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Chapter 1 – An Unlikely Alliance

Hermione awoke with a start, her brow adorned with a light sheen of cold sweat. Her nightmare appeared so real, the glistening blood and malicious laughter seizing her mind and threatening to drive her to insanity.

It wasn't the first time this dream had occurred, in fact, this nightmare sought out her unconscious mind almost every night since Ronald Weasley had been murdered.

In Hermione's mind, there was no doubt who the laughter belonged to. The cold chilling sounds were all too familiar to her and although she never told anyone of her problems, they were slowly eating away at her mental state.

She sat up in her four poster, the familiar surroundings of Grimmauld place coming into view. The portraits on the wall were empty and the only sounds of life were the light snores of Ginny Weasley in the bunk across from her. Hermione slipped on her knitted jumper and jeans, eager to get some fresh air outside.

After descending the narrow staircase, a dim light coming from the kitchen came into view, sparking her curiosity. As far as she knew, the other Order members were not due back till a week later. She lightly padded towards the oak table, her curiosity mounting as she recognised the robe cladded figure, his silvery blonde hair glinting in the light.

"Malfoy?" she asked, somewhat incredulously

He lifted his head sleepily, his eyes bleary and unfocused.

"Granger" he acknowledged, too tired to sound rude and pompous.

Hermione noticed the red welts on his arms and neck and could only guess what had happened.

"What happened?" she asked quietly, settling down in the chair opposite him.

"The usual, punishment for failing" he mumbled, his brilliant blue eyes downcast.

"It's for the better Draco" Hermione said softly, not even aware of the tear that trailed down her cheek.

"For the better?" he repeated incredulously "How would you like to be cursed within an inch of your life Granger? You have no idea what it's like!"

A tense silence followed, a distant hooting sounding somewhere outside.

"I'm sorry, it's just that this war has been going on far too long, and I'm bloody sick to death of it"

Hermione smiled tiredly at his sincere apology. It was strange how far Draco Malfoy had come. From the arrogant prat that aspired to be a loyal death eater came forth a trustworthy spy for the order who had not only been on friendly terms with Hermione but also with the boy wonder himself.

'I wish I could do something Malfoy, but you know Harry, he's concerned for me"

"Concerned?" asked Malfoy sarcastically "Freaking overprotective and paranoid is a better way to phrase that"

Hermione grinned sheepishly "I use that term loosely then"

Draco raked his fingers through his silky hair, using it as a makeshift comb.

"It's been 2 months now, aren't you getting sick of staying here and just doing paperwork?"

"You have no idea, but what am I to do? It's not like I can go behind Harrys' back and conjure up some huge plan to defeat Voldemort!"

A very Slytherin like smile made its way onto Draco's face, his eyes betraying some of his younger self.

"That's exactly what you can do Granger! With brains like yours, you could probably build a time machine!"

Hermione frowned, torn between amusement and seriousness "Time machine Draco? Aren't you anti-muggle? I believe that's called a time turner and they have already been invented"

Draco rolled his eyes "You know what I mean so stop being such a smart arse about it"

"And plus" continued Hermione "Time turners are very dangerous! You can change the whole course of everyone's lives… "

"Exactly!" interrupted Draco "What if you killed Voldy before he became dangerous! Keep him in that stupid orphanage and leave him there to rot!"
"Draco!" Hermione chided "that's a horrible thing to say!"

"Are we on the same page? Because I thought we were just talking about Voldemort, you know, the Dark Lord who is killing all your friends off?"

Hermione sighed patiently "Yes, well he wasn't Voldemort when he was born Draco; and plus, who said anything about killing? "

Draco made a sound of disbelief "You make him sound like some bloody charity case. I know you're noble and Gryffindor and all, but back to reality princess – he's evil"

Hermione got up from her chair, noticing that dawn was breaking "It's pointless arguing with you, it's like trying to set a house elf free"

"You're still with that spew stuff?" he guffawed, barely concealing a snicker that followed.

Hermione ignored him and set off out towards the London streets surrounding Grimmauld place. It felt nice to feel the cold winds whipping her hair into disarray while the sparse rays of sunlight found her face. Unbeknownst to her, she unexpectedly ended up at the cemetery where all the Order members were buried. She conjured up some white roses and deposited them on the blocks of granite as she passed. Finally, she found the one that her unconscious mind had brought her to; Ronald Billius Weasley, beloved son of Molly and Arthur Weasley and a valiant and honoured member of the Order of the Phoenix.

Hermione knelt beside the snow covered stone, placing the last white rose underneath the small black and white picture.

"Ron, what should I do? "She murmured, brushing the snow off with her fingertips. Although this was a muggle portrait, she always found comfort in speaking to him though he had no reply. She had developed a habit of wandering her way out here whenever she was troubled or had a particular painful memory to surpass.

"Should I trust Draco or Harry?" she wondered out loud. As soon as the words were out, she almost snorted with laughter. Was there any competition? Was she really comparing her former enemy to her best friend?

However, another part of her mind came into view, justifying some of the things she hadn't consciously thought about before. Harry was like a brother to her, always protecting her and giving him selflessly to the cause at hand. Draco on the other hand, although manipulative, made a good point in their conversation earlier on. What good was she doing at Grimmauld place? Wasting away while her fellow members were risking their lives for her?

Although Hermione really did want to do something about it, what action could take place? Harry and the others were adamant about her being under house arrest until 'she felt better', and for all she knew, that could be her whole life. The only other way she could make things happen is by secret, and with that revelation, realisation came, that not only would she be disobeying the Order, she would have to find an unlikely ally in Draco Malfoy.