AU Season 1: Veronica discovers who killed Lilly before Lynn Echolls jumped off the Coronado Bridge, Logan and Veronica worked together to find his mother and Logan saved Veronica from the federal agent (So LoVe never dated, had their first real kiss and fell in love). What if it wasn't Aaron who killed Lilly and the discovery of her real killer sent Veronica down a different path? Just an idea I had and of course I don't own the characters.

Logan sits with his parents five rows back in the church. It's a testament to how important his parents are in the community that they are seated so close to the front.

The church is packed. Originally the service was going to be in the small church near where Veronica and her father lived. It had to be moved to the church downtown to accommodate all the people that wanted to come.

Logan finds that especially ironic since almost everyone here had turned their backs on Veronica and her father after Lilly Kane died.

He looks around the church at the well dressed people crowded into the pews. Everyone who is anyone in this town is here; well except for the Kanes who are of course absent. It is pretty hard to attend the funeral of the man whose career you deliberately ruined even if you are the richest family in town.

Looking at the mayor, congressman and important business men who are dressed in their finest suits sitting in the pews behind the family pew, Logan wonders how the guest speakers are going to spin the fact that the whole town turned against and basically ostracized the man they were here to pay their final respects to now he had been killed finding out the truth about who killed Lilly Kane.

Logan was still reeling from the news that Lilly was murdered by one of the board members of Kane Enterprises. She had been having an affair with him and threatened to go public with it. He killed her to keep her quiet. The Kanes had come home and discovered Duncan holding Lilly covered in her blood. Duncan didn't remember what happened so they altered the crime scene, got Abel Kunz to take the fall for the murder and then had publicly ruined Mr. Mars when he suspected; all to protect Duncan.

Logan remembers watching the news conference where Mr. Kane had admitted what he had done. He had expressed shock that a member of the board of his company and a long time friend had killed his daughter Lilly, had attempted to kill Veronica Mars and had killed Keith Mars. Of course he had played up the aspect of his concern for his son and his grief over the murder of his daughter but the truth was Jake and Celeste Kane had deliberately covered up Lilly's murder and had systematically ruined the career of Keith Mars. Jake and Celeste Kane had been charged with Obstruction of Justice and both had already made bail.

Jake Kane's press conference had been much different than the one where the police spokesperson had announced that Keith Mars had died from a gunshot wound to the chest he received while protecting his daughter Veronica Mars who had found the true murderer of her best friend Lilly Kane. At this time the death of Mr. Jacob Argos would not be commented on except to say that Police Officer Leo D'Matto had shot and killed Mr. Argos after he shot Mr. Mars. Leo D'Matto was on administrative leave pending an investigation of the shooting.

A few days later, the Mayor had released details of Keith Mar's funeral but there had been no further official comments on the case. There had been no public comment from Veronica or her aunt.

The pictures of Veronica leaving the hospital after he father died in the operating room were heartbreaking. Of course they made great news clips that were shown over and over whenever the story was aired on television.

Logan did not know where Veronica lived and didn't have her cell number. He had no way of communicating with her. Even if he could talk to her, what would he say to her? He had been so angry with her after her father had accused Jake Kane of hiding something over Lilly's death. He had been happy that Mr. Mars had been removed as Sheriff and he had been angry with Veronica for siding with her father. He had spearheaded the "Make Veronica Pay" treatment at school. He had hated her and he got great satisfaction from making her life hell. He was surprised that she hadn't broken with all they put her through. She had found strength inside her and had stood strong with her head up.

Well Veronica wasn't standing tall now. Maybe she was finally broken. Maybe even Veronica Mars had a breaking point. Logan felt pain in his chest when he saw her walk from the side door of the church to sit in the front pew.

She looked small. She was always small. Now she just looked tiny. It was like the life was sucked out of her leaving a shell of the girl she once was. She kept her head down and her blonde hair covered her face hiding it from the prying eyes of the press and interested public. Pictures of her being assisted out of her apartment to the Sheriff's office to make a statement and to the funeral home to make arrangements were top stories.

Keith Mar's sister had come from Seattle and was staying with Veronica. The rumor was that Veronica would be moving to Seattle once the school year was over.

Duncan had come to see Logan and had talked to him about how he was devastated his parents could think he would kill Lilly. He said he had epilepsy and the stress of finding Lilly dead had triggered an episode and he had blacked out. He said he believed his parents when they said Kunz was disgruntled and had broken in and killed Lilly.

Upset Duncan had finally confided to Logan why he broke up with Veronica before Lilly died. He told Logan that Mrs. Mars and his father had a long time affair. Celeste had told Duncan he had to break up with Veronica because she was his half sister.

Duncan told Logan that Lilly had been upset with him when he broke up with Veronica and had made him tell her why. Looking Logan in the eyes he told him how Lilly had been thrilled stating Veronica was already like a sister to her so she guessed it was official.

Duncan had cried telling Logan that he had really loved Veronica and had planned to marry her. He talked about finding her at Shelley's party and having sex with her and how now he had to live with the fact he had sex with his half sister.

After a few moments he had confessed to Logan that Veronica had found out he had sex with her that night and believed he had raped her because she had been drugged and didn't remember what happened.

Logan had truly felt pain in his chest at the emotional upheaval his best friend was feeling and especially the pain that Veronica went through thinking she had been raped. He thought about how she changed after Shelley's party, the rumors about her and how he had tormented her about being a slut. The whole time she had thought she was raped.

Logan admitted to his friend that he drugged him and Duncan had admitted that even drugged he remembered everything.

Logan thinks about his role in drugging Duncan that night and his starring role in her emotional and physical torment at school. He can see that he is no better than is father. He guesses the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The bad news wasn't over though. Duncan told Logan that during the fight he had with his parents over them thinking he killed Lilly, he had yelled that Veronica was his half sister and he wanted to help support her through the loss of the only man she knew as a father. Duncan said that his dad had been shocked and Duncan had realized that his father didn't know Veronica was his daughter. Now his parents had a huge fight and his mother had gone to Napa for a while. Duncan tells Logan that his father is determined to have a paternity test and find out if Veronica is truly his daughter. Duncan tells Logan he had to beg his father to wait because he didn't know what Veronica would do if he went public with the information that she is his daughter.

Logan had been reeling from the knowledge that Lilly had been having an affair while they were dating. He had been knocked down by all that Duncan had told him. He feels like he doesn't know the Kanes that well after all. He would have beaten anyone up who talked badly about them. They were like his second family. Now it turns out that there is so much he didn't know and that he was really wrong to have gone after the Mars Family and especially Veronica. It turns out that Veronica was the only one that truly loved Lilly and now she had sacrificed the man she loved as her father to get justice for her best friend who was her sister.

Logan wonders how Veronica will cope now and what will happen if she finds out Mr. Mars is not her biological father. God she was so close to him. He sees that her mother is not sitting with her, supporting her. Her mother is not even there. Veronica is truly alone now.

He notices there is an older woman sitting in the front pew with Veronica. Logan assumes this woman is Keith Mar's sister. Also sitting in the front pew is a man who Logan doesn't know and her three friends from school; three people who have braved the social suicide to even talk to her.

Logan wishes he could talk to Veronica. He owes her a huge apology and he would really like to be there to help her through the loss of her father. He knows he doesn't deserve to be close to her and that she probably hates him. He is filled with remorse and regret. He feels helpless and stupid and angry and just overwhelmingly sad.

He looks at Veronica as the service goes on. Keith's life in words and pictures is being celebrated. The pictures start with him as a child and go up to him graduating from the police academy and in his sheriff's uniform. Pictures of him and Veronica together bring smiles to the crowd. The pictures of him holding her as a baby show he was obviously thrilled and excited to have a daughter. There are so many pictures of them together; pictures of him teaching her ride a bicycle; pictures of them at the beach making sandcastles, swimming and playing catch. There are pictures of them both at a Padre game wearing matching shirts. There are pictures of him at all the special events in her life. It was obvious he was there and so proud; her soccer games and her awards ceremonies. There are so many pictures of both of them looking at the camera smiling, happy. Logan smiles at how cute Veronica looked with her blonde hair and penetrating blue eyes. Logan is struck by a picture of her holding Back Up as a puppy. Back Up is looking up at her in adoration and she is looking up at Keith with the same adoration. It is obvious that Keith Mars loved Veronica and they were very close.

Looking at the pictures now, Logan can't believe he expected her to turn her back on her father. Who could turn their back on a father who so obviously loved them and had been there for every important moment in their lives?

The final picture of Veronica shows her in the kitchen decorating what looks like a birthday cake for Keith. It is not perfect like a professionally made cake would be but it was obviously made with a lot of love. The next picture shows Keith holding the cake and smiling for the camera. He is looking at Veronica taking his picture with so much love that it brings tears to a lot of people's eyes seeing it. Especially now it is known he gave up his life to save her.

The man sitting beside Veronica gets up and goes to the podium. He introduces himself as John Butler stating he is a police officer from Seattle. He talks about Keith and how much he loved Veronica. He talks about how proud of her Keith was. He talks about the honor of being Keith's partner and how Keith was one of the best police officers he had ever worked with. He talked about how all the policemen in the precinct in Seattle heard story after story about Veronica winning awards in school and scoring goals in soccer. He tells about Veronica visiting the station and how Keith's face would light up when he saw her. He talks about how he knows Keith will be watching over Veronica from above because that is what a father does for his daughter especially a father like Keith Mars. Logan can see Veronica's shoulders shaking and her friend Wallace putting his arm around her in support. He goes on to say that the biggest honor he ever had in his life was when Keith asked him to be Godfather to Veronica. He tells Keith that he will always watch over Veronica and he won't let Keith down. He ends saying that Keith Mars will always be sheriff to him and he salutes as he walks away from the podium. He sits down next to Veronica and takes her hand.

A woman gets up and talks next. She tells the crowd that she first met Keith when he was sheriff in Neptune. She talks about being beat up by her husband and how although the police had been called to her house numerous times, Keith was the first police officer to see her abuse and how he helped her get away. She says she was so inspired that she went into the academy on his recommendation and how she is now a detective in the LA police department's domestic abuse division. She says Keith made a real difference in her life and now she is trying to make a difference in the lives of others. She says she is only one case and that the lives Keith has touched will live on. He has left a real legacy of caring. She ends by telling Veronica that if she ever needs her, call because she would be honored to help the daughter of Keith Mars. She goes over and gives Veronica a card and says something to her quietly. Veronica nods and then the woman turns and salutes the coffin and goes back to her seat. It is obvious that Veronica is trying to hold it together.

Surprisingly none of the public officials gets up to speak and Logan is secretly happy that the people who helped remove Keith from office don't try and take away from Keith's service. He thinks that whoever planned the funeral must have insisted they don't speak or Logan is sure they would have gone up there just to hear their own voices.

When the service is over two deputies, a lawyer friend of Keith's and three firemen carry Keith's coffin. Veronica stands and watches as they load her father's coffin into the hearse. She is wearing dark shades and is standing with her godfather and Wallace. Her aunt, Mac and Meg are standing behind her. No one approaches her. The limo door opens and Veronica walks over and gets in. Logan goes over to the car his parents have waiting and gets in. He sits quietly looking out the window and listens as his parents discuss who all was there and how nice the service was. The driver dutifully falls in line and follows the limo to the grave site.

The grave side service is short and reserved. Veronica is seated between her godfather and Wallace. Logan and his parents are across the grave and have a good view of Veronica. While Keith's casket is being lowered into the ground, Logan can see Veronica move to stop it. Her godfather pulls her into his arms and holds her. She turns her face into his chest. He helps her stand and walk over to the lowered grave. She drops her rose in after kissing it. She bends down and picks up the dirt and pauses before she drops it in. Her arm starts to shake and Logan can see she is struggling to let go of the dirt. The crowd watches as she tries to let go of the dirt but can't. Her tiny body is shaking so hard that they can all see it. Wallace gently reaches over and unclasps her fingers releasing the dirt into the grave. Logan wonders if she is going to be able to walk back to the car. Wallace puts his arm around her waist and supports her. Logan can't take his eyes away from her shaking form. She is obviously in immense pain. Logan wonders if she is going to be OK.

Wallace assists Veronica to the limo and she doesn't wait to see all the people throw their flowers in the grave and pay their respects. Logan doesn't blame her. He imagines the token gestures of respect given to her father now are meaningless to her.

The reception is going to be in Keith's favorite bar. It is closed to the public and the Echolls have not been invited.

Logan watches the limo carrying Veronica drive off. He wonders if he will ever see her again. He knows he has to live with the fact that she is broken and he played a part in breaking her. He helped take that sweet, loving special girl and break her.

He dutifully walks past the grave and throws his flower in. When the limo gets home Logan changes out of his suit. He telephones Duncan and tells him he is coming over. He knows his friend will have a bottle ready.