Addie and MalachaiJ

Addie pov:

Malachai walked up to me while I was at the store. "Addie" He sighed greeting me with a kiss. "You have to go." He told me I thought he was kidding.

"What? Malachai your insane." I said laughing wondering how he kept a straight face.

"I'm serious." He told me , ok maybe it could be true. "It's to late for me, but you can still get out." I could tell it was true by his voice.

"Malachai what's happening to you?" I asked starting to walk to my house. I grabbed his hand, and looked in his green eyes, they were usually full of life but now they were tired and worried. His red hair was longer than he usually let it grow. He was worried so he had wrinkles on his forehead and he looked older instead of looking 17 he looked like he was in his 20's . He was so worried and tired lately.

When we got to my house I opened the door and he went to my room without a word. He began packing my stuff in a suitcase from my closet. He thrust money towards me, I grabbed it form him.

"It should be enough to get you far away from her, and hold you until you find a job." He told me, he looked like he was going to cry.

"No, I won't go. I won't leave you!" I shouted at him. I began sobbing when realization hit me that I would never see him again. He put his face in my hair and I felt warm wet drops in on my head. "Why do I have to go?"

"Its not safe here." He told me simply.

"Come with me." I told him pulling away from his embrace and smiling up at him. "We can get married and have lots of kids." He smiled slightly

"Its to late now go!" He thrust the suitcase at me and walked me to my car. He helped me load my stuff. "go to your family in Salt Lake City" He told me

" Ok" I told him giving up " I love you more than anything." I told him. I started to cry again. I hugged him and buried my face in his chest.

" I love you to Addie, that why I'm doing this." He kissed my me one last time. I cried all the way to Salt Lake. I never went forgot, but I never went back.