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Ok! I've decided to try something new, since my other series, are at a stand still… At the moment… LOL! I decided to do this, since I drew Gwen in her wedding gown on my deviantArt account. Oh, and just to let you all know, with effortless research, Gwen's mom's name is Natalie. NO LIE. It's on the credits in 'What Little Girls Are Made Of". Check it out there, if you need visual proof. :D The trio in this particular story, are in there 20's. Ben, Gwen, are 22. Kevin of course, is, you guessed it… 23.

Onward and outward!





Kevin Levin sat in the home office of Frank Tennyson. Glancing back in forth from the clock on the wall, and to the empty desk that stood before him.

Silence, and nerves waving heavily in the air around him…


For that annoying clock hanging on the wall, that seemed to be toying with the young man's head.

The dark haired boy had been waiting there for a good solid 45 minutes… It was agonizingly painful. Frank had to be doing this just to make the boy sweat.

Kevin once again, glanced back at the clock. Oh how he wanted to bash the clocks face in. Well, putting it lightly anyways.

His mind began to wander. Thinking of the many affective ways on how to bring the tormenting clock to it's own submission. But, with a creek coming from the door, it abruptly brought the boy out of his 'inner rant'.

Slowly, Frank walked in .

Slowly, he walked to his desk…

Slowly, Frank? Sat down… At his desk… Dark deep eyes following the older man's every move… Cautiously…

Because at this point? Gwen's father was capable of saying, and or doing anything…

Kevin's thoughts began to wander once again, thinking that ol' 'Frank' here was also toying with his head.

The older boy wanted to bash-


Frank folded his hands together, and rested his chin upon them. Keeping a stern face, staring down to the young boy sitting in front of him.

Kevin's eyes flickered in annoyance. But kept it 'low key', in hopes that Frank wouldn't notice.

Well…He did hope

The dark haired boy clears his overly dry throat.


Frank leans back in his chair a bit. Giving Kevin the signal that it was okay to relax a bit. It wasn't like the kid was on trial to go back to the Null Void…

Of course that would be a piece of cake compared to what he was about to ask this intimidating man Gwen was related to.

"Well? Uh… Sir… I wanted to come talk to you about somethin'. Somethin' of, uh, importance."

Frank casually adjusts his glasses, still keeping his stern expression, and leans forward a bit.

"Does this importance of yours involve my daughter?"

Kevin swallows down a big gulp of the nasty bile that seemed to have crawled it's way up his throat.


Sighing, Frank leans back in his chair once more.

"I see."

The older man says nothing further. Making Kevin even more worse for the ware…

Was this dude trying to make Kevin go insane?

Let's just say, that Dad's are good like that. Especially when it comes to their 'little princesses'.

Kevin couldn't take it with the 'silent talking' anymore. It was eating him alive. The boy takes in a deep ragged breath, gathers what little courage he had left, stands up, and growls under his breath.

"Ok!" The boy sighs. "Look, Mr. Tennyson. I came here to ask for your permission, and well, a sorta kindof, uh, blessing, whatever it is you guys believe in. I mean, if religion is your thing? I'm cool with it. And I don't seem to mind it… And… Anyways, if your cool with it, then, that's cool… Ya know?"

Frank raises a brow at the dark haired boy. Looking at him as though Kevin had just grown three heads.

The older man clears his throat. Choosing his words wisely.

Well, sort of.

"Are you asking for mine and Natalie's blessing to marry Gwen?"

Kevin wrinkled his face up in confusion.

"Uh… Yeah? I think I just said that."

The older brunette man lets out a deep chuckle, stands up, and walks over to where Kevin was standing. Placing his hand on the boys shoulder.

"Well, if Gwen agrees to your proposal, which I hope to GOD is much better then how you asked me just now." Frank chuckles a bit harder, and shrugs. "Then? I guess you have our 'blessings' to ask Gwen's hand in marriage."

Kevin collapses back onto the chair, and brings his head between his knees. Breathing heavily as he did.

All Frank could do was continue to chuckle. But before the older man left the room of his office, he turns to the half 'dead' boy.

"I've always liked you Kevin. I know full well, on how much you care and love my daughter. But…"

Kevin lifts his head to the man at the doorway, fear still showing on his face.

"But, please. For all that is holy in this world. Practice on what your going say before you get down on that one knee, son. If I know Gwen? Which- I do. If you mess this up, your going to get one hell of slap in the back of the head. Or in this case, much, much worse."

With that, Frank Tennyson left our poor scared Kevin Levin alone in the empty office once more.

Kevin grabbed the waste basket, in thoughts that he? Was going to lose his Burger Shack burger he ate for lunch.

Yep, he still thought the Null Void was all rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns compared to this…

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