Just to warn you all, it does get a bit dark this chapter. :)

He just laid there in his bed, staring up at the ceiling almost in reflection, gingerly going through bits and pieces of his life as a whole. Watching as the blades of his ceiling fan turned on its continuous circular motion. He couldn't believe that tomorrow was "the day"; a day that he never actually foreseen coming from his future, due to his bitter and battered past.

Of course, the sun had come up hitting his sleeping face a couple of hours ago, so, he'd been lying there for quite some time as of late, looking over now and then at the time that displayed on his alarm clock. Last time he checked, it was nearly noon.

Kevin forced a small smile, wiping the hair from his eyes, letting out a short cough, clearing his throat from morning congestion. "uh…" He mumbled to himself, wondering if he should even get out of bed. It had been such a stressful time for him due to putting his and Gwen's wedding plans together, not to mention the bachelorette party fiasco the week before- being forced into to hanging out with Ben and his "Man Party" thing slash idea he had conjured up, even though Kevin strictly told him not to. Well, it's not that he didn't like the company of his friend, most of the time, but adding to the worry about where Gwen was really put him in a foul mood, multiplying to said stress level that he was already receiving from the watch wielding hero and his ridiculous ideas of a "good time".

Shaking his head slightly, Kevin pushed those thoughts out of his mind. Gwen was safe, Ben was still stupid, and the world wasn't coming to an end.

So far.

Kevin's mind drifted once again, back to the ceiling fan- "Yep…" He thought to himself. "The fan's still there…" He then brought his index finger up to his face, scratching his left cheek in deep thought, his eyes narrowing in concentration. "Wonder if I could make it into some type of high tech weapons system? That'd be pretty cool." His eyes then quickly breezed past his clock; 1:01 pm. "Man, I really should get my ass outta' bed."

Still staring at the clock, continuing his fight within himself of whether or not that getting out of bed was such a good idea; the noise from his black and dusty fan above suddenly became all too noticeable. Kevin's eyes flickered each time it whirred and clicked during its revolving rotation.

He shifted his head, and tilted it slightly, listening as he watched the four blades continue with its rounds.






"Marriage, Marriage".

Kevin shook his head the second time at that, his brow furrowing in disbelief. Was that damned fan making fun of him? How can an inanimate object do such a thing?

And at that moment, the decision was finally made; Kevin bolted out of his bed, grabbing the jeans that lied crumpled in a heap upon his bedroom floor; shirt in tow- he practically ran out of his room in a panic, heading towards the garage.

He couldn't stand the quiet so much anymore, or his fan. He decided right then to remind himself later to destroy such wicked machinery, that his fan would look TONS better in microscopic like pieces.

Maybe working on his beloved car would help put his mind at ease.


Clanking of tools echoed throughout the garage. Mumbles of this and that coming out from the undercarriage of Kevin's car added to the concoction of noise that was bouncing off the four walls within his hollow reverie.

Shifting his body at the right angle so he could tighten the bolt that had come loose from underneath his car, Kevin's foot was dramatically kicked to the side, causing the man to quickly roll out from his magical mechanical happy place, slightly forcing him to go into a defensive mode.

It quickly diminished, though, once he saw that familiar grin slapped across his intruders face.

Letting out a small growl of annoyance, Kevin swiftly rolled himself back under his car.

"What now?" He simply said, going back to his task at hand. The wrench squeaking as it hit the metal of his precious ride.

Slurping came as the only response at first, making Kevin huff as the word "aaahhh" in refreshment soon followed. The ex con's dark orbs followed the recognizable tennis shoes towards the couch that had sat in the corner of his garage, waiting for his friend to finally answer the question, his patience running severely thin.

This whole wedding thing was making the man ridiculously cranky.

"Nothing". Came the reply, a teasing like undertone sticking to his simple answer in vain. "Just, ya'know. Seeing how you're holding up."

"I'm fine." Kevin said as his hand fidgeted around, feeling for another tool that laid by his side somewhere. "Nothin' but rainbows and sunshine over here."

Ben sensed a little agitation from his friend's voice- nervousness perhaps? The hero of the universe smiled in knowing. He himself had been through this before with Julie. Remembering all of the spastic things he had said and done. In the end of it all; and once the "I do's" were exchanged, Ben finally realized everything was right in the world, so, he instinctively knew that Kevin wasn't fooling anyone.

Ben's eyes twinkled in amusement at this; his hand that held the smoothie shifted forward slightly, pointing towards the mechanic under the car. "You're getting cold feet aren't ya?" He chuckled, his face scrunching up as he did.

Kevin's movements abruptly paused and the tool that was snuggled in his hand suddenly fell, making the undeniable "ping" sound as it hit the concrete floor. Slowly, he wheeled himself out from underneath his car once again, this time sitting up and sneering at the younger man in front of him.

"What makes you think I have anything "cold" goin' on in the first place, Ben?" He remarked with a hiss, his answer dripping with a hint of distain. "Can't a guy just work on his car for no reason anymore, or do I have to get a permission slip signed by my mommy to get anything done around here?" Kevin hastily grabbed the rag that was stationed just to his left, vigorously wiping the grease from his hands, shifting his legs just right- finally removing himself up from the cool garage floor.

Ben's face grew serious for a moment, analyzing his best buddy's reaction to his more or less "teasing" type question. He didn't mean for the air to get so thick and heavy around them. But now, without a shadow of a doubt, he was absolutely positive that Kevin was getting the pre-wedding jitters.

The hero had to comfort his friend carefully. Kevin was always on the defense, especially when it came to his feelings- unexplored feelings at that. Ben took a deep intake of air, slurping his smoothie carefully in thought.

"I know what you're going through, Kevin." The brunette interrupted the short silence, making sure that he put a little understanding into his sentence. He wanted Kevin to know that he wasn't attacking him out of entertainment this time. "I've gone through it. Felt it, seen it- I practically lived it."

Kevin was standing at the workbench, facing away from his comrade, just staring at the brick wall; his hands gripping the sides of the counter in frustration, shoulders slumping and his head hanging dangerously low.

Ben didn't say anything further. He patiently waited for his friend's response. He understood that pushing Kevin now would just make things ten times worse.

"Yeah?" Kevin finally whispered in defeat; Ben had almost missed it because he had spoken so quietly. But Kevin already gathered that he wasn't fooling anyone with his macho façade. Ben had been around him long enough to know that putting up walls about these types of things was utterly useless.

"Yeah." Ben sighed heavily and smiled, getting himself off the couch, walking toward the ex-con, his expression going serious in thought once again. "I couldn't poop for three days."

At that moment Kevin couldn't help himself, and just busted out laughing, gripping his sides from the pain, the heaviness in the air finally lifting.

"You are one sick puppy, Ben." The older plumber squeaked out between his giggling fits of deep amusement against the boy. He pushed Ben at his shoulder, causing him to lose his footing. "Honestly, I don't get what Julie sees in you."

Ben just stood there, his green pools furrowing in annoyance. He didn't understand what was so funny. He was actually being serious for once; not to mention that his stomach paid dearly due to the idea of him getting married in the first place.

Sometimes Kevin can be so incredibly cruel…


After Ben had left, Kevin figured he'd clean up a bit before he gave Gwen a call. He hadn't talked to her all day and it was now going on close to 4'oclock.

He pulled out his phone again. "Wait a minute." He said to himself, glaring down at the small glowing screen. "It's almost 4 and Gwen never called me… At all." His brows bent towards each other, his mind questioning the actual time of day it was. Here it was- the day before his wedding- and he hadn't heard from her.

This was so unlike Gwen. Normally, whenever big events such as this happen she's all over him like white on rice- she can't ever shut up about it.

So why, if she's marrying the man of her dreams, is she so suddenly quiet?

Just as he put his thumb over her speed dial number, his phone began to go off. It was Ben. Sighing in defeat, the man hesitantly answers the call.

"Didn't I get enough of you today?"He asked bitterly, rubbing his forehead in frustration. Sometimes the hero had such a hard time leaving things alone. Sure he admitted that he was getting the so called "cold feet", but, after he and Ben talked it all out, everything seemed fine the way it was after the boy had left; assuring Ben that he wasn't going to break Gwen's heart by running for the hills before the ceremony had even begun. So, what was the issue now?

"Kevin…" Came a dark reply, forcing the ex-con to tense up a bit, gripping the phone in his hands even tighter. "Gwen and my Aunt never showed up at home after they went and tried their dresses on this morning." He solemnly spoke, taking in some air before he continued. "They had an appointment around 9, and they were supposed to be back around lunch time. I'm on my way over now." He hung up not wanting to hear Kevin lash out towards him, or, the situation. Ben would get his fill once he reached the garage.

Kevin's fists tightened up with rage as he stared hard at his cell phone, his already dark orbs growing darker by the passing seconds.


It didn't take long for Ben to reach Kevin's garage. He was speeding well above the limit, making sure that he took a more secluded route, avoiding the heavy traffic and the law at all costs. Gwen and his Aunt were missing; getting pulled over now, or arrested would kill any chances of finding them at all.

As Ben pulled in, Kevin was already in his vehicle shouting at him. "Get in!"

The young hero didn't waste any time, and hopped in right through the opened window of the decked out sports car.

"What the hell is goin' on!" Kevin shouted out in anger, turning corners at a rapid speed, making Ben hold on to the door handle for dear life. "Dying if you don't slow the heck down!" He shouted out just as fiercely as Kevin rounded another tight corner, the wheels squealing out in agony.

Kevin only gritted his teeth, his expression placing a very dark and fearful undertone and his demeanor was now starting to scare Ben, more so, than the erratic car ride.

The last time he even remembered being afraid of Kevin was when… Well, he hadn't been since they were kids.

"Do you even know where we're going!" Ben shouted, trying his best at avoiding his head from being slammed into the side of the car door.

"Dress shop." Kevin hissed out, putting his foot harder on the gas pedal. He couldn't get there fast enough. If only he had installed those rocket boosters like he wanted too about a month ago, only, Gwen had told him not to. She thought he was just asking for a death sentence. She felt that his car was fast enough.

Not so much now. Everything to Kevin seemed to be going at a slow pace. He wanted to get there, start asking questions and taking names. Pounding a few faces in if he had too. He was going to bring her back. Come hell or high water.

The car quickly reached to a screeching halt, slamming his foot onto the brakes. Kevin barely gave himself enough time to turn off the engine. Cops laced all around the dress shop, but he didn't care. He was going to find her. No matter what it would cost.

"You can't just go in there busting up people's heads, Kevin!" Ben yelled out, slamming the car door fiercely, following Kevin with intensity. He had to catch up to his friend quickly before the older man did something even remotely stupid.

Catching himself up, Ben grabbed the raven haired plumbers arm, forcing him to turn around. Kevin threw his arm up automatically, almost bashing the hero right in the face. Realizing his mistake, Kevin took in deep breath and slowed himself down.


"Don't." Kevin growled, bringing his forearm up to wipe off the sweat from his brow. He couldn't stand it. Here it was, the day before his wedding, and his blushing red headed bride was missing.

"I just…" Kevin hesitated for a moment to gather up some form of rational thought as the lights of the police car were dwindling into nothingness in the background. "I just want to find her, bring her home, marry her and disappear for a while."

Ben only stood there, not saying a word, waiting for his friend to continue with what he had to say.

"I've been through enough in my life to know that I can't lose her. If it takes me bashin' in a few sculls- damn it, I'm gonna do it." His voice was wavering low, almost to a loud whisper. "And if you try an' stop me from getting' to her, or get in my way, I'll do what I have to-

Kevin choked on his last words, and Ben almost forgot to breath. He hadn't seen Kevin like this in so long; his heart was beating so incredibly loud that he himself couldn't think straight. Kevin continued without even realizing that the young hero's face had suddenly drained from all of its color.

"So, I'm tellin' ya… Don't get in my way."

And at that, Ben, with his face firm, nodded in understanding, and followed Kevin into the Dress shop- hoping for the best.


"I… I just don't know what happened." Joshua tried to explain, his hand reaching for more and more tissues as he tried to wipe his sorrows off from this horrible day. Kevin stood over him, arms crossed along his chest with his face expressionless as he waited for the fruity man to continue with what he knew about Gwen and her mothers' sudden disappearance.

"We were just putting Gwenny in this cute little white dress- *sigh* Oh it was so divine." He smiled at the memory and then blew his nose into the tissue, making Ben wince slightly, Kevin, still showing no emotion. "And all of sudden, this gorgeous golden light came bashing through the store front window- it was frightfully beautiful, but a bit hot to the touch ya'know-" Joshua moved his arm out, showing the "hot to the touch" motion with his wispy hands. "And this man…" *clears throat* I mean, he was quite the dashing looking young man. Don't get me wrong, but… He was floating! And honey, believe you me, Joshua doesn't date anything that floats…"

Getting lost in his own ranting thoughts, Joshua quickly realized that Kevin and Ben weren't paying any attention after he mentioned the light; both looking at each other in a dismal and dark attitude towards the safety of their sweet Gwendolyn- putting it in prospective for Joshua with just how serious the situation really had gotten.

"Oh dear… What, what is it?" He spoke out in fear for his redheaded friend, his heart feeling like it had been dropped and stepped on several times over by seeing the grave faces of the Husband to be and his best man.

Kevin left with massive speed. Not saying another word as he dashed out the front door- Ben not following far behind.

Joshua could only stare on, wishing that whatever was about to happen, that Gwen would come back to all of them safe and sound.


He didn't know how he got there. He didn't remember the sharp curves of the dusty, cool road, the rustic trees that blew on by, or, how fast he really was going- he didn't care. It was practically all a blur.

Ben didn't say much on the ride to their destination. No words needed to be said. They both just silently hoped that when they got to wherever they were going the two girls would still be alive.

After traveling for what seemed like mere seconds, Kevin put the camero into another ear piercing halt, breaking himself away from the car with no hesitation; looking at his surroundings.

Things were all too familiar. The stone block building looked just as cold and dismal as it did in the years past.

They had been there several times before, memories flooding the older man's mind. Almost losing her... His fist tightened up with rage once more at the thought.

Without waiting for Ben to catch up, Kevin rushed inside, knowing that it wasn't going to be easy getting Gwen out of there.

It didn't take long for him to find her though. What he saw immediately broke him and shook him to the core. He suddenly couldn't breathe or move. It was like someone had taken his heart straight from his chest and tore him into oblivion.

Kevin's hands started to shake, his eyes scanning at what he thought was a sick and twisted joke.

He held himself back for a moment or two, but gathered enough strength to head over to the dark, lifeless figure on the floor, his fingers trembling as he reached for the shadowed object that seemed to be neglected from all forms of being alive.

He screwed his eyes shut as he touched it, moving it so that the figure was facing him, and in that last second, he opened his eyes, the wind knocking him to the floor.

"Gwen!" He choked; moving frantically away from her in shock, sporadic feet tangling up with the other as he scooted himself across the red tinted floor . His breathing had quickly gone into hyper drive. His mind was growing fuzzy and dizzy, suddenly wondering where her mother and Dark Star were hiding.

And for that matter, where the hell Ben took off too?


Her mom…?

And now Ben?

All of this didn't make any sense. Why was he all alone? Where was everyone? Why was Gwen dead with blood all around her body? This wasn't Dark Stars normal behavior. Normally girls he attacked would become petrified zombies.

Kevin couldn't breathe. He just couldn't breathe; trembling, silent tears rushing down his face and then he couldn't see anything. All of a sudden it was just too dark.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself down and to assess what was actually happening around him, Kevin finally had the courage to look down once again.

But Gwen had miraculously vanished.

A bright flashing yellow light began to glow, suffocating all of Kevin's senses, forcing him to put an arm over his eyes, the darkness leaving as quick as it came with all of the turmoil that surrounded him; consuming his whole life. The raven haired man began to choke on his saliva all over again, trying desperately to catch his breath, only this time, the scenery had quickly changed, melting away, finding himself safely in his bed above the garage; sweat dripping profusely from his face; his hands as cold ice.

Putting his face into hands, Kevin then realized it was only a dream; one horrific nightmare that he'd never ever want to experience again, or, in life.

Kevin didn't waste any time.

He quickly removed himself from his bed, grabbing his jeans and shirt that were lying on the floor, glancing swiftly at the clock located on his night stand; 8:30 am..

He didn't stop this time to think about things, or, to tinker with his car; he had other plans instead.


Gwen and her mother were standing out on the front porch; laughing and carrying on in conversation about the morning rush of getting her fitted into her dress before the wedding day tomorrow. Just as she was about to close the door, making her way over to her mother's car she heard the familiar engine of a certain green vehicle barreling down the street. Her green pools grew wide; she was obviously confused. Not understanding in the slightest as to why that man was rushing over to her parent's place like a bat out of hell so early in the morning.

The tires from Kevin's car screamed out, begging for mercy, and Gwen flinched at the sound.

Kevin didn't even bother shutting the engine off this time. He raced toward her, as she began to ask what the matter was; he scooped her up into his arms, and kissed her with so much passion that it actually scared her.

"Kevin?" She breathlessly said when he finally let her lips go." She couldn't help but feel his anxiety and it killed her; she felt despair, hurt and fear. All she could do at that moment was to cup his face gently and look deep into his eyes.

She knew that look of his all too well.

But Kevin couldn't look back. He was too frightened that he would see her all over again lying on the floor… Lifeless. She noticed that his breathing was labored, and couldn't help but have a pang of sorrow hanging heavily on her heart as she finally made him turn to her.

"I'm not going anywhere, Kevin. You hear me?" She muttered out with so much confidence and firmness in her voice. "I'm still here and I always will be. You have nothing to worry about. Okay?"

Gwen searched his face for any clues, hoping that he understood fully of what she was trying to say. That he undoubtedly believed.

Finally, Kevin collapsed all of his tired being into the small crook of her neck, his breathing slowing down from the comfort of seeing her breathing and still alive.

Maybe he had that dream because somewhere along the lines he had unconsciously questioned the thought of whether or not she loved him unconditionally and maybe, that in the future, he shouldn't dare question it.

This was truly a hard lesson to learn, one, that Kevin would never, ever forget.

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