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~ A Boy's Last Words ~


I was ten-years-old when I'd heard the whole, "Time waits for no man" mini-speech. I'm pretty sure I would've understood the whole meaning to these wise words, if I hadn't been more preoccupied with getting through level three on Crash Nebula: Galaxy Wars than doing a stupid science project at the time. Come on, I was ten. What ten-year-old pushes away video games for a fifth grade science project not due for another three weeks? Apparently, a normal one, according to my parents.

But even as I sat there—alone in my room, pounding away at the Triangle-Left-Square combo to make Crash Nebula activate his turbo lasers—I wasn't expecting to fully come into terms at what my parents were trying to tell me in such little amount of time. Then again, I was never expecting to gain ghost powers in such a short amount of time either.

Four years. God, was it really that short of a gap? Had I really transformed from a naïve little boy who thought comic books and video games were more important than girls to a half human/half ghost who spent most of his life vacuuming up his enemies in a metal thermos?

Four years … four years later, I would be terrified of bombing the C.A.T.

Four years later, I would have my butt handed to me by two ghosts from the future.

Four years later—from being that little kid who sucked at Crash Nebula: Galaxy Wars—I would come face-to-face with Time himself; see glimpses of past events and a dismal future. But even though I was a ghost hybrid trying to play Mr. Superhero of Amity Park, Time did not wait for me … like I had hoped he would.

I had done my part. I saved the city from my alter ego. I stopped it from becoming a wasteland of ash and rubble. I played Mr. Superhero of Amity Park. But even after fulfilling my duties—after saving the lives of those who pushed me around or didn't even know my name—I couldn't save the people who mattered most in my life. For my family, for my friends, and for my teacher, I couldn't be Mr. Superhero of Amity Park.

Time waits for no man. Not even for a fourteen-year-old ghost boy who had lost everything….



It was the top story all across America. Nasty Accident for Fenton's and Friends. The Sole Survivor. Fourteen-year-old Loses Everything. Everywhere he turned, there was talk of the young famous Daniel Fenton, the boy who was just a mere forty feet away from the Nasty Burger explosion that took the life of his friends and family. Rumor had it the boy was trying to free them from the boiler containing the overheated Nasty Sauce. But sadly, his attempt was unsuccessful.

Slade glanced down at the photo he held in his hand, a picture of the now orphaned Daniel Fenton taken three days during his recuperating in the hospital. Although him losing everything was the talk of the town—even in Jump City, a good distance away from Amity Park—Slade was confident that there was more than what the reporters and journalists could dig up.

According to insiders, the death of the Fenton's, Samantha Manson, Tucker Foley, and Jonathan Lancer, was the work of a sinister ghost known as Dan Phantom. Prior to the Nasty Burger eruption, Phantom was defeated by Amity Park's recurring ghost, Inviso-Bill, who'd later fled the scene right as Daniel Fenton entered the picture to save his loved ones. It was odd enough that Phantom had picked such a unique pair of hostages—all of whom seemed to be at the popular fast food joint to discuss Daniel's performance on the C.A.T—but to have the younger ghost disappear right as Daniel entered the scene….

He crushed the photo, crumpling it before letting it fall beneath his steel-toed boots. Coincidence. It was all too much of a coincidence. Dan Phantom. Daniel Fenton. And Inviso-Bill entering and fleeing the scene of the crime. Frankly, it was an open and shut case. But despite the information he knew, Slade was certain of who he could confront about Daniel's situation; someone who would give him the answers he desired.

He had to admit, the day Trigon had resurrected him from the dead was a sensation all its own. Balancing between the line of Life and Death—it was a thrill that overpowered him in a cloud of pure elation and supremacy. Sadly, the thrill had been reduced to a bittersweet recollection, after Trigon had double-crossed him once Slade had fulfilled his duties in encrypting the prophecy onto Raven. The Ring of Azar had kept him from being condensed into a pile of ash and bone. But he wasn't about to give up without a fight.

The ring. If he hadn't been so resolute on restoring his full power, he would've given the ring to Starfire and the others for safekeeping. But Slade had a duty of his own to fulfill and gaining back his own flesh and blood wasn't enough. He wanted the thrill; the forceful energy that had once surged through his restored fingertips. He wanted it all back, so that he could one day rule the Earth with an iron fist.

Naturally, Slade had got what he desired. He was back to his old self, with the abilities Trigon had given to him re-established tenfold. And although he wasn't all too eager in getting back in the game with his fellow Titans, after hearing about the fatality in Amity Park, Slade decided to pay a certain someone a little visit.


Clockwork waved his scepter in front of the screen, replaying the scene for the fourth time. Everything had gone according to plan. Danny Fenton had vacuumed his future self inside the thermos and Dan Phantom was no longer terrorizing the citizens of Amity Park. The battle had ended, with fourteen-year-old Danny crowned victorious. But the objective had yet to be claimed.

"It's too late to save them…."

It had taken a while to register, but the moment Danny had turned around, he realized it was only a matter of time before his future would be set in stone. He ran, ran as fast as he could towards the nearly demolished Nasty Burger. A ring had formed around his waist as he attempted to transform into his ghost half. But the ring immediately faltered after he had used up so much of his power to produce his ghostly wail on his enemy. There was nothing more he could do.

"I can't go ghost!"

Clockwork stopped the clip, turning his back on the boy's frightened eyes. Normally, being the Master of Time meant he could administer an event days, months, even centuries before it even happened. He knew of Danny Fenton's past, his overwrought present; even his sinister future of becoming the all powerful Dan Phantom, the strongest and most evil ghost on the planet.

Unlike the Observant's, Clockwork knew how Danny's whole situation was going to fall into place. He knew the young halfa and his friends would stumble into his home, catch a glimpse of what the future had in store for them, and do everything in their power to prevent history from repeating itself. He knew the whole story like the back of his hand, even the part where Danny stumbled a little too late to save his friends and family from the Nasty Burger explosion. That little mishap was where Clockwork would jump right in and give the boy a second chance, like he deserved. Only then would everything fall into place and Dan Phantom would become nothing but a glitch in the time stream.

However, the Observant's thought otherwise.

"Tampering with the boy's time line? Even you should know better, Clockwork."

"Interfering with the events in his time line is a strict violation of the Protocol of Temporal Displacement. Once the boy's fate has been sealed, altering it in any other way could lead to dire consequences. And not just for him, but for you as well, Clockwork."

"But, you don't understand!" Of course they didn't understand. They were merely observers. Simply here to make sure they got what they wanted.

"The future is safe from the likes of Dan Phantom. The boy has done his job, as have you, Clockwork. Your services are no longer needed."

That was the first event Clockwork hadn't seen coming.

He turned back to face the monitor, the scene paused on Danny, the look of horror evident on his face after realizing what lied in store for his loved ones. Realizing that he had failed them.

Clockwork bowed his head in shame. "I'm sorry, ghost child."

"So, I was right all along."

Clockwork snapped his head back, turning to stare face-to-mask with the intruder now present in his lair. A shadow was draped over the man as he stood calmly in the darkness. However, it didn't take much focus for Clockwork to realize who his special guest was.

"Slade," he spat with resolving toxin. "To what do I owe this unexpected visit? If memory serves, you managed to restore your human body after the defeat of Trigon back in Jump City. So what are you doing traveling through the Ghost Zone, much less my lair?"

"If memory serves, I should be talking to the all-seeing ghost, Master of Time," he spoke, taking long, casual strides toward the monitor, his arms tucked carelessly behind his back. "You tell me."

"I have no interest in playing mind games, Slade. What is it that you want?"

"Nothing you need get excited over, Clockwork. All I'm seeking are answers—answers that I pray you will give to me without any setbacks."

Clockwork stared at the masked man questioningly, his fingers curled tightly around his scepter. "Go on."

Slade tore his visible eye from the monitor, giving Clockwork his full attention. "I trust you know quite a lot about the young boy who'd lost his friends and family back in Amity Park?"

"Danny Fenton," he spoke. "What about him?"

With that said, Slade had turned his attention back to the monitor, gazing at it as if Danny Fenton was truly there. "Such a tragic thing to happen to such a young boy. To lose your family is one thing, but to lose your friends as well. The poor boy must have a heart of steel to go on in life without anyone to fall back on."

The time holder scowled. "What exactly are you getting at, Slade?"

"The savage battle, the disappearance of young Inviso-Bill right before the explosion, the array of victims all connecting to Daniel himself." Slade couldn't help but chuckle. "Come now, Clockwork. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the pattern. The similarities in powers and physical appearance, not to mention the perfect timing in Inviso-Bill disappearing and Daniel Fenton stepping into the scene, the targets being his own friends and family. Dan Phantom, Inviso-Bill, Daniel Fenton: they're all the same person."

At first, Clockwork didn't know what to say. Although Danny was his prime focus at the moment, he knew quite a bit of Slade's time line as well. The man was awfully intelligent and having figured out of Danny's secret identity as well as his alter ego … well, amazed wasn't really the word that popped up in the ghosts' head. However, he couldn't help but feel there was more to what Slade was getting at.

"Congratulations, you figured out the boy's secret, as well as his messed up future. What do you want, a medal?"

"On the contrary." He spoke. "Although I came seeking confirmation on the boy, I also came to request a proposition."

"Such as?"

Slade held up his hand, as if offering Clockwork a small package. The Ring of Azar gleamed brightly around his gloved finger. "Time is just a mere object held within your grasp. With your abilities, you can jump back into the past as well as glide straight through the future. Danny Fenton defeated his alter ego back in Amity Park, entrapping him inside a metal thermos. Fear has kept him from releasing his future self into the Ghost Portal. However, if Phantom were to be released back into the human world, the earth would find itself in peril once again."

"And what does any of this have to do with me?" Clockwork asked almost impatiently.

"It's really quite simple. In order to persuade Danny from releasing his future self from the thermos, he's going to need a little … motivation." He smiled behind his mask, directing it towards Clockwork. "That's where you come in. Phantom is freed and Daniel gets to relive the time he lost with his friends and family."

"Forget it." Clockwork objected. "His fate has already been sealed. I can't alter his time line anymore than I already have. Now get out of here."

Slade bowed his head. At first, Clockwork had gotten the impression that the masked man had admitted defeat. But when Slade looked up at him with disappointment in his visible eye, he knew the worst was yet to come.

"I was afraid you'd say something like that," he said, taking one stride towards him, his gloved hands clasped into hard fists. "However, I'm not taking no for an answer."

The fireball had come at him with unquestionable speed, but Clockwork was quick enough to dodge Slade's attack. He glared down at the armor-clad man and before he could muster up another sneak attack, the Master of Time reached for the tip of his scepter and pressed the button. "Time out!" he cried, freezing everything in its place. The wheels in his lair had come to an abrupt halt and the harsh ticking echoing in the background had died down. Everything was at a complete standstill, as well as the man in the orange and black mask.

With a sigh of relief, Clockwork floated back to the ground, hovering before his opponent with a minor sum of curiosity. The Master of Time couldn't help but grin as he waved his scepter in front of Slade, making the masked man levitate before him to get a better view. "Obviously, whatever plans you had cooked up were no match against me." He looked down, catching a glimpse of the golden band wrapped around Slade's ring finger. "The Ring of Azar, huh." He chuckled. "Did you really think this was going to help you?"

"Why do you think I risked the end of the world to keep it?"

Red, that's all he saw: a flash of burning red flames erupting in a sea of magma. Clockwork had been knocked down several feet away from his opponent, his scepter clanging clamorously as it hit the ground. He opened his eyes, picking himself up as he tried to reach for his time scepter. Another flash of molten fire, however, stopped him from doing so and it was then that Clockwork had found himself powerless.

Immediately, he turned around, staring up at the masked man with giant flames licking away at his palms, his good eye narrowed into a forceful glare. Clockwork's jaw dropped in alarm. The red insignia—the mark of Trigon—was evident on his orange and black mask.

"Now then, let's try this again."

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