The Scene

'Great! Just fucking great!' Paul's thoughts echoed loudly throughout Jake and Sam's minds.

'Paul? What the hell is wrong with you? Do you know how bad you could have hurt her?' He could feel the anger radiating from Jake's body. Sam stared at them both, concerned.

'What just happened back there Paul?' Sam questioned.

Paul shook his large head grievingly. 'Sam, I honestly don't know.'

He had just phased in front of Bella leech-lover Swan and to make matters worse, he'd just imprinted on her!

'What the fuck is up, Paul?' Jake shouted angrily.

When Paul phased, Bella ran for cover towards the Black's house and Jacob had phased and had thrown himself between the two of them to protect her. He launched himself at Paul biting down on his shoulder and starting a full on brawl. Jacob had honestly gotten the better of him before Sam gave the order to stop the fight, but he would never admit it. Regretfully, Paul ran through his memory of what had happened in the clearing; Bella slapping him, him phasing, then staring into her deep brown eyes and feeling the world around him shatter. Nothing else mattered but her. For all that was holy he'd tried to fight it, but his wolf moved toward her involuntarily. Hell, he'd even reached out to her, but Jake thought he was going to attack. He snorted.

'Right! Like I would ever hurt my imprint!' Paul stood slightly taken aback at his revelation. He'd said it out loud and in front of Jacob at that. 'Fuck! Bella leech-loving Swan is my imprint!'

'WHAT?' Jacob growled . Paul saw Jacob inching toward him and went back on the defensive.

'Alright, Black. I refuse to take it so easy on you this time. If it's a fight you want, I'm gonna give you my ALL. Future fucking Alpha or not!'

Jake's wolf snarled in response.

'Both of you, calm down, NOW!' Sam gave another Alpha command and the snarling and growling skidded to an abrupt hault.

'What do you mean you imprinted on Bella, Paul?' Sam asked.

Paul shrugged his massive shoulders.

'There's no fucking way I'm letting this happen!' Snarled Jacob.

'Jake, you can't interfere with a wolf and his imprint. The outcome is never good.' Sam said sympathetically.

'Like hell I can't. She can still refuse him and I'll make sure she will. He doesn't fucking deserve someone like Bella.' With that, Jake stomped off.

'Jake!' Sam called. His thoughts were cut off from them, so he'd have to had phased back.

'Let him go, Sam! This is one time I agree with the pup. There's no fucking way in hell I'm letting this happen! Not with HER!' He thought vehemently. 'Who the hell wants sloppy seconds from a leech?'

Sam shook his head. 'Paul, I understand your pain, but you'll end up with her eventually. You won't be able to resist her and soon it will be the same for her.'

'Screw that. As a matter of fact, screwing sounds like a good idea. I'll screw every rez girl I can find if it helps me forget about her.'

Sam huffed. 'Paul you're gonna end up killing yourself and hurting Bella. She doesn't know it yet, but she's drawn to you too.'

'Whatever. I'll fight this shit with everything I have. I will NOT love that leech-loving…UGH! I'm going for a run!'

Sam shook his head and phased back, heading to Emily's place.


This was just fucking fantastic! The little leech lover decides to go all G.I. Jane on me and I imprint on her! This was complete and total bullshit! I ran around for a while to clear my head. It doesn't help much that I'm remembering pictures of her in my head. Her lips, her beautiful milky skin that looked oh-so-smooth, that thick curly hair, her big, beautiful, milk chocolate brown eyes…UGH! No way this was happening! My wolf on the other hand is in a frenzy, wanting to claim her as our own. She's ours. Claim her, take her!

'Fuck! Down, boy!' I thought urging my wolf to be quiet. He growls and I shake my head. This is just gonna be one GIANT pain in the ass. I thought back to my original plan of screwing around to get the Swan girl out of my head. It sounded promising. After all, it's not like it was something that I wasn't used to already. I had a reputation for being a ladies' man of sorts anyway. I'd have to look into it. I grinned internally at the thought.

I continued to wander and my run slowed to a trot. I'd looked around noticing that my surroundings were familiar. I looked ahead of me and saw Emily's place. I felt the wolf let out an excited growl. 'Sneaky bastard.' I thought. Apparently the pull to this chick was so strong I hadn't even noticed that I was running right to her.

Damn. This was going to be one giant cluster fuck of a problem. Not only do I pretty much despise this chick and the company she keeps, but the baby Alpha of my pack had called dibs on her. Even if I did want her, he was going to make this difficult as hell. I really didn't need this shit right now. I fought with everything in me to stay away from Sam and Emily's but my wolf kept pushing forward. Ours!

'Damn it!' After a while of pacing back and forth with my wolf urging me to go to her and that good old feeling of hatred turning me in the other direction, the wolf finally won. I stalked ever closer to Emily's house and phased back. I was thankful that Sam had created a million little cubby holes with clothes stuffed in them. I had shredded one of my last pairs of cut offs after I phased in front of Bella. Geez. The look on her face was absolutely priceless. I wanted to snicker at the remembrance of the fear that was outlined on her face, but because she was now my imprint, it killed me to know that I had done that to her. Great! I was already whipped. This was definitely a freaking problem.

I walked through Emily's door and noticed my pack and the girls staring at me. Well, Bella and Jake's looks were more like glares. Damn, it would take me forever to smooth this out with him. Way to impress the future Alpha genius! This was all my wolf's fault! He just had to pick Bella freaking Swan to be my mate. Damn you Taha Aki and all this imprinting bullshit! Why the hell couldn't he find someone else to pick on?
"What the hell are you all looking at?" I asked.

Sam cleared his throat and motioned for me to have a seat on the couch. Everyone's stared averted and I sauntered off to towards the couch. What the hell did everyone know, I wondered. Had Jake come in here and shot his big mouth off? I promised myself that I would have to rough him up for that if that was the case. Alpha or no Alpha.

I noticed him playing with a strand of Bella's hair, twirling it between his fingers. Ours! My wolf cried. I felt a million jealous pangs hit me all at once, almost doubling me over. 'NO!' I thought. I fought hard against my inner wolf but couldn't resist a slight growl, which of course, everyone had to hear. Including Bella. She looked at me quizzically for a moment, then glared at me again. She must really think I'm fucking crazy. I'm actually starting to feel that way. This is wrong on so many levels. I watch her lean into Jacob and he wraps his arm around her, resting his cheek on the top of her head. I feel a snarl bubbling up in my throat and I fight to quiet down the wolf that's aching to get out. OURS! My wolf was becoming a little unruly. Apparently, he didn't like sharing. I felt myself beginning to tremble and my brothers stared at me incredulously.

"Paul?" Jared asked dumbfounded. I just glare at him and I can feel my wolf scratching at the surface. Jake spares me a backwards glance and grins. He lifts his hand and softly strokes Bella's arm. That did it! I jumped up and started to charge him when Sam cuts in front of me.

"This has nothing to do with you Uley." I hissed.

"Paul, calm down. Let's get some fresh air." He almost has to drag me outside. Emily gives him a look that screams 'Explain, soon!' He nods and pulls me toward the door with Jared following closely behind. Once we got outside and I didn't physically have to see them anymore I cooled off a bit.

"What the hell was going on in there Paul?" Jared questioned.

I sat on the ground and placed my head in my hands.

"Fuck!" I shouted. Sam let out a pleased chuckle. I stared at him menacingly and he threw up his hands in surrender, still chuckling.

"So, Bella's been your imprint for all of an hour and you're already ready to rip her best friend to pieces?" He said kneeling down to face me.

I looked up, feeling completely hopeless.

"Sam, I have to fight this shit. It's not right."

"What's not right is your fighting the will of your wolf. You're one with him and right now he knows what's best."

Jared eyes gaped open as he watched our exchange. His mouth dropped and I glared at him.

"So help me Jared, if you don't close that hole in your face, I will close it for you."

Jared chuckled.

"Testy. I thought you were supposed to be happy after you imprint. So? You of all people imprint on Bella Swan. Jake's gonna tear you a new asshole for sure, now, Paul. You stole his woman. Way to impress the new Alpha!"

I let out a violent snarl.

"Paul!" Sam yelled in "Alpha" voice. "Jared, back off."

Jared put a lid on it and I pulled myself from the ground.

"Sam, I don't care what you say. I'm not letting this shit happen to me. And think about what it will do to Jake! He's loved that girl since they were kids. What am I supposed to do with that?"

Sam nodded, understanding all too well what imprinting did to people. He still felt the sting of betraying Leah Clearwater after imprinting on Emily, her own cousin. Imprinting was just like a bully. Something that fucked up people's lives for no reason at all except for its own selfish wants, the continuation of the wolf bloodline. Don't get me wrong, noble cause and all, but why do our choices have to be taken from us? I would have to fight this. If not just for my sake, for my brother's as well. He was completely in love with the Swan girl. This was just perfect.

Then everything stopped. I smelled her. I turned to notice that she was inching her way towards me. Where the hell was Jake when I needed him? Her scent got closer and closer and it enveloped my senses. Was that Strawberry? And something else, vanilla, maybe? Damn. I was a goner. 'Fight, Meraz, fight!'

"What do you want?" I greeted her coldly. Ouch. That hurt.

She stiffened. She was afraid. Of me? Baby, I would never hurt you. Damn! Had to snap out of it.

She reached for my hand. I flinched but she didn't back down. She grabbed my hand and rubbed her thumb over the top of it. Oh God, her skin was so fucking soft. Someone help me. She sighed and I inhaled, remembering the sweet smell of her breath. She bit her lip and she mulled something over. This girl was trying to kill me.


I just stared at her.

"Right. Look, I'm really sorry about the slap and everything. You just made me so mad and it kind of felt like Jake was gloating about the whole thing and I told him I didn't like that. You can't help who you are. I really want us to be friends?"

She posed the end of her statement like it was a question. All I managed was a swift nod and she smiled brightly. Oh shit.

"Thanks Paul. I'll catch you guys later. I have to head back to town and fix Charlie some dinner." She turned to walk away, wiggling her fingers as she waived. She was walking against the wind and it blew her scent back into my nostrils. The sweet smell of strawberry and vanilla crashed into me again, almost knocking me to the ground. I look around at my brothers who just chuckle. Bella's scent was burned into my memory. I was in for the fight of my life.