Chapter 17: I Love You

Reid's mind was racing he had no idea what to do at this point, how was he supposed to explain himself. He wasn't supposed to be here, not in this time period anyway. Cops had pulled into the driveway fast. Too fast. Reid turned around to move towards the front of the house, but he heard a shout from behind him turning around he found Ember, in Julian's arms.

"I'm not giving up, pretty boy." He heard Julian utter as he held Reid's gaze.

"Let her go." Reid growled through gritted teeth. The corners of Julian's mouth twitched upwards. Reid watched as Julian tightened his hold on Ember, she let out a slight whimper at that. "What d'you say Em? You want me to let you go?" Julian's mouth was right by her ear. Suddenly the front door slammed.

"Julian, the cops are here. I don't think daddy dearest can pay this all away." Tyler spoke up as he glared in Julian's direction.

"Stay out of this. This has nothing to do with you!" Julian snapped.

Tyler opened his mouth but Reid beat him to it. "Actually Julian, it does. Unlike you I have friends. Friends that are willing to help through anything. Including this." Julian remained silent as his eyes scanned the two boys in front of him. He was processing every scenario trying to figure out how it would play out if he went up against the two. Julian locked eyes with Reid again, "You. You're tearing our relationship apart." He was so lost in ranting at Reid that he'd loosened his hold on Ember.

She took the opportunity to elbow him as hard as she could in the stomach Julian released her as he hunched over gasping for breath. As she started to run forwards the front door was kicked in and cops came rushing in. Julian had reacted without thinking and he grabbed Ember's arm dragging her back to him. She cried out in pain as Reid started forwards to get to her. Reid however was stopped short by a hand on his arm pulling him back looking around he saw it was a cop. A cop with his gun out and pointing on Julian and Ember.

", I recommend that you release the girl unless you want to simply add to your list of charges." Julian looked from the cop to Reid then Tyler and back to the cop again.

Julian scoffed, "What charges?" He hadn't released Ember.

"Well, you've got breaking and entering into this house, aggravated assault charges on several people, and from what I've gathered we can add walking around with an unlicensed weapon."

Julian glared at the cop. "There's no proof of that, officer. Do I look like I have a weapon on me?"

"According to a woman out there you do. So tell me Julian should I add on more charges? Or, are you going to let her go?" Julian sighed as he slowly, slowly released Ember. She was across the kitchen and by Reid in a second flat.

"Show me the weapon." The cop demanded taking a step in closer his gun still focused solely on Julian. Julian reached behind him and pulled out a gun from the waist of his jeans. "Put it on the ground and put your hands in the air."

Julian did just that, "Now turn around and face the counter." Once Julian was faced the other way the cop moved in and cuffed him.

"I've been waiting for the day you were in so deep that not even your father's money could get you out. I guess this is it, huh?" The cop muttered as he bent to pick up the gun. The cop had holstered his own gun and now had Julian's in one hand while he marched Julian out as he quoted the Miranda Rights to him. Finally, it's over. Reid thought. As he looked down at Ember. She was staring up at him until an 'ahem' broke the silence. She turned to face past Reid.

Suddenly all of Reid's surroundings went blurry and he began spinning in place. He was going back he'd done what he came to do. He fixed his future. Ember was a live again, although a thought hit him he had no idea what he was going back to. Everything changed

Reid woke up in his house, he was in his room alone. No, no, no, no. He thought as he jumped out of bed. He had to find Ember. He could only pray to god that it worked, and that they were still together.

Ember stretched out as she made herself comfortable on her bed. Sitting up slowly she had to shield her eyes from the sunlight shining in through the window when suddenly her door opened and Casey poked her head through.

"You have a visitor, and he's acting a lot weirder than usual."

"Oh, Casey shut up." Ember muttered as she shook her head. She got meaner with age. Suddenly another blonde came up right behind her. He looked right at Ember and smiled widely.

"Good morning." Ember said to him her eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Isn't it?" Reid said as he opened the door more so he could walk in the room. Casey gave him a weird look as he smiled down at her.

"God, you'd think he thought we were dead. What's wrong with you?" She asked him. Ember looked down at her now ten year old little sister. "Casey, could you go down stairs and finish getting ready for school?"

"I am ready, d'you think I walk around in this stupid uniform for fun? I think not!" Casey said as her eyes sparkled with playfulness.

"Casey. Go." Ember told her, "You have cookie crisp waiting down stairs for you."

Casey gasped as her eyes widened, "Whaaat? Really? And you're just telling me this now?" With that Ember watched her take off out the door and heard her thumping down the stairs.

"So, Reid what're you doing here? We don't have class until 11, and it's…" Ember trailed off looking around for her clock. "8:40."

"Class?" Reid asked. Tyler hadn't filled him in completely, and Reid still didn't understand what happened when he'd time traveled. All he knew was that there was a huge gap in his memory, a two years gap.

"Yeah Reid, class. You know that thing we go to college for. That I have to drag you to almost every day."

"Oh, right. Yeah, college…" He trailed off as he looked around her room. His eyes scanned pictures that he couldn't remember being taken. Pictures of him and Ember. Him and Casey. His eyes reached her nightstand where he saw a picture of all three of them. Leaning over he picked it up and looked at it closely. He recognized the surroundings, it was the park he'd taken Ember to that first night he took her from Julian. He heard her chuckle as she moved in closer to him.

"We should go back there. Without Casey next time." Ember said as she looked up at him. Reid's eyes scanned her face once, twice, then a third time as he leaned in and covered her mouth with his own. He put the picture down on the bed and he focused his attention on Ember. Her hands slid around and into his hair as they maneuvered so he hovered over her. Reid pulled back to get some air into his lungs. They stopped simply staring at each other when suddenly, "I love you." The words flew out of Reid's mouth so suddenly he barely had time to process it. He stared at Ember waiting for her response.

She smiled at him, it was a knowing smile like she knew this moment was coming. "I love you too." She replied softly. A moment passed between them when it was suddenly interrupted. "Uhm… What're you doing?" Casey's voice came from the door. Reid sat up along with Ember, "Did you talk to Dad?"

Casey came in slowly. She was holding her bowl of cereal and slurping from the spoon as she nodded.

"Your dad?" Reid asked.

"Wow, did you hit your head on the way over here or something?" Casey asked him before diving into her cereal again.

"Reid are you okay?" Ember asked him. Reid glanced between the two girls thinking quickly, "Uhm… yeah, I just meant where is he?"

"Oh, I thought I told you. He's doing a story in Washington for the next couple weeks. He left just the other day." Reid nodded slowly his eyes moving around the room again, taking in the green walls covered in picture frames, and posters.

Casey was still munching away when there was a horn beeping from outside. "Oh! I gotta go. That's Bridget's mom." Casey leaned over and hugged Reid say a quick bye then moved onto her sister, thrusting the somewhat full cereal bowl in her hand while they hugged.

"If I didn't love her so much I'd kill her." Ember muttered as she put the bowl on the nightstand table shaking her head. She looked back to see Reid looking around the room for the hundredth time. "Babe, what's the matter. You look like you're looking for something."

"I don't know…" Reid trailed off as he turned his attention back to Ember. "You alright?" She asked him He nodded quickly as he moved so he laid down next to her. Ember rolled over and she watched as he leaned down closer to her the adoration he felt for her was written all over his handsome features.