Chapter 4 – House Rules

"Have you found anything interesting?" asked Hermione, her school bag balancing on her lap.


"Not anything?" she stressed, prodding him with her wand disbelievingly.

"Give me a break Granger, we've only been here for about a day and already you're badgering me?"

"But this is what you're here for!"

Draco fixed a steely glare on her "Don't blame your incompetence on me"

"My incompetence?" repeated Hermione, her voice rising with each syllable.

"I mean you don't even know what Voldy looks like so we can keep a eye on him!" explained Draco, his hand reaching for the whiskey bottle. "And if you're wondering, no one in Slytherin even vaguely resembles a snake"

Hermione snorted with laughter at the mental image before quickly composing herself.

"All right, well from Harry we know he was Head Boy during his day. So all we really need to do is find the boy with the badge and voila! We've got out target"

"How are we going to kill him?" asked Draco bluntly, a sharp edge coming into his tone.

"I don't know!"

"What do you mean you don't know? I don't know about you, but I've been planning his death ever since he murdered my parents and made my life a living hell. Haven't you ever wanted to avenge dear Weasels death Granger? Get the satisfaction of watching the life go out of his eyes just like we had to watch our friends?"

To Draco, mentioning Weasley in front of her was a low blow and a very touchy subject. Judging by the angry tears welling up in her eyes, he had gotten exactly what he wanted.

"Fine, we'll do it your way"

"Hermione! Hello anyone in there?"

Guinevere waved her hand in front of Hermione's glazed eyes, trying to grab her attention. After a few more moments of calling and hand waving, Hermione broke from her reverie, shaking her head to clear the fog her mind was in.

"Oh sorry, what were you saying?" she asked, spearing a piece of bacon from her breakfast plate.

"I was asking you if you know that boy over there. He's staring at you a lot" she replied, her dark brown eyes motioning towards the Slytherin table.

"Which one are you talking about?"

A dopey grin came onto her face, her cheeks flushing a dark pink "The new student, the one with silvery blonde hair"

Hermione nearly choked on her pumpkin juice, spluttering and coughing repeatedly. "No I don't know him" she wheezed, trying to stop her eyes from watering.

"I wish you did, and then maybe you could introduce me to him" Her smile brightened even further at the idea.

"But he's in Slytherin!" Hermione reminded as though that would change her mind.

"I don't care much for house rivalry Hermione. I don't know what these people have you told you but in my opinion it's just all rubbish" she responded aloofly while pulling her long black hair into a ponytail "Anyways, I should be off, it takes a while to get down to those greenhouses! I'll see you later Hermione!"

She slung her bag over he shoulders and took off, her hair swinging wildly from side to side. In all truth, Guinevere Lee reminded Hermione of Cho Chang, except more personable, less giggly and with more charm and grace than Hermione could ever hope for. A potent combination which had already landed her a VIP pass into the revered Slug Club.

Hermione finished off her juice and packed the books she was reading back into her rucksack before taking her time to get to the potions dungeons.

Though Snape no longer inhabited the dungeons, it still did not erase her sense of unease. The cold stone walls still looked the same and the brackets filled with flame lit torches flickered almost menacingly.

A small ounce of comfort came when Draco sauntered into the classroom with his new Slytherin cronies. Though they were not to be friends in public, at least she knew the insults that were sure to come her way weren't true and he was just acting. It really was odd how her mind worked nowadays.

Hermione did not miss the wink he gave her or the fact that he sat right behind her desk. Another boy sat next to him, the platinum blonde hair almost a telltale sign that Malfoy was sitting next to another Malfoy. How strange.

The lesson started, a repeated lesson on how to make felix felixis, the luck potion. Professor Certes gave Hermione a wane smile as she went to get ingredients from the store room.

Hermione looked around the spacious store room, spotting the necessary ingredients on the highest shelf. With arm outstretched and on tip toes, she reached for the glass jars, missing by less than an inch.

"Would you like some assistance?"

Hermione whirled around in shock at the quiet musical voice, her hand automatically reaching for her wand in her robes.

After a quick recovery, she nodded hesitantly, dimly registering that she had seen this boy before.

"Have we met before? In the owlery when you picked up my quill?" asked Hermione, voicing her thoughts.

The boy easily reached for the glass jars, depositing them in Hermiones' arms. He gave her a swift glance before replying.

"I believe we have. My name is Tom Riddle, and you are…?"

Hermione almost sent all her jars crashing to the dungeon floors. Tom Riddle? As in the dark lord? Her eyes registered the silver and green head boy badge fastened just above the Slytherin crest on his robes – It had to be him.

Her slack jawed expression had not gone unnoticed by Tom.

"Are you quite alright?" he asked, in what was meant to sound sincere

"F-fine" she replied, shaken. "My name is Hermione Granger by the way. Thank you for the help"

With those last parting words, she rushed out of the store room, meeting Draco's puzzled expression from across the room.

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