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One day we will say hello and wish we never said goodbye.

Chapter One: First Encounters

Yukimura sat idly looking out the car window at the blur of buildings and trees. He didn't want to be here. He wanted to be back at Rikkai with his fellow regulars. He wanted to hear Yanagi's calculating voice or Sanada's frustrated screams telling everyone to run an unseemly amount of laps. He wanted to watch Niou and Marui get into yet another argument over the theft of Marui's bubblegum. Truth be told, he missed everything. But in one short week he would be back. No distractions and no worries. All his thoughts would be on taking his team to achieve the three consecutive National victory.

*** Time Skip ***

Yukimura told the woman at the check-in desk his name and waited as she went to search for his file. He looked around the waiting area and noticed the peacefulness. He noted how the walls where a pale shade, the lighting was dim, and that the place seemed to invoke happy feelings in people. He knew that this place was going to ensure him a calm environment in which he could relax and focus on training. Yukimura smiled contently, the silence welcomed his body to relax and -

"That's it!"

Yukimura grimaced as the peace in his world came to abrupt halt. A man had thrown the doors open and dragged a girl into the room. Pushing her down onto one of the chairs he snarled at her to stay put and not move a muscle.

Looking up at the man, with an angelic face, the girl asked, "But what if the building catches fire?"

The man growled, turned and walked away. Once he was out of sight the girl turned in the chair. She put her back against one of the arms and her legs dangled from the other, then sighing, the girl took out her cell phone.

The silence was restored for a while when the check-in lady came back. She handed Yukimura a folder telling him that it contained his schedule for the week he was here, it also had his room assignment and the name of his trainer. Noticing the girl in the chair, the woman sighed.

"Emily, what trouble have you gotten in this time?"

The girl, whose name was apparently Emily, smiled coyly, "Why to honest, I don't really know."

The woman shook her head disapprovingly and left. There was a moment of silence, then:

"So, who are you?"

Yukimura looked at the girl in surprise. He hadn't thought she knew he was here, and if she had he thought she was ignoring him. Walking over to her, he held out his hand:

"Yukimura Seiichi, it's nice to meet you."

Shaking his hand, she replied, "My name's Roberts Emily. I'm originally from the States. So, what are you in for?"

Yukimura raised a eyebrow at her, "You make this place sound like a prison."

"Oh, trust me," she said, "for a real athlete this place is hell."

"I was recently cured of a neurological illness."

"Oh, so you're here for a full recovery. So were you like a miracle kid or something?"

"Yeah, sort of. What about you?"

"Eh, mine is pretty minor. I'm here for a sports injury. I tore muscles in my leg."

Letting curiosity get the better of him, he asked, "What do you play?"

"Well," Emily said, swinging her legs off the chair and standing up, "I play tennis mostly, but I also play a little soccer."

"Didn't the man from earlier tell you not to move?"

Emily shot him a quizzical glance before answering, "Yes. Yes he did. Why?"

"Well, you kind of just moved," Yukimura replied, just before realizing how lame he sounded.

"You know what," the girl said," you're right. But unless he installed motion detectors in the floor, he'll never know."

And with that, said girl jumped about four feet in front of the chair. She paused, looked around, then turned back and looked at Yukimura with a smile:

"Guess for now I'm safe."

"Who was he?"

"Who? Oh the old dude from before? He's my trainer… or was… I don't know if he still is actually…"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm a… difficult patient here," she said hesitantly.

"… How so?"

"She doesn't follow her training regimen," said a man, walking down the hallway to where they were.

"What's up, doc?" Emily called smiling.

"Your trainer quit," he sighed. "Emily, that's the third one this week." He turned to Yukimura, "You must be Yukimura Seiichi, I'm Suzuki Hiroshi, the head doctor here."

"Pleasure to meet you, sir," Yukimura said shaking the doctor's hand.

"Now, Emily, I want you to stay away from him. This hospital can only take one rebel."

"Oh, come on, doc, admit it. If I left things around here would get too boring. Besides, miracle boy over here seems too good to be like me, and maybe if you get lucky his good behavior might rub off on me."

"Yes, well until we can find you a new trainer you are to stay off the courts, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be in my room if you need me."

She tossed her black hair over her shoulder, winked at Yukimura, and left.

Once she was out of sight, Dr. Suzuki sighed. He motioned for Yukimura to follow him down a the hallway. They took an elevator up two floors and came to a long hallway with about ten doors on each side. Yukimura was led to a door with the number 9 and the doctor explained to him the rules of staying here.

When the doctor left, Yukimura began to unpack the bag he had brought with him. His room was small with a single bed, one dresser, and a small television. Finished packing, Yukimuraf sat down on the bed looking at his training schedule. After reading through it thoroughly he set it down scandalized. He concluded that the girl in the waiting area had been right. This place was hell for a real athlete. The things they expected him to spend a day on could easily be finished in an hour maximum by a non-regular at Rikkai.

Well, tomorrow's going to really stink.

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