NCupcake. We wrote the chapter together. Dario, Chevy, and Brennon are Travis and Katie's triplets, and they have an older sister Mary, who was born before Travis and Katie were married. Dario is gay and has a boyfriend named Kevin, Chevy is a manwhore, and Brennon and Celeste…are dating.

Also, in Cap'NCupcake's stories—which you should read because they're amazing—Katie and Annabeth don't like each other very much, resulting in a kind of Romeo and Juliet situation…except without the death.

This is basically the three times Brennon and Celeste got caught making out and sustained minimal embarrassment, and the one time they both feared for their lives.


When Celeste found out that Brennon and the rest of his siblings were demigods, it kind of turned her world on its head. Her boyfriend was a demigod. A demigod with no legitimate powers, sure. But a demigod. Just like her. She wasn't quite sure whether this was good or bad.

On the one hand, she had a boyfriend who she could actually spend the summer with and could gripe to about god/goddess-y stuff openly. On the other, she had a boyfriend that had two brothers who were also demigods and who kept getting in the way.

Since the whole disaster with Simon a few months earlier and the subsequent dates with Brennon that resulted in actual relationship status, it hadn't all been sunshine and rainbows. There had been dealing with Dario—who was one of her closest friends and a fellow classmate for the past two years—after he'd discovered that his brother and best friend were suddenly together, learning to not feel guilty when Simon witnessed the blatant display of affection that was Brennon, as the varsity quarterback, asking Celeste to officially be his girlfriend in front of the whole school during the end of the year assembly, and finally, going to face the summer alone.

"I'm going to summer camp," Brennon grumbled. "My parents want to take some stupid vacation without us and so Dario and I are going to Chevy's camp and… Well, I don't know but I guess we're not gonna see each other very much."

Celeste swallowed around the lump in her throat. "I go to camp every year."


"But it's okay!" Celeste hurried to add, forcing a smile onto her face. "We'll be nice and distracted and then everything'll be great when we see each other again."

"I'm gonna miss you."

Grinning, Celeste threw her arms around her boyfriend's neck and said, "I'm gonna miss you more," before pulling him into a kiss.

But then Celeste had arrived at camp, noticed a swarm of girls around what Daisy (from the Aphrodite cabin) called "the hottest new camper to ever show up", and it had been Brennon. They adjusted quickly with minimal awkwardness, and Celeste was overjoyed that she'd found a boyfriend her father might actually like! Except that, y'know, her mom wouldn't be pleased.

It was common knowledge that Katie Gardener and Annabeth Chase didn't exactly like each other. And when either, or both, discovered that their children were dating… The proverbial shit was going to hit the proverbial fan.

Still, they couldn't pretend to care, not when they were so happy that they got to be with each other. They spent the whole first day together at camp, talking about their parents, and then, when they were sitting together that night in the stadium, Celeste got her first Camp Half-Blood campfire kiss.

It only took two days for camp activities to sweep them away to the point that Brennon barely ever saw her. Celeste handled sword training, hung out with the friends she hadn't seen since the summer before, and was generally absorbed in the things going on at camp.

Brennon, as a demigod legacy with no trainable powers, basically…watched stuff.

The time apart made time together all the more valuable—especially considering that it was a brand new relationship between two almost-seventeen-year-olds who really just wanted to maul each other's faces off all the time. Unfortunately, Camp Half-Blood wasn't really the most convenient place in which to proceed with face-mauling activities. And if things kept being, erm, frustrating, Brennon was pretty sure his head was going to explode.


"We just need a place to be alone," Celeste groaned, plopping onto the grass. Around them, campers were half-heartedly practicing fighting techniques on dummies or against each other in the heat.

"There's gotta be somewhere you can go at this camp where we can be by ourselves. This place is huge."

"All of the cabins are being used for one reason or another—even the stupid Poseidon cabin is being used for strategy for tonight's Capture the Flag game. My stupid aunt, my only roommate, had to be captain." She looked up at him. "Aren't the Demeter kids out in the Strawberry Fields or something? Oh, forget it, you wouldn't know," she added quickly, sighing at her hands in her lap. "I keep forgetting you're a newbie."

"It's not my fault I don't have any cool powers or whatever," Brennon said sadly, sighing as he plopped down on the hard ground next to his girlfriend.

Celeste smirked, leaning her head on his shoulder. "Sorry, sweetie."

They sat in companionable silence for a while before Brennon sat up straight, making Celeste's head fall off of his shoulder. "What about the lake?" he asked suddenly, looking back at her confused frown with wide eyes and a smile.

"You do realize that it's about 200 degrees out, right? Half the camp will be at the lake."

Brennon let out a groan and flopped back, his head hitting the soft earth with a small thump. "I hate this," he mumbled, a hand thrown over his face to block the sun. "All I want to do is make out with my girlfriend. Is that too much to ask?"

"I don't know how anybody manages to have a relationship here," she said quietly. "You'd think the inability to ever have alone time would drive them all insane. How does your brother do it?"

"You mean Chevy?" Celeste nodded. "It's because he doesn't have relationships. Nor does he have self respect. He'll make out with a girl anywhere. One time, I walked in on him and Shelby Hicks from my Algebra 2 class on my bed. And after he obviously noticed I was in the room, they just kept at it." He shook his head. "I mean, at least when one of us catches Dario and Kevin they stop and act like they're embarrassed."

"If only we were sluts. Then we could make out anywhere we wanted." She sighed wistfully and when Brennon shot her a look, she laughed. "Kidding. Kind of."

He shook his head in thought. Throwing down his arm in a fit of rage, he announced, "The woods. We have to make out in the woods. It's the only option."

Celeste bit the inside of her cheek, forcing herself not to laugh at his obvious frustration. She understood far too well. "Satyrs, nymphs, other creatures. Other, not-so-friendly creatures."

"Broom closets," he whispered after a pause, nodding his head as if satisfied with what he had just said. Celeste looked at him in confusion. "There has to be a broom closet somewhere at this camp! Where else would they keep all the brooms they use to clean it up?" He guffawed. "Problem solved."

"...I'm not even going to bother with that one. Brennon, just face it, we're gonna have to live with—oh." She cocked her head, considering. "Well… There might be somewhere…"

Brennon sat up immediately, almost clunking heads with his girlfriend. "Where?" he asked, far too eager. "I can't go an entire two and a half months without kissing you, Celeste!" He lowered his voice and practically whimpered. "I can't."

"Well, if we got far away enough from shore, there might be the possibility that we could be alone… Depends on how many people are actually there…" She looked up at him. "I'm not making any promises. It's been a while since I've tried to make an underwater bubble for two."

His excited smile faltered. "Who, uh... Who else have you been making out with underwater? Did that Simon guy— Did you guys ever... ya know? Did— Did he even know? About all of this? Cuz, I mean, you didn't even tell me. I had to find out when I got here..."

"What do you mean 'ya know'?" she asked, her eyebrows scrunching together. "Simon was my boyfriend, Brennon. We kissed. We wanted places to be alone. He knew—but don't turn that against me. He found out before we were even dating and just because I didn't tell you doesn't mean I don't feel…really strongly about you." Her voice got softer at the last part and she looked away, clearing her throat.

Brennon sighed sadly and shook his head, leaning in closer to grab her hand softly. "Look," he started, trying to catch her gaze. "I-I'm sorry. I just... don't really like thinking about you with other guys—past boyfriends or not." He shrugged and gave her a small smile. "I can't help but be a little jealous seeing as I feel real strongly about you, too."

"I understand." She faced him again, tilting her head up to him. "But you should know that how I felt about Simon… That wasn't this. This is…different. Good different. I…" She smiled, her gaze darting to his lips for a moment before returning to his eyes. "I kind of just want to be around you or talking to you or kissing you all the time."

Brennon couldn't help his small grin as he leaned in closer and closer. "Then do it," he whispered. "Kiss me all the time…"

Celeste swallowed tightly—she was still nervous about kissing him because gods, he was so much sweeter and slower and yet deeper and more raw of a kisser than Simon had been. She wasn't used to it and it was a good thing. His kisses were sent straight to her fingers, her toes, her belly, warming her and increasing her hunger for these kisses. Increasing her hunger for him.

Without a word, without looking around to see if anybody was still there, without any sort of precaution, Celeste closed the small gap between them and their lips met. She'd missed this. All of this. It was too wonderful to compute.

His fingers tangled in her hair as he ran his tongue along her lips, requesting access to the rest of her mouth. The kiss was suddenly hotter and wet and Brennon swore he heard a shaky moan escape her lips. Oh, Zeus…

"Ugh!" A loud groan interrupted them, making Celeste immediately break the kiss and pull away, blushing to her roots. "Get a room!" She looked up to find Brennon's brother, Dario, staring down at them. He had bright green sunglasses perched on his nose which clashed with his orange camp shirt that he had cut the sleeves off of, leaving gaping holes on the sides that exposed his pale, hairless chest.

Brennon sighed loudly through his nose and glared up at him. "What do you want?"

Plopping down on the grass across from the couple, Dario crossed his legs and set his elbows on his knees, resting his chin in his hands. "Loving brother of mine," he began sweetly, "I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind letting me borrow your phone." He gave him a big smile and tried to look as cute as possible.

"What happened to your phone?" he said without emotion, glancing over at Celeste who was staring at her nails, her blush finally residing.

"It died," he whined dramatically.

"Then go charge it."

"You see, that's the thing," Dario began, sitting up straight so he could motion with his hands. "If I went to go charge it, I would have to sit in the boring old cabin by myself while it charges so I could text Kevin at the same time. But," he exclaimed with wide, excited eyes as Brennon sat in boredom and sexual frustration, "If I use your phone, I could charge mine while also texting Kevin and watching all those shirtless Apollo guys play volleyball on the beach at the same time."

"But... you have a boyfriend," Celeste said slowly with a nod.

"Exactly! If I'm texting him while I'm watching them, it makes me feel a lot less guilty." She stared at him with a raised eyebrow. He sighed. "If it makes you feel any better, I sent him pictures and he totally agreed with how hot they are."

Brennon let out a melodramatic sigh before pulling his phone out of his pocket. "Here," he said, handing it over. Before Dario's fingers could close tightly around it, Brennon pulled it back and held it to his chest. "Just... Don't, like, sext him or whatever, okay?"

Dario rolled his eyes and stood up, grabbing the phone and immediately starting to press random buttons. "Puh-lease," he began as he walked away. "We only do that when I borrow Chevy's phone."

"So..." Celeste turned to her boyfriend again. "Wanna take our chances with the lake?"


Celeste was heading towards the exit of the Big House on a Friday night when she heard shuffling behind her. The hair on the back of her neck stood at attention and she placed a hand on her sword as she spun around slowly. The only people in the building at the moment should have been Mr. D, Chiron, and various other counselors, all preparing for bed, but no, there were footsteps…

She spun on her heel, pulling her sword from its sheath.

Brennon yelped, jumping back. "Whoa! Watch when you're pointing that thing!" he whisper-shouted.

"What are you doing in here?" she hissed as she put away her sword. "You should be in bed!"

"I…couldn't sleep," he said softly, shrugging his shoulders and stepping closer. "Plus, I kinda had a feeling you'd be down here."

Celeste glanced around. "It's nearly curfew. We could get in trouble if we stay here too long."

Stepping closer and rolling his eyes, Brennon sighed, "Nobody's going to catch us." He placed gentle hands on her hips, bringing their bodies even closer. "And even if someone does find us, what's the worst they would do? Send us to the corner?"

"Depends on who catches us," she said quietly, eyes flickering down to his lips. "Wait." She pushed him back, her hands on his chest. "We're not doing anything here. Not now."

"But whyyyyy?" he whined far too loudly as Celeste turned around once more and headed back towards the exit.

She faced him again in an instant, covering his mouth with her hand. "Shut up!" she hissed. "If Mr. D walks down here and finds you—finds us—you don't even want to know." At Brennon's arched eyebrow, she whispered, "He'll tell our moms."

His eyebrows furrowed in fright. "B-but," he stuttered once Celeste removed her hand, "your mom already hates me enough."

"I don't like the idea either. So, you go back to the Hermes cabin and I'll go back to the Poseidon cabin and we'll have plenty of time to be together tomorrow, okay?"

Brennon followed her out of the Big House with a pout. "Like we're even going to have time alone tomorrow!" he complained noisily, causing Celeste to turn around sharply to glare at him. He held up his hands in defense and mouthed an apologetic, "Sorry."

"Well, we'll make time. Or something." She grabbed his hand as the door closed behind them. "Come to my sword-fighting lesson. We'll have a bit of time then."

He tried not to roll his eyes. "But I wanna make out with you now." Celeste raised an eyebrow. He shrugged. "Just being honest."

"I'm pretty sure you'll survive. The sooner you go to sleep, the sooner tomorrow is here." After a second's hesitation, she squeezed his hand before wrapping her arms around his waist and hiding her face in his chest. "Goodnight."

He sighed as he hugged her back tightly, burying his nose in her hair and taking a deep breath. She smelled like coconuts and the ocean which, in theory, sounded really weird together but he had quickly been addicted ever since he first smelled it months back. "'Night," Brennon whispered quietly, placing a lingering kiss on her forehead with his eyes shut tight.

Celeste looked up, about to step out of his arms, and paused. Well… One little kiss couldn't hurt…right?

Brennon noticed her gaze dropping down to his lips and smirked. He was getting rather good at this persuasion thing. He should join the debate team.

Thoughts of political conversations and matching sweaters flew out of his mind, however, as he saw Celeste tilting her head up more and her eyelids fluttering shut. He gladly leaned the rest of the way down to connect their lips with a happy sigh.

He had come to the epiphany a couple weeks ago that he actually enjoyed kissing Celeste more than he liked football which was really saying something. Her mouth was just so soft and she always tasted so good and the high that came with kissing her was the best feeling he had possibly ever felt.

As Brennon placed a hand on the small of her back and pulled them closer together, he bit lightly on her bottom lip, eliciting a soft moan from Celeste and making him smile.

"Now that's just horrifying."

Celeste jumped back and Brennon sighed, releasing her from his arms as he turned to his brother. "What do you want?"

Chevy grinned. "I was planning on sneaking into the Big House because everyone knows that Mr. D keeps all of the good, unhealthy snacks in there. And here I find my brother and his girlfriend—who is looking particularly delightful in the moonlight by the way—eating each other's faces off. It kinda throws my whole night out of whack."

"First of all," Brennon said, stepping in front of Celeste, "mine. And second, I will kiss my girlfriend wherever I want to and it's none of your business."

"Actually, uh," he began as he started coming forward with that smug smile of his, "it is some of my business."

Celeste, who had quickly stepped from behind Brennon, gave him a small glare before speaking, "How is that?"

"Well, you see, this isn't the first time I've done this." At their confused faces, Chevy rolled his eyes and explained. "'This' as in the whole sneaking out of the cabin after curfew and trying to steal things."

Brennon sighed in frustration and crossed his arms. "And?"

"And when Mr. D caught me the last time, I lied and told him it was because I was diagnosed with some weird sleeping disorder where it was physically impossible for me to fall asleep before midnight. Like Cinderella except I don't turn ugly, I just fall asleep."

"Oh, so exactly like Cinderella," said Celeste earning a glare from Chevy.

"Anyways, he told me I can help out the harpies until 12 if I want. He doesn't even pay attention yet he totally trusts me so if one of his hundreds of bags of Cheeto Puffs goes missing..." He shrugged innocently, that ridiculous smile never leaving his face. "I didn't see a soul."

"What does that have to do with us?" Brennon asked with a roll of his eyes.

"Well, I could actually do my job for once..."

"You wouldn't do that!" he practically shouted, making Celeste elbow him in the ribs. He hissed in pain as she whispered for him to shut up. "You wouldn't do that," he said much more quietly, Chevy smiling smugly. "I'm only your brother."

"Yeah." He nodded as his grin finally faltered, a look of utter devastation crossing his features. "Some brother. After what you did this morning?"


He huffed in frustration and crossed his arms, turning away slightly as if he couldn't bear to look at his brother. "You know Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite."

Brennon confused to stare in confusion. "...what?" he repeated.

"This morning. At breakfast?" Chevy asked, eyebrow raised. Brennon stayed silent. Sighing, he explained further. "I was three behind you in line and you knew it, and yet when you went to get your cereal you grabbed the last damn Cinnamon Toast Crunch."

"So," Brennon began, stepping closer just to make sure he was heard, "you're threatening to turn Celeste and me in because... of cereal?"

"Hey!" Chevy exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger in his brother's face. Celeste shushed him quickly.

"What is with you Stolls and your volume problems?" she whispered half to herself.

They ignored her.

"You know what Cinnamon Toast Crunch does to me."

"Dude," he deadpanned. "It's just cereal."

"Yeah? Well it'd just be a call to your parents and then a week's worth of stable cleaning," he said, his head held high. He was not going to let Brennon get to him.

"Brennon," Celeste hissed, sending him wide, desperate eyes before turning quickly to Chevy with a sweet smile. "We're leaving, don't worry."

Chevy nodded smugly. "That's what I thought."


Brennon sat on the sidelines of the arena silently, watching as the class of campers swished their swords around and stabbed the air. Celeste stood up at the front, conducting with her own sword slightly in hand. He had decided about an hour back that he could definitely watch her mess around with a sword all day long if he had to.

The way she slashed and stabbed and waved it around like it wasn't life-threatening at all mesmerized him. She was just so graceful as she tripped her opponent and stuck the tip of the metal to his throat before smiling, showing off her perfect teeth, and lending a hand to help him up. Celeste had just thrown her hair up in a ponytail at the beginning of class, but now bits and pieces were falling out and Brennon wanted to push them back out of her face for her. And the look of concentration on her face as she fought was just downright sexy.

He was so caught up in his thoughts of what was under that armor that he barely heard her start talking.

"Alright, take your swords and run to the end of the beach and back… Four times, I think." Her class groaned and she smirked. "Don't make it five."

As the campers broke off into groups and started heading to the beach as slowly as they could possibly go, Brennon stood from the bench and walked towards his girlfriend. "You were, like, awesome," he said, nodding his head persistently.

She turned to him, smiling softly. "Well thank you. But I'm sweating buckets, my hair's a mess, and half of my class is dead on their feet."

"You look fine," he almost whispered, stepping closer and pushing her hair back just like he had been wanting to. Smiling down at her, he couldn't help but notice how pretty she really was, no matter if she was sweaty or gross or dirty. Her blonde hair was still reflecting little glints of light and her cheeks were pink, making her seem even more innocent and beautiful than usual.

"Yeah?" she muttered. "Not too gross?"

He smirked and shook his head. He bit his bottom lip as he inadvertently glanced down at hers. "Never," he mumbled, slowly leaning in closer and shutting his eyes.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," she said, ducking out of kissing distance. "Not so fast. We can't…"

Brennon rolled his eyes and followed her back to the benches where she began to take off some of her armor. "What's with you dodging my kisses lately?" he asked, eyebrows raised. Celeste opened her mouth to defend herself, but when she saw his playful "I'm trying to be funny" smile, she glared. "I mean, are you trying to tell me something here, Celeste? Do I have terrible breath? Am I a bad kisser? Are you planning on breaking up with me to get with that Sebastian kid who was totally flirting with you fifteen minutes ago?"

"First of all," she sighed, tugging her hair out of her ponytail and tossing it around her shoulders, "your breath is fine, you're a wonderful kisser—honestly, just like mind-blowing, I promise—and I would not leave you for Sebastian." She spat the name as if it tasted bad on her tongue. "He's a kiss-ass and he only flirts with me because he idolizes my father."

"My dad said that I'm not even allowed to say that your dad is cool or else he and Uncle Connor will hurt me." Celeste gave him a strange look, making him shrug. "Just saying."

"The point is, we haven't been kissing a lot lately because… Look, I want our kisses to be perfect, y'know? And a few rushed make-out sessions with scatterings of people around, while pleasant and fun, are not the way I want to remember my first summer with you."

He frowned and let out a sigh. Stepping closer, he shrugged his shoulders. "I'm sorry," he said softly. "I'm just... a boy with all of these hormones and it's actually rather hard to control them, to be honest." He sent her a grin. "There's also nobody in here right now, just so you know. And I've run that beach. Five times around... Well, I'm guessing it'll take quite a bit of time..." Brennon smiled knowingly and raised his eyebrows.

"But that's the thing—'quite a bit of time' is never enough time." She wrapped her arms around his waist loosely. "The more time we get, the more I want and it's just… Never enough."

He sighed and let her hug him, lightly placing his hands on the small of her back. "Well if we'll never have enough time," he argued softly, "we might as well just make the best out of the time that we do have."

She lifted her head, smiling softly. "You know, you make a valid argument."

Brennon smirked down at her and decided that, yes, he was definitely joining the debate team next year.

As their lips met softly, Brennon sighed and pressed a forearm against her back to move their bodies closer together. She went willingly, hands lazily twisting in his slightly curled hair. They rarely had time for any kissing at all—much less slow, thoughtful kissing. And it was nice.

Celeste licked Brennon's lower lip as their tongues brushed together and he made a choked off noise before deepening the kiss. He really loved kissing her. It felt like minutes and hours at the same time, like he could never get enough but it was already too much. He could die from her kisses or gain the strength to live forever.

Just as Brennon took dominance in the kiss and tried to pull her even closer to his body, a loud noise came from behind them. It was strange and a mixture of a gasp, a yelp, and a whinny. The couple broke apart quickly and turned to see Chiron, making Celeste's blush deepen even more.

"I-I'm so sorry," he stuttered, shuffling his hooves around and averting his eyes. "I just, uh, wanted to poke in and see your class." Brennon could have sworn the centaur was blushing.

"They're down at the beach," she said while trying to subtly inch herself away from her boyfriend. Chiron was the last person she wanted to walk in on them. He was somewhat of a grandfather figure to her, always had been. What if he told her mother? What if he told Brennon's mother?

"Ah. Yes. The beach." He shuffled around awkwardly. "Why the beach?"

"They're, uh, running."

"Right, well… Keep up the good work. And, uh, Mr. Stoll, your brother was looking for you a moment ago. Over at the Strawberry Fields."

Brennon nodded. "I should go see him, then," he said, looking from Chiron to Celeste and back again. They all stood in awkward silence for a bit. "I'll go see him now." As he turned to leave, he stopped in front of Celeste, not sure how to say goodbye to her. A kiss, even on the cheek, seemed too vulgar in front of Chiron. He awkwardly patted her on the head before hurrying out the side door and towards the Strawberry Fields.

"Just…use protection," Chiron mumbled before leaving just as quickly as he had come.


Where was he?

Celeste ran through the Strawberry Fields, skidding to a stop in front of Dario. "Where is he?" she shouted. "Where is Brennon?"

Dario stared up at her, eyebrow raised in question. "The last time I saw him," he said slowly, truly trying not to give her too much attitude because woah, chica, check yourself, "was at breakfast." Shrugging, he pulled out his phone and started to text. "He stole the last Coco Krispies. I'm mad at him."

"Oh, my gods, it's just cereal." Dario gave her a look like she had just killed his parents, spat in their coffins, and then danced on their graves, before he laid a hand over a little lump in the ground. "Now—did he tell you where he was going? And can you speak quickly? I'm in a hurry." She emphasized her point by hopping a bit on her tippy-toes.

He sighed and rolled his eyes as he moved his fingers back and forth and helped the small plant grow. "After I yelled at him, he might have mentioned something about going to hang out with the satyrs. He enjoys their company because, like him, they don't really have any powers either." He threw back his head and laughed loudly at his own joke. "I should be a comedian."

"The satyrs?" she shouted, exasperated. "It'll take me forever to find him! Ugh! This is just like him! When I finally get some time…" She huffed, kicking at the dirt.

Dario watched her angry mumbling with a smirk. "Someone's sexually frustrated," he said in a sing song voice.

"Oh, like you've been getting any on a regular basis! You've haven't seen your boyfriend since the last day of school! How are you so damn cheerful?"

"Two words," he said, pushing his phone way too close to her face. "Picture. Messaging."

"You're shameless. But if you'll excuse me, I'll be leaving now. If I hurry, I can get a few moments alone with my incredibly hot boyfriend." She ruffled his hair lovingly before racing off again.

Fortunately, her hurried perambulating brought her to Dario's brother. Unfortunately, it was the wrong one.

"Woooooah," Chevy exclaimed as Celeste raced towards him, almost running into him as he came around the corner. He grabbed her arms to help steady her, glancing down to admire the things that that orange camp T-shirt did to her curves. "Slow down there, Speed Racer." Subtly pulling her in closer, he added, "And if I may say, you are looking mighty fine this wonderful morning."

"I don't have time for this right now, Chevy—have you seen Brennon?" She shoved him as he grinned, one hand sliding up her side slowly. "Watch it, Mister."

He shrugged in a "At least I gave it a shot" manner before shaking his head. "He was over by the beach about a half hour ago, but he's probably wandered off since then. The Aphrodite girls were splashing around in the water, you see, so I was a bit distracted. I mean, have you seen that Jennifer Stanza? Dayum," Chevy exaggerated with wide eyes and a broad smile. "There is no way those boobs are real!"

"Yeah, can you hold in your manwhore personality for just five seconds and go back to the part about Brennon at the beach? Did you see him leave or was maybe saw someone else talking to him later…?" She snapped in front of his face when his eyes suddenly went cloudy. "Hey! Stop thinking about Jennifer Stanza's boobs!"

"I'm sorry," he said with a grin that showed he was obviously not sorry. "But they're just like," he mimed grabbing a pair of breasts and squeezing, "wow."

"…you're not helpful. I need to find Brennon. I… Okay, let me put this in terms you can understand: I finally have time. Brennon and I finally have time to… Y'know. Be together. To…kiss and…stuff."

He smirked. "Wanky."

"Do you know where he is or not?"

Chevy looked up to the sky and paused for a second as if he was really thinking about it. He opened his mouth before glancing back down at her and quickly shaking his head. "No."

"Great—goodbye," she said, glaring for a moment before hurrying off again.

Brennon walked across the row of cabins, watching each one pass by him slowly. He wasn't having a very good day so far. Dario had yelled at him during breakfast, he'd hardly seen Celeste because she was in some archery class, Chevy totally ignored him while they were at the beach, and now he was stuck walking around like a loner all by himself.

Just as he turned to walk up the stairs of the Hermes cabin where he had planned on taking a nap, he noticed Celeste over by the first few cabins. As soon as she saw him, she came sprinting over as quickly as she possibly could. Brennon stood there and watched in amazement. Since when could she run that fast?

When she finally reached him, she roughly grabbed his arm in a tight grip, yelled "Sophie is out of the cabin but only for so long and we have to go now because I wasted so much time looking for you no thanks to your stupid horndog brothers and we need to go make out because you're leaving soon and this might be our last chance and we need to go now!" all in one breath, and dragged him back over to her cabin.

Brennon had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. He had only heard about half of what she said, but he let Celeste drag him along anyways. "What're we doing again?" he tried to ask her as they raced in between campers and towards Cabin 3, but she ignored him. Throwing open the cabin door, she rushed inside and pulled her boyfriend in after her. As soon as it shut close, she pushed Brennon up against the hard wood and practically attacked his mouth.

And he suddenly understood what she was talking about earlier as she forced open his mouth with her tongue and ran her hands down his sides.

And he fully approved.

Finally regaining his senses and his ability to move his hands, Brennon pulled her closer by her hips and moaned into her mouth. Their tongues battled for dominance, his winning out in the end. She ran her hands up his chest, one stopping to grip the fabric there while the other came up to pull on his hair. Brennon broke the kiss momentarily to let out a groan of pleasure. She knew just what to do to get him riled up. He kissed her satisfied smirk away.

As Celeste nibbled on his bottom lip, he began to walk forward toward the bed he knew to be hers. She stumbled backwards, but quickly straightened up and as soon as they were close enough, she pushed him to the bed and straddled his hips, attaching their lips once more.

Trails of heat were left on Celeste's sides and back as Brennon's ran his hands over her body. They had made out plenty of times before, not much lately without being interrupted, but none of them were quite like this. This was so much more...intense than normal. Every kiss was arousing, every touch was searing.

She felt like she was going to combust if he didn't keep touching her, kissing her, holding her. It was all too much and not enough—never, ever enough—all at the same time.

"Never stop," she sighed, shifting her hips so that they were pressed together even more closely and kissing desperately.

"Never," he breathlessly agreed.

He fell backwards slowly, taking her with him, and her hair—which she had left down, thank the gods—made a silky curtain around them as they shifted and Celeste rested her elbows and forearms on the bed, staring down at her boyfriend with fascination and large pupils.


And then they were kissing again and Celeste was suddenly underneath him with one knee hitched against his hip as he kissed down her neck and back up, over her throat, her jaw, and sucked on her earlobe. Well, she never knew… Wow…

The warmth in her belly that had made itself known the second she'd seen him was suddenly back with a vengeance and was begging her to just reach out for the hem of his shirt and tug. He was crazy about her and just as hormonally-driven as her. He would totally take it off. Brennon Stoll would be shirtless in her bed.

And so she fisted her fingers in the orange material and pulled up slightly. Brennon was a bit distracted by some apparently fascinating piece of skin on her collarbone and it took him a moment, but then he moved just enough and the shirt was half-way up his back and his mouth was on hers once more. Huh. Well. The shirt could wait because that… She could never get enough of that.

His hands traced over her legs slowly, lovingly, as if he was memorizing her with his hands. When they separated, their shallow breaths mingling in the air, she expected him to say something hot to match the situation, or something adorably awkward to match him, but instead, he gasped, "I love you."

Celeste stared up at him with wide eyes, her mouth agape. Had she heard that correctly? Did he really say that...he loved her? By the quickened beat of her heart and the expectant, almost puppy dog look on Brennon's face, she guessed that yes, he had indeed said that. And by the small frown and kicked puppy dog look now appearing on his face, she guessed that she really needed to say it back before losing her boyfriend forever.

"I-I love you, too," she stuttered out quickly, her voice barely above a whisper. The small smile that appeared on Brennon's swollen lips made her heart flutter. She grinned back at him as she slid a hand up behind his neck and brought him down for a kiss, one that was the complete opposite of the ones previous. It was soft and sweet and yet so meaningful all at the same time.

Brennon slowly separated her lips with his own before sliding his tongue in to meet hers. Celeste moaned softly and wrapped her arms around his shoulders to bring him in closer. He rested one forearm on the bed next to Celeste's head, being sure not lay it on her hair while the other hand softly caressed her thigh.

Her skin was just so soft and intoxicating, and her body just seemed so small and fragile under his. As her fingers tangled in the hair as the base of his neck, he couldn't help but grind his hips down into hers, bringing out hearty moans from them both. He stared down at her lust-filled eyes and kissed her hard as she flipped them back over with surprising strength.

As she kissed up and down on his throat, sucking on a spot just below his jaw, he threw his head back on the pillow and just tried to remember how to breathe.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shimmer of something. Just as he went to figure out what was there, Celeste's lips left his jaw and rejoined his. Squeezing her hips tightly, he kissed her back just as hard. His fingers drifted down to the hem of her camp shirt. He began to slowly slide it up her back (which seemed to be even softer than all her other skin—Brennon didn't know that was possible!), but quickly dropped the fabric from his fingers and broke their kiss when he heard an all too familiar, "Ahem!"

They both looked over at the floating image of Brennon's mother, Katie Stoll, glaring down at them from an Iris Message. Her arms were crossed across her chest angrily and her nostrils were flaring. Celeste scrambled from his lap as quickly as she could, sitting as far away from him on the bed and glancing shamefully down at her hands.

"H-Hey, Mom," Brennon greeted with a shaky smile, sitting up straighter while trying to flatten out his hair.

"'Hey, Mom?'" she exclaimed, eyebrow raised. "That's really how you're going to greet me right now?"

He shrugged. "Well, I could go the more formal route, and say hello, but-"

"Stop it," she snapped. Brennon stopped. He glanced over at Celeste to find her bringing her knees to her chest at the end of the bed and looking terrified. "I don't even know what to say to you right now."

"Sorry for not knocking?"

"Brennon," Katie hissed through gritted teeth. "I am very disappointed in you."

"Why?" he asked, suddenly angry and frustrated. "Because I was making out with my girlfriend?"

"Yes, actually!"

"What's the difference between Mary's age and yours and Dad's anniversary again?"

Katie opened her mouth to say something rude, but bit her lip to stop herself at the last second. She took a deep breath before speaking, "Look, your dad and I... We didn't do it right when we were younger. We know that. So we decided that our kids weren't going to do that either. You're not getting Celeste pregnant and I'll make sure of it if it's the last thing I do!"

"We weren't going to have sex! I wasn't going to get her pregnant!" He threw out his arms in frustration.

"Nobody ever thinks they're gonna have sex! It just happens! All you're doing is making out and having a nice time when BAM! Sex!"

Brennon shook his head angrily. "That's not fair though! Kevin and Dario make out all the time. You know about it and you're fine with it."

"That's different. Dario's not going to get Kevin pregnant." Brennon let out a sigh and crossed his arms, his nostrils flaring. From her spot on the other side of the bed, Celeste could see the eerie resemblance between the mother and son. It was actually kind of adorable. "I just don't want you throwing yourself around like you don't matter—"

"Because I matter, I know. Dad already quoted that for me, thanks." Brennon rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"And Celeste matters too," Katie said, almost sounding pained at the idea. "You know I'm pretty much the opposite of thrilled with this whole thing but I don't want either of you screwing up your lives so quickly."

"We weren't going to have sex," Celeste said softly, echoing Brennon's previous sentiment. "We never have time to be alone together. We were just… Messing around. We haven't even talked about sex yet."

Katie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, okay," she said sarcastically, trying not to glare over at the younger girl who had that same damn perfect hair as her damn perfect mother. "That's why he was about to take your shirt off."

Celeste glared over at Brennon who sent her a sheepish grin and a shrug. "Look, Mom," he began, turning back to the Iris Message, "I am sorry for making out with my girlfriend. I promise I will never ever do it again." His deadpan voice just continued to make Katie increasingly angrier.

"Don't be sarcastic with me! This is serious! I have half a mind to come pick you up right now!" And she looked like she meant it.

Celeste gasped silently as Brennon frantically shook his head back and forth. "You can't do that!" he practically shouted, making Katie raise an eyebrow. "I barely have a week before I leave for football camp and I won't be able to see her until school starts."

"That's not my problem," she said with a sharp shake of her head.

"Mrs. Stoll," Celeste began softly from her spot on the bed, "if I may, while Brennon and I have had the entire summer here together, this is Camp Half-Blood. With all the activities and people and training going on, we've barely had any time to actually be together." She wrung her hands together in her lap. "This is the first time in a long time that we've both had nothing to do, so can you really blame us for using it to spend time together?" she asked politely. "I mean, when you were at camp, didn't you ever just want some time alone with Mr. Stoll?"

Katie sighed, averted her eyes, and crossed her arms again. "Look, that's…different." Brennon let out a frustrated groan and began to protest, but she held up a hand to silence him. "I'm not going to argue with you right now, Brennon, okay? Your dad and your sister have already pissed me off enough today… But…" She let out a sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose. "I will tell you that the Strawberry Fields is a great place to be…alone."

"Wait… What?" Brennon asked, head cocked to the side in confusion.

"The Strawberry Fields," she repeated, already regretting what she was saying. "If you go out far enough and at the right time… You can be alone for hours." Brennon slowly turned to his girlfriend with wide eyes and a sly smile. "Hey!" she snapped, bringing his attention back to her. "Just… I swear if you get that girl pregnant, I will kill you. Both," Katie added sending a glare Celeste's way too."

"I swear, you have nothing to worry about," Celeste said. "And thank you. I know you don't like me that much, but… Yeah. Just…thanks."

Katie couldn't help her small smile. "You're welcome." Straightening her back and turning back to Brennon, she said, "You better be ready next weekend. I don't want to wait around and have to talk to old friends or whatever. And tell Dario and Chevy they have to be there too. I need to see them." She frowned, "I miss my babies."

"I'll tell them, Mom. Promise."

"Good." She gave him a sharp nod and a small smile. "I have to go, so you two…" Katie trailed off and waved her hand towards the couple, at a complete loss of words. "Bye," she muttered quickly instead as she sliced her hand through the image and ended the message.

"So," Celeste said. "That wasn't that awkward." Brennon nodded but continued staring at his hands. "Is the moment ruined now?"

He nodded once more, slower this time. "Little bit, yeah."

"Yeah. So… Raincheck. Tonight. Strawberry Fields?" She smiled, biting her lip.

He grinned broadly over at her. "I think I can do that."

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