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"Wish you were here, Wish you well. If you'd only share this hell! But you leave and stains are left on me. I wish you, I wish you were here." – Hey Monday

Her hand hesitated on the page. She could feel the tears rimming her eyes as she tore them from the words scribbled between the white lines. The words were shaky and she wasn't completely sure of herself. In all this time, she had expected that maybe her heart would change. Maybe, maybe he'd show up and be her prince and save her from herself and the hell she was currently surrounded in. All she wanted was a friend and a lover. She started to see he would never be any of those a few months ago.

She swore to herself she would never forget the feeling of the chaste brush of lips. She swore she couldn't, she just couldn't walk away from something that felt so incomplete. She never walked away from a half-finished project. Especially when it came to a man like him. She didn't want to forget something like this. She felt like her fingers were hanging onto the edge of a ragged cliff and if she were to let go, she would plummet and would never be able to see the light of day. She would be lost in a self-loathing darkness. Limbo would never be able to touch the loneliness.

How the hell could a guy steal my heart so quickly? Am I really that easy? She chastised herself.

They had left her life. Going their separate routes from LAX and never crossing since. Six months. Six painful months. She thought to herself bitterly. She scribbled words on a piece of paper to help her overcome these feelings.

She really did miss him. Then, she hated that knowing smirk she received every time she accomplished something, or the look in his eyes that resembled pity when he knew something was wrong with her and he thought he could possibly relate from previous experiences. She never wanted that look. Then she never wanted that reassurance; she was no damsel in distress.

But now, she was fighting with herself to keep her head above water. She was trying her hardest to maintain any type of security. Now, she just wanted the touch of his skin. She wanted his rain and musky scent to surround her and enclose her in some type of warmth.

But she fought with herself. She just didn't want to miss him. She didn't want to remember him. She didn't want any of this because he left her life just as fast as he had entered.

But now she missed the feel of his touch on her forearm when she awoke from a dream. She now missed those eyes. A reassurance she no longer held. A reassurance promising her she was truly in reality. Was she ok? Was she really ok? She had yet to figure it out.

Is this reality? Could he simply walk away that easily? Was that kiss simply a decoy as he acted like it may be? She stood up swiftly from her seat and began to pace. God how she wished she had answers. Anything.

She would be ok with absolutely anything to take her out of her misery. She sat back down and slumped against the back of her chair. She stared at the paper. She marked through the words with a simple line. She didn't know what to say to him.

She wanted to tell him she was madly in love with him. Or at least the idea of him. That she was willing to take a leap if he would meet her half way. Hell, she would be ok with A fourth as of now.

But she knew he'd never get this letter. So she decided to simply quote a song. It read as this:

"Dear Arthur,

I love you.

I want to hate you.

I want to understand you.

Please? Anything. I… I just miss you. Ugh.

Here's my heart in a postcard, darlin', Just one step from the edge. But it's too late to call. Are you out there? Sick and tired of pretending, darlin' that you'll ever come back. Tell me something… Talk me down again. I'm broken. I'm frozen out.

I wish you were here. I wish you well. If you'd only shared this hell, but you leave and the stains are left on me… I wish you were here.



She folded the paper and slid it into an envelope.

The next day she made her way up to Professor Miles. It was a lucid and spontaneous hope. She hadn't actually expected to do this. Or maybe, somewhere in her subconscious she did.

"Ariadne? How are you?" he asked. The question was double sided. She sat down in the desk in front of him.

"What's the chance you could deliver a letter?" She asked.

"Well, that depends. Who is this letter to?"


"The Point Man?" He kept his voice low. She nodded her head. He sat there for a long moment. "Could you… Give me a moment?" he asked. She nodded her head as he disappeared through the back door of the auditorium. She heard the muffled sound of his voice before he reappeared.

"He's currently at the warehouse. The lease is about to go up and he's making sure nothing was left behind." Miles informed her. She nodded her head and stood up without a word.

"Thank you." She mumbled as she made her way up the stairs. She felt her heart enter her throat. But oddly she felt numb. She felt broken and hurt.

She walked up to the familiar gray doors and pulled them open. Arthur's head snapped up at her and his eyes focused.

"Ariadne?" He sounded slightly breathless and surprised. Something he rarely allowed to be shown. "How are you?" he asked cautiously.

She walked up to him with tears in her eyes. She pulled the letter out of her messenger bag and handed it to him.

"People dream for is some type of catharsis from their past." She loosely remembered Cobb's telling her once. She felt that maybe, maybe this would give her the cleansing she needed to finally break her habit.

Before Arthur could stop her she turned around on her heel and left him standing in the empty warehouse.

She hoped that he felt half as empty as she currently did.

In hindsight, she realized the letter did absolutely nothing for her. Only a pair of arms and a smile from a man she knew she could love could be the fix.

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