Story So Far: Veronica discovers who killed Lilly earlier in Season 1 before Logan's mother jumps off the bridge, before he saves her at the Camelot and before they start to date. Her father is killed saving her. Jake and Celeste Kane admit they thought Duncan killed Lilly so they got Abel Kunz to take the blame for her murder. Logan and his parents are at Keith Mar's funeral and Logan is concerned she looks broken. When she comes back to school, it is obvious that she is deeply unhappy. The news breaks that Veronica is in fact Jake Kane's biological daughter. Her friends see Logan's concern for her and desperate to help her ask Logan to talk to her. He meets her on the beach and does get her to talk but is upset to find out she blames herself for her father's death.

Logan arrives at the gate of the Kane Estate and is immediately let in. He drives up the long driveway and parks off to the side. Looking at the house he sees Duncan waiting at the door. They have been friends; best friends for years. Duncan knows by the tone of Logan's voice that something major happened this afternoon with Veronica and he is anxious to hear what Logan has to tell him.

Across town Wallace leaves Veronica in the care of her aunt and calls Mac and Meg asking them to meet him at Mac's house. When Wallace arrives he is not surprised to find that Meg is already there and they are waiting a little impatiently for him to arrive. He holds up the coffee and bag of doughnuts he picked up. He says, "We need some brain food for this meeting."

Meg walks over and takes the bag from him leaving him to carry the coffee. Mac silently leads the way up to her bedroom. She crosses her fingers hoping that whatever Wallace has to tell them is in some way good news. Where Veronica is concerned, they could use some good news.

Duncan shakes his head a little after listening to Logan's version of what happened on the beach. He patiently let Logan tell the story in his own way mostly without interruption. At the end he sums up, "So Veronica doesn't feel like she has a reason to live?" Logan just looks worried.

Standing abruptly at the end of the story, Mac paces as she thinks. Obviously upset she looks at Meg and Wallace and states, "We should have guessed there was more to it than her father dying." She looks at her friends and puts up her hand. "I know she was close to him and losing a parent is enough but her withdrawal is so profound. She won't even talk to us. It makes more sense now we know Veronica is feeling guilty that she got father killed."

She paces back towards her friends and stops in front of them. She questions, "How do you get over that?"

Meg shakes her head and says, "I don't know." Trying to see the bright side she adds, "At least we know what we are facing."

Wallace still affected by Veronica's pain tells them that he feels a little better about things now she has at least talked about it. He looks over and meets Meg's and then Mac's gaze. He says a little wonderingly, "I would have let Veronica go home but Logan knew her well enough to force her to open up about what happened the day Keith died." Wallace takes a sip of his coffee as he thinks about Logan's way with Veronica.

Meg agrees it is a start. She says, "I wish she would get some professional help."

"This problem is too big for us,"

Mac frets that Veronica can be obsessive and if she believes she got her father killed, she may not want to live.

Bouncing a little on the bed with her thoughts Meg adds, "Maybe we should have an intervention. Maybe we could get her to see she needs to see a therapist."

Mac looks at Wallace who seems lost in thought. She asks, "What are you thinking Wallace?"
He finally says, "It's weird but I don't think Logan loves Veronica as a friend. I think he truly loves her as a man."

Meg and Mac are shocked but Meg finally says, "Well they were close friends before Lilly died." She adds her voice uncertain, "Maybe he truly loved her then."
They discuss the situation and Wallace tells them that he thinks Logan may be the key to Veronica seeing a future for herself. In fact, Logan may be her future. The girls look at him in shock as they try to wrap their heads around the idea that Logan loves Veronica."

Wallace says, "All I know is Logan was able to get her to talk. We should meet with him and see what he thinks we should do."

Meg suggests, "We should include Duncan too. He has known her for years and he is her brother." She adds, "Maybe we should talk to Mr. Kane too."

Frowning Mac says, "I don't know. She is requesting emancipation rather than live with him. He did have Mr. Mars removed from office…."

Wallace interrupts more decisively, "It is too much for us to decide. Let's see what her aunt thinks we should do."

Wallace opens his phone and says, "I want to see if Veronica went to sleep and we can ask her aunt what she thinks we should do."

The two boys from the 09er district don't know what can be done to help Veronica but they do know they want to be involved. Duncan and Logan finally decide that they have to talk to Meg, Mac and Wallace and come up with a game plan to help Veronica. Just as Logan opens his phone to call Wallace, his phone rings. He recognizes the number as Meg's. He answers saying, "It's weird but I was just about to call you."

Logan listens as Meg tells him that she, Mac and Wallace met and they are even more concerned about Veronica now they know she feels she got her father killed. Immediately Logan agrees and says, "I'm with DK. Can we get together and maybe brainstorm or something?"

Meg tells him that Veronica's aunt thinks they should all meet and talk when Veronica is not there. She tells him that Miss Mars suggested tomorrow after school when Veronica is visiting her lawyer.

Logan immediately agrees to come and tells Meg he will ask Duncan. After telling Meg he will see her at school the next day, he hangs up. He's a little relieved that Veronica's aunt is willing to include him and DK. He tells Duncan about their meeting and Duncan agrees to skip soccer to go.

The next day Veronica is absent from school. Wallace tells Logan that Veronica's Aunt Susan called him telling him Veronica stayed in bed and refused to get up so she just let her sleep. The group of teenagers is worried but they are reassured that their meeting is still on as Veronica agreed to go and see her lawyer.

Logan is the last to arrive at the meeting. He is introduced to Veronica's Aunt Susan and she tells him she is happy to meet him. Veronica's aunt updated everyone on her worries about how seriously depressed Veronica was and how negatively she reacted to the paternity test requested by Jake Kane. She tells them that Veronica has requested emancipation and she doesn't know what Veronica will do if she finds out she has to go and live with the Kanes. Duncan admits that he has tried to reason with his father but right now his father is just seeing that he has missed so much time with Veronica already.

Just then the telephone rang and Veronica's aunt went to answer it. The group of teenagers hears her say, "Oh, hello Cliff."

Wallace mouths, "Lawyer," to the teens. They all listen to Aunt Susan's end of the conversation wondering if something has come up that he needs to discuss with her. Almost immediately they see Susan Mars stiffen and listen as she tells Cliff she dropped Veronica off at his office over an hour ago.
The waiting group hears her underlying tone of concern. They look at each other in question.

Her next question makes the blood freeze in their veins. She asks, "Is she answering her cell phone?"

Almost simultaneously they all understand; Veronica is missing.

Anxiously they watch as Veronica's aunt dials her niece's cell phone and gets her voice mail. Wallace takes out his phone and dials Veronica. They listen as he gets her voice mail as well.

Susan Mars is worried. She understands that the police won't do anything until Veronica has missing for 48 hours but she is concerned about her niece's mental state with all she has been through lately.

The group decides to split up and look for her. They divide up places they think she might be. Wallace suggests that each group should have someone Veronica will trust. Aunt Susan is persuaded to stay at home and coordinate the search. Logan partners with Wallace and they decide to go to the cemetery. Duncan and Meg take the beach. Mac calls Weevil and lets him know that Veronica is missing. Duncan and Logan listen as Mac tells Weevil where they are already looking. She says, "Call my cell if you find her."

Logan still finds it odd that she is good friends with the leader of the local bike gang but at this moment he is grateful for each extra person that helps to look for her. Mac agrees to go over to the school and look in Veronica's locker and on her live journal for any clues as to where she might have gone. Duncan phones his father and lets him know that Veronica may be missing and he alerts Clarence Weidman to start looking for her. Susan Mars phones Deputy D'Amato and he agrees to look for her as well.

They all get each other's numbers and start looking. They agree to call and check in with Veronica's aunt in an hour.


Logan and Wallace walk to Keith Mar's grave and see Veronica lying beside his grave. The young men feel a profound sense of relief she is OK. They see she has brought her father a rose. Veronica hears them arrive and says, "Dad, the Calvary is here already. I have only been gone two hours. See you don't have to worry. I am well protected."

Wallace and Logan walk towards the grave. Veronica puts up her hand and says, "Logan stop." Both Wallace and Logan stop. Veronica stands up and walks to stand in front of them. It is obvious she has been crying but she looks calm now. She says, "Logan, I want to thank you for helping me yesterday afternoon." She moves to stand in front of Logan. "I would like to try and be a tether for you." She asks, "Do you still want to be a tether for me?"

Wallace watches as Logan nods and answers, "I really do Veronica."

She meets his gaze and says quietly, "Good. I'll see you tomorrow at school then Logan."

He looks questioningly down at her. She explains, "You can't be here Logan. You don't deserve to be here visiting my dad."

Logan nods in understanding.

She turns to Wallace. "What are you doing tonight BFF?"
He meets her gaze and says, "Nothing. What did you have in mind?"
She tilts her head and tells him, "I thought you could go pick up pizza and ice cream and then come back. I brought the Mars family photo album and I thought I would tell you about some of the pictures."

A smile lights up Wallace's face. He immediately assures her, 'That sounds great!"

Veronica hands him her car keys and says, "Here, you can bring the LeBaron back with you."

Wallace takes the keys and says, "OK."

He pauses obviously conflicted about leaving her there alone, "V, are you going to be OK here by yourself?"

Veronica steps closer to Wallace and says, "I am not going to do anything to harm myself Wallace."

Her eyes tear and she says her voice shaky, "My dad died so I can live. I will definitely do my best to make his sacrifice worth something."

Wallace nods and steps closer to hug her. He says, "I know you will."

Her voice muffled in his chest she tells him, "I'm sorry I worried you Wallace."

He squeezes her tightly and says, "It's fine V. As long as you are OK."

Veronica leans her head on Wallace's chest and says, "I'm not OK yet but I will be."
Wallace puts his cheek to touch her head. He says, "I love you V."

She smiles into his chest and says, "I love you too Wallace."

She leans back looking at him and teases "Make sure I get my own pint of ice cream. I'm hungry and you know I don't share ice cream."

Wallace laughs and says, "I'll be back as soon as I can."

As they walk back to the Xterra, Wallace calls Veronica's aunt and updates her. He tells her that he will bring Veronica home when she is finished. She agrees to call everyone else and tell them Veronica is OK.

Logan dials Chao's Pizza and orders Veronica's favorite pizza adding breadsticks to the order.

He is quiet as he drives Wallace back to the apartment to collect Veronica's car. Wallace looks at him seeing his upset and reassures him, "V is going to be OK Logan."

Nodding in agreement Logan says, "I think so too."

"What is bothering you then?" Wallace asks.
Logan looks briefly at Wallace and tells him, "I wanted to thank you for being there for Veronica. She is lucky to have you."
Wallace is quiet for a few seconds. He realizes that Logan is not upset Veronica is making him leave. He is upset he ever left.

Wallace begins to see why Veronica showed such loyalty to Logan even though he was being horrible to her. It is obvious they had a close friendship and he cared for her deeply.

They drive in silence for a few blocks and then Wallace speaks up, "I'm glad that you two are going to work on your friendship."

Logan meets Wallace's gaze and admits, "It's more than I deserve but I am going to take it and be grateful."

Satisfied Logan is truly going to try to be a good friend to Veronica Wallace shares his worry, "She is going to need all of us to make it."

Logan nods and reassures the young man who is just beginning to trust him, "I will be there for her. She's may not feel it right now but she's strong."

"That she is," Veronica's BFF agrees.

The next day Veronica arrives at school with Wallace as usual. It is obvious to everyone that a major change has occurred. She still looks sad and she is still quiet but she is looking around and interacting more with her environment. She has more life in her walk. Veronica Mars is no longer broken.

She gets to her locker and Mac and Meg walk over to visit with her. She says goodbye to Wallace and walks with Mac and Meg to her homeroom class. As she passes Logan's locker she gives him a little wave and a small smile. He smiles back at her watching her as she continues to walk to her classroom.

A week later the students at Neptune High see that Veronica is improving. She is paying attention more in class and she is turning in her homework. She still looks unbearably sad at times and when someone mentions Keith Mars or Jake Kane she withdraws a little into herself. However there are times she smiles or talks to someone and seems to be almost normal for a brief moment.

One morning on her way to first period with Mac and Meg, she sees Logan standing at Duncan's locker and stops. Logan is leaning against the locker next to Duncan's talking to him. They both look over at her.

She says, "Duncan, can we walk you to class?"

He looks at Veronica for a second and says, "Sure." He stands up, shuts his locker and walks to stand by the girls.

Veronica looks at Logan and asks, "See you in English Logan?"

He nods at her and offers, "Buy you lunch?"

Veronica tilts her head and says, "Chinese?"

Logan nods again.

Veronica says, "Don't forget..."

Logan interrupts and says, "The egg rolls."

Veronica smiles and Logan smiles back at her.

She turns and after giving a wave to Logan starts walking to class. She says, "Duncan did you agree or disagree with the resolution for today regarding torture?"

Duncan says quietly, "I disagreed."

Veronica looks at Meg and asks, "What about you Meg?"
They continue the discussion until they get to class.

The Kanes and Veronica continue to be paparazzi targets. It seems the public is still very interested to know what will happen at Veronica's custody hearing.

The 09ers don't know what to do with the fact that Veronica is a Kane and Duncan's half sister. They have followed the party line and ensured that she paid socially for standing beside her father against Jake Kane. Now it turns out she is a Kane and they are not sure what is going to happen.

Veronica for her part has made no moves to return to the 09er fold. She has also shown she has no interest in talking to any of the non 09er students who ridiculed or ostracized her. She arrives at school everyday with Wallace. At lunch she eats with Wallace and at times they are joined by Mac and Meg. A few times a week Logan buys her lunch and sits with her for part of the lunch period. Occasionally Duncan has lunch with her as well.

The school has watched as Duncan and Veronica have a quiet but reserved relationship. They are in AP classes and journalism together. For the most part they don't work in the same groups in class and they don't spend much time together. They aren't friends but they aren't enemies.

Logan is still best friends with Duncan. He still hangs out with the 09ers but it is obvious that he and Veronica have renewed their friendship. Logan has fallen back to the protective stance he had with Veronica before Lilly died. Retribution for anyone talking or treating her badly is swift and harsh. Yet he finds that it is only the 09ers that ever need reminders of Veronica's importance to him.


As time goes on there is increased gossip about the relationship between Logan and Veronica. They look like they are friends but there is something more. Neither is dating anyone else yet they don't seem to be dating each other either. The rumors range from them secretly dating to them being just friends to Logan trying to replace Lilly with Veronica.

The tabloids have pictures of Logan and Veronica together questioning their relationship now that she is biologically a Kane. Many point out their friendship from before her sister was murdered and how Logan dated her best friend and sister. Lynn and Aaron Echolls, when interviewed, state that Veronica is a friend of the family and they have no comment on the state of the relationship between Veronica and their son. Logan and Veronica are not talking about their relationship to anyone which of course further fuels the rumors.

The relationship between Jake Kane and Veronica Mars has been discussed in great detail in the news. The truth is Veronica has not talked to Jake Kane and has refused all interviews. She has filed for emancipation and Jake Kane has filed for custody. Veronica's lawyer Cliff McCormick has been able to appeal to sympathetic judges and court clerks to delay the custody hearing. He has continually argued that it is not in Veronica's best interests to drag her into court so soon after the traumatizing experience of watching the man she knew as her father dying. Jake Kane's considerable contacts have now ensured that there will be no further delays in the court date. Cliff has told Veronica it is likely the Kanes will win custody of her. They are wealthy and well respected in town and Veronica's only living relative is an aunt who is not biologically related to her.

Veronica steadfastly refuses all requests from Jake Kane for a meeting. Veronica and her aunt were paid a visit by Clarence Weidman so he could talk to them about the security protocols now she is a Kane. The visit went badly and ended with Logan arriving just in time to stop Veronica from tazoring the Kane's head of security. Logan holding Veronica from behind was shocked as an almost hysterical Veronica screamed at Weidman accusing him of icing Lilly's body and helping her murderer go free. As he left she shouted at him that he was partially responsible for her father's death and she was going to make him pay. Logan took the tazor from her and held her as she cried.

Veronica herself is looking much better. She has gained back the weight she lost and although quieter, she is slowly becoming more like the Veronica who took on the 09ers and held her own. She is paying attention in class and getting good grades. She shut down Mars investigation and is still living with her aunt in her apartment. She doesn't take on any private PI cases anymore. Her friends know that she still feels a lot of guilt that her father was shot and killed saving her. She believes if she had gone to her father and got his help, he would be alive today.

A few days before the much anticipated hearing, Veronica stops at Duncan's locker and looks around. They are alone. She says, "Duncan, I would like to talk to you and your Dad."

Duncan turns and looks at Veronica and says, "OK. When would you like to meet with us?"

Veronica says, "I'm free tonight and tomorrow night."

Duncan opens his phone and dials his father. He tells him Veronica wants to meet with him. He listens and says, "She is standing right here Dad. She came up and asked me." Duncan listens and says, "Tonight or tomorrow night." He is quiet while he listens and then he says, "I think somewhere where we can talk in private."

Then Duncan says, "Just a second Dad and I'll ask her."

He turns to Veronica and says, "Dad wants you to come for dinner tomorrow night. He says Mom should be there for this meeting."

Veronica nods and agrees, "OK. What time?"
Duncan relays the message to his dad and then looks at Veronica and questions, "Seven?"

Veronica nods and Duncan tells his father seven is OK. He listens for a minute and then says, "I think she just wants to talk to us Dad. No lawyers."

He looks to her for confirmation.

Veronica nods again and Duncan says, "OK, bye Dad."

Duncan looks at Veronica and confirms, "Tomorrow night at 7?"

Veronica nods. She takes a deep breath and then says, "I don't want to move in with you and your parents."

Duncan notes how she still sees Keith Mars as her father. He can understand some of her anger at his parents and even him. Truthfully he doesn't want her there either. His mother would be very unhappy and he would be uncomfortable.

His relationship with Veronica is very strained. She has a lot of anger towards him over how he broke up with her and let her be treated. She has not forgiven him for having sex with her at Shelley's party. He doesn't understand her anger as they were both drugged and didn't really know what they were doing.

He comes back to her voice, "You need to convince your father that it won't be all roses and rainbows if I am forced to move in with you guys."

Duncan nods and says, "I'll talk to him again."

She smiles a little at Duncan and says, "Thanks." She adds, "Any relationship I have with him and you is going to take time. I think we both know I will never have one with your mother."

Duncan makes a wry face. He knows his mother will never accept Veronica as part of the family. He can't imagine what living with those two strong willed women would be like. He thinks that Veronica might make his parents forget about how much worry Lilly was.

Veronica walks off towards the parking lot. Logan is leaning against the wall at the end of the hall waiting for her. As she nears he stands and says, "I'm glad you are talking to DK."

Veronica nods and says, "I am having dinner over there tomorrow night."

Logan looks surprised and then smiles. He says, "I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that."

Veronica smiles and says, "Next time maybe Logan."

They walk together towards the parking lot. Veronica says, "I think Meg likes Duncan."

Logan looks at Veronica and says, "How would you feel about that?"

Veronica thinks for a second and says, "I would be fine with it. Meg is great. Duncan would be happy with her."

Logan questions, "Is it a little weird still?"

Veronica stops and looks at Logan and says, "Yes but I am trying to deal with it."

Logan nods and says, "I know."

Veronica looks around the parking lot and then back up at Logan. She confides, "I still feel so much pain Logan. I know it will get better but right now so much reminds me of my Dad."

Logan pulls Veronica into his arms and holds her. A lot of the students are openly watching. Veronica puts her head on his chest and relaxes. Logan shares, "A lot of things still remind me of Lilly."

Veronica nods in agreement. She says, "I know it's going to take time."

Logan rubs her back gently and kisses her forehead. He says, "You have a lot of people who love you and will support you."

There is a peaceful silence between them. Veronica finally breaks it, "Even if my aunt wins custody, I am not going to move to Seattle Logan."

His voice is quiet as he asks, "Would you think I was selfish if I said good?"

Veronica leans back and looks up at Logan questioningly.

Logan explains, "On the one hand, your only family is in Seattle and your aunt could provide you with a good home. Maybe getting away from all the memories would be good for you."

Veronica questions, "On the other hand?"

Logan looks in her eyes and says, 'I would miss you."

To the students watching Veronica and Logan are in each other's arms talking. At first they could see that Logan was comforting Veronica. He was rubbing her back and hugging her. Now holding Veronica in his arms looked like more than comfort. It looked like they are more than friends. It looked like they are dating.

Veronica and Logan are staring at each other. Each feeling the deeper more intimate emotions; each wondering what this means.

After a long pause Veronica still looking in Logan's eyes tells him, "I would miss you too Logan."

They continue to gaze at each other for a few more seconds. A car door slamming brings Logan back to the fact they are standing holding each other in public. Logan pulls away and walks beside Veronica to her car. Concerned he asks, "Do you want to talk about your dinner with the Kanes?"

Veronica stops and looks at Logan. Her voice angry she spits out passionately, "I can't forgive them right now Logan, I just can't"

Logan worried about her upset puts his hands on her shoulders, "The guy who shot your dad is to blame."

Veronica looks at Logan, her eyes huge in her face. She says, "I know that Logan, I know. I just feel like Jake was so busy protecting Duncan that he deliberately hurt my dad, me and Lilly. Right now, I can't just let that go."

Logan caresses her shoulders gently. He bends down a little to look directly into her eyes, "I blamed a lot of people for Lilly's death instead of who was really to blame."

Veronica sees the pain and self recrimination on Logan's face as he talks. He continues, "I blamed you, your father, myself, Weevil, even Lilly instead of the real killer." He takes one hand away from her shoulder and runs it through his hair. "I just don't want you to make the same mistakes I did."

Veronica nods at Logan touched at his caring manner. Her anger deflates a little. She says, "I am going to ask Jake not to stop my emancipation. Either way, it won't matter. Soon, I will be eighteen. The worst he can do is make me live with him for a few months. I will just move out when I turn eighteen. If Jake makes me change my name, I will just change it back. My dad left me his insurance money so I am going to rent a small apartment close to the school and stay until we graduate. I'll be able to do that and go to college."

Logan nods. He can understand why she wouldn't want to live in the house with the Kanes. He can also understand why she doesn't want to take the Kane name or have anything to do with them. Jake and Celeste did ruin her father and did not care if the fallout hurt her.

She bites her lip as she thinks a little. Logan can see she is upset. He waits to hear what she is thinking. The students watching see that Logan and Veronica have stopped to talk again. This time it seems like a more emotional conversation.

Neither Logan nor Veronica seem to notice the looks they are getting from the other students. They are both focused on each other and the conversation.

Veronica confides, "I am angry with Duncan for keeping the truth from me. I am also creeped out he had sex with me at Shelley's party."

Logan looks at her silently. She says, "I am going to keep in contact with Duncan and see if perhaps we can become closer but it is going to take time. It is the same with Jake. I am going to let time pass and then maybe I'll be able to try and have some sort of relationship with him." She finishes angrily. "Right now, reasonable or not, I hate him."

Logan sighs but nods in acceptance of her feelings. He gently pushes her hair back from her face and says softly, "Just don't say anything you might regret later OK?"

At his touch and gently tone Veronica's anger deflates a little. She nods.

He adds, "Why don't you call me later and we can go to a movie?"

Veronica smiles touched at how he cares for her. She says, "Sure. I'll call you later."

Logan smiles at her and opens her car door.

Veronica is sitting on the couch in front of the TV. The movie is playing. Logan is sitting beside her watching the movie. Veronica looks around. She likes her new place. It is small but comfortable. Veronica moved in a month ago and she and Back Up have settled in. School is over and she has been relaxing at the beach and going out with her friends.

The meeting between Veronica and the Kanes had surprising gone as well as any of them could expect. Veronica had listened to Logan's advice and had had stayed quiet but respectful when she talked to Jake, Celeste and Duncan.

She had been honest though as she told Jake that she felt he and Celeste had deliberately hurt her and her father. She said it wouldn't be a happy or good situation if he forced her to move in. She told them she didn't want to take the Kane name as she felt like she was a Mars.

Jake had seemed genuine when he told her that he had no idea she was his child and had he known, things would have been different.

Veronica though had not been impressed by his speech finally telling him he must have known it was possible he was her father all along. He and her mother had just pushed it to the back of their minds only thinking of themselves not caring if they hurt their spouses or children.

Jake was unable to explain his actions or her mother's actions to Veronica's satisfaction. He had under questioning admitted that he knew where her mother was and that her mother knew Keith had been killed.

All three Kanes could see Veronica's hurt that her mother had chosen not to come when Veronica needed her. Even Celeste felt pain for the young woman who was disappointed yet again by the actions of her mother.

Veronica had gotten control of her emotions and had almost sadly told the Kanes that there was no point in arguing about the whole stupid situation.

She explained that she was still very angry and upset. She looked out the window and choked out, "We all made mistakes and my dad paid the price."

Jake, Celeste and Duncan were silent seeing the immense pain Veronica was feeling over his loss of her father and none of them felt in any position to comfort her. She had looked back over at Jake and said, "I have to learn to live with the fact that he died because of the mistakes I made."

Her eyes tear and she bites her lip taking a few deep breaths. Jake had felt pain in his chest seeing the pain Veronica was in. He decided that if he ever wanted to have a relationship with her, he was going to have to back off.

Reluctantly he had agreed to the emancipation. He had offered to pay for wherever she wanted to go to college but had not been surprised that she was going to use the money from Keith Mar's insurance to pay for college.

Veronica had reluctantly agreed to follow Clarence Weidman's security precautions. She would get a state of the art security system wherever she lived, a tracker on her car and phone. Jake had insisted on giving her an allowance to help her pay for the more expensive but secure place to live and the clothes she needed to buy to attend the public functions she has to attend as the daughter of Jake Kane.

Celeste Kane had been surprised by the conversation with Veronica. She was humiliated that the affair between her husband and Lianne Mars had come to light and she did not like the fact that Jake was so excited he had a daughter. Lilly was their daughter and Veronica could not replace her. She was impressed by the fact that Veronica was angry on hers and Duncan's behalf. She had not expected the young woman to feel like Jake and her mother were to blame. She had also not expected to feel badly that Veronica was in so much pain; really none of this was Veronica's fault. Celeste was truly relieved that Veronica would not be moving in with them and she would only have to see her at public functions. It was the best of a bad situation.

Duncan had also been relieved that Veronica would not be moving in. He was very relieved that she did not make a scene about how he treated her and what happened at Shelly's party in front of his parents. He did feel badly seeing her pain when she found out her mother knew what was happening but had not come to see her. Seeing her hold back tears when she talked about having to live with the fact her actions got her father killed was also painful. Duncan felt that the solution they came up with was the best of a bad situation. He hoped that he and Veronica could someday be closer but he knew that it would take time.

Duncan had called Logan to tell him what happened in the meeting and learned Logan was on his way to pick Veronica up. They were going for a drive. Part of Duncan was unhappy about the budding relationship between Logan and Veronica. The other part was happy that they would have each other. Logan had been upset to learn that Lianne Mars knew what was happening and had not come back but he did tell Duncan that it might be better that she stayed away if she was still drinking. He felt she might cause Veronica more stress if she came back. Duncan had been impressed at Logan's concern for Veronica. She needed him now.

Veronica is still finding it tough to get through each day without her dad. She feels guilty that her actions got him killed but more and more she thinks of the good times and less of his death. She knows she will always have regrets and she knows she will have to learn to live with them. She has come to terms with trying to be happy and making her life productive so that she can do something with the sacrifice her father made for her. Her friends have been there for her and she feels grateful for their support.

She and Logan have spent a lot of time together. He has been there for her and they have tried to talk through a lot of their issues. He listened to her feelings about the rape and his part in it. Although she does blame him for the hate she felt at school, raping a girl was something whoever gave her Chlamydia decided to do. She didn't blame Logan for that. Logan feels badly about how he acted and how he encouraged the students in the school to treat Veronica. He like Veronica has to live with what he did and try to move forward, become a better person and face the future.

Veronica looks around at the living room of her apartment. She sees the pictures of her dad, her Aunt Susan and her friends. Her dog is laying on the floor protecting. She looks over at Logan and thinks about their relationship.

After a few minutes, he looks over at her. He notices her inspection and says, "Ronnie is something bothering you?"

Veronica looks at him for a few seconds and says, "I really want to kiss you Logan."

Logan's mouth drops open and he stares at her in shock.

Veronica continues to look at him waiting for his reaction.

It is not long coming. Logan gets over his shock and reaches for Veronica. He pulls her into his lap and wraps his arms around her. He says, "It's about time Sugarpuss." He lowers his head and covers her lips with his.


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