AN: Yes… its been forever since this was updated. But this is the last chapter. The reason it took me so long was because I hardly know Sunny. I mean, he's a ship. Okay, Merry was a ship too, but I've known her so much longer and her personality is so new. Sunny hasn't been around long, and they've hardly been on Sunny so… that's also the reason the format is so different.

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Sunny is a ship built for war. He is powerful, brave and tough.

After being with his new family for a week Sunny knew without a doubt they are all insane.

The captain is childish, the swordsman lazy, the navigator abusive, the sharpshooter a coward, the cook a fool, the doctor inept, the historian indifferent and the shipwright flashy.

After Thriller Bark Sunny realized his captain is wise, the swordsman patient, the navigator a straggliest, the sharpshooter creative, the cook protective, the doctor compassionate, the historian passionate, the shipwright loyal And the new musician is not erratic but eccentric.

Through watching them fight and recover together Sunny understands this the Straw Hats are not a crew, but a family.

And Sunny is honored to be a part of them.